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Okay! Musume Digest #52

Contrary to what you believe, this is NOT my One-Year Anniversary Post. My actualy One-Year Anniversary Post for this Digest series is on June 4th, because some of my digests were not posted a week later, but a few days later... this was when I was only just starting it, so bear with me.


Welcome to a Week's worth of news. Are you ready to get your Digest on?

In this Weeks Digest, we shall see...

A butt-load of Berryz! PB Previews! Ayumi the Shark to release a Photo book as well!? There's a new group on the scene! MomoClo dance on an Ice cream tub!? Aibon has an interview about tea! Bump.y's Sakuraba Nanami is going to star in a new Drama adaptation! And MOOOOORE!!!!!

So, ready to get yo' Digest on?

This week, I have really been lazy again with the Digest... I actually stopped updating it on Thursday and started again today, when it's to be released. But I have been trying to do my College work, so forgive me? Kyu~n. Also, I have been doing my Week with Winky, so more excuses!

Have you all had an exciting week, by the way? Did you enjoy A Week with Winky, and did you enjoy seeing her finally leave? Well, not see per-say... but yeah XD Honestly, I can't wait to see how Morning Musume will do now without her. CHARGE ON, MOMUSU! CHARGE THE HELL ON!!!!!

... Okay, enough of my madness, let's take a look at the content guide and other tid-bits like Oricon Toppers, Video of the Week and Picture of the Week, shall we?

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Oricon Toppers!

This weeks Oricon Toppers include T.M Revolution x Mizuki Nana, and Yazawa Eikichi!

Preserved Roses is a collaboration single by singers T.M Revolution and Mizuki Nana, and is the opening theme for the anime Valvrave the Liberator. The single grabbed the Weekly Number 1 on the Oricons this week, beating out Johnny's Entertainment group KAT-TUN's new single FACE to Face.

For this Weeks Album Topper in the Oricon Charts, soloist Yazawa Eikichi's Best of Album rose to the top of the charts. This is his first album of 2013, and was released after his 2012 Album Last Song.

Congrats to all the singers on reaching the Top of the Charts! You are this weeks Oricon Toppers!

Video of the Week

FightingHero by Ono Erena

This week's Jam is a lovely little piece from Solo Idol singer Ono Erena. Because of how much I am in love with this song right now, it's been on a loop, but not only that; it has also motivated me to work! I found the beat easy to work with as background noise, but mostly I found the song and video inspirational, and it motivated me to do my best on my paperwork and video editing for college... SO YAY!!!

Anyway, other than that, I do love this song. I think that it is the best song from Ono Erena yet! She sounds, and looks, amazing, and the Idol Pop Rock just works for her. So yeah... please check it out! The PV is helluva cute, too!

Picture of the Week

Fly away Home, Winky. Fly away Home...

To celebrate the departure of The Winking Squirrel from Morning Musume, I will be using the best image of her that I could find/create. Enjoy, because it will be there all this week~ MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, enough all this stuff! LET'S GET ONTO...


Hello! Pro Station episode 15 is here! This week's MC is S/mileage's very own Genki Gorilla, Kananananananannananana Nakanishi!

In this week's episode: Some performances from S/mileage! Hello! Pro Kenshuusei concert footage from their recent event! Some Juice=Juice! Mai does her hair for us all and looks quite c-ute doing so! And a little treat for the Kanananananana fans... Our own Gorilla-chan plays the piano for us all! KYAAA!!!


She is extremely well-refined when being an MC, isn't she? She seems to actually be very good at it, and that's surprising! I would have thought she wouldn't be so professional, but even Kananananana seems to take this very seriously! Ah, it makes me happy to see her like this, she seems like a natural MC >3< <3

Also, her piano playing... kyaaa YES!!!! My lord, she plays the piano ;2; Take my heart, Gorilla!!!! <3

UF LICKS episode 14 is here for everyone to enjoy! This weeks MC is our lovely Asahi once again~

This weeks episode includes comments from Sharam-Q's Makoto, performance footage of Winky's band LoVendoЯ, other acts who's names I don't know and a Rolling Days performance from our very own Tasaki P! YEEEAH!


WOW, Reina actually sounds decent in this performance. Still her squirrelly way, but happier... you know? Hm...

  Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

The cover to Tanaka Reina's up-coming bundled Tanakamesen book has been revealed.


I actually forgot that this was going to be released... and my Lord, doesn't Winky look, er... Winky?

Previews of Fukumura Mizuki's up-coming photobook have been leaked, so please check them out!!!



Additional previews for Fukumura Mizuki's up-coming photobook have been released.


She really does have an erotic body, doesn't she?

According to a recent blogpost, Ishida Ayumi will release her first photobook in July. It has been shot in Guam, and the images were taken at the same time as Mizuki Fukumura's photobook.


Personally I'm still waiting on potobooks from Eripon and Chokubo. Also; I hope that the staff pre-warned anybody on the beach that they would be letting a Shark-Idol loose in the seas.

It was announced during Tanaka Reina's graduation concert at Nippon Budokan that Fukumura Mizuki and Iikubo Haruna will become joint sub-leaders.


I think that my first reaction was 'OH MY GOD WHAT!?' and then that sudden feeling of tears of happiness washing me over, because my fucking Lord, this is perfect... YES!!!

Berryz Kobou

The DVD Digest for Berryz Kobou's 2013 Hawaii Fanclub Tour has been released, so please check it out!


It looks more like a Digest for an up-coming DVD release, but hey! If it's selling the tour, then do it. It actually looks like a lot of fun!

Youtube | Hello! News Service

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou will hold a free mini-live for the Thai festival in Osaka on May 18th.


This will have ended by the time the Digest is up, but oh well! Hopefully all fans who can attend the event will have had an amazing time, and anyone who can get there - do it! It's free, so why not? It's an amazing opportunity to see Berryz live!

Hello! News Service | Twitter

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou will hold a handshake event in Taipei on May 24th.


You know what I find interesting? How well Berryz do abroad, but not in Japan. That is interesting for me because... well, it just is.

Hello! to Taiwan Official Website

There will be individual handshake events for Berryz Kobou's up-coming single Golden Chinatown/Sayonara Usotsuki na Watashi by pre-ordering through Chara-Ani.


Chara-Ani seems to be a popular thing for H!P now.... and if I had to choose someone to have an individual handshake event with, it would be Momoko, just so that I could take a flaming torch and get rid of those ugly-ass pigtails of hers.

Hello! Project News

It has been announced that Berryz Kobou will perform at Nippon Budokan on November 29th 2013!


I find it extremely fishy/ironic how, just after Saki cried and whatnot about not being 'a good enough leader' to get her group to Budokan and then asked for Miyabi to be sub-captain, that suddenly they get to go to Budokan. This is basically the same thing as when S/mileage's Gorilla-chan cried on camera because Tsunku had said they had to go to a smaller venue because they didn't sell out their venue tickets, and weren't good enough... and then suddenly their venue sold out.


Hello! News Service | Tokunaga Chinami's Twitter | J-Pop Idols

Berryz Kobou's profile images have been updated, so please check them out!


Finally!!!! Now I don't have to look at those ugly-ass Zebra print fails ever again, HURRAH!!!!!

Tacky Gold over Tacky Zebra print ANY DAY!!!! Also, fail on the FLYING GETTO rip-offs

Hello! News Service | Berryz Kobou Profile

The Horror in Pigtails meets The Shrieking Shack (Tsugunaga Momoko) will be releasing an Essay Book on June 22nd.


Wait, so she actually has brains inside of those hideous pigtail things?

Wani Books | Hello! News Service


C-ute (minus Yajima Maimi) will attend the JUNON Produce Girl Contest on June 2nd in Tokyo. This will be the groups second appearance at the all-female fashion and music event.


Oh wow, this is amazing news! I'm glad that C-ute will be able to attend the event a second time, they must have made a great impression the first time around! Hopefully the event will be just as promising as the last as well. Well done, girls!

Twitter | Hello! Project News | Hello! News Service

It has been reported that C-ute's next single has been titled Adam to Eve no Dilemma. The single will be released on July 10th.


Holy Crap they look hawt...

Oh shit I used the word 'Holy' next to a single title that has relevance to the bible. Tut tut...

Hello! News Service

It has been announced that C-ute's new single Adam to Eve no Dilemma will also have an additional A-side titled Kanashiki Amefuri. The single is set to be released on July 10th.


WAIT WHAT? This means a Double A-side, right? RIGHT????

Holy Fuck that's a lotta Double A-sides... -faints-

Hello! Project News


Nakanishi Kana is, S/mileage's very own Genki Gorilla, is the guest for the next two weeks' Idol Hour Hello! Project on Enjoy Network Japan!


KYAAAA MY GORILLA-CHAN!!!!! YES!!!!! Both Hello! Pro Station and ENJ. Life is so sweet~


It has been announced that Juice=Juice's second indies single, Samidare Bigou ga Samidareru will have a general release on June 12th.


Wait, so does this mean that we can actually buy it now!? YAY!!!

Like... buy without the restrictions and all... yeah.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

A preview for the second episode of Hello! Project Kenshuusei Tadaima Kenshuu-chuu! has been uploaded to the PigooHD Youtube channel, so please check it out!


Holy crap, why can't the other H!P units do awesome things like this for their shows!? This is seriously the Kenshuusei era, isn't it?

Youtube | Hello! News Service

Here are the profile images of the six new Hello! Pro Trainee's!


They all look pretty boring/evil/plain except for the girl on the bottom row, centre image.

Hello! News Service | Nama Tamago Show Website

A website and rehearsal blog for the next Nama Tamago Show has been launched. The show will be on June 8th and 15th.


It's great to see that the trainee's are getting so much more promotion! Next... releasing their concerts on DVD, please!!!

Nama Tamago Show Website | Nama Tamago Official Blog | Hello! News Service

It was announced at the Hello! Project Premium Live that the H!P trainee's will be releasing their second indie single titled Ten Made Nobore!. Tsunku has confirmed that the single is a collaboration between the trainee's and indies unit Juice=Juice, and os actually 'H!P Trainee's featuring Juice=Juice'.

The single will count as Juice=Juice's third single, and the H!P Kenshuusei's second indies single.


Does this mean that it will get a PV, then? Because Juice=Juice are in it. And also... HELL FREAKIN' YEAH, COLLABORATIONS! -head bangs-

Hello! News Service | Tsunku's Blog

Up-Front Promotion News

Tasaki Asahi Documentary #5 has been uploaded to the Satoyama Channel on youtube, so please check it out!


Tasaki is so cute! Though I would love to see a documentary clipping on other things, like rehearsals for a live event she is doing or something... she can't just record all the time, can she!?

Tasaki Asahi Documentary #6 has been uploaded! Please check it out!


Rlling Days again? I WANT SAKURA DOKEI STUFF ;A; Well, the B-side... and Jacket Cover shoots... and stuff...



It has been announced that Itano Tomomi will hold a dance contest titled Itano Tomomi '1%' Dance Trial 2013 for her fourth solo single 1%. which is set to release on June 12th.

Participants for the contest will post their entries on Youtube, using the 90 second sample video 1% (Dance Trial Edit). It can be an exact copy of the sample given, or participants can add in their own arrangements. Regardless of age, sex or dancing experience, anyone can enter, and it can be a solo or group effort.

Contestants who pass the Primary selection will move on to the final selection which will be held in Tokyo, and there three winners will be chosen; A Prize, B Prize and C Prize. The A Prize consists of the winner being given the opportunity to appear in Itano's next Solo MV as well as a cash prize of 50,000 Yen. B Prize will give the winner opportunities to appear in the media, and C Prize will be autographed goods. These three winners will also be able to co-star with Itano in CLUV Tomo ~DANCE TRIAL 2013 Edition~, an event held for people who purchase the single.

“Since it’s a cool tune, there will be many ways to arrange it. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s dance. Please apply for it.” - Itano Tomomi (Tokyohive)


All I can think of when reading this is 'When is she leaving? Isn't she graduating? EH????' and then 'Oh wait, this is a cool idea, but so many people are doing similar things now, hm....' or something hahaha...

Youtube really is getting popular in Japan now, huh?


AKB48 member Nakatsuka Tomomi has announced her graduation from the group and withdrawal from the up-coming elections.
“It has been five years since I started doing activities in AKB. I was 14 to 15 then, and will be turning 20 now. I thought that it would be the perfect time to take a step forward, and restart my life. I embraced those thoughts and decided to graduate.” says Nakatsuka on her latest blog update. “There are so many things that I want to do. I know that the world is unkind, so I want to be able to do what I want and do my best for myself.” - Nakatsuka Tomomi (SGCafe)

Another graduation!? SAY WHUUUT? Go figure, it's another Tomomi

SGCafe | Aramatheydidnt


The opening day for NMB48's first movie, NMB48 Genin! THE MOVIE Owarai Seishun Girls! will be on August 1st 2013, and will be a nation-wide release. The film was directed by Uchida Hidemi and is a tale about youth set in the Comedy Club of the prestigious Namba Girls School.
I am extremely happy that the opening theater has been decided.  I hope everyone will feel the warmth and joy that comes from the youthful bonding between the characters." - Yamamoto Sayaka (Tokyohive) 

“I am both nervous and excited.  Because we tried our best to be comedic, I hope everyone will have a smile on their face once they see the film,” - Watanabe Miyuki (Tokyohive) 
I am praying that it becomes a hit." - Yamada Nana (Tokyohive)

I do wonder how this will go, because in general I find 'trying to be funny' is the worst type of comedy... it seems so forced, but we will see how this goes, shall we?

Misc Idols and Groups News

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome took the #3 Spot on the Oricon Single Weekly charts for their major debut single Baito Fighter. Congrats to the girls on this amazing achievement!


I was wondering which spot the girls would place, and to see that they snagged that #3 spot is wonderful! I am so happy that the girls were able to place so well, especially since this is only their third single overall! Well done, girls, and here's to many more Top 10 spots in the future!

(Members from Left to Right: Tekeuchi Natsuki, Ando Sakura, Kikima Aya, Hasegawa Mizuki and Konishi Ayu)

It has been announced that a cute new Idol unit Tsuribit will make their debut with their first single on May 22nd, titled Start Dash! The unit, made up of five girls between 6th grade and high school freshman, are produced Bajune Tobeta, a Japanese musician and film director who oversee's projects from the initial concept to the overall production.

Much like any other Idol unit, Tsuribit aim to become top Idols, however they have a certain quirk to set them apart from other Idol groups: they all aim to perfect the sport of fishing!

The group will hold their live debut Tusiribit Birth Cry Live ~Someday We’ll Fish The World~ on May 24th at Akasaka Genki Theatre. It has been revealed that the tickets have already sold out.

Cute Idols? Fishing? This actually may be a pretty cool sub-activity for the group, because Japan is teaming with fish, and I bet it's an activity that quite a lot of people have in Japan, or at least older people? I have no idea, I don't fish... but I think that the concept behind the group is cool!

Oh, and the group has an official website, Facebook page and Twitter, so please check them out!

Momoiro Clover will release a new song, Atashi wa Ice, which is being used as the CM song for SOH Ice Cream's SOH Vanilla & Ice.

Furthermore, fans will be able to see a special 'live' from Momoiro Clover Z by use of AR Technology. When fans see the lid of the SOH ice-cream through an iPhone (after downloading an app), fans will be able to enjoy the live event performed by 'Momoiro Clover SOH'.

This campaign is Japan-only.


Those costumes are ugly as heck, but whatever... this is a cool idea. Hopefully the song will be good and not some bland, Vanilla-like thing. Oh wait, this is MomoClo, they're pretty good at weirding me out.

It has been announced that Passpo☆ will release a new single titled Truly on June 26th. The song will serve as the ending theme for the anime Zettai Bouei Leviathon which airs on TV Tokyo.

Furthermore, the group will release their DVD Passpo☆ Best Music Clips on June 26th.


Holy cow, Passpo☆! Slow down a little, will ya? I know you like releasing stuff, but you still have to release Step & Go/Candy Room on May 22nd! That's under a month that you will release your next single!!!!

Slow. DOWN!!!!

Kago Ai talks about the benefits of drinking Dandelion Tea for breastfeeding in this sponsored interview for TeaLife. Please check it out!


I was surprised to see this... but congrats on the interview, Kago, and also that tea looks super yummy! And I hate tea!

It has been announced that Ono Erena will release her long-awaited first album on June 19th. The album has been titled ERENA. The album's title was originally going to be titled Ere-pyon, after Ono Erena's nickname, however as the singer is turning 20 this year in November, it was decided that she would instead use her real name.
"I’ll be releasing the first album of my life! The title is ‘ERENA’. It’s been a year since my debut, but I’m happy to finally accomplish one of my goals – to release an album. The album is filled with what I wanted to do after carefully discussing with, and consulting the staff. Who I’ve been, and who I’ll be. I want everyone to understand and remember the real, not-yet-twenty Erena. There’ll be a lot of new songs! Please look forward to it until June 19th!” - Ono Erena (Tokoy Girls' Update)
The track list will be released at a later date, it has been revealed.


When I saw this news, I admit that I was really excited. I still am, because Erenyan is accomplishing something she has dreamed of, and tackling a goal that she has been aiming for since becoming a solo singer. I am really happy for her, and I can't wait to hear the songs on the album!

Congrats, Erena!!!

(From Top Left to Bottom: CD ver, MV ver and LIVE ver)

BiS' new single, titled DiE, will be released on June 26th. The covers have also been released, showing a strange theme for the artwork where parts of the members' faces, except for Yufu, have been combined to create a new face.

This will be the single that introduces the new members to the group.


Those are some creepy CD covers, but hey, what is BiS with a bit of weirdness and creepiness?

It has been announced that Bump.y member Sakuraba Nanami will star in the drama adaptation of the manga LIMIT. Nanami will star as the character Konno Mizuki, an average school girl who gets into an accident with her classmates on the way to camp.

The drama is set to air in July on TV Tokyo.


Holy crack-a-Jacks, I actually ignored this piece of new until I realised that it was a Bump.y Member starring in it.

Holy Heck she looks cool o-O

The cover and track list for Momoiro Clover's Indies Best-Of Album has been revealed. The title of the album is Iriguchi no nai Deguchi and there will be 17 tracks on the album.

Track List:

01. Ano Sora he Mukatte
03. Rough Style
04. Momoiro Punch
05. Daisuki!! (Original : Power Age)
06. Dream Wave
07. Hello…goodbye (Harajuku Launchers)
08. Kibun wa Super Girl
09. Saikyou Pare Parade (Momokuro ver.) (Original : Hirano Aya, Goto Yuko, Chihara Minori)
10. Mirai he Susume!
11. Shoku Shoku (Original : Minimaru GT)
12. words of the mind -brandnew journey- (Original: m.o.v.e)
13. Believe (Original : Tamaki Nami
14. Hashire!
15. Kimi Yuki
16. Rough Style for Momoiro Clover Z
17. Ano Sore he Mukatte (Z ver.)


I don't really have much to say about this other than, er... yay? Even then, I don't really want to say it, cos MomoClo are not a group that I like...

(From Top Left to Bottom: Limited A, Limited B and Regular Edition)

The covers for 9nine's next single Evolution No.9 have been revealed. There will be three editions available, and the single will be released on June 12th.

Unlike their usual 'Kawaii' image, these covers show off 9nine's coolness, and seem different to other Idol images.


They do look really cool, though the tights they have on remind me of the tights that Ono Erena is wearing in her PV for FightingHero.

It has been announced that Momoiro Clover Z will release a Live DVD and Blu-ray of their concert Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013 '5TH DIMENSION' on July 14th.

It has also been announced that the group will release an Analog edition of their album 5TH DIMENSION on August 4th.


I am just thinking of their screeching voices and I already have a headache...

It has been announced that actress and 9nine member Kawashima Umika will be starring in the up-coming drama Pin to Kona. The drama will be based on the manga of the same name by Shimaki Ako, and the drama will start airing in July on TBS.

It has also been revealed that Johnny's Entertainment members Tamamori Yuta (Kiss-My-Foot), Nakayama Yuma (NYC), Matsumura Hokuto and Jesse (Johnny's Jr) will also be in the series.


Pokemon & Misc News

It has been revealed that there will be a Limited 'Eevee' Edition of the 3DS XL! The official Pokémon Center store in Japan will retail the Limited Edition version of the game console later this month.

There is no news about whether or not this design will be released in America.


I wish that these things were released in the UK! Because Eevee is my favourite Pokemon, so yeah... I want it... A LOT O-O

PV/Song Previews

A short teaser MV for Tsuribit's up-coming single Start Dash has been revealed! Please check it out!


These girls are absolutely adorable, and I do love their costumes. Also, Kikima Aya is adorable beyond belief. I want to adopt her as my daughter!!!! And Sakura is also really cute to look at... so let me adopt her, too!!!

  Press Release/Promotional Videos

Takahashi Ai comments on her up-coming stageplay Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu 5th letter. Please check it out!


She looks so pretty with her hair like that! It makes her look a lot younger, actually.

The TV CM for SOH's SOH Vanilla & Ice, starring Momoiro Clover Z, has been released. The song Atashi wa Ice by MomoClo is used, so please check it out for a preview!


Erm... what the hell is this shit MomoClo are singing? It sounds as Vanilla as that ice cream looks.

Niigaki Risa has also commented on the Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu 5th letter. Please check it out!


I was unaware that my Lord Gaki was in a stageplay!? With Ai, as well! MY GAHD!

Kawaii Pateen Report at Akihabara Backstage Pass #15 is here, so please check it out!


Another cute report from the Backstage Idols! Anyway, I like these Idols' idea of 'eye-catching' lipsticks or glosses. Their choices are, in general, really sheer. When I wear an eye-catching lip colour it seems very bold and in yo FAYSCHE hahaha!

A preview of Fukuda Kanon's, Tamura Meimi's and Tekeuchi Akari's fanclub DVD's from their Birthday Celebration FC events has been uploaded to youtube, so please check it out!


Dawa in that cake hat is cute, and also, Nyon really likes the Princess style, right? It really does suit her... and holy hell, her live singing is great, though her studio voice is pretty bad. Also, I love seeing Mizukingdom and Akari together, they are such good friends and amazing singers! It's almost like Princess meets the Prince... kinda. And GORILLA-CHAN AND THE VAMPIRE O-O!!!!

MAiDiGi TV share footage from the H!P Premium Live event. Performances of new songs, from S/mileage, C-ute, Berryz Kobou and all of H!P featuring Hello! Kitty are shown in this video, as well as the announcement of Berryz Kobou's one-man live performance at Nippon Budokan.


Holy Cow, S/mileage look hot in those outfits o-o

... I never thought that I would see the day where I wrote/thought/said 'Wow, S/mileage lok hawt'. It does not generally compute, does it?

Oricon have also shared footage from the H!P Premium Live event. This video includes performances from Morning Musume and all of H!P. There are also comments from the members concerning (I think) Tanaka Reina's graduation.


I do like seeing Hello! Project get together like this, it's really amazing... there are so many of them!!!

Oricon have shared a second piece of footage from the H!P Premium Live Event. This time, the footage shows performances from the H!P Kenshuusei featuring Juice=Juice for their second/third indies single, S/mileage's performance for their new single in their (hawt) new outfits, a performance of C-ute's new single Adam to Eve no Dilemma as well as a solo performance of Otome no Timing from Mitsui Aika! Please check it out!


No gonna lie, but Gorilla-chan is the hottestt of all the S/mileage members right now, with Meimi a close second.

Also, totally surprised by Aika's solo performance. I honestly did not expect her to sing solo.BUT YAY!!!


Oricon has released a third video from the H!P Premium Live event. This video focuses on Berryz Kobou's performance and the Budokan announcement that was made that day. Please check it out!


I do say congrats to Berryz on (eventually) making it to Budakon, but honestly, I don't actually give two figs XD

JIJIPRESS have also shared their own footage of the H!P Premium Live event. Be sure to check it out!


Holy hell, this is a lot of Premium Live Footage @.@ But whatever, why should I complain? H!P are getting effing coverage, and S/mileage look HOT!!!!!!

... Yeah, still not getting over it.


And... That is all the News I have gathered for you this week, dear Chimians! I hope that the Week gone by has been kind to you all, and hopefully next week will be just as wonderful. Until then though, please let all of this information Digest! Ja ne~


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: May 21st, 2013


  1. KAT-TUN did get the weekly #1 spot on the Oricon chart; TMR x Nana did beat them on the Soundscan chart for the week though.

    Also Tamamori Yuta's group is Kis-My-Ft2 not Kiss-My-Foot. The latter is just how you pronounce the name minus the "two".

    1. They did? Ah dang it...

      And yeah, I know, I just call them Kiss-My-Foot cos it's easier? XD

  2. Damn thats ALOT of Hello Project news 0.o
    And its amazing how fast time flies...

    1. -late reply- Yeah plenty of news, I love boatloads of H!P news XD

      And Time does fly o-O