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Where Chiima, once again, Falls in love with Fudanjuku... 'Shita wo Muite Kaerou' PV Review

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This was written at around 4am to 7am, so forgive any rambling, mistakes and idiocy... Oh wait, that's a normal occurrence for me, NEVER MIND!!!

I have not talked about this group in a while, as in outside of my Digest. I have no idea why because they are a wonderful group, a group which deserves praise, love, affection and all that soppy stuff. I love this group a lot, too, so why I have not mentioned them in a while is beyond me.

I am a terrible fan.

So recently the lovely gentlemen (... gentle ladies?) of Fudanjuku released their latest PV for their new single, a double A-side that is set to release May 15th. Whether or not Rikishi-Man will get a PV is beyond me, but whatever, I'm happy enough that a PV for their other song Shita wo Muite Kaerou is out, and after watching it... God yes, I am in love.

Again. Because this is Fudanjuku, and somehow, some way, they manage to make me re-fall in love with them with every release. I have no idea how or why they do it, they just do! They amaze me, and I have yet to feel disappointed with anything they have released yet because everything is just so perfect, and wonderful, and great...

Have I said enough yet to show my love for them? Yes? Good, because I might be done.

Anyways, when this PV came out I did not immediately rush to it; I had been given the link on my facebook from a fan, but I think that I actually thought that it was a SHINee link or something, so I ignored it and just got on with my life. I then saw it again, so decided to watch it. I fell in love with them (again).

Oh wait, we've been over this one before. Whoops!

So yeah, I watched the PV, and then decided to watch it again... and again... and it was then that I realised that this song, despite the cool look the guys have here, made me incredibly happy, and that I was hooked on it. Like most of Fudanjuku's other songs, you know? But seriously guys, I am hooked, and yeah, they have pulled me in and made me their, to put it in nicer words, beyatch all over again. I can't get enough of them.

... Yeah, it's time for a pic spam. Let's go!!!

That is some damn sexy writing right there, I tell ya now.

You know what? Stick a couch there, put everyone together, and you get...

... Yup. Kaze Ikki's cover.

Koji! Did you change your wig? It looks rather wavy today o-O I like it, though. Keep it!

Well hey-llo gorgeous! How you doing this fine day?

... What? You gonna ignore me? Well, as long as you don't keep looking away from the camer ain this video, as if you're all shy/cool/too good for us...

... And this is where my happiness begins. I swear, this is the bit that ALWAYS gets me and makes me smile like a goof-ball.

Holy heck, Kouki, why are you so sexy!? I swear, if I wasn't straight, I would tell you to take me there... right now...

If only you were a REAL boy!!!

... Oh, hi there couch/sofa from Kaze Ikki's cover! Why aren't you on the damn roof!?

And holy hell yes yes YES Uramasa, you look freakin' HAWT!!!

Fudanjuku: "No No... Don't call us hawt... call us Smokin' HAWT!!!"

I swear, in this video they are really enjoying themselves TOO much. Who can blame them, though? It's freakin' FUN!!!

Ryouma, why you so cute? Actually, scratch that, you look cool here... for once.

So damn cool!

Kouki: "Finally... SPOTLIGHT!!!"

Kouki is taking in his time to shine. Lights... Camera...



Ryouma is totally enjoying himself in this bit, but seriously, who wouldn't!? It looks so fun haha!

Uramasa: "Bitches, walk dis WAY!"

Loving the shimmy and swagger in your step there, guys. Totally sexy.

Only the MANLY men skip and hold hands!

Just look at Midorikawa go!!! He's really skippin'~

This guy... or girl... is seriously getting to me. Stahp it, Kensui. Renji, Kouki and Uramasa are my one and only(s).

Momotarou: *pushes up glasses*
Chiima: *drools*

Seriously, Momotarou only needs to do one thing and I am totally his... her's... theirs. Yeah, totally theirs.

Kouki looks like a Yankee. I dig it.

... Whoa, HELLO BEAUTIFUL!!! Now, stop looking away from that damn camera and FACE ME!!!

Also, sexy orange sock alert!!!

Koji is totally pulling a cheeky smile there, you can see it in his eyes, and I love it. Also; Kensui, Rabu Ken, stahp it. I love you voice, so just... STAHP!!!

Momotarou: "Congrats on stealing Chiima's ice cold heart, Rabu Ken!"
Ryouma: "Koji, aybe you can steal it too... next time..."
Koji: "... I didn't want it ANYWAYS!!!"

Those scarves look fabulous, by the way!!!

Ryouma: "The lights are so bright, shining only for me..."

Ryouma and his/her time to shine. It was so beautiful while it lasted... And look at Renji go in the background there!!!

Momotarou: "I will hold onto this glorious light..."

I am only screen capping this because it leads up to a rather important (and epic, in my opinion) solo... or at least, the build up is worth it. I swear, the moment you see that Renji has not turned, and then turns to wait for his turn... Yeah, the anticipation is beautiful...

Here we go, Renji... your time to shine...

Take me... NOW!!!


I just like to see them point. No idea why.

Kouki: "Where's our couch, Koji?"
Koji: "No idea, mate... No freakin' idea."
Renji: *ignores everyone and everything* "Oooh, a Butterfly."

... Oh Ryouma, just when you were looking cool, you had to go and be cute. Dangit, gurl... I MEAN GUY!

And so they all leave because there is no couch... except Renji.

Renji: "Fuck leaving, I'm watching the butterflies!"

So yeah... this was quite a short pic spam, but when a video is as low in quality as this one was, I can't really do much about it. Plus, I did not want a boatload of close-ups (okay, I did) of Renji, Uramasa and Kouki... and Ryouma. I also love Ryouma. But yeah, this is quite small, but whatever!!! I got across what I wanted to be seen, right?

Well, I better have!

Anyway, review time! Have I yet to mention how much I love this? No... Oh, well I better do so right now...

So when I first saw this PV, I was litterally sitting there with my mouth wide open, eyes wide, and pure happiness oozing out of my very soul. I was so happy that I actually decided to open up my webcam and snap a picture of my face to see how I looked... because I needed to. I was so amazed at the time that I was just like 'I need to see my face, I have a feeling I look stupid'. So I took one. Don't believe me? Well, here ya go:

And here I am now, wishing I had done a bloody video reaction... but life does not always hand me what I want, aye? And anyway, I am reviewing this, which is actually better than a reaction video in my opinion... even if I happen to make no sense when I write. Oh welpers!

So, other than looking like a complete idiot when watching this, my first thoughts were 'This is AMAZING, I love it, I love Fudanjuku, Oh my GOD yes!!!!' and then after watching it, I finally decided to expand my thoughts on what I felt about the video, and honestly after re-watching it so many times, there is one  very clear emotion I feel when I see this video: Pure damn Happiness.

When I listen to this song and see this video, despite how cool it may look, I feel incredibly happy. The dance, the way everyone looks when they dance and pull out their solo lines, and the song all create something that is extremely happy in my opinion; it is upbeat, catchy and just so fun to watch, and when you see their smiling faces and the amount of fun they are having, I think that it really pulls you in. Yeah, there are cool parts in this, but I find that the happy parts outweigh that aspect of the PV and just make it so incredibly fun to watch... especially the dance bits. They are so cute and quirky, and remind of something a 1970-80's group would do with the little hand waves and such. I also like how the dance makes it seem like, when someone has a solo, it is their time to shine - the focus is on that person and no one else. I was amazed by that the most I think, that the dance gave way to the singer rather than focusing on the dance and not the singer (Hi, MoMusu!!!).

I also think that the lights coming on at full force during certain solo's was a nice little effect there; it truly made me think that they were in the spotlight and taking their time to shine, especially the members who only got one solo line. It made that solo seem so much more important, in my opinion.

Thinking about it now, I actually think that this PV is amazing in making everyone relevant; sure, some members only get one line, but when they get that line the spotlight is on them and only them, and even then you notice the other members in the background; it's never the focus on one or two members that the company wants to sell (HI MOMUSU!!!!) - it's about the group itself. Saying that, I also noticed the great group chemistry once again with Fudanjuku; you can really see that these guys are fantastic together and work so well, and in certain parts of the dance where they are together, you see them come together, but even when someone gets a solo, you can see the others watching them and looking so happy about it. I don't think that I have seen any other group like that, honestly, where they look genuinely pleased for their fellow member holding that moment to shine in the spotlight.

Watching this PV makes me extremely happy, and I can't help but smile when I watch it. I have not found a PV in a while that makes me smile so much like this one does, and seeing how happy everyone is in this video makes me really happy. I mean okay, the quirky dance helps, but a quirky dance can only get you so far; seeing the members genuinely happy when dancing and performing gets you further, and when I see Fudanjuku in this video I just can't help but fall in love with them even more because they seem like they are genuinely enjoying what they do. They are so wonderful to watch, and their group chemistry is so amazing, and I just keep on watching and liking them more and more.

I can continue to say I love them, that I want to worship them and such... btu I won't, because it gets annoying, and I am repeating myself way too much already, but I really like this video and I think that it's amazing. It brings cool and happiness together and shows off two aspects that Fudanjuku are great at; it's like seeing the coolness of Kaze Ikki crossed with the happiness and vibrance of Jinsei Wahaha!, and it makes something so perfect... and I love it. I love love love LOVE IT!!!

I need to shut up now, but check out the video and see what you think. I mean, I love it, but you could have a totally different opinion to mine, so yeah... go ahead and check it out.

... I still actually wonder why the couch was not on the roof. Hm... It would have been a nice nod to Kaze Ikki, you know?


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  1. Omg it IS Kaze ikki's roof and couch!
    It's funny because I just showed the PV to a friend who started saying "oh it feels like theyhave a bigger budget this time!" and then "well... it's still a warehouse and its corridors" but I didn't realize it was the same place xp

    They all look so great in this <3

    1. Geheheehe it is indeed :p
      Hahahaa I like that, somehow, Fudanjuku can re-use a roof and a couch and still make their PV's look more expensive than what some other Idol groups can produce (coughMOMUSUcough).

      I love them in this, they gettin' sexier... <3