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Okay! Musume Digest #55

It's time for the Digest! HIT IT!!!

This week in News...

NG46 RULE!!!! Everyone wants to be Yatteruchan, especially Kanananana! A sneak peak at the 12 gen MoMusu auditions, finally!? Aina busts a hip, Take-chan is ill, OH NO!!!! Twitter for Berryz!!! AND MORE!!!!

This week's Digest is a little late... but I was out all day, so can ya blame me? You really schedule these things, either. HOWEVER... I AM SORRY!!!! I will try to keep it on time and all as much as possible~

Other than that, I hope that everyone is having a fantastic week and a nice summer so far! I will be finishing college on Friday, so fun times ahoy! However on the Tuesday and Wednesday next week I will be out camping, so the next instalment for my Digest may be posted on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday... depends on how much pain I am in when I return, or how lazy I am.

In Idol-y goodness, I am still on a Senbatsu High. OMG, SENBATSU!!!! -waves flag-. I never thought I would see the day where I was a Senbatsu lover, urgh...

Okay, time to get to the good parts! Remember to press ctrl + f to get to the pieces of news that YOU want to see! If it is crossed out, then it means there is no news for that week regarding that certain subject/topic... yup! ENJOY!!!!

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Video of the Week

Girl's Rule by Nogizaka46

A little bit of Summer goodness! The song is okay, not that bad (very nicely done, actually) and the video is just AWESOME!!!! NG46 are seriously stepping up their game, and that makes me happy The 48 Rip-Offs are totally redeeming themselves this year, yatta! Please watch and enjoy!

Picture of the Week

"Come on, just one bite... I'm hungry..."

Looks like Meimi didn't have her dinner, and Akari's looking a bit scared... Oh dear!!! (A special thanks to my darling friend Jenny! She thought of me when she screen capped this! <3)



This weeks Hello! Pro Station episode is up! Iikubo Haruna is back in her role as the shows MC for episode 18, so please take a look and enjoy!

In this weeks episode...

A preview of C-ute's Kanashiki Amefuri and their stellar performance! Looking fierce girls!!!! Past footage of Morning Musume release events for Help Me!!... a bit late there, UFP. S/mileage's Yatteruchan! PV has been unveiled, with a surprising Kanananananana and Akari centre! And backstage footage from the recent H!P Special Live! All in all, a good episode for us H!P fans! Let's go!


Mai is extremely sexy in this, and totally looks hotter than Miyabi... which is weird to say, but Miyabi's hair has been looking bad lately, and her hotness has decreased for me. I also love this new, fierce C-ute... it is really awesome!

Also... Yatteruchan has just proven to me that S/mileage can still be awesome! WOW!!!! More songs like this, please!!! It looks like Tsunku has some inspiration back!!!

UF LICKS episode #17 is here, once again hosted by our lovely Tasaki Asahi! Be sure to check out the episode!

In this weeks episode... Asahi looks beautiful!!! Yossie rocks it on stage with The PEACE and looks hot doing so!!! There are other performance clips shown, band practice and backstage footage for rehearsals! Also, some LoVendoЯ (predictable at this point, urgh) from Reina's graduation concert it seems! And also our dear Asahi as a supporting act for C-ute's Treasure Box Tour! YAY!!!


I have a feeling that Peaberry did not sell the amount that UFP wanted them to sell, hence why they are still effing 'promoting' the CD on UF LICKS, instead of promoting the new Satoumi groups or Tasaki or GREEN FIELDS. I don't even like GREEN FIELDS, but I would rather see them being promoted in an advertisement than Peaberry right now...

Also, good question here... where is a PV for GREEN FIELDS?

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

A preview/sneak peak of Morning Musume's 12th Generation auditions has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Holy fuck, this is the HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK!!!! Oh my God, yes... YES... YES!!!!! I have know idea who the Hell half these girls are, but who cares!? THIS IS AN EPIC TRAILER!!!! PUMP UP MY SYSTEM UFP, I WANT TO KNOW!!! Way to promote!!!

Sly bastards... when they promote, they promote...

Berryz Kobou

Tokunaga Chinami's twitter account, which had been created back in July 2012 for the purpose of promoting in Thailand, has been closed down from June 8th 2013.


This is really sad, and unwelcome, news! I was not expecting them to close the Twitter account down, but then I sit back and remember that this is effing UFP, and they are shit with promotion anyway, so it also isn't surprised... but yeah, it annoys me.

A preview of Berryz Kobou's Alo-Hello 2013 has been revealed, showing all of the girls in cute bikini's! Be sure to check out the preview!


Wow, they actually all look hot.. especially Risako o-O

... Bewbs... <3

Berryz Kobou now have an official Twitter account, so be sure to follow it if you are a fan!


Close one of the cutest members Twitter accounts, but instead make one for everyone? I see no sense in it, I would prefer that they opened up individual Twitter accounts for them all, that way they can promote themselves a lot damn easier.


C-ute have left a video message with a short greeting for their French fans for Japan Expo! The subtitles provided are in French, so please check it out!


I love the colours! And also happy that the French fans are able to understand the video as well~ Now... please, UFP, stop being useless asshats and subtitle the Hello! Pro Stations in English and/or French. THANKS!!!!!!

A video of C-ute's Nico Nico Chou from April 27th has been uploaded. Please check it out!


I can't believe how HOT they all are... <3 Regardless of someone's nasally voice, amazing performances all around!!!! Keep it sexy, girls!


It has been announced that S/mileage will appear at the Japan Bowling Association event on June 18th. Fanclub members are invited to attend.


Will they dress as bowling pins or something, like those creepy ass dudes from that Team Syachihoko PV? Or will those pinhead guys from that same MV be there to try and grope S/mileage? Details, people, I NEED DETAILS!!!!

There will be a boxset, including a photo ticket, for S/mileage's new single Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan. Also, there will be individual handshake events available by pre-ordering through Chara-Ani.


I want to go up to Kananananana, take her hand and yell 'YATTARUCHAN!!!!' and then run away with a goofy smile on my face.

It has been announced that Takeuchi Akari has been diagnosed with enteritis. She will be on break for a week.

Enteritis is the inflammation of the small intestine, and is usually caused by eating or drinking anything that has been contaminated with bacteria or viruses.


Oh, poor Take-chan!!! First Akari busts a hip, now Take-chan is ill. Get well soon, Take-chipmunk!!!

Kansai Walker have archived Nakanishi Kana's Ustream appearence. Be sure to check it out!


Wait, there was a Ustream!? And it is now archived? OH MY GAWD, TIME TO WATCH!!!! KANANANANANA!!!!


Juice=Juice Documentary #9 has been uploaded! In this episode, we can hear a preview of the Juice=Juice version of Ten Made Nobore! so be sure to check it out!


I am sad that Meron-chan and Peach Dayso don't get a solo line from what I hear, because Peach Dayso sounds so amazing from just her practice... so seeing it go to Aina is like, a bit of a waste? I dunno... I just dislike Aina's voice greatly...

Whatever, the song is cute, but a bit of a S/mileage rip-off... Okay, a giant S/mileage rip-off.


It has been announced that Otsuka Aina has a hip injury and so she will not be able to perform in the up-coming release event for Ten Made Nobore!.

However cruel of me this is, I can't help but think of Aina jutting her hip out and basically looking like an old woman as she 'breaks a hip bone' or something.

... Evil Chii aside, please get well soon Aina!

Hello! Project News

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Hello! Project Kenshuusei members Wada Sakurako and Tanabe Nanami comment on being chosen as the audience and jury winners at the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2013 ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ event that was held this Spring. Be sure to check it out!


They both sound pretty tone death to me (Oh, so cruel and truthful, Chii) but hey!!! They worked so hard, so I am happy that they were chosen! Cute girls, too!


Juice=Juice and the Hello! Project Trainee's will hold a release event for Ten Made Nobore! at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on June 13th. Tsugunaga Momoko will be the MC


Holy fuck that will be one scary event, because ew, Momoko...

Hello! Project News

Up-Front Promotion News

A preview of Sengoku Minami's appearence in Young Gangan magazine have been uploaded for everyone to take a peek at, so please take a look at these summery pictures!!!


The Summer Boners are coming...

Wait, what?

The preview for the next episode Minna! Esper Dayo! has been leaked, so please check it out!


Seeing Mano's skirt being flipped to expose her precious white panties was so worth it!


It has been announced that SatoUmi group Plumeria have been renamed HI-FIN. The group have been renamed HI-FIN (High Fun) to symbolise 'From beginning to end', symbolising the girls' hard work within the group and to always try their best in everything. 'Hi' symbolises 'Hello', whilst 'Fin' is the French for 'End' or 'Finish'. The name is also compromised of the members' initials.

Both Nakajima Saki and Ikuta Erina have also revealed that HI-FIN had their jacket and MV shooting for their first single, so be sure to look forward to it!



... Oh well, at least they have meaning behind their new name, and also... MV AND JACKET SHOOTING *^* JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HERE >DDDD

C-ute Blog | 9ki Blog | Sakura Mankai


A photo gallery of AKB48's 32nd Single Senbatsu General Election at Nissan Stadium has been uploaded for anyone who wishes to take a look, so please take your time to look through these images!


A perfect photo gallery, highlighting the good (and the sad) points of the general election, and the performances that we who streamed it happened to miss... damn!

ZIP have a 32nd Single Senbatsu Election special for everyone to view! Please check it out~


Part 1, yatta! It's nice to actually find some coverage of the event haha! Also, re-living the moment where Mariko kinda broke my heart... D; </3 And my God, Takamina's tears... -cries-

Part 2 of the ZIP special for the 32nd Single Senbatsu Election is here! Please enjoy~


Not as awesome as the first part, but eh. I am still happy, even if this is like, a few days after the event itself <3


During AKB48's 5th General election, Shinoda Mariko, who took 5th place in the Senbatsu, announced that she would be graduating from the group as she made her winners speech. She revealed that, in the next month, she would graduate from the group after the Fukuoka Yahuoka! live, as she wishes to graduate in her home town.

“I gave a speech last year challenging the junior members to crush me, and I was able to see many of them working hard in the past year. I felt that AKB can continue to rise higher.”
“Seeing the momentum of the junior members, I chose to make a decision myself. I, Mariko Shinoda, will graduate from AKB48,”
“Seeing the backs of the junior members felt promising. I truly have no regrets in AKB48,” 

“I have wanted to graduate in my hometown, so although I know that it’s so sudden, I ask that you allow me to graduate after the concert at the Fukoka Dome next month.”

Mariko will officially graduate from AKB48 on July 21st.


Reading this, in English, just makes me want to cry more... Mariko-sama, you will be, to me, 'Ue Kara Mariko!' forever. Thank you for being in AKB48! For the short time that I have known you... I love you <3

Tokyo Girls' Update | Tokyohive


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, B, C and D)

The covers for Nogizaka46's summer single, titled Girl's Rule, have been released. The single will have four types, and will release on July 3rd. The cover art was taken underwater. This is also the first single to show Shiraishi Mai as the centre.

The Music Video itself is set in a school where the girls face their own problems, however come together and relax at the pool. The story tells how the girls find out the plans for the pool to be demolished, and how they try to stop these plans going through.


I have seen the Music video for this song, and whilst the song is a quite good, for an NG46 song, the video itself is pretty damn amazing. I love how it is a summer single, but the girls manage to keep their clothes on, and not adorn bloody bikini's. YAY!!!!

Misc Idols and Groups News

It has been announced that Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's second single, titled Bishoujo Mokushiroku, will be released on August 14th.


August? That's a tad far, is it not? Oh well!!! I wonder who will the centre for the single this time?

Pokemon & Misc News

BABY METAL make an appearance on Tower Records' No Music, No Idol? posters in Kimono! The poster will be represented at 12 Tower Records stores from June 18th.

The campaign is in commemoration of the groups new single release, Megistune, and the poster will be carried out in limited locations. There will be four editions of the poster; one with all three members, and one of each member with a message  related to their new song.


Cute, too cute!!! Don't you just want to take one of them out on a Summer festival date? Ah, I wish I could talk one of them on a date... hm <3

It has been announced that Perfume have been invited to Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! The even is held in France, and will go on between June 16th and June 22nd. Perfume will be the first Japanese artists to be invited to the festival. The group will appear at the event on June 20th, it has been revealed.

The Cannes Lions is an honourable festival in its 60th year and is considered on of the three greatest advertising awards in the world.


HOLY CRAP this is amazing!!!! Maybe I should really listen to Perfume more, they seem to be awesome and a world-wide hit. The ultimate artists, maybe?

15 new Idol groups have been added to the Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 lineup! Groups include ManaMinoRisa, Caramel☆Ribbon and Tsuribit!


Whoo, Tsuribit, and ManaMinoRisa! YES!!!!! <3 I am really happy to see my Blister-ridden Idols back again!

Various Idols will perform at Jimodol Festa 2013 on August 25th. Acts include Up Up Girls, Palet, Angel Generation and other acts. Ono Erena and 9nine have been announced as Special Guests.


Why can't I go to these amazing-looking events!? I WANT TO SUPPORT MY 9NINE BABIES AND EREPYON!!!! </3

It has been announced that Idol Group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku will release their first album, titled Chunin, and that it will be released on July 24th. The album will contain 14 tracks, and will contain both previous songs used in singles as well as new songs.

"New songs sound so fresh. We were surprised that we have still the new direction.”
“It’s a very major-like album.” - The members on the album (Tokyo Girls' Update)

The album will be released in three types; Limited A, Limited B and Subculture Edition. The Limited A will come with a DVD of Furi-Kara Video for nine songs, where each member will show off the choreography of a song alone. The Limited B will come with a second CD title 'Ebisu Kumikyoku (Saikouchiku by Fragment) which will contain Fragment reconstructions of the groups songs since their major debut.


Wait, they have not yet released their first album? o-O I thought that they had...

Bump.y have announced the release of a new single! The new single will be titled Savage Heaven and will be released on July 24th. There will be three editions: Limited A, Limited B and Regular edition. For each version released, the coupling songs will be different. The Regular edition will contain both coupling songs, as well as a remix of the groups previous single Cosmo no Hitomi.

The title song will be used as the theme song for the drama Limit, which stars Sakuraba Nanami.

Track List:

1. Savage Heaven
2. Shoushi no Magic (Regular and Limited B)
3. Romantic Maybe (Regular and Limited A)
4. Cosmo no Hitomi (Extended 12" Remix) (Regular Edition only)
(Limited A + B include instrumentals)

DVD Track List:

1. Savage Heaven (Music Video) (Limited A)
2. Savage Heaven (Making-of) (Limited A)
3. “Happy bump.y!!!!!” Kikaku Kaigi & Special Video (Limited B)


I believe my reaction to seeing this news was... "Holy crap, yes, Holy crap, Yes, Holy crap, Yes, HOLY CRAP, YES!!!!!"


PV/Song Previews

The Teaser trailer for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Mi, which will be present on her new album 'NANDACOLLECTION', has been released, so be sure to check it out!


Whatever that thing is, it reminds me of Donald Duck and Nicky Minaj... and the monstrosity that they would create if those two things were ever to mate... URRRGH!!!

NMB48 have released the PV preview to the song Saya ane. Please be sure to take a look!


The song is pretty, and I can feel the hard work from just watching the footage... ahhh, it makes me want to cheer them on more and love them more... especially Sayanee... <3

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Up Up Girls are featured in this Snapshot Movie at Shibuya. Please check it out!


Lots of sparkles... wow...

The FC DVD Digest for Morning Musume's Maji de Pyoko Pyoko has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Oh lord, so cute... I also like how serious Zukkini can seem! Sugoi!!!

Fujimoto attends a press conference for Gucchi's Chime for Change initiative. Please check it out!


Gucchi, aye? I didn't think that Miki was that popular, but hey... what do I know? Also, I hate that hair on her, but whatever. She looks classy, which is what you want at a Gucchi event.

Tokyo News Service shares footage from the promotional release event for DoCoMo's new line of healthcare apps for the smartphone. Kusumi Koharu helps to promote the new apps, so be sure to check it out!


I know that she didn't talk much, but Koharu looks so radiant and very very gorgeous. Ah, Koha... why so perfect?

The DVD Digest for Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina's FC event has been released, so please take a look!


These two have really good chemistry, I might miss that... but they work well together because of how serious Reina can seem, and how silly Sayu can be. Also, I want Reina's beanie.

The Digest for Suzuki Airi's Birthday FC event DVD has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Pink, cuteness and sparkles... yes, that is perfection (aka: AIRI!!!!)! Oh, and some awesome singing, with a hint of cutesy annoyingness. YAY!!!!

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from Taiwan-Japanese Idols Weather Girls release event for their new summer single Koi no Yokan ~Love Sunshine~. Please check it out!


There is too much talking and not enough singing. Urgh.

JIJIPRESS have released footage from the filming of the live-action adaptation of Kiki's Delivery Service! If you are a fan of the anime or books, then be sure to check the video out!


FOOTAGE! *^* YAY!!!! This makes me really happy, and the girl playing Kiki is so cute! I want her as my own!!!!!

MAiDiGi TV have released futher footage from Weather Girls' release event for their new summer single Koi no Yokan ~Love Sunshine~. Be sure to take a look!


This one seems to be more about pulling cutesy faces, answering questions and bending over... okay, maybe not the bending over part, but whatever.

Nakanishi Kana has been featured in various video's for Kansai Walker magazine. Please check out  the first video!


My Little Gorilla is so cute and is promoting things! YAAAY! ;3; Yatteruchan, Kanananananana!!!!

Nakanishi Kana has been featured in various videos for Kansai Walker, where she promotes the magazine! This is the second video, so please check it out!


So cute, enthusiastic and charming! Kyaaa, I love her!

Nakanishi Kana is being featured in these videos for Kansai Walker. In this short promotional video, Kana talks about another version of the magazine with staff members. Please take a look!


I like how Kananana is talking to different people about it in each video, rather than just the one person... it is refreshing and allows us to see what everyone else has to say, and what their role is for the magazine.

In this video for Kansai Walker, Nakanishi Kana talks about the content of the magazine. Please take a look!


Kyaaa, so cuuuute... <3 I am so happy that she is promoting something, even if it isn't much. GO KANANANANA!!!

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage from Music Festa Vol.1. Be sure to check it out!


Not gonna lie, Reina looks HAWT!!!!


And that is all the news we have for this week! Thank you for reading the Digest, I hope that it has filled you with News and Updates that you wanted to see, and also thank you for simply staying in tune with these digests! I am glad people enjoy them! If you didn't, I probably would not have kept this going on for as long as it has!

Until next time then... Ja ne!!!!


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  1. I like how extensive extensive this is, but there are a lot of grammar mistakes. Also plural words like videos do not use an apostrophe. Perhaps you should proofread your stuff before publishing it. I love it though. Keep at it!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I admit, I never do proofread... I am seriously not very good at even trying to do it, I just post and go DX But thank you for pointing it out, I will *try* to keep an eye out for my mistakes! xxx

    2. Every now and then I change my home country to Japan on iTunes and go listen to some samples. That's how I know there's definitely an album of Ebichu stuff on there, so I'm as baffled as you are about the upcoming "first album" claim. And I just have to say how on the edge of my seat I am for Bump.y's new single. They really need something to put them back on top again after the last "meh" single and the "somebody kill it with fire!!" single before that (IMO). Savage Heaven is an awesome title so go Bump.y go!

    3. Ahhhh now I am even more baffled that Ebichu have a 'first album' xD They have done a lot already, so I was sure this isn't their first... or to me, at least o-O AND OH MY GOSH BUMP.Y 8U It sounds epic, and if it's for Limit, then it may be dark and cooooool!

  2. Have you seen the Girl's Rule b-side? It's pretty neat. I wish more idol PV's were filmed downtown, instead of in front of a green screen. :p


    1. No I have not, but I will check it out! And yes, it would be nice if more groups filmed PV's downtown DX