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Send Your Heart Racing in the ☆Morning with BABYMETAL! - 'Doki Doki☆Morning by BABYMETAL' [Request Chronicles]

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Hooo boy, this has been gathering dust and waiting for a while. I feel extremely ashamed that I have not done this in a while, to the point where I stupidly forgot... Oh cripes.

And, ironically enough, I have decided to review this PV in the early hours of the morning. Nice.

This is how I look when most mornings, actually
Okay, again, long time coming - this PV Request was actually given by the same person who requested BiS' My Ixxx, and my original intention was to review this song right after... but it never happened. How, I have no idea, but I think that College got in the way, as it does.

... I kinda no longer have that excuse now, so yeah.

So, first things first; BABYMETAL is a Japanese trio Idol unit made up of members from the group Sakura Gakuin who, whilst I do not follow, I do know of. This sub-unit was created as one of their 'clubs', however they gained a lot of recognition and popularity, and tare one of the more well-known Sakura Gakuin sub-units. So far, the group has released four singles, and will release their very first album sometime this year. The song that I will be reviewing of theirs today is Doki Doki☆Morning.

This will be the first time that I have ever watched BABYMETAL's Doki Doki☆Morning, because I will be honest with you; BABYMETAL are not my general cup of tea when it comes to music. In fact, I have a feeling that some of their music is the type that I avoid because I dearly hate the sound of it... hopefully their Idol flare to their music will aid me along, if there is any Idol flare, and not just squeaking Lolita's. Who knows, they may surprise me. Regardless of the fact that I have never seen this PV, or hear the song, before, I have heard something by BABYMETAL. I think it was Headbanger!!!. But yeah... I am not overly familiar with those group, so it may be a fun ride seeing me head into this, especially with my dislike of Metal music.

... Let's head into this, shall we?

Oh, okay... well, this isn't too bad. In fact, it is very cute!

Actually, I really like this! Why they are called BABYMETAL is beyond me...

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! The cuteness has been destroyed!!!

What the flying Hell is this!?


... o-O

Give me one good reason why I should not think of them all as Demon Lolita Spawn! Come on, ONE REASON!!!

Their demonic spirits have screwed up my youtube!!! Not good, I say!

... Hey wait, this isn't actually so bad! At least they aren't speaking in inaudible growls...

These two are actually really adorable, like, Ebichu adorable!

... This clip actually makes me think of Ebichu.

... But she is fucking creepy! Holy fuck, hold me someone! HOLD ME!!!

... Yup, this is kinda creepy...

Ah crap, their demonic powers are screwing up my youtube again!

D'awww, seeing scenes like this makes me think that they aren't demonic spawns of Hell Fire...

But I know better!

... Yeah, this is just bloody trippy.

Still damn trippy.

Okay, this is pretty damn adorable.

So tiny!!! Can I keep you?

And you, too!

... I like that this became more of an Idol song towards the chorus. It's a lot more enjoyable!

Holy cow, you are actually seriously cute! Please, don't go back to being a demonic child of Satan!!!

Holy crap... DIMPLES!!!!

The cuteness here is too damn HIGH!!!

... And we are back to being Demon Spawn... yaaaay (NOT!)

ARRRGH! -hides behind sofa-

Oh my gosh, she has big ears!!! YAAAAY!!!!

Oh good lord, we are back in the Trippy world again... yaaay...

Actually, this one is quite pretty.

Okay, adorable. I give them 10/10 on the adorable factor!

... Yep, I want their clothes. I have decided that I want to wear what BABYMETAL wear.

Holy cow, there is a little skeleton in the corner!!! OMG XD

Yeah, this is like, seriously cute!!! No wonder people like BABYETAL! Adorable overload!

... I'm surprised that the flower has not died from Demon Spawn magic, but maybe the cuteness keeps it alive?

I quite like the look of Dimples, she makes me think that BABYMETAL is a safe group...

... HOLY FUCK that is some scary shi---

ARRRRGH, what the FUUU----

... oooookay, what the Fresh Hell?

Ooooh, the Skeletons joined their slumber party of Devil Spawny-ness! YAAAY!!!!

Dimples is definitely the cutest in this group. She has a charming look about her...

Oh yes, fabulous Skeletons, fabulous!

... Yup, gonna die of Metal Cuteness here. Seriously... How can they be so cute!? Especially Dimples!?

I do like that logo, even if they do thrust it in my face to the point where I want to punch it out of the way of SU-METAL's face.

... Yup, I learnt a name. I am so proud of myself.

... What the hell is that on in front of SU-METAL's face? Get out of the way, I want to see the Demon Spawn!

Welp, it looks the the Demon Spawn are being called back to Hell, it's time to go I guess...

What, again!? URGH, Why do their Demonic powers have to screw up my Youtubes performance?

... Oh, cool. Nice to see you again, Mister Skeleton, but I kinda need to go now... bye.

That was, surprisingly, not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, that was pretty damn cool. Not that I will rush out to buy the single or follow BABYMETAL, but damn, it's enough to make me think they're cool.

Firstly, the song was infectious - a lot more infectious than I thought it would be. It kind of combines Metal/Rock with Idol Pop in a way that I din't think it would. The music is kind of separated, actually, with one part being Metal, and the other being pure Idol Pop, making a pretty nice mix but giving it a fair divide so that we get out dose of each musical style in the song. Personally, my favourite part of BABYMETALS Doki Doki☆Morning has to be the Idol pop parts... it's just too cute, and so damn catchy! Actually, I am surprised that it was how the song opened... it deceived me for a while and made me think 'wow, I may really hate this song...' and then returned with the cuteness of the opening.

This song was definitely surprising, but I think that is what is so good about it; it opens up as you would expect an Idol song to open, then turns everything around with some hardcore instrumental, before surprising you once again with that cute Idol pop tune you were introduced to before. It certainly has the element of surprise, but that in itself makes the song, and the group, quite unique. It's very refreshing, to say the least, and both the Idol pop and the metal sound go well together... however weird that may seem.

The song is addictive, and I do like it. It actually makes me somewhat interested in what else this group has done... who knows, I may explore them a bit more after this, but then again, I might not; depends on the mood I am in, and what sort of music I want to listen to.

Now, the PV is a bit of a different matter compared to the song. To put it bluntly, it actually creeps me out a little. Not in a BiS way, just a 'Monsters are surely under my bed' kind of way. It's a bit freaky, but it is also cute... Actually, let's just say that this video goes borderline disturbing sometimes, in the nicest possible way. Heck, that Su girl creeped me out in her first close-up shot, and the ring of satanic power, or whatever it was... yeah, that actually made me sit right back in my chair. I really did not expect such an opening, nor did I expect the video to be this, well... creepy. Of course it has its cute moments, but it has its fair share of sequences that just scare me a little.

That said, the dance and the girls are certainly cute; the video itself is very dark, so during the Idol parts of the song the only thing lightening the video itself up are the girls and how they portray themselves, and they portray themselves very well; when Su-Metal needs to be dark and eerie, she does exactly that, but when she needs to be this sweet as pie girl full of sugar and cuteness, she does it, and she does it damn well. Seriously, Su makes this group I think; she leads it and she makes it creepy and cute - the other two girls are too young to be anything but cute I think, so Su is doing a good job of adding that dark look to the group with just her attitude, I believe.

I am really not a big fan of the PV, but it has aspects about it that I like, such as the cuteness of the girls and the dance as well, but most of the time, I am just a tad scared of it... but maybe I need to be scared in the morning, cos you know, it might actually get me out of bed? Maybe that is why it's called Doki Doki☆Morning, because your heart is pounding in fear from the fright of waking up to, well... this.

So, whilst the PV doesn't really appeal to me, the song itself does. It is a lively, catchy tune that is extremely infectious and gets into your head quickly. It has a good mix of metal and Idol pop to it, and whilst I may not be a big fan of metal, the wonderful chorus takes care of my Idol Pop needs, and the metal is not so heavy that I want to switch it off straight away. In fact, after listening to it quite a few times, the song itself has become extremely pleasant to listen to and, in a strange way, somewhat soothing. It's very nice, even the metal parts, and I enjoy it a lot... and that has surprised me, but then again, I did say that this was a surprising song... well, it is to me.

I actually would not mind waking up to this song. It would be different, but waking up for the chorus would totally be worth it.


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: June 25th, 2013

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