Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tanaka Reina has Officially Graduated from Morning Musume

Today, on May 21st 2013, Tanaka Reina of Morning Musume officially graduated. For 10 years now, Tanaka Reina has been a part of a group that has lasted for over 15 years, and has also been the fact of that group for some time now, leading songs and becoming well-known amongst fans.

Whilst I am not a fan of her, I want to wish Reina the best in her future as a singer She is letting go of that Idol image that we have been painfully watching over time, and will be taking on her new Rock persona as a part of the group LoVendoЯ.

Holy Cow, there's more shoe here than there is dress!
Right now, I really don't know what to say to Winky; all has pretty much been said in this one week where I took on the challenge to review PV's and songs that Winky starred in. In this past Week, I have found that I started to like Winky, only to come to dislike her so much as I do now, as a present fan. But, the week that has gone has taught me a lot about Reina, that she is a good singer and that once, she was a natural cutie who had a lot going for her, and that she was at the top of her game on a rising star in MoMusu...

And also that she descended into Darkness, and never came out, cackling and winking away as she threw glitter everywhere.

Are those tears in her eyes that I see, or is it just the fucking glitter?
Even though I currently have no feelings towards Reina or her graduation, I do want to say that I am completely taken aback by her choice of attire for her graduation; I was expecting a dress, but instead we get more Shoe than dress here! But, as my friend said, this choice of outfit combines everything Reina that we know of her; Cat Ears (BURN THEM!!!), Leopard Print, one Giant Ass BOW, her glittery hair and also... her winky eyes.

Oh, should I also mention how half-assed the costume looks? Seems like the designers know that Winky herself is Half-assed, so they didn't even bother to finish the dress. Nice.

My friend also mentioned that Reina looked bad-ass, but in general, this woman never looks bad-ass, so yeah...

Right now, as a fan of Morning Musume, I have no feeling towards this graduation. I have not cried, but I have not cheered, either. I just know that right now, it's the end of an era, and the end of the Reign of Winky in Morning Musume. I am looking forward to what happens from now on. I will probably wonder where her voice is sometimes, and why her Winking eye is not roaming around somewhere in a PV, but honestly? I am excited to see what will happen next, and also...

I am just so happy to see the back of her. BON VOYAGE, WINKY!!!

She has given her Final Wink and a Final Wonk, but now it is time for a new chapter, a new Reign in Morning Musume, a passing of the Bows and the burning ceremony of the Cat Ears. Tanaka Reina, it is time to go, so finally I will say this to you, as a fan of Morning Musume and someone who just does not give two figs about you:

Tanaka Reina, Omedetou Sotsugyou! Good luck in your future endeavours, I can only wish you the best!

... Too bad I won't be following you hear on afterwards, unless you catch my interest... which I sincerely hope you don't.

JA NE, AU REVOIR, ADIOS AND BYE BYE CHA CHA!!!! Here's to you leaving, finally! -cackles-


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  1. I didn't care much about Reina's graduation as I did compared to the others before.

    1. I agree, neither did I. When I saw the video digest, I didn't care. It was like seeing ordinary concert footage.

  2. She wasn't my favourite member but she had her moments in Morning Musume. Shabondama and her yankee character being the most memorable. Wish her all the luck in her new band.

    1. Never my favourite member, but when she shined, boy did she really shine and make me notice her... She was brilliant in some songs, and I adored her in them. I hope she shines as brightly as she did in a few MV's for Lovendor now ;D

  3. Oi, as a Reina fan, this almost hurts to read... not that I don't respect your opinion of course. I have this love-hate feeling towards Reina sometimes, but the love always wins. XD Even when she's being boring sometimes I can't help but think that she's awesome! :D

    I like to think that the reason she didn't wear a full dress is because it's her way of saying "I'm not finished yet!" If LoVendoR goes well, she's just got a whole new chapter of her career ahead of her.

    So now my favorite Momusu member is finally gone... so Haruna, it's your turn to be my favorite! :)

    1. I don't mean it in a way where it's like 'Oh I hate you, go now'. I mean most of this in jest... Of course emotions are harder to portray when written down! To be honest, as I stated in my Appreciation Post, there are certain MV's where I liked Reina a lot, to the point where I wanted to love her.

      I actually think the dress is cool, and also, I like your reasoning behind it. Very meaningful :)


  4. yeahh rite... i love my tanakatchi so much till i dont care bout haters... tanaka reina will always in ma heart..

    1. I don't hate Reina, this was written in jest. If I truly hated her, I would not bother to dedicate an entire week of posts to her before she left.