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With Fluff and Cuteness, Here Come The Pengins... I Mean Penguins!!! 'Hashire! Penguin' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions within this post are my own and no one else's  I know you may not like my opinion, but please, live with it~ Arigatou!

Whoo, I know Summer is here and all, but I really do need a cool down. And what better way to cool down than to run with the Penguins? Hashire, Pengin! (Nope, not a typo, I am saying it how Team 4 pronounce it!)


Yes, I know... it's Summer and yet, I have decided to review a Winter PV. What gives? Well, I recently found the full PV and fell in love with the song all over again! After hearing a snippet of the song back when Ue Kara Mariko was released, I really wanted to hear a full, perfectly clear version of this song and see how it went. Seriously, I have always wanted to hear Hashire! Penguin in full and enjoy the cuteness of it, but considering it was only ever available on the Theatre edition of Ue Kara Mariko, and I would never buy 1830m the album because I, at that time, was still not a fan of AKB as such, I never did hear it in full...

Well, they did release a PV for Request Hour, so guess who finally watched it and fell in love? That's right, me!!! And Nia, too, which honestly did surprise me! But who can deny this abundance of Pengin goodness!?

Seriously, I am in love with this PV, and it makes me seriously sad/mad/annoyed that Aki-P swapped this amazing abundance of Pengin cuteness for Ue Kara Mariko. I love that song, don't get me wrong, but this song is so much better... but whatever, it went to Team 4, and my Paruru Pengin hogs the camera a good amount of time, so why am I complaining?

Also, why am I still yapping? I have 72 screen caps for you all to look at containing such cuteness overload that you might just start wanting to become a Pengin yourself! So, do you want to cool down with me this Summer and take a run with the Pengins?

Okay, yellow Wellington boots? YES PLEASE! <3

Oooh, someone has a nice shape to their body! I wonder who this is?

Yes, stretch and shake the butt! Continue like that, please!

Oh my, hello there, Paruru!

What a cute lil' Pengin you are! Paruru the Penguin... Has a nice ring to it, though I still think of you as my little emotionless Parrot.

Paruru: *Gasp* "Emotionless, me!?"

Oh, I think I shocked her! Now Paruru, you are practically a wall with how much emotion you express...

HOMAGAWD, is that a fisheye lens I see them using!? By Gawd, it is!

Also, whoever that is, I love her and want to keep her.

This girl is a cutie, too.


Oh lord, it's an army of cute little Penguins coming to get us!!! KYAAAA! <3

... I made this my Desktop background. I just had to!

Okay, is it just me, or are all the girls who were a part of Team 4, when it existed, cuties!? I want them all!!!

Looks like Paruru is leaning in for a kiss, but the other girl don't want it...

Now THAT is a perfect Wink! Who is this girl, what is her name and where can I find her!? I need her now!!!

My Winking Angel!!!

"Oh my, A Winking Perfectionist!?"

Indeed, I have never found one as perfect as the one I have just seen now! She is perfection!


... Okay, this girl wins in the category for always making smile XD

I just like her already! xD

Again, how are they all THIS cute!? Maybe it's the magic of being adorable Pengin's!

DERP! <3 Or Platypus face, which I also like <3

"I want that camera, gimme! I NEED SPOTLIGHT!!!"

This is how bad AKB is with sharing spotlight; The Pengin's have to pretty much push and shove each other for it!

... Whilst others carry their young to the camera.

But in all seriousness, this scene cracks me up every time for some reason xD I just love it!

... Yup, they are all just perfectly adorable. I need their names!!! TO GENERASIA!!!

I actually love those little bow ties they have on their costumes, so adorable! Just like that girl, actually!!!

Instead of a cutie, I found a beauty! The most beautiful Pengin of them all!!!

This girl looks a little like a cute monkey, as opposed to an adorable Pengin... oh well xD

"Oh no... the Camera-hogs are a-coming..."

I like this girl for some reason. Maybe cos she is lovely to look at?

HOLY COW, MORE WINKING!!!! Still not as perfect as the girl before, though!

"So what if I'm a Pengin! I am adorabubbles!"

Paruru is so emotional in this, it overwhelms to the point of tears and happiness...

Also, I do love seeing her in that Pengin costume <3

Waddle, Pengins, WADDLE!!!! -cracks whip-

I love the amount of happiness these girls exude in this MV, it makes me happy in return!

Hahahaha omg, this girl... She's the comedian of this Team, and I love her for it!

Oh, I see you are the 'Sekushii' one, then? Thanks for stopping by ;3

... I do quite like you, actually. Your Sekushii Winking charmed me, as did your finger pointing.

But this girl right here... WOW!!! I seriously need her name. She is mesmerising and I want to love her. Forever.

I like her and how she makes me giggles and smile, too. She's a keeper!

So. Damn. Pale.

... Makes me feel right at home. Maybe I am a Pengin, too?

Thinking about it, this set is pretty meh for AKB, is it not? That said, it suits it and I think the girls are winners on their own with their personalities and fun antics!

These three, especially Twintails, are total keepers and make me smile... Oh, and Cheeky in the left hand corner there :3

Twintails: "No, I don't want to go, Camera-san... Camera-san..."

Wait for it...

Twintails: "CAMERA-SAAAAAAN!!!!"


Twintails: "Camera-san, I founds you!!!"

Oh look, she's back to the camera. Welcome back, Twintails! I LOVE YOU!!!

Curly: "... Hmph."

Oh, this is just too adorable! xD I love her so much right now... <3

... PFFFT!!!! -laughs at the girl on the end left-

Oh look, an awkward lil' cutie right here!!! Can I keep you, too?

Awkward Cutie: "... Where are you looking?"

I love the look on her face as the other two sing, she is adorables! <3

Oi, Pengin, this ain't Suki Suki Skip!, this is Hashire! Penguin, so start waddling!!!

Haha, I love that in this scene Paruru pushes the other girl away as she fangirlsand leaves XD

Paruru: "Muehehehe, the camera is always on ME!!!"

I love how smug Paruru can look. She just looks plain evil sometimes, too.

... But the we remember how adorable she is and roll around in the cuteness of Paruru!

My lord, her emotions are running wild with the Penguins today, aren't they!?

Oh my God, yes... this is... THE PARURU POUT!!!!

Yes girl I don't know, Jump for Joy at the Paruru Pout! JUMP, I SAY!!!

Ooooh, it's the funny cute one... Yes, Peace to Paruru! Or Scissors, whatever way you want to look at it. Either way, it's a sign to my Messiah, Paruru!

She looks so awkward, it's wonderful <3 Reminds me of most of MoMusu xD

Oh, Hoola Hoop? I used to be pretty good at that!

But this girl is having a blast with the hoops, I mean look at her, going for two!

Hoola-Girl: "Heck yeah, I am AWESOME!!!"

Hooping it with Peace-like style. Nice.

Ahhh dangit, she dropped one! Not fun ):

They really like dragging each other away from the camera, don't they?

Ah, but someone is dragging Paruru to the camera, now!

Paruru: "Nooooo, not the camera, I've had enough screen time!" Paruru said never.
Random Girl: "Look, look, Senbatsu #12!!! #12!!!"

OOOOOH, it's Cheeky dragging Paruru the Pengin around. Hi!!!!

Paruru: "WAAAAAH!!!!"

Paruru is so cute in these shots, kyaaa <3

Oh hells yeah, High fives! And they look super happy about it!

"... Yes, I want to order all the Pengins? Ah, thank you."

... Yup, I want her. Please and thank you. I love her legs, her face, her everything... so yup, she's a keeper.

"Oh, you!!!!"

I seem to flatter her~

Flap you cute little wings... hands... whatever they are! YOU ARE A CUTE PENGIN!!!! DANG!

... hahaha! OMG! So cute xD

... A keeper. She is a keeper.

Who am I kidding? They are all keepers!!!

Especially this one, because damn, she has proven to me that she can show emotion!!! And she is just too adorable in that Penguin suit!

Is that floor as cold as Ice? I wouldn't want to put my bare legs on it if it was xD

... Yup. Still giggling and loving them all!!! Ahhh man... I wish I had been a fan of AKB just for Team 4, now );

I know I am a little early, or late depending on how you look at it, on the Hashire! Pengun bandwagon, but really... I don't care xD I enjoy the song and it has been my recent jam since I re-discovered it, in a sense, and I really wanted to take the time to screen cap and review the PV, as well as harass you all with it.
 Also, since UFP were dicks and started using hardsubs on their PV's, I haven't wanted to review anything by them as of late (or anything at all, really) so I thought that this would be my best bet at reviewing something because I really do enjoy it.

Now, first and foremost, the PV...

HOLY HELL IT IS CUTE!!! This is one of the cutest PVs that I have seen from an AKB48 group since... well, I have no idea since when, but this is one of the cutest videos I have seen from an AKB Team, and I adore it! I think that my liking Penguins kind of helps with me enjoying the PV, who knows, but I do enjoy it because, not only is it adorable, it is also this bundle of energy, personality and cuteness! It's wonderful, I say, wonderful!!!

I really did not expect such adorableness from one PV, especially one that has a lot of Paruru shots in it; Paruru isn't exactly the most emotional of AKB members, in fact she is pretty much a blank most of the time with a smug or a pout stuck to her mug, but in this... well, she really delivered I think. She was smiling a lot, she had these cute little pouts going on, and she looked like she was having fun. Everyone did, and it all seemed pretty genuine, because seriously, who wouldn't love playing around in a cute penguin costume like theirs!? It's adorable!

Another thing that made this PV amazing for me, other than Paruru portraying human emotions and the cute Penguin suits, were the antics of the girls in the 'fixed camera' shots. Needless to say, what the girls did together highlighted the entire video for me as a viewer, especially that one girl with twintails;

Yeah, she was cracking in this! (Holy cow, I said 'cracking' xD) She really did make me laugh, and whilst she was not my favourite for looks, I actually think that she was the one who impressed me the most in this PV, and also the one who I would probably want to make a favourite if I ever find out who she is, and what Team she is in. She's a cutie, yeah, but it was her funny little antics that made me enjoy her more; she added a bit of comedy to the PV and really made it enjoyable. Seriously, without her I probably wouldn't care for Hashire! Penguin as much as I do right now.
 Not that the other girls don't make it enjoyable, because they do, but that girl... well, she stood out, and she made this PV awesome for me as a viewer.

I also loved the chemistry these girls seemed to have in the video; they all look like they get along and like they are all good friends, and not just there because they have to be. The way they interacted with each other was amazing, it looked so friendly and carefree, especially when they were pushing and pulling each other away, carrying someone around or just being playful - it all looked so nice and friendly, which I think helped with the PV a lot; nothing seemed forced, in my opinion.

The song itself is so cute and fun, just like the PV, and I think that the video really complimented that cute and fun feeling of the song! I really like this song, despite the fact that it is for winter rather than summer, but it has a certain energy to it that I enjoy listening to, regardless of the time of year. It makes me sad knowing that this piece of glorious adorable Penguin fluff was going to be the Janken single, but instead Aki P decided it wasn't 'Mariko', and so re-wrote a generic piece and put this one on the single as a B-side. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Team 4 do this song justice; their personalities and energy in this song is amazing, but considering there is no Team 4 now... well, who will sing it now? And also, I would have loved to see this as an A-side rather than a Theatre b-side, because then it would have had a PV, instead of getting one for Request Hour. It's a good song... and yeah, I wish it had been used as an A-side as opposed to Ue Kara Mariko. However much I love that song, it has got nothing on Hashire! Penguin.

Overall, both the song and PV are winners, and it makes me wish that Team 4 were still around, and that I had had more interest in AKB48 when Team 4 were alive and Waddling about! This is so cute and wonderful, and I love it! It actually makes me want to get into AKB48 more, too!

Summer is only just getting started, or at least for me, but here I am chillin' with the Pengins in the cold... wanna join me?

Run, Pengin, RUN!!!! Paruru's emotions are so damn HIGH, they are melting the Ice caps!


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  1. twin tails is Ichikawa Miori. AKA the girl who calls herself "Fresh Lemon". She is now doing double duty in NMB48.

    the first 2 girls you mentioned is Kawaei Rina and Kato Rena. Kawaei is officially the dumbest member of the group and was awarded a center spot for sub group BKA48.

    There aren't many PV's with Kato Rena, but both Kato and Kawaei can be found in Sashihara's solo song, the one where she was pushed to the side for some reason.

    1. Ooooh, thank you! So that was Fresh Lemon, aye?

      I have heard of Kawaei Rina, for sure XD She won the Baka test :3

      And oh okay, I hated that PV XD I didn't rate the song, either, but that PV made me sad cos Sasshi was, in my eyes, shunned D;

  2. The one you dubbed Curly is Oba Mina and the beautiful Pengin should be Nagao Mariya.

    Honestly the only reason I know this is because they had the more prominent roles for the girls in the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou drama that Paruru starred in. Not sure if you care for Japanese dramas but a good deal of Team 4 was in Bakaleya so you may want to check it out for that.

    1. I actually took a look at the drama, the first episode, and was so disinterested in it... in fact, I was disinterested because at the time, I really disliked the lead girl (which is ironic, cos it was Paruru and I love her now XD) and thought she was so boring... xD

  3. The one who you flatter is Yamauchi Suzuran

    Derp!face/Platypus (the one who also drags Paruru) is Shimada Haruka.

    I think the cute monkey is Tano Yuuka (but I could be wrong).

    and the Awkward one is Takeuchi Miyu :D

    hope this helps!