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Okay! Musume Digest #57

Minna! Digest Dayo~?

This week, in News to Digest...

AKB48's 32nd senbatsu single title, revealed! Ayumin photobook Previews! Kikkaren release PV previews for Aimai no Kankei! Up Up Girls to release a new single this summer! NG46 member to appear in a Fuji TV drama! StylipS' Prism Sympathy PV preview is finally here! Full previews to LinLin's new single's songs! And more!!!

Are you ready to Digest?

I have a little change in the Digest this week that I will continue to reduce the lag on my laptop when editing, and also to minimise lag that may happen to everyone who reads this; for videos under Press Release Event Video's, any videos that have multiple versions from Oricon, MAiDiGi TV or TNS etc, will only have one video to represent it, however all of the links for each video will be under the sources. Hopefully this will help to prevent my lag problem, and will also reduce so many random videos you may not care to see xD

Anyways, that said and done, hello and welcome back to my Digest! I hope that you have all had a fun and lively week! Have you been spreading the word of Yattaruchan, yet? I bet you have! If you have not, then please, start spreading the word around! We want everyone to become Yattaruchan!

... Also, once again, I am sleepy (laughs).

This week, in random news that has nothing to do with Idols, I have been obsessed with playthroughs of The Last Of Us, and honestly... I want to buy the game. It is amazing!!! I have watched around three-four different playthroughs of that one game, and it still makes me cry... yup, amazing. I would love to play it, even if it scares the cookies outta me... again, too amazing to not play. If I can get the chance, I will buy it and play it a lot... but that is a lot more doubtful than I want it to be (laughs, then cries).

Okay, blubbering done, let's get on with the Digest! Minna! Digest Dayo!~

Remember to press ctrl + f for easier access! Also, any content that has a strike through it in the menu below, it means there is no news for it at this week! Gomen~!

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Video of the Week

Kitagawa Kenji by NMB48

Because the original song I wanted to use as my Video/Sound of the week is banned everywhere, due to copyright and such, I will instead put up the second most-listened to (and sung) song that I have enjoyed this past week; and really, where can anyone go wrong when they listen to, and watch, the glory that is Kitagawa Kenji?

Considering how much I seem to enjoy NMB48 now, and the 48 family as a whole now, I have really been enjoying the 48' tracks, but this one sticks with me the most because, it has to be said, it is probably my favourite 48 track that is from a main 48 group. Its fun, peppy, energetic and cheerful, and the PV is damn colourful! Also, Sayaka is gorgeous, all the girls are cute, and I just love the PV! It is so fun and creative, and they look like wrapped candy! Yum!

Yup, enjoy the video for this week, it is truly a delicious one! Om nom nom! <3

Picture of the Week

And in relation to the Video of the Week...

I just want sleep, muttered Maachun as she slipped into a slumber... and then her glasses fell off and she realised that, God Damnit, she was in the presence of Kitagawa effing Kenji!

This is me. On a daily basis. I promise.



Hello! Pro Station episode #20 is here, and is an amazing one hour long! This weeks MC is once again Tokunaga Chinami, so please check it out and enjoy!

This weeks Station brings us three PV's to watch, two new and a dance shot version of Golden ChinaTown by Berryz Kobo! My, aren't we being spoilt today? There is also footage from Juice=Juice's Ikebukuro Sunshine City release event for Ten Made Nobore! as well as the announcement of their major debut! The girls also comment on the announcement! Also, there is footage of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei singing Ten Made Nobore! with Juice=Juice from a Nama Tamago Show, as well as other performance snippets from these talented cuties! Also, plenty of Kenshuusei comments afterwards to look forward to! So be sure to take a look at this amazing episode!


I think that I like these episodes more and more, especially now that PV's have been added... gehehe~

UF LICKS episode #19 is here, so please check it out!

This weeks episode includes Tanaka Reina as an MC alongside Tasaki Asahi, WHAT? Also included is a performance from Reina herself, singing really well, too! Rehearsal footage fro Music Festa (Tasaki getting her rock ON!) some LoVendoЯ (as always) and an old guy singing as well as other people singing... yeah, that's pretty much it.



Hello! Project News

(From Top to Bottom Right: Hello! Project Hinamatsuri 2013 Blu-ray, Hello! Project Hinamatsuri 2013 ~Berryz Kobou 10 year Rush Special~ and Hello! Project Hinamatsuri 2013 ~Thank You For Your Love!~)

The covers for Hello! Project Hinamatsuri Concert 2013 have been released!


Cheap-ass covers, but hey, this is UFP and H!P we're dealing with! I do like the Berryz one, though, cos it actually has colour!

Morning Musume

A trailer for Gugakuyuu has been uploaded to the Morning Musume youtube channel, so take a look and see what you think!


Holy crap, Riho is a shit actress XD In fact, none of them except Ayumi can act, or at least have any ounce of stage presence. In fact, I am surprised that Ayumi is so good... then again, she was the saviour of Stacies.


Previews for Ishida Ayumi's up-coming photobook have been revealed. Please be sure to take a look at them!


Maybe she will decide to take the swimsuit and bikinis home after the shoot and use in her own time when going to the pool?


Berryz Kobou

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou's One Minute Theatre DX will return, and will this time feature Tokunaga Chinami at the Akihabara Hello! Project store.


I have no clue what this is about, but er... yay for promoting Berryz?


Members of Berryz Kobou grace the cover of Anican R YanYan magazine!


It seems to have multiple covers, the C-ute one being the one to check out the most!... Oh wait, wrong group I'm talking about, er... this one has Chii, Yurina and Maa-chan, they are all good! Oh, and Risako... yeah.

Anican Website


C-ute grace the cover of Gekkan Skapa magazine!


Holy hotness, Chissa centre and Maimi in the back! WIN!!!! Now, to move Nakky to the front...

C-ute grace the cover of Anican R YanYan magazine! Be sure to check it out!


Whoo, it's getting hot in here with these three S-exies!


Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari both take part in the Dotonbori VTR, courtesy of Radical Video Jockey! Be sure to check it out!


This duo needs a nickname... Gorilla-chan to Chipmunk-kun? Or The Smile Duo? xD I dunno wtf to call them.

... I might call them the Yattaruchan Duo, who knows?


Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari will hold a High-five event at Tower Records, Nagoya on June 27th.


When you High-Five Yattaruchan herself, you will become Yattaruchan, too!

S/mileage News

S/mileage will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Venus Fort, Tokyo on July 6th.


Not as epic as a High-Five event, but who cares? WE CAN HAVE ALL THE YATTARUCHAN!!!

S/mileage News


Juice=Juice Documentary #10 is out and ready for viewing! Please check it out~


Oh, they're still pulling out the 'WE ARE DEBUTING JUJU, YEEEAH' stuff? This is old news XD

Also, how cute, Yuka started singing when she wasn't supposed to xD

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

It has been announced that the next Nama Tamago Show will be held on September 15th in Yokohama, and on the 21st in Nagoya.


The girls will be working hard until then for their concert, so look forward to it! I personally hope a new group, or new Egglets, are announced!

The Ten Made Nobore! performance from the Hello! Project Premium Live has been uploaded to the official Hello! Pro Kenshuusei youtube channel, as well as comments from the members themselves, so please check it out!


First the dance shot of the PV was revealed, and now we are getting a snippet of the Premium Live performance!? Oh my goodness, UFP are spoiling us!!!


The Hello! Project Kenshuusei have received the BARKS NEWS Award for the Month of May, it has been revealed.


Congrats to the Kenshuusei!

Barks News


It has been announced that Peaberry will sing chorus for Up-Front artist Matsubara Takeshi. There will also be a Mini-live and handshake event on July 13th.


When they say sing, they actually mean screech, right? Also, Peaberry are still around?

Up-Front Promotion News

Up Up Girls comment on the release of their first photobook in this video, with subtitles! Please check it out!


It's nice to see subtitles on a video where there is talking, and not on an effing MV. Now, when are these hardsubs gonna make it to Hello! Pro Station, UFP?


Tasaki Asahi Documentary #10 is here! Please check it out~


More footage of Asahi singing on-stage, which is always reassuring to see I guess because then it means that UFP are using her and letting people know about her. Also, yay for footage from the H!P concert she performed at, too! She is such a good performer, I love her ;w;

A Digest for Mano Erina's Mano Friends Party Vol.7 Fanclub DVD has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Mano is gorgeous, I miss her so much ;w; At least she is still singing for her fans <3 And my lord, that cute little scream!!!! KYAAA!


It has been announced that T-Palette Records have created a special new unit called T-Palette Mini All Stars consisting of members from Up Up Girls, Vanilla Beans, Caramel☆Ribbon and Lyrical School's Mei. The unit, consisting of girls who will be participating in the up-coming movie ~ADA~ which stars Sengoku Minami and Sato Ayano, will sing two theme songs for the movie which will be released as a Double A-side.

The single has been titled Bad Blood/Hereafter and will be released on August 21st, the same date that the DVD and Blu-ray for ~ADA~ will go on sale.


Holy cow that is a freakin' cool title! Both titles give me the creeps, with Hereafter being the creepiest sounding one... oooh, shudder and chillds people, shudder and chills!!!

J-Pop Idols

The preview for Minna! Esper Dayo! #11 has been uploaded, so please check it out!


I love seeing Mano look like a bitch, it's actually quite wonderful xD


It has been announced that Up Up Girls will release their next single, titled Summer Beam!/Up Up Typhoon on July 24th.



Tower Records | J-Pop Idols



AKB48 member and Enka solo singer Iwasa Misaki will be taking requests for songs that she can include in her up-coming cover album that is due out this fall, it has been revealed. This will be Iwasa's first time accepting requests from the general public.

Requests can be made through a special website, magazine advertisement, FAX or mail from June 20th until August 10th. Applicants will be put into a lottery for a chance to win a karaoke party with the singer and also tickets to a hot spring inn.


AKS are really bringing in the public for their singers now, aren't they? It's a smart move, and will certainly sell the singers in a way. Definitely interesting...

Footage from the filming of AKB48's 32nd single, which is also the first single where Sashihara Rino will serve as the centre after her success in grabbing #1 for Senbatsu, has been revealed!

The name of the single has also been revealed to be titled Koisuru Fortune Cookie, and for the filming of the PV, 3.000 fans were used as backing dancers and was filmed in Fukuoka, Shinoda Mariko's hometown.

The song is said to be a disco-like tune, and there is a Parade theme with the costumes and the style of the video it seems.

This will be the last single to feature Shinoda Mariko and Itano Tomomi, who will graduate the group in July and August respectively.


Whenever I think of this title, V-U-Den's Koisuru Angel Heart plays in my head. Also, I was seriously hoping for H!P, or at least Yurina, to appear in the PV because it's Sasshi, and she loves H!P (especially The Green Giant). My hopes are dashing damn quickly...

AKB48 have announced that they will hold their 4th Janken Tournament! The Janken tournament has been titled AKB48 34th Single Janken Tournament and will be held on September 18th at Nippon Budokan. The announcement was made during their handshake event for their 31st single, Sayonara Crawl.


Lookin' forward to it! I wonder who will win this year?


(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, Regular A, Limited B, Regular B, Limited C, Regular C & Theatre Edition)

The covers for SKE48's 12th single, titled Utsukushii Inazuma, have been revealed! The single will release on July 17th.


I like the bright colours of the covers, and Limited A just makes me think of some Shoujo Anime magical girl... Jurina is the magical girl, of course!


It was revealed that NMB48's 7th single Bokura no Eureka topped the Oricon charts on the first day after selling 421,000 copies! The members of the group received the report whilst holding a performance at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center.

Yamamoto Sayaka, Captain of Team N, commented with:
"We who were crated in Osaka where was called as 'barren land for idols', would have never been able to come this far without your support. Let me say this again. Thank you very much." - Yamamoto Sayaka (Tokyohive)

Congratulations, NMB48! I am really happy for you!!!!


It has been announced that NG46 member Hashimoto Nanami will appear in Fuji TV's up-coming summer drama, SUMMER NUDE. The drama stars Yamashita Tomohisa, Karina and Toda Erika. Nanami will play the role of a shy and honest young girl who suddenly appears at the beach hut with her boyfriend, played by Chiba Yudai.

Nanami commented that she had never dreamed of appearence on a Getsu 9 (Monday 9:00pm) drama before, and was surprised by the offer. She further commented:
"I had to gather all my courage before intruding this amazing group of actors. I kept being extremely nervous throughout the filming. Everyone was really kind to me, so I think I can be a little more at ease next time." - Hashimoto Nanami (Tokyohive)
She also commented on wearing a swimsuit in the Drama, this being the first time the Idol has worn a swimsuit since before she joined Nogizaka46;
"I haven't worn a swimsuit since 6th grade. Of course I'm a bit anxious about it, but I'll try to work on my abs as much as I can before this scene." - Hashimoto Nanami (Tokyohive)

The role doesn't seem big, but congrats to Nanami for receiving it! Also, all of her male fans had better watch out for that swimsuit scene, aye? ;)


It was announced on June 18th that JKT48 member Nozawa Rena (15) will hold a concurrent position in AKB48, making Rena the first overseas sister group member to join AKB48 as a member.

Rena, who is of Japanese descent and holds a Japanese citizenship, currently resides in Jakarta due to her fathers work. In 2011, she passed the JKT48 first generation auditions as the only Japanese member, and has been an active member of Team J alongside Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka. Rena will return to Japan and belong to both AKB48 and Team J.


This is an interesting development, though it would have been nice to see a girl from Jakarta go into AKB48 instead of a girl who hails from Japan. Oh well... congrats, Rena!


On June 24th, Miyazawa Sae's concurrent position in AKB48's Team K has officially been absolved. Miyazawa is now an official member of SNH48 only. On her twitter, Miyazawa commented:
"With the removal of my concurrent post in AKB48, I'm back to Miyazawa Sae of SNH48 again. Please continue to support me." - Miyazawa Sae, Twitter (Tokyohive)
After ranking #10 during the Senbatsu elections, Miyazawa had announced that she wanted to focus on SNH48, and would thus end her concurrent position in AKB48 until further notice. She further commented on her blog regarding her decision:
"I've found something I want to do in Shanghai. When I achieve it, I would like to graduate SNH48, and return to AKB48." - Miyazawa Sae, Blog (Tokyohive)

I hope that she works hard in SNH48, and can perform on stage with them soon! Good look, Sae!

Misc Idols and Groups News

An announcement that many Perfume fans have been waiting for, it has been announced that Perfume will release their new album this fall! It was also announced that the techno-trio will hold concerts at two major domes in Tokyo and Osaka this December!

The album has been titled LEVEL3, and the Dome concerts will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka on December 7th and 8th, and also Tokyo Dome on the 24th and 25th. This will be Perfume's first Dome tour and the first time in 3 years for the group to hold a live at Tokyo Dome.
"Though we stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome 3 years ago, it was only for one day. This time, we will be able to hold 2-day concerts in both Tokyo and Osaka, with the new album! We will do our best standing resolutely on the stage of the Dome, while tasting joy and happiness." - A~chan (Tokyohive)

UWAAAH!!! This is amazing news! Tokyo Dome is a big freakin' Deal!!!! And a new album is extremely exciting, too! Ah, I know Nia is so happy about this, she has been freaking out over Facebook since the announcement (laughing right now xD). I am happy, well done Perfume!!!

... I still need to get into them, though xD

Tokyohive | Tokyo Girls' Update | SGCafe

Full-length previews of the three tracks from LinLin's Battle Beans single have been released, so be sure to check them out!


The third track is a freakin' hidden gem, like LinLin's voice was when she was in MoMusu. Other than that, this single is something I can not stomach.

PV/Song Previews

The PV Preview for 'Kikkaren's' Aimai no Kankei has been released, so please take a look and enjoy!


Holy fudge cookies, when did Kikka get sexy? DAFUQ!?

The Short version of SKE48's up-coming PV, Utsukushii Inazuma (Special edit ver.) has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Oooooh, FIRE!!! And it looks like they filmed on the same beach as Bokura no Eureka... but who cares? This is way hotter o-o.

Babyraids have released a teaser for their up-coming MV Baby Ambitious! which is set to release on July 31st! Please check out the PV!


From the teaser, it looks like it will be a 'cool' Summer PV. It actually looks really fun, but edgy as well.

A PV preview for Watanabe Mayu's 4th single PV Rappa Renshuuchuu has been revealed! Please check it out~


The song is very cute, but it sounds too much like a commercial song and not a song that will be released and sold... or is it just me?

It is very cute and happy, though, which is nice!

A second PV preview for Kikkaren's Aimai na Kankei music video has been released, so be sure to check it out!


Kikka practically strips in front of them... yep, this will definitely sell!!!

Up Up Girls have released a live performance of their song Up Up Typhoon, which will be released on July 24th. Be sure to check it out!



StylipS have released a PV preview for their new single, Prism Sympathy. This is the groups fifth single release, and the first to feature 'Stage Two' members Miku and Moe! Please check it out!


Not gonna lie, I am actually really excited for Stage Two StylipS! They look pretty damn promising, even if the new girls' voices are probably worse than Yui's was.

Press Release/Promotional Videos

MAiDiGi TV, Oricon, and Tokyo MX have all uploaded footage from Takahashi Ai's Anne of Green Gables press event. Please take a look!



My good lord, that is one ugly effing dress. Oh well, well done to Ai-butt for being able to walk out in public, to the press, in that! Also, her voice has gotten worse... she really needs rest, the poor girl... even when she has the microphone, she still sounds raspy and weak...

Tokyo News Service and Tokyo MX have uploaded footage from Yajima Maimi's press event for the release of her photobook. Please take a look~


Maimi was caught commenting "This book is as standard as it gets, like every other photobook."

... Okay, I kid, she looks very happy that her photobook was released, and I think she looks lovely at the press release event. The photobook itself is very well-presented and pretty! If you can, be sure to buy the photobook!

Oricon have released footage from the Yatteruchan bowling event held by S/mileage! Please check it out!


... What the fuck are those heads floating around the bowling alley? o-O Fucking aye... I like bowling and all, but if those things were in the alley, I would run off screaming...

A promotiona video for Perfume's new album, titled LEVEL3, as well as their two Dome tours, has been uploaded. Please check it out!


Okay, I'm getting emotional... no no ;w;

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded press footage from Idoling!!! member Yokoyama Rurika's release event for her debut solo single Walk My Way. Please check it out!


She is beautiful o-o Seriously, like... whoa, she is beautiful!

Tokyo News Service release press footage for the release event of The Devil's Spawn Tsugunaga Momoko's photo essay book. Be sure to take a look! advise blinding yourself, and deafening yourself, before watching


Momochi-De-Ville, Momochi-De-Ville. If she doesn't scare you, then Risako will. She's like a mandrake waiting to give a Shrill. Momochi... Momochi... DE-VILLE!!!

Oricon have released footage from Berryz Kobou's release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City for their new single release Golden ChinaTown/Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi. Be sure to take a look!


Whilst the group itself is bland and boring, they do harmonise well together.


... And that is all that we can Digest this week! Hopefully there was enough here to sustain your hunger until next week, but until next time... Ja ne~!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: June 25th, 2013

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