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AAA is FABULOUS in the Air!!! - AAA's 'Love is in the Air' PV Review

As always, my opinion is solely my own and no one elses, and within this blog my opinion is pretty much word, law, etc... because it's my blog, an outlet for me to give my opinion. You don't have to like it, in fact you can LOATHE IT, but please please PLEASE... respect my opinion, and I shall respect yours. If you don't respect mine, then fuck it. Yours can go to Hell along with mine! YAAAY!!!

I don't care if it's Senbatsu today, because for me, it's AAA day errday... okay that's a blatant lie but whatever.

... There is a chance that I probably had way too much fun when screen capping this review. A slight chance...

I was a little stumped recently to as what PV I could review, because there were, at the time, four that I was interested in reviewing, and this was one of them. Sadly, the song itself started to annoy me to a point where I decided I did not want to review it, but then I got that sudden 'I need to review this' urge I sometimes have, and boy, am I glad I actually decided to sit down at stupid-o'clock to screen cap this... with the intention of screen captioning like, what, ten images? Well, I came out with 50, surprise surprise, because I found sheer amusement in the PV somehow... More on that later, when we actually get through the screen caps themselves.

Anyways, as I said in the very beginning, I am not the biggest fan of this song; it gets tiring very quickly, and I am ready to switch to something else after a few loops of it. Not that it's bad, it's just... annoying. And irritating. And overly generic. But it's okay.

I just prefer the PV more than the song, though there are certain aspects of the music that I do enjoy, such as Mitsutsu's (yes, nickname time!!!) rapping. Also, I enjoy looking at Mitsutsu. Mhm, Mitsutsu... Oh wait, tangent. Not good, get off it, Chiima!

So yeah, the song is somewhat alright, but I doubt I will remember it next summer, or decide to listen to it next summer. But it's fine for now I guess... well, at least the PV is good, right?

Which is what we're going to get onto next... so, are you ready to jump into a world of AAA and Love? Who will you fall in love with on this hot summer day? Let's find out!

Okay, I want that landscape. Also, a beautiful, scenic way to open a PV! Very prety, summery and rather appropriate for the song title...

And here we have my future boyfriend... I mean HI MITSUTSU!

Oh good Lord, the winking is back... are we going to have to play the Winking Drinking game again? It's a tad early...

... Yup. Down two shots, people!!!! -downs vodka-

Ouch, it looks like someone is forcing herself to look happy!

Oh good lord, more winking... -downs another glass of vodka- I swear, these artists and Idols are gonna kill me...

Shuta: "Oooooh, naughty naughty~"

He reminds me of someone from my Media class... same hair and face shape, actually.

Shuta: "Aaaaaaye, another one of them *hic* shots for me pleeeashhhh!!!!"

Ah fuck it, he's winking again! -downs another vodka- urrrrgh...

I do enjoy these scenes, but as Nia asked me when watching it... 'Where is the rope tied?'. I say Heaven, she says a fluffy cloud.

Either way, we're both right I think.

I forget which chick she is, but she is quite pretty, is she not?

Nishy: "Hey babe..."

Ho buggery, Nishy!!! My god why are you so HOT!?

Nishy: "Ahahahaha!!!! You so funny, girl!"

My Lord... Dat. Smile!!!! <3

... And DEAD!!!!! -dies happily-

Oh fudge cookies, he is DIVINE!!!! Is there anyone more perfect than him? Please, enlighten me...

I meant male, but... fair play. She is perfect... <3

Shinji: "Oh yeah... they want me. They want me so bad..."

Despite being the youngest, Shinji is, by far, the manliest of them AAAll, right?

Shinji: "COME AT ME, BRO'S!!!!"

Too bad I don't really fancy him... damn...

Oh, MIMES!!! You are all MIMES in a BOX!!!!

... I think that Nishy and Shuta are having too much fun with this dance move...

Chiaki: "A bit hot in here..."
Naoya: "Bitch, I am SO more fabulous than YOU!!!"

Oooooh girl, I think that Naoya has a bit of Fabulousness about him, and he does not like the look of Chiaki trying to outdo his fabulousness, UH UH!

I can't help but think of Piriri to Yukou when they stand on that stage, outdoors... Oh crap now I am imagining AAA singing to that song!!!

Nishy: "... How many girls did I sleep with again this week?"

... I feel like I should just draw a monocle over his eye, ad a pocket watch to his hand and a top hat to his head, and we're done.

I don't like your forehead, Chiaki, but you are very pretty indeed. I also love your hair!

Shinji-kun is so manly! He even makes the tree look manly!

Misako: "AAA needs YOU!!!"

No, AAA needs a topless Nishy and Mitsutsu! Give my topless men!!!!

Oh Lord, Naoya is not helping himself here... he was fabulous once, and now he is just so, so...

IRIDESCENT!!!!! He shines, darlings, SHINES I SAY!!!!

Naoya: "Yo homey, where all dem bitches at? Bring it, dawg!"

Don't try to look tough, Naoya... I know the truth.

... Oh good Lord, you are really not helping yourself out here, Naoya!

... I had to!!!!!

Wait, is... is Shuta biting his lip? Isn't that in my Winking Drink Game rule book?

... Yup. BOTTOM'S UP!!!! -drinks-

Shuta: "Hooo boy, look at ma SEXY LEG!!!!"

I question whoever the fuck is in charge of Shuta's wardrobe.

Nishy: "... Were you one of the girls I forgot to call back?"
Misako: "Fuck off, dickwad!"

Naoya: "Oh look, a rainbow..."

Naoya is pretty chillax here, but it looks like Misako dropped a penny or something haha.

I do want what Chiaki is wearing...

D'awww, what a cute fake smile she has~

From a distance, I can't help but want to scream 'CHINAMI!!!!!'

I don't think that anyone can look as pained as Misako does when she smiles in this.

Shinji: "Aaaaaaye BITCHES, yo home boy is back!"

Why aren't the women running through the field?

... Why am I questioning it?

Look at Shuta, trying to be all glam and cool looking... Oh and look, it's Nishy... om nom nom! <3

Nishy: "Hey girls..."

-fan girls everywhere scream, cry and die happily-


I kinda had to take this image, I swear, Mitsutsu is too bad ass for this group sometimes xD

Mitsutsu: "Aaaaaaye, what up there, home dawg?"

Gangsta much?


They are seriously lacking in how many scenes Mitsutsu has on the tyre swing.

... And this is when I, almost quite literally, fell in love with Hidaka Mitsuhiro and decided that he was sexier than Nishy...

... Until I saw the bulge in Nishy's pants, that is. My god, NISHY!!!!!

Nishy: "Oh yeah baby, no socks allowed. That was ALL Nishy in there..."

Maybe I should add this 'face' to my Winking Drinking game? -drinks more-

Nishy: "Hahahaha I was kidding... it's just the jeans making that bulge."

My good lord, I am too hormonal for my own good around this guy.

... Oh well!

Shuta: "Does my head look big in this?"

Look at Shuta, checking himself out in the camera lens! Vanity!!!!

... Yeah, Naoya's a bit flamboyant, isn't he? Good thing he is...


Chiaki, are you tired? You look tired. And Misako, please, take some happy pills. You don't seem to be enjoying this PV at all.

Need to get in at least one more Nishy, just for the hell of it...

And Shinji too, because he is divine as well, but not as divine as Nishy or...


Naoya, where the Hell is your rainbow?

... I think that I am far too hormonal around the AAA boys, because my goodness guys, they are divine!!! Maybe Love truly is in the air here, huh? Also, I really did enjoy screen captioning this video a bit more than I thought I would, especially Naoya's parts... that man is just too fabulous, you know? It was also extremely fun adding the rainbow and sparkles to the images I edited... my goodness, staying awake is never a good idea, especially when it resorts in me messing up captions, but... hahahaha!!!!

Okay, idiotic moment over and done with (pfffft....) let's talk about the PV itself, rather than the dazzling men in it who remind me that hey, there are actually men outside of Idol groups that I can drool at... or something. Anyway, again, my idiotic moment is over it's never over so let's take a look at the song and video for Love is in the Air, shall we?

First off, I will talk about the song a little because, as I said previously, this is not my favourite song and I doubt it ever will be. It gets annoying too quickly, for one, and whilst I think that the song is pretty nice for summer, it's never going to compete against PAN-PAKA-PAN or Bokura no Eureka. Okay, so those two songs plus this one are all generic as hell, but I find that both PAN-PAKA-PAN and Bokura no Eureka have a bit more charm and character behind them, and in the case of P-P-P, a lot more energy and enthusiasm behind it - this song by AAA kinda doesn't, and really, the only thing about the song that keeps me coming back is Mitsutsu when he raps. Damn, he's hot when he raps!!!! But yeah... the song itself is fine I think, and when I want to listen to it I can loop it for a while, but when it gets annoying... well yeah, it gets annoying.

But as I said, I can enjoy it when I feel like listening to it because, like most poppy summer songs, this has a very airy and light summer feeling to it, one that relaxes me and makes me think of a day where I want to sit outside and just listen to something nice, cheery and gentle, and that is this song. It's quite fun, in a subtle way, and it has its upbeat moments, but it isn't so full on like PAN-PAKA-PAN is, so I could easily chill out to Love is in the Air. It's a good song for that sort of thing, but I could never listen to it daily, it's a bit too bland and boring for that... but it's a nice enough song I think, and in my opinion, it fits well with the theme of summer, and the theme of the video.

Which we shall talk about now, I think!

Okay, so I first saw a preview of this video, so I did go into the video knowing what to expect, but even after waiting for the full video to come out, I found myself surprised by how simple and pretty the entire video is; this is a summer PV, and when it comes to artists, or at least Idol groups, I kind of half-expect these bikini-clad music video's set on beaches, using cheap sex-driven tricks to get money and such... but this is AAA, and they are actually a group with people who can sing (I think?), so I should not be surprised, but still... it was really nice to see the simplicity in this video, and I like how the simplicity translated well with the title of the song; the airy, broad opening with a bright blue sky and a beautiful landscape as a backdrop really did make me think of Love being in the air, or at least the air part. Either way, I think that the PV worked in favour of the song.

I also love how summery the entire video feels without the use of forcing the girls into bikini's and the boys into swimming trunks, or even putting them on a beach; just the open landscape and the clothing makes me think 'Oooh, so this is what summer is...', and with the addition of the tyre swings, I really feel that this PV sums up a laid-back summer nicely; relaxing and having fun on a hot summers day by spending time with friends, outside, and playing on a tyre swing. In fact, the tyre swing in the video itself reminds me of when I was a kid, where I would play with some of the older kids in the street and we would go in the tyre swing down the lane. So yeah, the tyre swing itself in the video reminds me of summer in a way, but also fun days in the past as well. It's a nice little add-in to the video, and whilst the scenes themselves don't add much to the video, it is a nice addition I think, and it shows you something different to how we can spend our summer, rather than just relying on a beach to make us think 'Oh yeah, it's summer... beach time!!!'.

I like the video a lot, I really do. I think that, whilst this may not be a PV that screams 'BEACH!!! ICE CREAM!!!' or 'BIKINI'S!!!!', it is a PV that takes on its own form of what a fun summer is, and shows off that more relaxed and peaceful environment, whilst still being fun and refreshing. The use of the tyre swing, the bright and vast opening and the dancing in the open landscape all work in favour of this video, and it creates a beautiful, summery atmosphere that makes me want to spend more time outside with my friends, enjoying the sun and the land around me. Okay, this may not be the summer PV that everyone rushes to see because, hey, there is a lack of bikini goodness, but this PV has beauty behind it, and I like that because it shows that summer is not just about going to the beach wearing flowery ugly bikini's or going to the pool, but a time where you can appreciate the glory of the sun and what it does for our landscapes, as well as a time to spend with your friends doing whatever you want to do such as tyre swinging through those fields!

It's a simple PV, but damn, it is pretty... and yes, I prefer the simplicity over boobs any day... kinda.


... Oh lord I hope that this review is okay and/or makes some sense, because I might be lacking a bit too much sleep...


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  1. I have no idea why there aren't any comments on this yet but I can't stop laughing my ass off as I scrolled through this post. Fabulous Naoya FTW. XD Goodness YOU ARE A CAPTION GENIUS.

    1. Hahaha thank you! Naoya really made me love this PV more, he did well xD And oh my gosh, thank you ;w; I feel happy! <3 Life = complete

  2. I'll shecond what chiaki shaid and thank you for giving me the idea for the drinking game. I played thish vid and then cued up Hettapi Winku and the room won't shtop revolving! Feels like I'm sat on that worlds-most-awesome-tyre-shwing and instead of someone giving me a push some a-hat gave it an almighty shpin instead. If you've ever seen a lawn shprinkler you can imagine what happened next.

    1. Oh my, I hope you didn't get too drunk!!! And Hettappi Winku is one devil of a song if you play the Winking Drink game! xD I would surely pass out before I got half way through! xD

  3. OMG I loved this post!! And yeah, Dacchan is my favorite too. His rapping is just AWESOME!!! <3

    1. Thank you, it was such fun writing it XD <3 Dacchan is the MAN <3 <3