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Okay! Musume Digest #53


This Week in Idol News...

Tanaka Reina Graduation footage!!! S/mileage promote their second album and new single! UFP allow some H!P girls to use Twitter!? Album details released for Ono Erena and Kyary! Mari Yaguchi cheats? WHAT!? The return of Ogawa Mana! The Surprise of Team Surprise? AND MORE!!!!

A week to go, and then my Digest celebrates its One Year anniversary! I'm excited, but are YOU???? -stares-

ANYWAYS!!! News this week has been good, plenty of video goodness, too! The only thing that killed me with this Digest was the fact that all of the video's kept killing each other, meaning that when I posted one video, another disappeared... it's annoying, believe me. I sorted it out though (I hope!) and of course my blog lagged a bunch too... then again this weeks Digest is very much video orientated, I do believe! My Lord...

... I have decided to kill off 'Oricon Toppers' because I never know what is topping the Oricon. Urrrgh ;w; I liked that bit, but it's annoying if I get everything wrong! Dx

Anywhoo... If you want to skip the mundane things like Video of the Week and such, then please use this guide to, er, guide you! Remember to press ctrl + f and be on your merry way, thank you!

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Video of the Week

Kimi ga Anohi Waratteita Imi wo by Ono Erena

This Weeks video is, surprisingly, another Ono Erena MV! Yes, I have indeed been on an Erepyon binge as of late, and this is the song that stuck out to me aside from the amazing Sentimental Girl, which I could not find a video for sadly... regardless though, I do like this song. It is easily one of Erena's best, and the video itself is a joy to watch... mostly because it reminds me of an amazing Drama series called Hotaru no Hikari where the female lead is, in her social life, very professional looking and looked up to, but in reality she is just lazy and a hermit... in a sense! But yeah, I got that Hotaru no Hikari vibe from this PV. It's a good video, and song, so please be sure to watch it and enjoy! <3

PS... If you have a fear of sheep, be sure to stray away from this PV!

Picture of the Week

I want to get Down and Dirty with you in the ring, Miss Tank Top Fighter...

Considering I am in 'OMG ERENA!!!!!!' mode for Ono Erena, why not complete it with a picture of Ono Erena herself? I mean just look at her... she's gorgeous! Even if she is sweaty and dirty, but that makes it all the more sexy I guess...

Erena, I do love you. A lot.



Hello! Pro Station Episde 16 is here, and in this nearly-1-hour-long episode, there is a lot of performances to view, so be sure to check it out!

This weeks episode is a special that looks at selected performances from the Hello! Project Premium Live that was recently held, so if you want to see everyone perform, please check it out!


The surprise was seeing how god-damn sexy S/mileage looked in their outfits, and also seeing Aika perform life... Happy days, people, happy freakin' days!!!!

UF LICKS Episode 15 is here, so please take a look at it and enjoy!

In this weeks episode, we open with our Stud and Wota-Love, TSUNKU!!! We then star the party with some LoVendoЯ! Welcome back Reina, I barely had time to celebrate your leaving Morning Musume, you popped up again that quickly! Some singing from a random guy who pulls some funny faces, a board meeting? Oh look, two LoVendoЯ members are there! And also some performance clips of my darling Asahi! YAY!!!


Another fun-filled week with the UF LICKS crew, though honestly, I'm not as keen on UFP like I am H!P, then again, H!P has Idols... though UFP does admittedly have some cute guys and my Tasaki P to keep me watching. It is a good show though, and I can drool over men.

... wow, I actually drool over men!?

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

The KY Kaichau Boss-Man, also known as Ikuta Erina, will hold the second meeting of the Niigaki-san Cheerclub on July 7th. Guests for the event will be Iikubo Haruna and Oda Sakura.


So this is, essentially, a Birthday Fanclub event, right? Cos it's her birthday on July 7th and KY Kiachau will be 16! HUZZAH!!!!

Ishida Ayumi's solo DVD that will accompany her photobook will be released on August 14th.


I actually wonder when the DVD trailer/digest will come out? Hm...

Berryz Kobou

Tokunaga Chinami has graced the cover of Rod & Reel magazine!


A pretty strange choice for a magazine, then again... Harunan was in an occult space magazine, wasn't she? And as they say... Promotion is, and always will be, PROMOTION!!!

The LQ covers for Berryz Kobou's next single, Golden Chinatown/Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi have been revealed. Please take a look at them and check them out!


They look very, erm... basic? Or at least normal for Berryz standards, though the circles are cool in the Limited C.

Ew, Momoko.

Berryz Kobou will release their Alo-Helo! 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray on July 24th.


Berryz Kobou's concert tour Berryz Mansion will release on DVD and Blu-Ray on August 7th.


That's a bit far away, isn't it...? The release date, I mean.


A website for S/mileage's up-coming Double A-side single Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!/Yattaruchan has been created! Be sure to check it out!


Holy cow, UFP actually seem to care about online promotion outside of Morning Musume. What the hell is happening?

That said, I do like the site. Very pretty looking,

Nakanishi Kana and Takeuchi Akari will both take to Twitter asa part of a Promo Campaign for the new S/mileage single. Be sure to follow the girls!


Wait, UFP are advanced enough to use Twitter, yet they can't even use Facebook or Google+ still?

Well, whatever... KANA, I'MA FOLLOW YOU, BABY!!! <3


Juice=Juice Documentary #7 is here for everyone to see! So please check it out!



They all look so cute!!! :o


Juice=Juice have graced the cover of Anikan R Yanyan magazine! Please check out the cover!


I love how Peach-Dayso (Yuka) looks a bit like a derp. Akari just looks perfect, and so does Sayubee <3 How cute!


Juice=Juice Documentary #8 is here! In this episode, the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei are also featured as they all practice for their live performance of their new single, so please check it out!


This is one of the longer episodes, but I am glad that this episode was uploaded and also features the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei and not just JuJu. Ah, they are all so cute!

  Hello! Pro Kenshuusei
The cover the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei featuring Juice=Juice's new single Ten Made Nobore! has been revealed! Please check it out!


Ooooh, pretty. Simple, lazy and er, lazy, but pretty.

Up-Front Promotion News

An official youtube channel for LoVendoЯ has been opened, so please check it out and subscribe!!!


Really, it was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Also, glad to see that they have a youtube! PV's are sure to follow, I hope...

LoVendoЯ Official Youtube

In June, LoVendoЯ will officially be a part of the M-Line fanclub.


And so many Wota rejoiced, tears in their eyes as the news came out...

It has been reported that former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi has publicly admitted and apologised for an illicit affair.
Josei Seven magazine reported on Tuesday that Yaguchi’s husband, actor Masaya Nakamura, 27, had come home one day in February and found Yaguchi in bed with Kenzo Umeda, a 25-year-old model. Nakamura and Yaguchi have been living separately since then. 
Meanwhile, Umeda has deleted his Twitter account, as well as his personal blog. - Aramatheydidnt

Holy fu--- I was really hoping that this wasn't true, just a passing rumour, but seriously... I am so sad. Yagu, why? WHY????

... Well, as a third-party person, I can not say much, but it is disappointing when you hear these things, and you do wonder why... so yeah... Why?

Aramatheydidnt | Japan Today | Youtube

Arai Manami of Up Up Girls has been featured on Photogeni in this series of photographs. Please be sure to check them all out!


She is seriously pretty! Generic images and all, but she is still extremely pretty! Kyaa!



AKB48's Team Surprise will return with a new single Kimi ga Omotteru Yori and Kyoraku have launched a Pachi-slot website to promote the Pachinko game and the Teams new song. The surprising thing about this announcement, however, is that Maeda Atsuko is featured as the centre of the song... despite having graduated AKB48!


The Return of Team Surprise? Also, the Return of Atsuko? Hm... I don't really care about this development, but I do like the sound of the song! Very nice!

Pachi-Slot Website | Konno's Story | AKB48 Wrap-Up

On May 27th it was revealed that Watanabe Mayu's fourth solo single will be released on July 10th, and has been titled Rappa Renshu chu. It was also revealed that the song will be used for a special event called Save Mayu from Rougoku Yuenchi which will be held at Tokyo Dome attractions from July 27th until September 23rd. This will mark Mayu as the first existing Idol to become a heroine for the 'Real Escape Game'.

For the summer, the massive 'solve the mystery' type event will be held at Tokyo Dome City. Mayuyu, a legendary magical girl, has been caught by an evil organization and has been locked up in the Prison amusement park. The participants of the game will take on various attractions to try and find clues and tips hidden within the park in order to save Mayuyu.

The event has been produced by SCRAP, a known producer of the 'Real Escape Game' that is becoming increasingly popular in Japan.

The single Rappa Renshu chu will be released in five editions.


This is extremely interesting! It seems like it will be a fun event for Mayu and her fans, and also fans of the Real Escape Games! Hopefully anyone who can participate will do so, and have fun!!!

Tokyo Girls' Update


(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Type A, B, C and Theatre edition)

The covers for NMB48's 7th single Boku no Eureka have been released! The single will be released on June 19th in four editions.

Track List:
  1. Bokura no Eureka
  2. Todokanasou de Todoku Mono
  3. Okuba (Shirogumi) (Type A only)
  4. Yaban na Soft Cream (Akagumi) (Type B only)
  5. Hinadan de wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda (Namba Teppoutai Sono San) (Type C only)
    (+Instrumental Versions)
DVD Track Listing:
  1. Bokura no Eureka (Music Video)
  2. Bokura no Eureka (Dance Shot Version)
  3. Okuba (Music Video) (Shirogumi) (Type A only)
  4. Kotani Riho vs Tsukitei Housei Hetare Henjou Taiketsu (First Part) (Type A and B only)
  5. Yaban na Soft Cream  (Music Video) (Akagumi) (Type B only)
  6. Hinadan de wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda (Music Video) (Namba Teppoutai Sono San) (Type C only)
  7. NMB48 ft. Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Vol. 6 (Type C only)

BOOOOOOOOOBS!!!!! And, oh look, BOOBS!

Misc Idols and Groups News

(From Left to Right: Limited and Regular edition)

The covers and track list for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's second single, titled Nanda Collection, have been revealed. The album will be released on June 26th. The Limited edition version will come with a photobook.
“Finally, my second album will be out! It’s fun for me if you say “What’s this?” when you look at the Photo Book comes with Limited Edition! Also, the album CD contains various songs from rock tune like “Fashion Monster” to cosmic pop tune like “Invader Invader”, so please be looking forward to the release! You’ll never disappoint on this! I want you to hear that soon!” - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Tokyo Girls' Update)
Track List:

1. Nandacollection
2. Ninja ri Bang Bang
3. Kimi ni 100%
4. Super Scooter Happy
5. Invader Invader
6. Mi
7. Fashion Monster
8. Saigo no Ice Cream
9. Noriko to Norio
10. Furisodation
11. Kura Kura
12. Otona na Kodomo

DVD Track List (Limited Edition only):
Fashion Monster – MUSIC VIDEO
Furisodation – MUSIC VIDEO
Ninja ri Bang Bang – MUSIC VIDEO
Invader Invader – MUSIC VIDEO

My goodness, she is quite scary looking, isn't she? And is she cosplaying a crazy peacock!?

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, Limited B and Regular edition)

The covers and content for Ono Erena's first solo album ERENA have been revealed. There will be three editions available, with two Limited versions and a Regular version. The Limited versions will either contain different tracks or DVD extra's, and the regular version will be the only version to contain Say Ippai and FightingHero.

There will be eight new tracks included on the album, and Limited B will contain an extra CD that features 9 songs from Nico Nico Douga. Limited A will include the Music clip for the album's title song, Erena, as well as a documentary around the album.

Track Listing:
  1. Erepyon
  2. Kimi ga ano Hi Waratteita Imi wo
  3. Erena
  4. Ribbon
  5. Fighting☆Hero (Regular version only)
  6. Hitori
  7. Starry Sky
  8. Sunao
  9. Kiji no Kakaru Sora ni…
  10. Erenyan
  11. Say!! Ippai (Regular version only)
  12. Koi Rhythm
  13. Happy Time
Limited A DVD Track Listing:

1. Erena (Music Video)
2. Erena (Documentary)

Limited B CD 2 Track Listing:
  1. Twitter
  2. Senbonzakura
  3. Aa, Subarashiki Nyan Sei
  4. Renai Yuusha
  5. Happy Tune
  6. Eretika
  7. Romeo to Cinderella
  8. Nonaidenpa
  9. Tokyo Teddy Bear
The single will be released on June 19th.


Holy cow, she is perfect. I also love the Angel theme she has going on here, it looks so beautiful and just... well, perfect. Then again, Ono Erena is perfect. Also, I look all the little bonuses each version has to offer! I will be interested in seeing Erena PV wise, and hearing it. I bet/know it will be amazing!

A Minna! Esper Dayo! boxset will be released on August 23rd, it has been revealed.


Oooooh, plenty of erotic Mano Erina goodness right there then! Nice!


StylipS will release their 4th single, titled Prism Sympathy, on July 24th. The A-side will be used as the ending theme for the anime Fate/Kaleid liner Prism Illya. This will also be the first single featuring Stylips' new members, Ito Miku and Toyota Moe.

There will be a Regular and Limited edition of the single available.


Okay, I want to say: FINALLY!!!! But also, I want to say that I am scared/excited for this release. I have no idea how I will react to the newbs...

Stylips Official Website | CDJapan Regular | CDJapan Limited

(From Left to Right: Kamiya Saki, Tentenko & First Summer Uika)

After the release of their new music video, DiE, the group BiS have revealed three new members! The three girls who have been chosen are Kamiya Saki, Tentenko and First Summer Uika. All three girls have opened up Twitter accounts, and Kamiya has also opened up a blog, so be sure to follow them closely!


Holy cow, I did not expect three girls to join! That said, they all look like they will really fit in with BiS. For me, I think that I might like Tentenko the most, she is so cute and looks a bit like a doll. On the other hand, Uika looks more like a traditional Japanese doll, so I mihgt like her more, hm...

BiS Profile Page | J-Pop Idols | Kamiya's Twitter | Kamiya's Blog | Tentenko's Twitter | Uika's Twitter

(From Left to Right: Nagoya Edition & Japanese Edition)

The artworks for Team Syachihoko's up-coming single Shuto iten Keikaku have been revealed. The single will release on June 19th. There will be two editions available, a Japanese Edition and a special Nagoya Edition which can only be obtained in Nagoya and domestic Live halls.


You would think that the Nagoya only edition would have all the outrageous, photoshopped colours, but nope...

I do, however, like the images. They look like they are paintings and not photographs. Nice work!

Tokyo Girls' Update

PV/Song Previews

The short Music video for Idoling!!!'s Yokoyama Rurika's first solo single Walk My Way has been revealed, so please check it out!


Holy heck, she's actually walking this way!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!

The short Music Video for NMB48's 7th single Bokura no Eureka has been released! Please check it out!


It reminds me of Sims Castaway. Or Battle Royale. Or Lord of the Flies, girl style. Or something... KILL EACH OTHER!!!

AKB48 have released a preview of the music video for Bara no Kajitsu which is a coupling song for their most recent single, Sayonara Crawl. The song is performed by the Undergirls.


The girls' dresses remind me of strawberries and cream, which I don't like, but the song itself sounds really cool and the girls themselves look cool... so yeah.

Cool. Definitely not icky Strawberries and cream.


In this video, Ogawa Mano sings a new original song whilst playing the piano. The song has been titled Sotto Hohoen de. Please check it out and enjoy!


YES!!! A NEW SONG!!!!! HUZZAH! Now, for the PV! Where is it1? -starts looking around-

By the way, the song is pretty. Very pretty. And I swear, OgaMana's voice has gotten a lot better! WOW!!!

Ogawa Mana sings a second new, original song titled Hello ~Kodemari no Hikari~ in this video, so be sure to check it out!


By Gawd, her voice is lovely. I also did not know that she played the piano! But hey, whatever... she sounds so good though! Beautiful!!! <3

NMB48 have released the short Dance Shot version for their up-coming single Bokura no Eureka. Please be sure to check it out!


Holy cow! Some of them are actually wearing clothes! IN A BIKINI DANCE SHOT!? Have the management at AKS Headquarters become ill or something? Because, y'know, clothes are a true rarity in the world of AKS/48' Family.

The short MV for NMB48's Yaban na Soft Cream, sung by Akagumi, has been released! The song and MV will be a part of NMB48's summer single Bokura no Eureka.


The song is generic and all, but hey, the video is cute! And ice cream/soft cream is yummy and summery, so yay!

NMB48 have released the short MV to Okuba, performed by Shirogumi! The song and MV will be a part of NMB48's up-coming summer single, Bokura no Eureka. Be sure to check it out!


Quite pretty and different to the A-side and the Soft Cream song. It seems more emotional, though I'm not as keen on it as the A-side and soft cream song... but it is still very pretty!

AAA have revealed the unfinished MV for their new summer song Love is in the Air. Be sure to check it out!


Trust Avex to be dicks and never upload full PV's unless it suits them, haha. Well, whatever... this is good! I love the sound, and I love Takahiro's pantsu. Niiiice <3

A one minute preview of AKB48's Team Surprise's new song Kimi ga Omotteru Yori has been uploaded to youtbe! Be sure to have a listen!


I like this song, though it doesn't make me think of Pachinko. It just makes me think of Generic AKB48. Regardless, I do like it.

Press Release/Promotional Videos

A video clip of Tanaka Reina's Graduation Concert has been released, showing scenes of the group performing, Tanaka Reina's message to the fans and backstage comments. Please check it out~


I have to admit... I still don't care XD But that final performance of SHABONDAMA was flawless.

MAiDiGi TV have released press released footage from Tanaka Reina's graduation concert, so please check it out!


Oh, the announcement of the two new sub-leaders is in this. Harunan's reaction was so cute and modest! And Fukuhime must be so proud!

... I might almost miss Reina...

The CM for C-ute's C-ute DVD Magazine Vol. 32 has been uploaded, so please check it out!


Mai is so cute! And did Okai sound like a man at one point? XD

JIJIPRESS have released footage from Tanaka Reina's Graduation concert, so please check it out!



I keed, Riho is plenty talented, but Tsunku IS wasting solo-line talent by not giving Zuk lines...

Oricon have also shared their own footage from Tanaka Reina's Graduation concert, so please take a lot!


Is it just me, or does Oricon have the worst microphone or do they just have serious sound problems during the editing period?

Up Up Girls promote their first group photobook! Please check out the video and enjoy!


Wow, they are so excited, it's cute and refreshing! Congrats on your very first photobook, girls! I am happy for you :D

Berryz Kobou have left a message for their Taiwanese fans via Forward Music's youtube channel. Please check it out!


Oh good, Miyabi's hair looks okay in this. Can't say the same for the Gremlin's hair, though.


eTV covers Berryz Kobou's Taiwan appearence in this short video, so please check it out!


The image behind them is really not that flattering towards Yurina or Miyabi, is it? And hey, is that a Suzuki Airi fan there!? Ahahaha nice!

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from S/mileage's second album release event. Be sure to check it out!


I do like their dresses, very Lolita and cute. Also, our darling Kanana the Genki Gorilla got all emotional! Also, she got a big taking part in Yatteruchan, which we hear a preview of at the end of the video. Please do check it out!


Oricon have also uploaded footage from S/mileage's second album release event, so be sure to check it out!


I think that this one includes more singing. Also, Akari's manly 'EH?' at her name being called to be a part of the campaign for their new single release. And then Kanananana ;w; awwww!!!!

There's a bit more of the song here too for Yatteruchan, so yay! It sounds very cute and very S/mileage, so I am happy!


Up Up Girls have left a video message via @Jam 2013. Please check it out!


Why the hell does the orange one have a giant poof thing on her head? And pinky is gorgeous looking! YUM!

A CM for Takahashi Ai's musical, Anne of Green Gables, has been uploaded. Here you can see Ai going to rehearsals, practising dance moves and then dancing in costume. Be sure to check it out!


It's nice to see Ai looking like a derp/idiot and having fun with it! Ah, I wish she could have acted that carefree and funny in MoMusu PV's...

JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage from S/mileage's second album release event. Be sure to check it out!


MOAR FOOTAGE!!!! And d'awww, my Genki Gorilla, don't cry! <3

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the Team Surprise Press Conference for their new single Kimi ga Omotteru Yori. Be sure to take a look!


My Human Wall (Paruru) looks like she really doesn't want to be there xD

Youtube | AKB48 Wrap-Up

And that is all we have time for News-wise today! Hopefully this has helped your thirst for Idol News, and taken away that hunger, too! But until next time, please let this Week of News in the Idol world Digest. Ja ne~


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