Monday, 17 June 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #56

Let's DIGEST!!!!! Are you ready for another week of news?

This week in Digest News...

Juice=Juice's Major Debut has been announced! AKB48 members' Graduation dates have been announced! Single covers are released! Tsuribit to release their first Digital Single! Plenty of Pokemon related news! Quite a bit of 9ki-10ki Press Release footage! AND MORE!!!!
Firstly, I am sorry for not really updating my blog at all this past week with reviews, I have been focusing on finishing off college and learning (well, today I learned about it) how to put up a tent. Also, this weeks Digest is a little earlier than most because tomorrow I will be going for a walk and then camping for the night, and I will probably be too tired on Wednesday to even bother going on my laptop... Wait, I am never too tired to go on my laptop, but really, I am updating it just in case.

Anyway, this week seemed to be quite a mixture of everything news-wise, though there was an abundance of Pokemon news to take in! I was happy to see my Pokemon updates, I have been in need for them! Also,I finally did some reaction videos this week and uploaded them! It's been a while, Chimians!

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Video of the Week

Yatteruchan by S/mileage

This weeks video is actually more of a song obsession than it is a video obsession, however the video itself is pretty awesome because, finally, S/mileage seem to have grasped the concept of 'group dynamic!'... Well, except Rina, but whatever. 5/6 is better than 0/6.

Anyway, this is, for me, quite possibly one of the best songs to come out of S/mileage since 2011's Miniskirt Postwoman. Since Yuuka left, Tsunku really did not know what the hell to do with these girls, but I guess Akari and Kanananananana have become inspiration bubbles for him, cos whilst Nyon does have lines a plenty in this (and it's a sad thing she does, cos urgh) I have not seen Tsunku pull out his creativity and happy hat since Yuukarin left, so I will continue to believe that Kananananana and Akari are the reasons behind this beautiful, glorious piece of happiness... actually, I will believe it's all true. Seriously, Tsunku should write more songs based around Gorilla and Chipmunk cheeks, they are awesome!

Also, it is truly sad that Meimi only gets two lines in this song, and Nyon gets a few... it would be nicer to shove Nyon away in the back and have Meimi be awesome, cos seriously, Meimi can sound not-annoying whilst Nyon is a one-tuned-kid.. thing. Urgh.

But yus, LOVING THIS!!!!

Picture of the Week

This isn't Tobacco, I thought that I had told you to buy me Tabacco!

I have not had a GIF in a while, and this one was posted on Facebook during a Masaki discussion, and seriously... I needed it. She just looks like an old lady tasting the bitterness of life... or something like that.

Either way, tis a sweet and random photo!

And now for the main event! News of The Week... START!!!


Hello! Pro Station Episode #19 is here for everyone to watch! This weeks host is the cute n' crescent-eyed Chinami Tokunaga! Be sure to take a look at the episode and enjoy!

This weeks episode includes the dance shot of Berryz Kobou's song Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi, concert footage of C-ute rocking it like they normally do! The new Trainee's also introduce themselves to everyone on this weeks episode, and the 9th and 10th generation members participating in the stage play Gogakuyuu prepare for the press release event! There is also footage from a Berryz concert of Tokunaga Chinami and Sudou Maasa singing a duet! Please enjoy~


The new Kenshuusei are rather plain looking for Idols, aren't they? Okay, one or two of them are seriously cute, but the others may be hidden singing gems rather than cutie girls... it would be nice to have some hidden gems. Also, the new Berryz song... I don't mind it, but whenever Berryz try to be sexy I just laugh because it fails so hard. They all seem so mismatched, too...

This was a pretty boring episode, to be honest. Then again, whenever something is Berryz orientated, I always find it boring.

UF LICKS #18 is here for everyone to enjoy! Once again the show is hosted by our darling Tasaki Asahi, so please enjoy~

This weeks episode includes footage of Tasaki Asahi performing what seems to be her popular song, Rolling Days, other performances from an energetic male singer in a cool chequered suit (haha), some dude in a white suit, an appearance from Fujimoto Miki herself, too! Takui Nakajima performs (I KNOW HIS NAME NOW!!!) as well as the obvious performance from LoVendoЯ. Also there is more concert footage of LoVendoЯ performing at Tanaka Reina's graduation concert, a Takui Nakajima solo performance and footage of Tasaki performing at C-ute's Treasure Box concert. Be sure to take a look!

Ooooh, so Tasaki is a Nakajima Saki supporter? That's what I am getting from the towel around her neck. Then again, can't really blame her; Saki's awesome.

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

The Digest for Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol. 52 has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Holy fuck, Fukuhime in a suit! <3 Yes... Yes please...

Also, what the fuck is up with UFP's management constantly putting these girls togeher for promotions, and not adding Zukki, Eripon, Masakissu or Sakuranbo? It's pissing me off.

Berryz Kobou

Berryz Kobou will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Shibuya Tower Records on June 19th.


... I actually have nothing to say, because if I did, I might just start offending the group about how bland they are.

Berryz Kobou will hold a handshake event and mini-live at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on June 22nd.


Yaaay... not.


C-ute's profile images have been updated, so please check them out!


Yajima Maimi - You look like a middle aged business woman, or at least your clothes scream that age.
Nakajima Saki - Holy crap, did you go to Topshop, you cutie pie!?
Suzuki Airi - Looks like someone stole the Juice=Juice shorts fro Ten Made Nobore!
Okai Chisato - That shirts a bit too big, and screams 30 year old housewife.
Hagiwara Mai - Did you get dressed in the dark? And do your hair in the dark?

The LQ covers for C-ute's next single, titled Kaneshiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemma, have been revealed! Please check them out and anticipate higher quality versions!


If I squint, I can see that Limited A shows the girls soaked in the rain, however I personally like the look of Limited Edition B or E... I have no idea, I need to squint to see.

Yajima Maimi and Nogizaka46's Nishino Nanase both grace the cover of Weekly Big Comic Spirits.


When boring (Maimi) meets someone from a group that is getting better (NG46).

... Either way, both are equally bland I guess.

It has been announced that C-ute will perform at OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2013 on August 1st.


What is this? An event? Well whatever it is, I am so happy that C-ute are getting opportunities like this! In my eyes, they are truly amazing~


S/mileage will hold a handshake event and mini-live on July 4th to promote their new single.


To anyone who can go: LUCKY DUCKS!!!!!

Here is the Nakanishi Kana Osaka Dotonbori VTR. The video has been uploaded courtesy of Radical Video Jockey. Please check it out!


Holy crap, I did not expect my Gorilla to get her own VTR to promote Yatteruchan!!!! This is beyond amazing, I am SO HAPPY!!!! She looks adorable and speaks so well!

(From Top to Bottom Right: Regular, Limited A, B, C & D)

The covers for S/mileages new single, Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yatteruchan! have been revealed! There will be five editions available.


Regular: Holy crap, that has to be one of the prettiest Regular edition covers I have ever seen.
L-A: Kana at the front, where she belongs, Nyon in the back, where I want her to stay.
L-B: UFP: "Holy fuck, we put Kana at the front for FAR too long, we need to make sure she remembers where she belongs... -grumble grumble-" -carefully shoves Kanananana right in the back-
L-C: Nyon looks very nice nowhere near the front. I hope she bloody stays there.


It has been announced that Juice=Juice will have their major debut this Summer! During the release event for the groups third single, where they collaborate with the Kenshuusei members of Hello! Project, Tsunku announced the groups major debut! Their fourth single, and their major debut, will be titled Romance no Tochuu!

MAiDiGi TV reported on the event, so please check it out~


Holy crap... Holy crap... Oh my god, THEY'RE GETTING A MAJOR DEBUT, YES!!!! YES, OMG!!!! KYAAA!!!! <3 I am so freakin' HAPPY!!!! This totally made my day... yes!!!! Not even Momochi's hideous appearance and that voice could kill my mood!!!!

Miyazaki Yuka will be the official Leader of Juice=Juice, and Kanazawa Tomoko will be the official Sub-Leader.


I think that Yuka being Leader has taken everyone by surprise... heck, Tomoko making Sub-Leader is effing surprising! These two are the newest batch to H!P... Yuka is, or was, officially under UFP, not H!P, and Tomoko was the newest (or one of the newest) trainee's, making these two the rookies... Holy fuck...

Well, here's what UFP says to seniority, I guess...

UFP: "Fuck the seniority system, let's go by the numbers!!!"

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

The Preview to the next episode of Hello! Pro Kenshuusei no Tadaima Kenshuuchuu! has been revealed! The episode includes the girls training with cute dogs and some concert footage! Please, enjoy~



... That is all~

Up-Front Promotion News

Tasaki Asahi Documentary #9 is here! This weeks video includes footage of Asahi recording Sakura Dokei. Be sure to take a look!


When will she get a new song? ;3; I WANT A NEW SONG!!!! -has a tantrum-

LoVendoЯ will hold mini-lives and High-Five events on June 27th and July 5th.


I have one answer to this...

... Okay, I kid, but hey... I really wanted to use that response at some point XD

LoVendoЯ NewsLoVendoЯ News

Tasaki Asahi will be the opening act for C-ute's June 16th concert.


By the time this Digest is up, she will have performed and been amazing. I'm still putting the news here, though~

Hello! Project News

It has been revealed that Sengoku Minami and Sato Ayano of Up Up Girls will star in the move ~ADA~.


It looks like your regular Idol-related Highschool Horror movie... so I will probably watch it one day! I hope it is Zombie related.



It has been announced that Takahashi Minami will lend her voice for the Japanese dub of The Smurfs 2. Takahashi Minami has been cast as Smurfette.

"I'm really happy to receive this opportunity! Smurfs are little elves that bring happiness. I will put my heart into it in order to make everyone happy!!" - Takahashi Minami (Tokyohive)


Holy cow, I have not seen the show Smurfs since I was a kid! I loved that show!!!! I am glad TakaMina has been given the opportunity, hopefully all her fans will enjoy hearing her voice Smurfette!

It has been revealed to fans that Maeda Atsuko, who graduated from AKB48 last August, will make an appearance at the July 31st concert held at Sapporo Dome for one night only.

This will be Maeda Atsuko's first appearance at an AKB48 concert since she graduated. It was also announced that a new unit would be unveiled at the concert.


I am honestly more interested in the new unit, but I have a feeling many hardcore Acchan fans who can't let her go will be very very happy...

The dates for Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka and Itano Tomomi's graduations have been announced! Shinoda Mariko will graduate from AKB48 on July 21st at FUKUOKA YAFUOKU! DOME, Akimoto Sayaka will graduate on August 22nd at Tokyo Dome, and Itano Tomomi will graduate on August 25th at Tokyo Dome.


Holy cow... that really is not far... then again, AKS never seem to tell you in advance just when they are graduating, do they? Nope, they leave it until the last minute.

The cover for Watanabe Mayu's new single, titled Rappa Renshuuchuu, has been confirmed. As previously announced, a contest was held where fans could draw the artwork for the cover of Mayu's new single and send in their designs through pixiv. In around 3 weeks, over 1,200 illustrations were submitted, with 150 of those illustrations being entered by overseas fans.

Here is the winning image:

The winning image was created by the artist Miyoro. The cute illsutration also won Mayuyu's praise.
“Anyhow, it’s very lovely, and pleasing to the eye,”“Overall, as far as the touch of the art and the use of color, it’s splendid!!” - Watanabe Mayu (SGCafe)
“In spite of the short time, I received over 1,200 submissions. I’m honestly very thankful!! Getting to see everyone’s charming work, overflowing with individuality, made me happy♪”  - Watanabe Mayu (SGCafe)
It has been revealed that another 13 works, impartially judged by Mayuyu herself, will be included in a publication book that will come with the single.


Oh my gosh, the artwork is so cute! No wonder it was chosen, it is just so adorable! Very nicely done, and congratulations to the winner!


(From Top Centre to Bottom Right: Complete Limited Production Edition, Limited-time Production Edition, Limited A Edition, Limited B Edition and Regular Edition)

All five covers for Watanabe Mayu's 4th solo single, Rappa Renshuchu, have been revealed! The single will be released in five editions. The Complete Limited Production Edition is the winning artwork from Mayu's contest to search for a cover, and it will include a publication book featuring 13 other pieces of artwork. The Limited-time Production Edition CD is a collaboration cover with Rogoku Yuenchi kara Mayuyu wo Sukue!!! in Tokyo Dome City Attractions, which the title track was created for.

The Limited A, B and Regular edition covers also feature Mayu with Oreskaband, whom Mayu has collaborated with for the title track.


The Limited A, B and Regular covers are extremely... kiddish? And they also make me think that this song will be nothing special. How the covers make a song seem tacky and generic is beyond me, but whatever... I have no hope for this single being amazing, because of the covers (haha).


It hs been announced by AKS that Maeda Atsuko will release her third single in September.


Wait, she's still around to sing? I thought she was being a crappy actress?





HKT48's second single has been announced! Currently there is no title, however it has been revealed the single will be released on September 4th. The centre and lineup for the A-side have yet to be announced.


Despite a bland debut single, I am looking forward to the second single! Hopefully it will be fun and quirky, and also I hope for a Sasshi centre! WOOHOO!!!


Misc Idols and Groups News

Idol group Weather Girls will release their first album, self-titled WEATHER GIRLS, on July 3rd. The cover art features the girls in cloud costumes hanging over a city. The theme is clouds, and the concept of the cover is Weather Girls wearing fluffy marshmallow clouds, come to Japan riding on 'bomb anticyclone'. The single has been produced by Jeff Miyahara, and will contain a total of 10 tracks including the Weather Girls' previous three singles.

Track List:

1. Koi no Tenki Yohou
2. Koi no Love♥Sunshine
3. Koi no Lovebeam
4. Koi wa Tokimeki Chuiho
6. Kaminari Day
7. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom
8. Loving Pass ~Koi no Password~
9. Because of You ~Hitori no Yoru~
10. Namida no Ame


This seems like an exciting album, I can't wait! And the cover is gorgeous, then again, clouds useless are very cute, but not as leggy as these clouds are... Still, I do indeed prefer these clouds over normal every day ones! Sugoii!!!

It has been announced that Mitsuhiro Hidaka, known as SKY-HI when taking on solo activities, will have his major debut with the double A-side single Ai Bloom/RULE! The single is set to release on August 7th.

SKY-HI commented through his blog;
"I was able to achieve a big goal of making a major debut. However, I feel iffy when you ask me if I'm happy about it. I can't be happy until I produce good results. I make this clear that I want to be popular. I do want to become extremely popular. I will do my best." - Hidaka as SKY-HI (Tokyohive)
There will be two versions available for SKY-HI's major debut single, a CD only version, and a CD/DVD version.

Track List:

1. Ai Bloom
3. Ai Bloom (Instrumental)
4. RULE (Instrumental)
5. Ai Bloom (Acappella)
6. RULE (Acappella)

DVD Track List:

1. Ai Bloom (Music Clip)


Holy crap, Mitsutsu is getting a major solo debut! YES!!!! So happy for that sexy mofo! You go, you sexy man, you! <3


Ogawa Mana, Cheeky Parade, 7cm, Idol College and PPP! PiXiON will perform at Idol Land 2013 Summer. The concert will be held on July 1st at Shinjuku Blaze in Tokyo.


Yes, Ogawa Mana is doing stuff! This makes me happy!!!!

J-Pop Idols | Idol Land Official Website

On September 14th, Ogawa Mana and other acts including Kalafina and Luna Haruna will perform at Music Energy 2013.


Holy cow, she seems to be planning a bit ahead!!! But whatever, I like seeing OgaMana doing stuff, you go girl!!!

Music Energy Official Website

It has been announced that StylipS will hold Brand New Style events in Ikebukuro and Shibuya in July and August in order to promote the new lineup. The Ikebukuro event will be held at Ikebukuro Sunshine Fountain Square on July 14th, where the girls will hold a mini-live and talk event.


WOOHOO!!! EVENTS FOR NEWBS!!!! This makes me, as a casual fan, extremely hap-pinku desu!!!

Crunchyroll | Ota Suke

It was recently announced by T-Palette Records, an indie label owned by Tower Records, that Kansai based Idol groups Caramel☆Ribbon and NA-NA, both produced by Esse Academy, have joined the label!


I already knew about Caramel☆Ribbon, but I honestly have no idea who NA-NA are... regardless, welcome to the indie world, girls! At least we know that you will record and release stuff as indies, because if Up Up Girls are anything to go by... well, they release a lot...

When will UUG major debut?

J-Pop Idols | Tower Records

It has been revealed that Fishing Idol group Tsuribit will release a new single on July 24th titled Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku. Two regular editions and a Limited Edition will be available with different covers; there will be an Idol Jacket for Type A and an Angler Jacket for Type B. The Limited Edition will come with a DVD that contains the music video as well as bonus footage.

The coupling track for the single will be Start Dash!, which was the groups debut Digital Single released on May 22nd.

Track List:

1. Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku
2. Start Dash!

DVD Track List:

1. Manatsu no Tentai Kansoku (Music Video)
2. Bonus Footage

J-Pop Idols

Pokemon & Misc News

A new trailer for Pokemon X and Y has been released! This trailer includes a map of the new region, new features, a new Pokemon Type and, of course, new Pokemon!

The new Type is 'Fairy', which Pokemon such as Gardevoir, Jigglypuff, Marill and the new Eevee eeveelution, Sylveon, will be under. It was also revealed that the Fairy type is strong against Dragon types.
 Also, the new feature shown, 'Pokemon-Amie', is a feature where you can bond with your Pokemon by fussing or petting them, and feeding them!


HOLY CRAP NEW STUFF, YES!!!! However I am a bit pissed off that Sylveon is under the 'Fairy' type. I really wish that they had an effing Dragon-type Eeveelution at some point, cos whilst Fairy is 'cute', I want my bad ass effing Eevee Dragon!!! Hell, even 'Normal' would be better!

The two new Pokemon that were revealed in the trailer are Vivillon, which will be a Bug/Flying type, and Noivern, a Flying/Dragon type.

Vivillon uses its colourful wings to scatter scales or create winds, and can use the move Struggle Bug, whilst Noivern is an extremely aggressive Pokemon when anything, or anyone, approaches it, however it likes to eat fruit. Noivern is also very similar to a bat as it can fly around at night using ultrasonic waves that it emits from its ears. Noivern can use the move Boomburst, which can turn boulders to pebbles.


OH. MY. GOD!!!! YES, these two look AWESOME, especially Noivern! Finally, an effing Bat Pokemon that looks cool and not useless, and whilst it may be effing annoying to fight, at least it won't flock me in a damn cave whilst being stupidly weak! YES!!!!!

Another trailer for Pokemon X and Y has been released! This footage shows more new features added to the game, as well as new Pokemon!

New features include 'Horde Encounters', where a trainer must fight five enemies at the same time with just one Pokemon! The battles themselves may seem tough, however with moves such as Surf and Earthquake, the battles will be a breeze, and will also be great way to level up Pokemon and earn more experience!

Another new feature to the battle system in Pokemon will be 'Sky Battling', where a trainer and their foe can take to the skies! If a trainer is standing on a high ledge, then they may just be a Sky Trainer!

Another interesting feature that was added is that players can now play the game in one of seven different languages! You will be able to select the language in-game.

And another feature that has been included is the 'Player Search System (PSS)' where you can connect with other players through Street Pass or Wi-Fi. When opening the PSS, you can choose to play with friends, acquaintances whom you have met before, or complete strangers, and then you can trade or battle with these players. The PSS also syncs with your 3DS friends list, and you can have up to 100 friends. More information concerning the PSS will be disclosed at another time.


Holy cookies and fudge, these new features sound AMAZING!!!! I love the idea of Sky battling, though really, wouldn't you need flying types for that? Or Ghost types, at least? Oh well, whatever, IT SOUNDS AWESOME EITHER WAY!!!! <3

So. So. HAPPY!!!!

New Pokemon to be revealed are Talonflame, a Fire/Fighting type which is also the evolved form of the new Pokemon 'Fletchling'. This Pokemon attacks its foes by diving, unleashing brutal kicks and emitting flames from its body. It has a high speed and power level.
 Clauncher was the second Pokemon revealed, and is a Water type Pokemon with a massive claw that it uses to grab its enemies, shoot water and crack boulders.
 The final Pokemon revealed is Skrelp, a Water/Poison type Pokemon that tricks its foes by disguising itself as seaweed, but attacks unwary victims when they pass and soaks them in poison.


I like the idea behind Skrelp the most, it seems like it is a pretty deadly Pokemon! However, my favourite is Talonflame! I knew liking Fletchling would be a good idea, because, damn, it turns into an EFFING EAGLE!!! YES!!!!


Four new Pokemon have been revealed! Originally shown in CoroCoro magazine, the newly revealed Pokemon now have official English names!

The first two Pokemon, Scatterbug and Spewpa, are the pre-evolutions of Vivillon, the bug/flying type Butterfly Pokemon! Other Pokemon that were revealed are Litleo, a baby lion Pokemon that has the signature move Nobel Roar and is a dual Fire/Normal type Pokemon. Then there is Flabebe, a Fairy-type Pokemon that clings to flowers and has the new fairy move 'Fairy Wind'.


I prefer Flabebe's original Japanese name, Furubebe. I want me a Furubebe!!!!!


New Trainers and a Gym Leader have also been revealed! Much like Pokemon Black and White, you will have more than one 'friend' to challenge you along your Pokemon journey, however this time you will have four friends to challenge you along the way, all with different motives!

The new trainers, and also your friends, are:

Shauna, the enthusiastic leader of the group who dresses like the Pokemon Gothelle. She forces you to pick a nickname early on in the game.
Tierno, a burly male character who has a goal to become a famous dancer and is always looking for ways to incorperate Pokemon moves into his dances.
And Trevor, who is the smallest of the group, but also the most ambitious. He has hopes of completing his Pokedex before everyone else.

Of course there is also the fourth friend who will be the trainer you do not choose when you pick either male or female. All four characters, as well as your character, live in Vaniville Town where the player will start their journey.

The new Gym Leader that has been revealed is Viola, a Professional Photographer who specialises in Bug-type Pokemon. Viola's older sister, Alexa, has also been announced; she is a journalist in the same city where Viola's gym is located, Santalune. Alexa is set to appear in the TV Anime on July 18th.

Additional information includes a new form of transportation; Roller skates, shown in the trailers, will be a new mode that players can travel on. Whether or not the roller skates have replaced the bicylce is currently unknown.


Ho buggery, new characters... and four rivals is good, I like this. More people to take on!!! Hopefully the girl character isn't annoying, though. Also, I like the look of Viola. I pray that her Gym is one giant photo studio and you have to look around different dark rooms, only to be attacked by bugs... arrrrgh!!!!

Also... ROLLER SKATES!!!! O wO

SGCafe | Nintendo Insider

A new trailer for Pokemon X and Y, featuring fellow trainers, the new Gym Leader Viola, the newly revealed Pokemon and both Vaniville and Santalune sneak peaks is here! Please check it out!


Awww dangit, Viola's gym is not themed around dark rooms... sad face...


PV/Song Previews

Palet have released the short Music Video to their summer song Pink no Heart no Kumo. The song will be released as a DVD Single on July 17th and was written and composed by Kenji Hayashida, who is known for his works with Johnny's Entertainment groups such as SMAP.


It is a very bland song, and the video is cutesy but very Idol-y. I get too easily bored by Palet, but's cute enough, I guess, but very boring and bland...

And that orange one is TINY!!!! And looks a bit like Oda Sakuranbo in my opinion.

Youtube | Tokyo Girls' Update

A preview for SanMyu's third single, Natsu Matsuri, has been revealed. The video shows the girls in beautiful Yukata, as well as blue Happi's to show off their youthful and energetic summer feeling to liven up Japan's Summer, but also bring that fresh feeling with the traditional Yukata.

The song Natsu Matsuri is a cover of JITTERIN'JINN's original song from 1990, which was also covered by the group Whiteberry in 2000. Now, 13 years later, SanMyu take on the song for the summer!

The single will be released on July 3rd. Be sure to check out the video!


They really are a cover group, aren't they? Well, regardless, the song sounds fun and catchy, and makes me think of a fun and noisy summer at a festival or carnival! Hopefully all fans will anticipate the full MV!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Tokyo News Service (TNS) have released press coverage of the Gogakuyuu stage play. Be sure to check it out!


I'm glad to see that Kuduu is a lead in this, rather than Riho being the main lead... cos seriously, I don't like Riho's acting xD

Oricon have released report footage from the first performance of the 9th/10th generation stageplay Gogakuyuu. Please check it out!


I have a feeling that it will be these five that UFP shove down our throats the most, then. Two talented, one screams, one shouts and another speaks when she sings... YAAAAY?

Tokyo MX have reported on the Gogakuyuu stage play. Please check it out!


I am actually really interested in the play itself, especially Mizukingdom's part, because whilst she seems to fit the image of a 'Witch', her character is nothing like a witch... xD I also love seeing Haruka in a cute Princess dress! Finally, the little boy is turning into her true, female self! YATTA!

Kawaii Pateen Report at Akihabara Backstage Pass #16 is here! Please check out the new episode for cute fashion tips and even cuter girls!


I want those tail-heeled pink shoes! So. Damn. CUTE! And I actually like the mature and savvy outfit, very modern and womanly, but not too old fashioned or anything... more chic? Yes yes, chic.

JIJIPRESS have released footage from Juice=Juice's release event for the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Featuring Juice=Juice single Ten Made Nobore!. Be sure to check it out!


D'awww, Aina is really cute when her teeth aren't showing. And which girl is shouting her lines? Akari or Tomoko or Sayuki? I know for sure it isn't Karin, cos she can control her voice... Oh wait, it's Tomoko. Also, I see two mini Eggies... er, trainee's!

Also, I love this announcement. Karin seems super shocked at Yuka's name being called out for Leader.

Also, why the fuck is Momoko even there is the questions portion?

JIJIPRESS have released press and performance footage from the Gogakuyuu stageplay! Please take a look!


The play actually looks like something you would see from a highschol or elementary school performance... maybe it's because they all look so young? Anyway, I do want to see it in full because I want to know what the hell it is about!

Movie Collection JP have released footage from the release event for Ten Made Nobore! and Juice=Juice's major debut announcement. Please take a look!


Actually, is Momoko there only to promote Berryz? Cos By God they need all the promotion they can get haha...

Also, Peach Dayso is adorable. I want to love her lots <3 PEACH DAYSO~~~~

Lantis have uploaded a new Promo video for StylipS' Brand New Style volumes 3 and 4! This promo was created to promote the new StylipS who are going through their Second Stage with new members Miku Ito and Moe Toyota! The promo also previews a clip of their new song, Prism Sympathy, which will be released on July 24th! Please check it out!



Youtube | Crunchyroll

And that is all we have time for this week, once again thank you all for reading the Digest and enjoying it! I hope that it has helped you to keep updated, and I hope that you all look forward to next weeks Digest for more Idol News goodness. Until then however... Ja ne!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: June 17th, 2013


  1. Honestly....I feel like Aki-P is gonna keep Meru center. A. She was named the second coming of Matsui Jurina and B she's a momsu audition drop-out. But he might give it to Sasshi concidering she just won the freaking election...

    1. Yeah, he probably will, or at least make it a Meru x Sasshi centre. It seems like what he would do, but I would love to see a Sasshi central PV for HKT, it might be a lot more energetic and a lot less generic that Hatsukoi Butterfly and Suki Suki Skip...