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Houkago Princess Chiba Sakino Announces Her Graduation (Again)

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On July 5th, through both Chiba's own blog and the HouPri Staff Blog, it was announced that Chiba Sakino will graduate from Houkago Princess on July 21st at Shibuya RUIDO K2.

Below is Chiba's Blog post regarding her decision, translated in English by Momo-Musu.
Sorry that it’s so late at night.
I have something that’s been worrying me constantly, and right now, because I have something that I must announce to everyone, please listen to my announcement.  
I know it’s a really sudden announcement, but I, Chiba Sakino, will be graduating come the Ruiino k2 One Man Show on July 21st. 
The reason is firstly, I’ve found a dream that I want to realize.
Last year, when I took back my graduation announcement, I caused a lot of trouble for everyone, and then now for confusing everyone, I’m very sorry.
Changing my mind last year, I thought I was really glad that I change my mind, when people thanked me for changing my mind, and a lot of people supported me, Sakino once again realized how much everyone loved me, I really felt like that.

Really, everyone, thank you very much.

Then, since that time one year ago passed, I’ve really found something that I seriously  want to aim for, but I’ve tried not to think about it.
It’s not that my reasoning a year ago wasn’t serious.
Of course, I hesitated in my heart and got depressed over it.
But, of course, this as it is now, these unclear feelings aren’t good for continuing in Houkago Princess, I don’t think. 
So, clearly, I think it’s best to know where to draw the line.
I’ve said it countless times, of course, I love fashion.
When it comes to fashion, I want to seriously study it with all of my strength, I thought, apart from just trends, I want to do my best and face fashion concerns. When it comes to fashion, I want to seriously try to tackle it head on, I thought. From here on, I want to advance down my own path with strong determination. 
Really, up until now, as I haven’t been able to tell everyone, I’ve received a lot of support. If I didn’t have everyone, I really wouldn’t have been able to make it this far. 
I’m very grateful, I can’t express this many feelings. Thank you very very much for supporting me. 
So for the remaining few days, I absolutely must repay everyone more and more. That is, to only receive support is definitely no good. 
That energy I’ve received in great quantities from everyone, I definitely won’t forget it after this for as long as I live. 
16 days left.
There’s not much remaining time until I graduated, but in that short time left, I kind of want to make a lot of memories with everyone.

To everyone who’s been helping me in the staff, I’m very very sorry for this sudden announcement.

These are my honest, real feelings. For the remaining time from here on, with all of my strength, I want to spend this time smiling and having fun, so please support me.
The next time I will be meeting everyone is at my birthday event on Saturday. 
My last birthday event with everyone. 
I feel with all of my heart that  I want to sing and dance and have fun with everyone for my birthday.
Until the very end, I’ll keep an unchanging smile!
Everyone, thank you very much! 
~Houkago Princess Chiba Sakino
A major thanks to Momo of Momo-Musu for translating this blog post! She says there may be a few things wrong, but I am so massively grateful to her that she was able to translate such a long piece! Thank you!!!! It means the world to me!


I remember when Chiba Sakino announced her graduation last September, and then my utter surprise when it was suddenly retracted. At that time, I was unsure of what the heck was happening with HouPri, and I was greatly saddened by the news, but now... well, I feel like now I am even more saddened, because I have only just got HouPri back, and now Sakipyon is graduating. However, I do feel somewhat relieved as well; it feels like Sakipyon now knows what she wants, rather than thinking of what other people want.

It seems like Sakipyon is really focused on wanting to pursue fashion right now, and after staying in HouPri despite wanting to graduate last year, she seems to have made a choice now, and I think this time she is determined. I know that fans will be sad with the news, because I am sure many of Sakipyon's fans were so relieved that she decided to stay, but at that point she must have been confused with where she wanted to go, and what she wanted to do, and now she seems to know what she wants after thinking more whilst staying in HouPri.

The blog post is saddening, but I think that it also shows that Sakipyon has grown since September. She seems more determined now, and a lot more thankful towards the fans of Houkago Princess. Yes, the graduation announcement is sad, and I am sad too, but I am relieved to see that Sakipyon has made this decision, and is no longer conflicted.

Sakipyon's last event will be on July 21st... until then, please treasure her terrible make-up skills, neon cheeks, and her adorable voice, before one of the original Houkago Princesses leaves us.

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