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Where the Naked are Free and the Ducks are Too - 'My Ixxx' PV Review [Request Chronicles]

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WARNING: If you do not feel comfortable with video's that include nudity, or even a hint of nudity, then do not read this post, or watch the video attached at the end of the review. You have been warned...

*Break added for y'all who don't wanna see the nuddy stuff*

So I have been getting behind... again. Which I should not do, but I happen to do it anyway because I am me and I get behind on everything, I swear -laughs at self and then tuts-. Hm... I might be going slightly crazy here...

Anyways, it's time to do another PV Request from the Chronicles archive! What shall I be reviewing today?

Today's request is from an Anonymous user who has asked if I can review one or two songs, the first being from BiS, also known as Brand New Idol Society. The PV that I shall be tackling today is a rather infamous one, one which many might know.

Say hello to My Ixxx.

Now, prior to this Request, I had never seen this video. Oh, I had heard about it and all, but I had never actively gone out to watch it. I had no interest in BiS, and I certainly had no interest in seeing them run around in the woods, naked as the day they were born (I know they aren't truly naked, but still!). In fact, I probably felt weirded out by BiS at the time this came out; they weren't exactly known for their cute natures and their idol-like aura's. They were just... well, weird, and out of the norm I guess.

But that's a part of their charm, and I have adapted to them (somewhat). But I still don't watch their PV's. No idea why, I just don't. I guess they aren't that appealing to me, though they are all quite pretty and their music is actually quite good, better than I expected and also less heavy than I thought it would be.

And you will be pleased to know that My Ixxx has been stuck in my head lately, despite the fact that I listened to it a few weeks ago when screen capping this PV. So yeah, they are memorable, in both the song and the video. Or at least they are to me.

Okay, dithering about done and dusted, let's take a look at the PV for My Ixxx, the one that got them a bit more well known because... well, you know. Nude women in the woods and all.

... Sadly I don't have that many caps to share with you all, but treasure the ones I do have! Enjoy, Chimians!!!

That font is pretty damn snazzy; me likey.

Oh, look! A beautiful young woman running through the tree's. She must be a nature lover, right? Or a Hippy...

Or a NUDIST!?!?

Nakey Ladeh: "I pray to Lord Winky-do that no one steals these..."

You know, if I was a nudist running through the forest, leaving my clothes behind... I would probably hide them in a tree or something, not on a damn branch!

Nakey Ladeh: "I shall now begin the mating call of le Ducks..."

Holy DUUUUUCK LIIIIIPS!!!! She's a natural!

Beautiful, naked women running around... I bet you wish you were there, watching. Peeping from behind a bush.

... or something.


This scene looks so pretty, quite fairy like and ethereal and just, well, nice.

I love this shot, actually.

I want to BREAK FREE!!!! I want to BREAK FREEE! I want to break free of my clothes and all yo prejudice-y!!!!!!!

Oh, I should totally write songs. So damn original, right?

Naked boob hug!!!!

... Oh wait, that isn't a naked boob hug. Just some naked girls staring out into the ocean. Well damn!

And so the duck lips strike again... -gets gun- It's Duck Huntin' season, boys.

Oh, pretty cool! I like the simplicity of it!

... Wait, what the doodles? Where did they get coloured powder? They are outside, in the lake, with no way to hold anything powdery...

I bet it was leprechauns. They came along and planted it there!

That, or it's that magic sand stuff that is like clay or dough in water, and then returns to being sand when dry.

... Actually that seems possible, or at least more possible than Leprechauns stashing their rainbow crack behind a rock.

It's like someone started painting on here, when in reality, that is sand/dust/Leprechaun crack.

Wait, what? DON'T WASTE IT!!! It's effing magical, woman!!!!

Nakey Girl: "Pfft, it's my Leprechaun crack, I can do what the eff I want with it."

She is darned cute. Too bad I am unaware of her name.

Okay, that's a tad freaky, but cool as well.

Naked. Boob. HUUUUUUUGS!!!!


The duck, quite obviously, wants a naked boob hug.

The one with the fringe looks a bit like Kamei Eri, or at least when she shuts her eyes she does and squishes her face like that...

So I shall call her Turtle.


... Is she gone? Yes? Oh good, because I didn't expect that... whoo...

Okay, so as I said beforehand, this isn't a long pic spam; I decided to limit myself with this one because, whilst we know they are not actually nude (they have knickers on, guys, and their important parts are covered and what not) I told myself I couldn't have too many images where they looked naked - mostly for the readers who don't like it, and also because I couldn't do much in terms of captions anyway; this is a pretty fast-moving video, so grabbing some images was hard to do as a few things would look very blurred and unfocused, and I did not want that. But that's just me.

Anyway, when I first saw this under the requests, I was a bit worried because I had never seen this before, and BiS are a group I tend not to listen to. So, when I did eventually get around to watching this video, I was surprised by a few things. The first thing being that this song is not really that bad and, weirdly enough, I actually quite like it.

I expected to hate this song, but I didn't. In fact it got stuck in my head pretty easily, and I find it really calming to listen to. It's a nice song in all honesty, so I am really glad that this was requested by the Anonymous user; nice pick there, mate!

Another thing that surprised me, and this is to do with the song again, was the voices; I expected screamo if I am honest with you, and some horrible head-banging like music and some loud, screeching vocals. I was surprised to find that, instead of screeching vocals, there was actually some really soft and girlish voices, and they sound so sweet and nice, and they make the song soothing. However, the instrumental overpowers the girls quite a bit. That's a tad annoying, but whatever.

So other than liking the song, which is really fantastic by the way and a pure joy to liste to, what about the PV itself? Because really, that is the one thing to be the most frightened about, considering the reputation it has/had... right?

Well actually, no, not really. There isn't much to be freaked out about in this PV.In fact, I didn't mind it. I actually thought it was a pretty cool video, and actually found it more friendly than sexual or anything like that. I guess it's just the concept that makes it so appealing to watch, in a way; it's daring and different, and nothing like another Idol group would do, but yeah... I think its a pretty good PV.

It's very well done; the pacing in it is so fast that you barely notice that the girls are actually wearing underwear and such to keep their modesty, but the pace of the entire video gives you that effect that they are naked. Even the angles and the lighting play up to that effect, and that in itself makes the video effective; it's pretty believable that they are naked unless you look really closely, but I like the clever use of editing and camera angles used in My Ixxx... it makes us believe what the editors and director want us to believe.

I think that my favourite part of this video has to be the lake scene, when the girls are throwing coloured dust at each other. It seems like an extremely friendly and close atmosphere, and shows the girls coming together and accepting each other for who they are, despite how they look. I liked the sense of closeness in this scenes, and found them fun to watch. It was nice to see the girls acting so carefree together and just being weird and happy, regardless of being naked or whatever. It just made me see them as three girls who were fully accepting of each other and themselves, being confident enough to strip down and just have fun, regardless of who they were with or where they were. If anything, I would say that this video showed me a strong bond between three girls, and that they were extremely accepting of each other and all their flaws.

Do I find this video different to other Idol groups? Not really, I just think that whoever directed and edited this knew what they were doing, and that they were very smart with how they did it. This video, whilst vastly different to what normal idols would do in a music video, still showed a sense of closeness; they just showed it in a way that would attract attention and show the difference between this group and another. It was a very good move, if you ask me, and it certainly got BiS noticed!

But yes, I like the video; you guys may see it differently to me, but as I said, I see it as a video about friendship and acceptance and extreme closeness as opposed to three girls running around stark naked for the hell of it. It's a fun video, and different, but still fun.

However the song is the best bit. It's absolutely fantastic in my opinion, and even if you don't watch the video, just give it a listen, because's it's a lot more soothing than I ever thought it would be.

Now... let's get NAKED!!!!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: May 8th, 2013

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