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Grab Your Pitch Forks, Airi's now a Whore!!! BURN THE WITCH!!! [RANT TIME!!!!]

Pleas take into consideration that these are my thoughts, and I am going to get emotional. It's a rant; expect me to be a bit of a bitch here.

If you want a more logical, well-thought out read, and not a rant, please check this link:

Also, the Blog translation of Airi's apology post, thanks to Takamaruyo forums:

Erm... What the Fresh Hell did I come home to? Seriously, what the damn Hell?

Okay, let me clear a bit up first; a few days ago, a picture was posted on Facebook somewhere showing Suzuki Airi, the back of her head to be exact, sitting beside a guy on a bus. Yeah, that was pretty much it, and for a few days nothing else was said.

... Well, that was until Airi posted on her blog apologising for what had happened, and telling her fans that they were nothing ore than acquaintances. So now it's a scandal.

... The. Fuck?

Okay, are we being completely bloody serious here? She sits next to a guy, on her way home from classes, and someone tweets, instagrams or whatever the hell they do with images nowadays, and it is a scandal? Because she conversed with someone, made a friend in class, and sat beside them? Really, now? REALLY? This is so fucking stupid, I can't even...

Oh wait, I'm sorry, I'm being too irrational right now, aren't I? Sorry for over-fucking-reacting to the situation we are in. I forgot that Idols aren't allowed to breathe the same air as the opposite gender unless they are a Wota and have that 'privilege'. Oh well, too bad, she's sullied goods now. Pack your bags, Airi, you're going home. We don't want you in C-ute, now. Whore. Harlet.

... Okay, that one was a bit over the top, but you know what I mean. Yes, okay there is a little more to it (apparently), such as how she has messaged him on her blog and such, and that she meets up with him... but seriously, who cares? Okay, no dating, I get it, but if she is friends with him, then really... who cares, and what can we do? I know that Airi, as an Idol, has rules to follow, and has an image and reputation to uphold, but sometimes I do feel like the Wota take this sort of shit out of hand and make a mountain out of a mole hill, all because their 'pwecious Idol' breathed the same air as another human being who she shares a class with in University.

Seriously... When the hell did this:

Turn into this?

... URGH!!!

This, to me, is really stupid. I find it incredibly baffling and idiotic beyond belief that Airi sitting next to a guy, conversing with him and such, can cause such an uproar, to the point where Airi has to apologise for sitting beside someone. It is incredibly ridiculous, and it really riles me up. If it didn't, I would not be writing this post.

I know that my energy on getting riled up about this is pointless here, but I really did need to get it across, in my own way. Airi, as an Idol, especially one of her status in H!P, will always be subject to these sorts of things; people will deliberately try to get her into trouble because they can and they might find it funny, or because someone is jealous or something, but I do honestly find it stupid that this is being labelled as a scandal for the pure fact that she sat next to the guy. What next? Will her fans burn her photos when she talks to her father or brother, because they are, gasp, male? Either way, this is ridiculous, and it just makes me wonder about how stupid the no-dating rule is as a whole now, and how ridiculous some fans (not all, some) can be.

... But, if she really did get into a scandal, then what? This is not AKB48 we are talking about, but H!P and UFP; they have a very different way of playing that field whenever a member of theirs is caught up in a scandal; they will either ignore it, like they tried to with Miki (she just left) and Miyabi, or they would totally boot Airi out and shun her from the public eye (like Mari right now).

Again, I find all of this commotion over Airi sitting next to a guy who she apparently converses with quite a bit pretty fucking stupid and unbelievable, and yes, I know... I am adding my own timber and fuel to the damn fire by making this post, but seriously, I wanted to rant and express how idiotic I think all of this. Seriously... she isn't pregnant through touching his arm or breathing in his deathly 'human male' spores, she just sat next to the guy!

But nope, she's a whore, clearly. She's a whore because she is social in her University class, and made a friend. And if he is more than that? Well, what do I care? What we don't know doesn't hurt us!

Ya never know though, if this guy takes pictures of her topless and sends them to Friday, she may become super popular and the next MoBeKiSuJ song, if it ever happens, will be a parade dedicated to her with Airi as the front and centre.

... Yeah, that's all I gotta say. Rant over, I'm sleepy now. Night y'all!


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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #57

Minna! Digest Dayo~?

This week, in News to Digest...

AKB48's 32nd senbatsu single title, revealed! Ayumin photobook Previews! Kikkaren release PV previews for Aimai no Kankei! Up Up Girls to release a new single this summer! NG46 member to appear in a Fuji TV drama! StylipS' Prism Sympathy PV preview is finally here! Full previews to LinLin's new single's songs! And more!!!

Are you ready to Digest?

Send Your Heart Racing in the ☆Morning with BABYMETAL! - 'Doki Doki☆Morning by BABYMETAL' [Request Chronicles]

All thoughts and opinions are totally my own, and no one else's! I know that my opinion is not always a popular one, but hey, who cares, right? This is my blog, so live with it, and enjoy it... if you want ;)

Hooo boy, this has been gathering dust and waiting for a while. I feel extremely ashamed that I have not done this in a while, to the point where I stupidly forgot... Oh cripes.

And, ironically enough, I have decided to review this PV in the early hours of the morning. Nice.

This is how I look when most mornings, actually
Okay, again, long time coming - this PV Request was actually given by the same person who requested BiS' My Ixxx, and my original intention was to review this song right after... but it never happened. How, I have no idea, but I think that College got in the way, as it does.

... I kinda no longer have that excuse now, so yeah.

So, first things first; BABYMETAL is a Japanese trio Idol unit made up of members from the group Sakura Gakuin who, whilst I do not follow, I do know of. This sub-unit was created as one of their 'clubs', however they gained a lot of recognition and popularity, and tare one of the more well-known Sakura Gakuin sub-units. So far, the group has released four singles, and will release their very first album sometime this year. The song that I will be reviewing of theirs today is Doki Doki☆Morning.

This will be the first time that I have ever watched BABYMETAL's Doki Doki☆Morning, because I will be honest with you; BABYMETAL are not my general cup of tea when it comes to music. In fact, I have a feeling that some of their music is the type that I avoid because I dearly hate the sound of it... hopefully their Idol flare to their music will aid me along, if there is any Idol flare, and not just squeaking Lolita's. Who knows, they may surprise me. Regardless of the fact that I have never seen this PV, or hear the song, before, I have heard something by BABYMETAL. I think it was Headbanger!!!. But yeah... I am not overly familiar with those group, so it may be a fun ride seeing me head into this, especially with my dislike of Metal music.

... Let's head into this, shall we?

Oh, okay... well, this isn't too bad. In fact, it is very cute!

Actually, I really like this! Why they are called BABYMETAL is beyond me...

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! The cuteness has been destroyed!!!

What the flying Hell is this!?


... o-O

Give me one good reason why I should not think of them all as Demon Lolita Spawn! Come on, ONE REASON!!!

Their demonic spirits have screwed up my youtube!!! Not good, I say!

... Hey wait, this isn't actually so bad! At least they aren't speaking in inaudible growls...

These two are actually really adorable, like, Ebichu adorable!

... This clip actually makes me think of Ebichu.

... But she is fucking creepy! Holy fuck, hold me someone! HOLD ME!!!

... Yup, this is kinda creepy...

Ah crap, their demonic powers are screwing up my youtube again!

D'awww, seeing scenes like this makes me think that they aren't demonic spawns of Hell Fire...

But I know better!

... Yeah, this is just bloody trippy.

Still damn trippy.

Okay, this is pretty damn adorable.

So tiny!!! Can I keep you?

And you, too!

... I like that this became more of an Idol song towards the chorus. It's a lot more enjoyable!

Holy cow, you are actually seriously cute! Please, don't go back to being a demonic child of Satan!!!

Holy crap... DIMPLES!!!!

The cuteness here is too damn HIGH!!!

... And we are back to being Demon Spawn... yaaaay (NOT!)

ARRRGH! -hides behind sofa-

Oh my gosh, she has big ears!!! YAAAAY!!!!

Oh good lord, we are back in the Trippy world again... yaaay...

Actually, this one is quite pretty.

Okay, adorable. I give them 10/10 on the adorable factor!

... Yep, I want their clothes. I have decided that I want to wear what BABYMETAL wear.

Holy cow, there is a little skeleton in the corner!!! OMG XD

Yeah, this is like, seriously cute!!! No wonder people like BABYETAL! Adorable overload!

... I'm surprised that the flower has not died from Demon Spawn magic, but maybe the cuteness keeps it alive?

I quite like the look of Dimples, she makes me think that BABYMETAL is a safe group...

... HOLY FUCK that is some scary shi---

ARRRRGH, what the FUUU----

... oooookay, what the Fresh Hell?

Ooooh, the Skeletons joined their slumber party of Devil Spawny-ness! YAAAY!!!!

Dimples is definitely the cutest in this group. She has a charming look about her...

Oh yes, fabulous Skeletons, fabulous!

... Yup, gonna die of Metal Cuteness here. Seriously... How can they be so cute!? Especially Dimples!?

I do like that logo, even if they do thrust it in my face to the point where I want to punch it out of the way of SU-METAL's face.

... Yup, I learnt a name. I am so proud of myself.

... What the hell is that on in front of SU-METAL's face? Get out of the way, I want to see the Demon Spawn!

Welp, it looks the the Demon Spawn are being called back to Hell, it's time to go I guess...

What, again!? URGH, Why do their Demonic powers have to screw up my Youtubes performance?

... Oh, cool. Nice to see you again, Mister Skeleton, but I kinda need to go now... bye.

That was, surprisingly, not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, that was pretty damn cool. Not that I will rush out to buy the single or follow BABYMETAL, but damn, it's enough to make me think they're cool.

Firstly, the song was infectious - a lot more infectious than I thought it would be. It kind of combines Metal/Rock with Idol Pop in a way that I din't think it would. The music is kind of separated, actually, with one part being Metal, and the other being pure Idol Pop, making a pretty nice mix but giving it a fair divide so that we get out dose of each musical style in the song. Personally, my favourite part of BABYMETALS Doki Doki☆Morning has to be the Idol pop parts... it's just too cute, and so damn catchy! Actually, I am surprised that it was how the song opened... it deceived me for a while and made me think 'wow, I may really hate this song...' and then returned with the cuteness of the opening.

This song was definitely surprising, but I think that is what is so good about it; it opens up as you would expect an Idol song to open, then turns everything around with some hardcore instrumental, before surprising you once again with that cute Idol pop tune you were introduced to before. It certainly has the element of surprise, but that in itself makes the song, and the group, quite unique. It's very refreshing, to say the least, and both the Idol pop and the metal sound go well together... however weird that may seem.

The song is addictive, and I do like it. It actually makes me somewhat interested in what else this group has done... who knows, I may explore them a bit more after this, but then again, I might not; depends on the mood I am in, and what sort of music I want to listen to.

Now, the PV is a bit of a different matter compared to the song. To put it bluntly, it actually creeps me out a little. Not in a BiS way, just a 'Monsters are surely under my bed' kind of way. It's a bit freaky, but it is also cute... Actually, let's just say that this video goes borderline disturbing sometimes, in the nicest possible way. Heck, that Su girl creeped me out in her first close-up shot, and the ring of satanic power, or whatever it was... yeah, that actually made me sit right back in my chair. I really did not expect such an opening, nor did I expect the video to be this, well... creepy. Of course it has its cute moments, but it has its fair share of sequences that just scare me a little.

That said, the dance and the girls are certainly cute; the video itself is very dark, so during the Idol parts of the song the only thing lightening the video itself up are the girls and how they portray themselves, and they portray themselves very well; when Su-Metal needs to be dark and eerie, she does exactly that, but when she needs to be this sweet as pie girl full of sugar and cuteness, she does it, and she does it damn well. Seriously, Su makes this group I think; she leads it and she makes it creepy and cute - the other two girls are too young to be anything but cute I think, so Su is doing a good job of adding that dark look to the group with just her attitude, I believe.

I am really not a big fan of the PV, but it has aspects about it that I like, such as the cuteness of the girls and the dance as well, but most of the time, I am just a tad scared of it... but maybe I need to be scared in the morning, cos you know, it might actually get me out of bed? Maybe that is why it's called Doki Doki☆Morning, because your heart is pounding in fear from the fright of waking up to, well... this.

So, whilst the PV doesn't really appeal to me, the song itself does. It is a lively, catchy tune that is extremely infectious and gets into your head quickly. It has a good mix of metal and Idol pop to it, and whilst I may not be a big fan of metal, the wonderful chorus takes care of my Idol Pop needs, and the metal is not so heavy that I want to switch it off straight away. In fact, after listening to it quite a few times, the song itself has become extremely pleasant to listen to and, in a strange way, somewhat soothing. It's very nice, even the metal parts, and I enjoy it a lot... and that has surprised me, but then again, I did say that this was a surprising song... well, it is to me.

I actually would not mind waking up to this song. It would be different, but waking up for the chorus would totally be worth it.


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: June 25th, 2013

With the Power of Smiles and Happiness Behind Us, We can become Yattaruchan, too!

If you do not like my opinion, the it's okay, because we are all Yattaruchan! We may not agree, but together, we can see eye to eye and accept one another for our opinions, flaws and what we think or feel! Become one with me, become one with everyone and experience the glory of becoming Yattaruchan!

... What more can I say that this: I needed to review this song!!!

Holy mother of Love and all things sweet, S/mileage are back! And by back, I don't mean they went away like HouPri did, but back as in they actually look, feel and sound lie a group again, they are epic again, and they are AWESOME AGAIN!!! Yes, they are back guys, and for the first time since Mini Skirt Postwoman, I actually feel like S/mileage are worth following and watching... it took a damn while, that's for sure.

Since the graduation of Yuuka, I have felt that S/mileage have really been in a slump single-wise. Their songs have not been great, their performance is meh at best, and they looked like a lost group for a while to the point where even their music seemed like it didn't know what the hell it was doing; they weren't doing well, or at least they weren't to me... and I was really ready to just not care about them any more, which is hard for me to do since I quite like most of H!P (most... I don't really rate Berryz).

Then, in a moment of glory, Tsunku creates this; a song which really brings the group togetehr and reminds me of good ol' S/mileage, and seriously? I could not be any freakin' happier! This has been one of my loop songs since its release, and that's only because it is so damn fabulous! Okay, my musical taste s questionable at best, but seriously, I love this, and so should you! If you haven't heard this, then please, go listen to it and become a Yattaruchan as well! It's for the good of mankind, I tell ya!

Okay, I need to stop blabbering and get on with the Pic spam, because the word of Yattaruchan needs spreading and lovin'! So, be prepared, because we are jumping ship and heading towards the land of Planet S/mileage, where we will become one and spread the word of Yattaruchan! Are you ready? Okay, let's go!

Is that little man over there Yattaruchan? And what the hell, why is there a man on the title screen!? SCANDAL!!!!

Holy fuck, we've entered the Star Wars Lightsabre store!!! These must be the sales ladies!

... It would explain their PVC costumes.

Kananana: "Bitch, this is MY time to shine, so don't squeak an effing word in this PV, ya hear me!?"

Kanananana is setting the other members straight about just who this single is all about.

Kanananana: "That's right, bitches, this PV is all about ME!!! Not Meimi, not Dawa, ME!...

... And maybe some Nyon and Akari, but other than that, ME!"

Okay, wtf Meimi, what are you doing in the background? xD STAHP IT, IT'S TOO CUTE!

Kananana: "Oi, viewer, pay attention to me! I has megaphone!"

Holy fuck, are those the Yumemiru 15-sai curtain thingies? Did someone accidentally put them in the washer with a red shirt...?

Kananana: "Macho Kanana... I want to be, Macho Kana!"

Someone's tryin' to look buff!!! But kiddo, it ain't working!

Dawa is too damn cute, how could you not look at her?

Nyon: "Shinderera Revolution? Whadda fuck is dat? I'm Yankee Revolution, BITCH!"
Meimi: "Nyon... NON!!!"

The hilarious thing about this screen cap is that Rina is trying to act funny, and it ain't working.

That must be a non from Kanananananana on Rina's attempt at humour. Also, daaaaaaamn girl, you fine!

Holy crap, there's a change of camera shot! UFP, you have a camera budget! YAAAY!

... Also, is that room entirely covered in Tinfoil?

Oh, this is damn sexy... Not!

Okay, that's pretty damn snazzy. I do love it when UFP learn to turn the lights off!

Oh my God, UFP have learnt how to use effects wisely! YES!!!

Admittedly, this is very cute. OG S/mileage looking lovey-dovey together, d'awww!!!

... Oh, and Meimi skipping about in the background! YES!!!

Akari: "Bitches, carry me!"

Looks like Akari's become a bit of a Diva since she was given a major lead in the latest S/mileage single...


But don't worry, Meimi's there to sort out that Diva-ish attitude out...

Meimi: "C'mon, Akari~n, just a nibble..."

I have to say, UFP keep finding snazzy ways to use their lightsabres... I mean glow sticks!

Oh look, some formation thing going on. Nice.


Akari is bloody ecstatic at the idea of being lead over Dawa for Yattaruchan!

... Akari, don't pretend you got muscle. You ain't no Ikupon.

We always manage to throw a damn Peace sign in there, don't we, Nyon?

Okay, I do love this scene. In fact, this solo line of the entire PV is my favourite. Don't deny how bloody epic it is!

You can tell that the Vampire is having one huge freakin' blast with this.

How Rina can half-arse the fucking Can-Can is beyond me.

And look, NYON PANTIES!!!

Holy cow, Meimi xD

... Yup, dead XD Absolutely effing beautiful! xD

Akari: "Out of my way, out of my way, STAR COMIN' THROUGH, thank you, out of my WAY!"
Rina: "Well excuse-fucking-me!"

Akari's Diva-ish tendencies are still apparent, it seems.

Do the Funky Chicken?

Holy Christ, this PV is full of glorious Meimi faces! XD I am loving this a bit too much xD

Okay, you gotta admit that this one looks like Akari is trying to take a group shot of her and her peeps.

Akari: "Bitches, get ready for the camera. Don't forget to say 'Akari is Number 1'."

Holy fuck yeah, DAWA!!!!

Holy fuck, where did all of those come from!? Did UFP hire Reina to sneak into some reporters office, or a radio station, to acquire so many!?

Kananana: "Hey look, there's Fukumura in a bikini!"
Akari: "What, where!?... ARRRGH, I FECKIN' LOOKED!!!"

Kananananana is shooting for the stars now that she has finally been put in the front for a single!

Akari: "Bitch, I'm a rock star and I am fabulous!"

Akari does not care what you think about her because she has a guitar!

Dawa: "Awwww, come on... lemme poke you a little!"

Dawa is too cute, and nooo, no poking! It tickles!!!

Nyon is fuckin' owning that Guitar solo shot!

Meimi: "Bitch, get outta my spotlight before I bite you!!!"

... Meimi is not happy with the amount of solo's she got in this single, as opposed to how many Nyon was given.

Kanananana: "What was that, Meimi? I can't hear ya, come closer."

I do like the lightsabre prison.

Kananana: "... What? Speak a little louder please, I can't hear ya over my lines!"

Kananana: "Sorry, Meimi, I just an't hear ya! It's all these damn lines I was given over you! Speak up next time, kay kid?"

The awesomeness of Kanananana is just too damn HIGH in this PV!

Holy fuck, is that a Rina close-up solo shot I see!? Seriously, this is like, the first one in, er... well, since I started this bloody PV!

Look at Nyon, forcing all of those poor girls to kneel before her... the true Queen of S/mileage is Yuuka, Nyon, REMEMBER THAT!!! Only Yuuka can force everyone to kneel before her!

Akari: "Oh, BUUUURN!!!"

I have to say, Akari is incredible in this.

... Why does Dawa get the most guitar shots? Not that I'm complaining considering she has no solo lines (other than a syllable I believe?) in this, but yeah... why only Dawa with more than two guitar shots?

Holy fudge, Meimi... What are you doing?

Stop it Meimi, stop being Cute/Sassy/Sexy/Mature/Whateveritisyouare...

Yeah, rock out Meimi, and stop making me want to love you...

I thought I had told you to stop it, Meimi!?

No Meimi, no!!! It's too... cute... no, I love... Kananana...

Okay Okay I get it, you win, you're adorable, okay! Geez... the force truly is strong with this one...

Meimi: "Puppy Dog Eyes work like a charm everytime."

Holy crap, it's another Rina solo shot!? UFP must be feeling generous!

Two Rina solo shots!!! One right after the other, as well! Wow, UFp are feeling generous with Rinapuu lately...

Also, is it just me, or does she look like she could be the third member of Vanilla Beans with that hairstyle?

Akari: "Okay Rina, that's enough, no more screen time for YOU!"

Akari does not like how much screen time Rinapuu is getting, it kinda cuts into Akari time, you see.

It really does look like S/mileage just came out of a Star Wars movie, doesn't it? xD

Meimi: "Love me..."

Oh crap, she's back, and she wants me to make her my Oshi >.> No, Meimi, NO!!! I am forever a Kanananananana lover! -runs and hides-

Oh my goodness, Rinapuu action again! UFP, are you high or something, you're giving Rina screentime!

Kanananana: "Oooooh, camera..."
Meimi: "Bitch, that's MY spotlight time..."
Akari: "Okay, Kana, that's enough, now its my turn..." 

Okay, that is a winning Kanananananana smile right there! Don't deny the glorious Kananananana Gorilla smile!

And here, an awkward 'why the fuck is that camera on me' DAWA smile for all you DAWA fans!

Nyon: "If you don't buy this single, I'ma put this fist right through your FACE!!!"

Nyon looks a tad high here... 

Holy crap Nyon, one leg! TALENT!!!!

THERE'S ANOTHER RINA SHOT? Hold that thought one second...

... "Hi, UFP? Yeah, are you sick? No? Well, you see, you gave Rina more than two solo shots in Yatteruchan..."

Okay, they said they are gonna fix it.

Yes!!! Hello Kanananana my pretty!

Dawa: "Hahahahaha Kananana... what the fuck are you doing?"

Okay, this is too cute xD Run, Kananananana, run!!!

Kananana: "I hope you have all enjoyed experiencing my first leading single! I have enjoyed it a lot, too!"

I love those curtains, I really do.

All I can see is Star Wars Part 1 million (how many are there? I don't watch that series franchise...) in this PV. I mean, come on! Those costumes, Rina's hair... That set...

Those lightsabres... Star Wars is screaming at me, guys.

I have only just realised how damn shiny this PV is as a whole. I'm actually surprised that UFP didn't put fucking One Two Three glitter in this.

HOLY FUCK, RINA'S IN THE FRONT!!!! -has a mini heart attack from the shock- I'm okay... I'm okay...

... UFP, is it April Fools again? Did I miss the memo?

Okay, admittedly, this is one of those PV's that I have been dying to blog about since it came out, but there was one thing stopping me; subtitles. I still have an issue with them even now, and I am going to refuse to PV review anything with those damn subtitles for as long as I can (meaning: maybe tomorrow, depends how awesome the PV is). Sadly, that does make it harder for me to review stuff straight away, but whatever... I hate them, plain and simple.

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand, let's take a look at the glory that is S/mileage's Yattaruchan, shall we?

I have to say that, PV and song wise, this is probably the best thing to come out of this group in a long time. Seriously. This group has been in a slump since the departure of Maeda Yuuka in my opinion, and it seems that musically, Tsunku has been in a slump with the group as well. Then, this masterpiece was created; either Tsunku's found a new girl for his inspiration (i.e: Nakanishi Kana) or he gave someone else the musical rights to the group. I am going to obviously bet on the first option I gave.

Of course, not everything is perfect with this PV; nothing ever is, though for now I want to say that the song (bar one tiny thing) is pretty much perfect. But that is just my opinion, and guess what? We have to deal with it, cos this is my blog, and my opinion here is pretty much law... kinda.

So, that said and done, let's talk about the glory that is this PV, shall we? Holy fuck this is amazing!

Okay, when I say amazing, I don't mean that this is a dream come true for a PV; a dream come true for most fans would be UFP spending money on a groups video, or taking them outside of the studio; no, this is amazing as a video because finally, finally, S/mileage feel, and look, like a complete group here. They look like they are all having fun (sans Rina) and the video itself is quite nice... well, as nice as tinfoil and lightsabres can be. Most of all, though, the group seems complete, and I can really feel how well they work together in this. For once, it seems like all of S/mileage is performing, and not just Dawa and Nyon with some noobs squeaking in the background, or the front, depending on which noobs we are talking about.

I also love the effects used in this; I don't know how many others noticed this, but in the dance shots, there are quite a few subtle effects going around in the form of glitter balls. That's actually pretty nice, and not overly in your face. There is also, of course, the effects during the guitar solo shots where we are thrown into a psychedelic world of colour and... well, effects, and I actually enjoyed those shots. It reminded me of Dance de Bakoon! in a way, but those shots didn't last too long to annoy me, so I did enjoy them. Okay, they were a bit out of place, but I feel that they worked with the video. I just wish that everyone had plenty of solo guitar shots, instead of just one or two. But whatever.

As for the set itself, I really did like it; it's a cavern of tinfoil and lightsabres, but it really did work, and then the black set with just the lights worked well too as a prison of sorts for the girls... it actually felt like UFP had gotten a little creative with this set, instead of just something plain and boring. Yes, it is a very simple set, but along with the cheap costumes, the cheapness of the tinfoil set really completed it and made it feel quite nice, weirdly enough, but also very S/mileage and very different. Who cares if the set is cheap, though? It is a good video, and that is really all that matters, right? I loved the set itself personally, especially with how the glowstick lightsabres were placed, and when everything went dark... well, it looked a whole lot cooler to me! It also looked very space-like, and furthers my idea that S/mileage are all aliens.

I also love all of the girls in this; they look amazing, and their performance level is so good! The only girl I really had an issue with, performance wise at least, was Rina - but I mostly put this down to the fact that she wasn't shown much until the last quarter of the video, at least. In the scenes that I did see her, though, she looked very disinterested and bored, like she would rather be somewhere else. The only scene she looked like she was having fun in was the guitar sequence, which is a pity, because I do like Rina, but what I don't like is half-arsing a PV and looking like you don't want to be there. Leave that to Risako and Reina, but please, don't bring it into S/mileage, a group which is supposed to be Genki. That is all.

Now, that all said and done, let's talk a little bit about the song shall we? Well, first things first: IT IS AWESOME!!! Second: IT IS AWESOME!!! and finally... IT IS AWESOME!!!

... Okay, other than that, I do have more to say about it. I swear, my vocabulary is not that small... I hope.

So this is a great song, the best that S/mileage have pulled out since Chotto Matte Kudasai, I guess. I'm still not a fan of that song, but since Yuuka's departure, I do think that was the last good song the group did before they flopped like a Magikarp... you get the idea.
 Anyway, this is a really good song; its catchy, it has energy and it is just all around good. I think that one of the winning things about this song is that it sounds like something old S/mileage would have produced, you know, the S/mileage before second gen and Ogawa Saki leaving? Yeah, it sounds like something that they would have produced, which is amazing for fans who loved that S/mileage. I also think that one of the great things about the song that makes it so likeable is just how positive it sounds, especially those speaking lines - man, the one great thing that Tsunku did for this song was handing Kana those lines, and no one else, because damn she is a good speaker. If he had handed these lines to Nyon, our ears would break. It's the same with everyone else; most of S/mileage's members have squeaky voices, in fact all except for Kana who is actually really professional when she speaks and just very... well, polished, and to use her talent in speaking well in this song was an amazing choice on Tsunku's part, or whoever chooses gets what, because she sounds amazing!

Another thing to love about Yattaruchan, in my opinion, is Akari; I know that not many people rate her voice, but I love it! I think that her energy in this was spot on, and she really made this song awesome! Another girl to do that, despite her lack of lines, was Meimi... Holy crap, Meimi!!! I have never wanted to have more lines this much after hearing that first line! Seriously, she deserved more lines, in fact I wish Nyon had been shoved to minor vocals instead of Meimi because damn, Meimi sounds good, and Nyon... well, she's 'eh', and she is the main problem I have with the song sometimes... it actually irks me a little, and I don't know why, that she got lots of lines in this and Meimi didn't. Again, I don't know why, because Nyon suits this song to a T, but hell... what I would give to hear Meimi sing her lines instead, but the two lines that she does get are damn good, and damn, are they memorable.

In fact, Meimi's first solo line is my favourite in this entire song, despite the fact that my Gorilla-chan (Kananananana) is a centre girl in this! Who knew!?

So all in all, I love it. What more can I say than that? It is an extremely positive PV and song, and whilst the video is still as cheap as ever, it looks great because of how energetic and happy everyone is in the video! S/mileage's group dynamic is back, the girls all look and sound great, and Yattaruchan is a cheerful video and filled with positivity, happiness and personality that suits S/mileage, and really makes me think that they are back and ready to rumble up the H!P world again with their positivity and happiness!

... Or at least, I hope they do!

Yattaruchan, a way of life that we should all follow! With Yattaruchan, we can all become one and enjoy life to the fullest! Follow the word of Yattaruchan, and make becoming Yattaruchan your mission in life!

... That sounds like a religion, and yes, I would follow it, if only for Kanananana!

YATTARUCHAN!!!! I was, I am and I will be!!!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: June 25th, 2013