Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #51

D-D-D-Dig in, it's Digest Time! What Idol News shall we be looking at this week?

This week in news...

Morning Musume get the Gold! Extended Audition Applications for the 12th Gen!? The New Kenshuusei are named! Graduations in the 48 family, no!!!! Sasshi to be a Producer!? Single covers are released! An announcement that will make all H!S!J fans happy! And a bit more!

I want to start off by saying that I am incredibly sorry for being pretty much dead this week; I have a major project due in next week, and considering I have not filmed either of my short films and only just finished my Research folder (two weeks after it needed to be handed in), I am kind of up to my neck in work and trying to get it all together so that I can get the marks I need to get into Uni. So yeah... apologies, guys! I've also been tired a lot as well, so I'm catching a lot more sleep in the day time than night time because I have so much today... and let me tell you, it isn't easy when you gotta do a project and then you are acting in other peoples' projects... urgh, never easy haha. Thursday is going to be so fun, because I am filming and acting all day!

Okay, shut up Chii, your personal problems are problematic... go to sleep! -zzzzzz-

Okay okay, so other than that, this week has been another slow week in terms of news, and so because of the slowness, I kind of did not update or even start my Digest until Saturday, which is not good, I tell ye! But, regardless, the news this week is good news... or at least to me, so yippee!!!

Now before we get into this, here is the content guide for you all! Don't forget to press ctrl + f to find your way! I am doing this content guide again because I have added a new title, so I hope this helps at all!

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Let's start the Digest, shall we?

(No Oricon Toppers this week, or at least for now, because I have no effing clue who topped the Oricon Charts, and I want to post this Digest. URRRRGH!!!)

Video of the Week

Su And You by ANNA☆S

This weeks video is from a unit that I once looked at and quite enjoyed, but seemed to forget about for a while... until now!!! This weeks Jam has pretty much been just this, with a little Pan-Paka-Pan on the side as well, but I have been absolutely killing this song and playing it on one long loop. I love it so much! The energy is amazing, the beat is catchy and great, and the girls are all amazing singers and really make me feel happy when I watch and listen to them. It's a good song in my opinion, and I really think that these girls have improved since the last PV that I saw them in... which was around half a year or more ago. Ooh...

Anyway, it's great in my opinion. The PV is really well made, I love the colour-coding, the energy, the dance and the energetic and up-beat tone of the song. The girls are all fabulous as well, especially that yellow one. She is so cute! Bluey looks quite Tsundere so I have a hard time actually liking her, but Yellow is so... well, Sunny and reminds me of the colour Yellow! So good colour choice! And Pinky looks like a cross between Yajima Maimi and Riho, but with awesome vocals.

Anyways... enjoy! Su and You!!!!

Picture of the Week

It's summer, baby, so break out the bikini, because this is the last summer that I get to see you.

Because it is only a week away until Peace on Earth... er, I mean Peace in MoMusu, this weeks image is dedicated to Winky Reina, who will be graduating on May 21st 2013. One more week, kids, one more week and then we shall be... I mean Reina shall be set free...


Hello! Pro Station episode 14 is here! This weeks MC is Berryz Kobou's Captain, Shimizu Saki, here to fill in a video full of news and footage!

Included in this week's episode:

Berryz Kobou performances (with Risako wearing giant Minnie Mouse ears that are stripped... what?) some backstage footage of the Berryz members... and nothing much else! It is a Berryz filled week this week!


I have a feeling one of those performances was Golden Chinatown... I dunno.

UF LICKS epsiode 13 is here! Once again Tasaki Asahi hosts the show. Please check it out!

This week includes concert footage from LoVendoЯ,footage of Tasaki Asahi and her vocal training, practice and recording sessions and that one dude who's name I don't know... and a bit more.


Every time I watch Tasaki play that piano, I get excited and I fall in love with her so much more. She is seriously amazing, this girl! I am totally in love with her... I am so glad that she is passionate in and out of concerts, even in practice. She always looks so alive...

Oh, the other bits of footage were okay too... but Tasaki is the one I noticed most!

Hello! Project News

Hello! Shop Ameba blog has officially opened.


Wait, there's a blog for Hello! Shop? Or is it a shop for Pigoo as well?

It has been announced that Hello! Shop Ueno will be merging with the new Akihabara Hello! Shop.


Wait, does that mean that the Ueno shop is closing too? Oh dear... :/

Hello! Project News

Hello! Project Haru no Dai Kansha Hinamatsuri Festival 2013 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on July 10th. There will be three versions available; the Blu-ray version that contains both concerts, Berryz Kobo 10 Nenme Totsunyuu Special! version and Thank You For Your Love! versions will be available on DVD.


Oh cool, I was wondering if they would actually release a DVD for this at all. Looks like they will, so yay!

Morning Musume

Oricon have reported that on May 13th, 2013 at 9:13am, Iida Kaori gave birth to a healthy baby boy. On May 14th, Kaori announced the birth of her son on her official blog.

Iida commented with: (This is a fairly rough translation, so bare with me)
"I am full of happiness that I can finally meet the child I have wanted to see for a long time." 

There are other parts of the article on Oricon that I can not translate properly, so I will leave it at that, but I am really happy to know that Kaorin has given birth to a healthy baby boy. I am so happy for her, and I know that she will cherish her son with all of her heart and give him so much love.

I would also like to point out that, upon seeing the picture of the baby's hand, I started crying. I really am so happy for Kaorin. She really deserves this.

Congratulations to both Kaori and her husband Kenji!

Morning Musume's Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai has been certified Gold by the RIAJ. Congrats MoMusu!


I am so pleased for MoMusu, it's amazing that they were able to gain the Gold again from Riaj! Congrats girls, you seriously deserve it, and I hope that this amazing streak continues! Well done!!!!

Due to a great amount of later submissions, it has been announced that there will be additional application dates for Morning Musume's 12th generation auditions.


Holy... did I read that right? Extended dates for MoMusu's auditions? Yes... YES... YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! Oh. My. Giddy. Aunt. YES!!!!


Iikubo Haruna has appeared in the June issue of occult magazine Mu where she speaks about her experiences of super mysterious UFO sightings.


Okay, my lord, this could only go to Harunan. Haha I am seriously laughing because it's funny, but it is very Harunan! I don't think that I could imagine anyone else in H!P doing this (maybe Zukki... but for a bug magazine) and even if it is strange (which Harunan is anyway, haha) I think that this will certainly branch MoMusu's fanbase out a bit... I hope! XD

There are too many great comments in the Wota in Translation article to quote!!!!

Berryz Kobou

Asianbeat have uploaded part 2 of their interview with Berryz Kobou members Shimizu Saki and Tokunaga Chinami. Please take a look at the article.


It's great that another part of the interview has been uploaded! Hopefully everyone can take a look at the article, which is in English, and see what Chii and Saki have said.


Sudo Maasa's birthday fanclub event on July 3rd has been announced.


Maasa is so beautiful, and when it is her birthday she will be even more beautiful... I wonder what she will sing?

Hello! Project News


A new version of C-ute's Kono Machi PV has been uploaded, and has been titled Kono Machi (Minna no ver.). This version was made using all the pictures of C-ute's fans' hometowns used as the backgrounds.


This is so much more sentimental, and a really nice gesture towards the fans to have their images used in the video. I think that this is a nice video, and whilst the song isn't my favourite, I am glad that UFP did this. It is sweet and shows that they appreciate the fans of C-ute.

Also, the fans have beautiful hometowns. I am jealous!


Juice=Juice Documentary video #6 has been uploaded. Please check it out!


I like these documentaries, they give us a nice insight into how hard the girls work and their improvements. I am seriously thankful that these things exist, actually.

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

Here are the names and ages of the six new Hello! Project Kenshuusei members. Together, they all make up the 18th generation trainee's.

Tanaka Karen - 15 (born December 24th, 1997) (Mie Prefecture)
Inaba Manaka - 15 (born December 27th, 1997) (Hokkaido Prefecture)
Mikame Kana - 14 (born August 28th, 1998) (Aichi Prefecture)
Fujii Rio - 14 (born March 4th, 1999) (Aichi Prefecture)
Mashiro Kana  - 13 (August 29th, 1999) (Aichi Prefecture)
Inoue Hikaru - 12 (August 31st, 2000) (Mie Prefecture)

Tanaka Karen and Inoue Hikaru are the first members of Hello! Project to come from Mie Prefecture.
Inaba Manaka was previously a backing dancer for the group EXILE at Kouhaku 2010, and was also a part of the Idol group PEACEFUL.
Mashiro Kana is the tallest member that Hello! Pro Kenshuusei has ever had. She is 168cm tall, and broke Mori Saki's record of 165cm.


It's nice to see names and a bit of interesting information about the new Kenshuusei. I also find it interested that most of the new girls are from Aichi, though it is, without a doubt, Manaka who seems to be the standout member; she has had previous dance and Idol experience, so she will be one to watch out for in my opinion.

Let's keep our eyes peeled for this one, okay?

Up-Front Promotion News

Takahashi Ai models for VANQUISH VENUS.


Holy heck, she looks hawt... I mean wow, she looks really hot. There are even hotter pictures on the FB source... go... NOW!!!

Facebook | Ryo Ishikawa Official Blog | Vanquish Venus Official Site

VANQUISH VENUS have uploaded a video of Takahashi Ai during the shoot.


Ai is looking so stylish and cool, and sexy... we can not forget sexy.


It has been announced that Tasaki Asahi will be the opening act for C-ute's May 12th and 25th concerts.


Glad to see that Tasaki will be performing before C-ute! Hopefully all of C-ute's fans will enjoy her performance, and possibly become a fan of hers as well?

Hello! Project News

Tasaki Asahi Documentary #4 has been uploaded. Please check it out!


I love the part where Tasaki enters, running, and slips because of her heels. Haha. Poor girl! She is so cute though, and her smile is just wonderful!


It has been revealed that Up Up Girls will release their first group photobook on May 31st!


Holy cow, that is some unexpected but amazing news! WOW!!!! I am so excited, and hopefully everyone else is as well! You go, girls!


Here is a preview to Sengoku Minami's appearance in Weekly Playboy! Please check it out~


Holy heck, she is cute! But they over-exposed her face and used far too much photoshop to give her a 'glow' or something.

Weekly Playboy

Hello! Satoyama Life will release Hello! Satoyama Life Voumes 3& 4 on June 12th.


Oooh, DVD releases! I don't watch Satoyama Life any more though... I might watch a few episodes at some point, though...

By the way, when is this SatoUmi movement going to happen?

J-Pop Idols



AKB48 Team B member Komori Mika has announced her graduation from the group. The announcement was made on May 9th during the Team B performance at the AKB48 Theatre.
The candidacy system for the upcoming general elections made me think deeply about my future. I’ve been doing this for 4 years and I thought about what’s to come. I’ve been doing my best in my own way, but I realized that the path I want to pursue is different from AKB48.” 
I thought about wanting to look at different worlds, and that I should have studied more after graduating high school. I made up my mind to graduate to aim towards one of my dreams, which is to study abroad.” - Komori Mika (Tokyohive)

So... this means that Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 is dead now, I guess?

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols | MELOS no Michi

The DVD covers for Kashiwagi Yuki's second solo live have been revealed, showing Yuki in a wedding dress. As the DVD and Blu-ray will be released in June, Yuki wanted a 'June Bride' theme for the covers.

The Blu-ray and DVD will be released on June 19th.


I was wondering why she was in a wedding dress, but now that I know it is the theme she chose because of the month the DVD would be released, it's a little more understandable... kinda. It doesn't relate to the concert, but whatever, it's a lot more imaginative than what H!P come up with.

Also, an illustration she has has been turned into a plushie... that's basically what Airi did, except Airi's was turned into a plushie first haha.

Tokyo Girls' Update | Tokyohive


SKE48 Kenkyuusei members Hioki Mika (Left) and Ito Akane (Right) have announced their graduations from the group. The announcement was made on May 9th in order to focus on their studies.


Focus on Studies, also meaning: We're not getting anywhere in this group, so we're bailing... Bye!

Also, Akane has a strange resemblance to Oda Sakura... or is that just me?

SKE48 will release a new single after around 6 months since their last single, Choco no Dorei, was released. The single, currently untitled, will be released on June 17th.
 “I have known nothing about next single, and I didn’t expect that it is announced today, I’m really surprised more than fans. I see that fans look forward to the next single, so I’ll do my best!” - Matsui Jurina (Tokyo Girls' Update) 

Wow, AKS' management is really slacking when it comes to the other groups, which is not a good thing in my eyes. The fans of SKE, NMB, HKT... they will surely be annoyed that AKB are releasing so much and the others aren't. I know that they have a lot of concerts and such, the same amount as AKB I think, and they also perform in AKB singles... but those who are fans of the other units must be annoyed. I know I would be!


It has been announced that HKT48 member Sashihara Rino will produce SKE48's 'Lifetime Honorary Kenshuusei' member Matsumura Kaori's solo debut single. Sashihara herself made the announcement via a live-broadcast of the late night variety show AKB Video Centre where she serves as the MC.

Here is a message that Sashihara recieved from Akimoto Yasushi regarding her position as Kaori's 'Producer':
Business correspondence. SKE48’s lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei, Matsumura Kaori is making her solo debut, so you produce her. You, as an idol lover, enhance Matsumura’s charm. You decide the song, order for the song arrangements, and write the lyrics.” - Akimoto Yasushi (Tokyohive) 
It will be a very precious song for both Matsumura and her fans, so I will try my hardest!! I seriously have to do my best-.”
 “By the way, it was decided 5 minutes before the broadcast for real. I wish everybody could see how all of us panicked behind the scene…! (laughs)” - Sashihara Rino via Google+ (Tokyohive)
It seems like there are various opinions, but I am very happy personally. I was able to be in the news, thanks to Sashihara-san. No.4 (in the general election) is incredible after all-.” - Matsumura Kaori via Google+ (Tokyohive) 
Previously, Sashihara Rino has written her own lyrics for two of her own solo songs and has also produced a live event which ten Idol groups attended. This will be the first time for Sashihara to challenge herself with producing and selling an Idol.


It seems that a lot of fans are now dubbing Sasshi as 'Sasshi-P', though looking at the comments from Tokyohive, the feedback is pretty 50/50. There are those who don't like this and openly oppose Sasshi becoming a 'producer' or 'manager' type for Kaori, whilst there are those who openly accept it and are excited by what Sasshi can do with this opportunity. I personally think that this is a great opportunity, and will really show what Sasshi is made of; she seems to be a very dedicated and hard-working girl, and paired with her love for Idols, I think that she could become an amazing producer when trying to sell Kaori to the public.

I would also love to see Sasshi direct the PV and decide how the PV should look, however we can not have it all, can we? I will just look forward to how Sasshi does from here on though, and I will root for her!!!


On May 8th, former AKB48 Kenkyuusei member Nishikawa Nanami was introduced as a second generation member of Nogizaka46. Nanami was introduced during the second half of Nogizaka46's 16-nin no Principle deux performance at the Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo.

Four years ago, I was active as an AKB48 kenkyuusei, but I applied to audition for Nogizaka46 since I could not forget about that time.”   She greeted fans with, “It was a short time, but when I was an AKB48 Kenkyuusei, I learned a lot about the glamour of the (entertainment) world as well as the strictness.  I am extremely happy to be standing on this stage.”  She continued strongly with, “I think there are people who believe that I should not be a member of Nogizaka46.  However, I will face it with this iron mentality.” - Nishikawa Nanami (Tokyohive)


It's interesting to see a member from AKB48 Kenkyuusei go into NG46... interesting indeed... but I do wonder how the fans are taking it?

Misc Idols and Groups News

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's major debut single Baito Fighter achieved a Daily Number 1 oricon ranking for the first day of its release.


I know for sure it didn't stay at number one after that, however for the first day of its release I am seriously impressed and so happy for the group! Well done on getting a Daily Number 1 for your major debut, girls!

Oricon Rankings

(From Upper Left to Bottom Right: Limite Ki, Tsu and Ne editions, and Regular edition)

The jacket covers and track list for Baby Metal's up-coming second single Megitsune have been revealed. The single will be released on June 19th, and will be available in four editions.

Track List:

1. Megitsune
2. Onedari Daisakusen (Limited editions only)
3. Akatsuki (Regular edition only)
(+ Air vocal versions on Regular edition only)

DVD Track List:

Ki Edition:
DVD: Live Clip 2012.10.6「I,D,Z~LEGEND”I”」at Shibuya O-EAST
01. Overture~Do・Ki・Do・Ki☆Morning
02. Headbanger!!

Tsu Edition:
DVD: Live Clip 2012.12.20「I,D,Z~LEGEND“D” SU-METAL Seitansai」 at AKASAKA BLITZ
02. Kimi to Anime ga Mitai ~Answer for Animation With You

Ne Edition:
DVD: Live Clip 2013.2.1「I,D,Z~LEGEND“Z”」at Zepp Tokyo
01. Overture~Ijime, Dame, Zettai
02. Catch me if you can


Holy fudge cookies, that Regular edition scares me o-O

It has been announced that Tokyo Cheer(2) Party will be making their major debut under Victor Entertainment's VERSIONMUSIC on June 26th. Their major debut single has been titled Gamushara Spirits.


I had no idea that they were indies, I always thought that Tokyo Cheer(2) Party were actually the sister unit to Cheeky Parade... no idea why haha XD

(From Top Left to Bottom: Limited A, B, C, D and Regular versions)

Here are the covers and track list for Tokyo Cheer(2) Party's major debut single Gamushara Spirits. For the covers, the girls were split into two teams for the Limited versions, but are all together in the Regular version.

Gamushara Spirits will be released on June 26th, and is said to be a perfect song for the upcoming summer season.

Track List:

01. Gamushara Spirits
02. Koi no Kyori
03. Manabi no Michi
04. 1 Han no Jikoshoukai (Type A/B only)
05. 2 Han no Jikoshoukai (Type C/D only)
(+ Gamushara Spirits instrumental)


The one on Team Pink with the pigtails is extremely scary looking...


The Taiwanese all-girl Japanese Idol group Weather Girls have revealed that they will be taking an exam in January 2014 to become real Weather Girls. As the pass rate for this exam is about 5%, the girls are already planning to hold special study events together with their fans helping them along the way.
We’re already studying and it’s really difficult, but we will work very hard.” - Esse

I was actually unaware that the Weather Girls were actually not real Weather Girls, however I do support them and hope that they can achieve their dreams and become real Idols and Weather Girls in one! Good luck girls!!!

It has been announced that Tokyo Girls' Style will release a group photobook on June 15th. The tentative title for the book is TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE PHOTO BOOK. The main theme of the book is 'Field Trip' and will feature the girls in Yukata, casual clothes and so on. Pictures from their live performances will also be included.

Further detaisl regarding the photobook and the release event will be announced at a later date on the official TGS website.


It's nice to hear that TGS will be getting a group photobook! I know that image books of your favourite members are nice, but when you have a group of girls together, or the whole group, I think that it makes everything a lot more fun to look at, especially if the girls are really close! Hopefully all fans of TGS will be able to purchase a copy!

Here is an announcement that so many JE/H!S!J fans have been waiting for. Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing their 10th single, titled Come On A My House on June 26th. The single will come in three editions, two limited and one regular, but only one Limited version will include a DVD. The title track is currently being used as the theme song for House Foods' Vermont Curry CM which stars the members.

Additionally, the group will hold a campaign where 10,000 people who purchase their single, and apply for the lottery, can win a special DVD, JUMParty Vol.3.

It has been a year and four months since the release of their last single SUPER DELICATE.

Track List:

1. Come On A My House
2. Just For You (Hey! Say! 7) (Limited Edition 2)
3. Scramble (Hey! Say! BEST) (Limited Edition 2)
4. BOUNCE (Regular Edition)
5. New Hope ~Konna ni Bokur wa Hitotsu~ (Regular Edition)

Limited 1 DVD Track List:

1. Come On A My House Video Clip & Making


My Facebook feed has been filled with this news, there are so many people who are ecstatic about it... and I can understand why. I mean, I get so happy when Bump.y release stuff, so yeah, I know how you all feel, bro's... sisters... er, minions. So YAAAAAY WELCOME BACK, H!S!J! 8D

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 have announced the participation of 46 new groups and soloists who will perform at the event on the 27th and 28th of July. Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu!, Weather Girls, Houkago Princess, Bump.y, TGS, Fudanjuku, BiS and Nice Girl Project Trainee's are among some of the many Idol groups who will be participating in the event.


Do you know what? I'm happy. Why? Because HouPri are DOING SOMETHING, and so are Bump.y. Oh, and Fudanjuku will be there, but Fudanjuku are always there cos they are awesome... do you know what else is awesome? The fact that Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu! will be there, too. And Weather Girls.


It has been announced that idol group bump.y will hold a concert titled bump.y Happy Birthday Concert ~The 3rd Departure~ on August 25th. This concert will mark their third anniversary since their first single debut, Voice, which was released on August 25th 2010.

The concert will take place at Laforet Museum in Roppongi, Tokyo, and there will be an afternoon stage and an evening stage.


I am just so glad to see some Bump.y news and updates here, somewhere... thank goodness!!! My darlings!!!

The Limited C and D edition covers to Houkago Princess' up-coming single Juliet ~Kimi Wo Sukina Hyaku No Riyuu~ (2013 Version) have been revealed. Both the C and D versions of the single contain six tracks, three song and their instrumental counterparts, however the third song is different to the other.

The single is set to release on May 15th. This will be Houkago Princesses third national release since their debut back in August 2011.


I am so glad I decided to look for the covers, because YES they were uploaded! FINALLY!!!!

Pokemon & Misc News

Four new Pokemon from the up-coming X and Y games have been revealed! Panchum (Fighting, Panda), Fletchling (Normal, Bird), Gogoat (Grass, Goat) and Helioptile (Electric, Reptile) were all revealed in the May 2013 issue of CoroCoro magazine. It has also been revealed that Gogoat is a riding Pokemon, meaning that in certain area's your protagonist can ride around town on it. (All names are in Japanese, there are no English names as of yet).

Furthermore, the Region name for the X and Y series has been revealed to be called Karos, and it will be based on France.


Official 2D illustrations of the Pokemon X and Y female and male protagonists have been revealed!  The magazine scan, from the magazine CoroCoro, has also revealed that, for the first time in Pokemon gaming history, you can customise your character slightly. It was also mentioned in the magazine that there would be a new feature added to the game where you can ride certain types of Pokemon in certain towns.

More news will be revealed at a later date, so stay tuned!


YEEEEES!!!!! -is happy, I have no other words. SORRY!-

PV/Song Previews

A promotional video for Ono Erena's new single FightingHero and her drama Tank Top Fighter has been revealed. Please check it out! (Youtube embedding has been disabled, so please watch on youtube)


WOOHOO!!! FINALLY, IT IS HERE! YES! WELCOME BACK, EREPYON!!!!! I can not WAIT for the entire PV!!! My gawd!!!

Also, by far her most original-sounding song yet. Finally!!!! (and she is damn hot in this too, and her performance is the best I have seen from her yet... I got chills, they're multiplying... WHOO!)

A concert video of Up Up Girls performing their new song Natural Born ・Idol has been uploaded to youtube, so please check it out!


The song sounds very Idol-y and cutesy, but it doesn't sound that vanilla... just annoyingly cute! I have no idea how I feel about the song, however it seems to make the girls feel hyped up and happy, so yay! It actually looks like a lot of fun to perform, so nice work, girls!

... Okay, I hate it already XD

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Tokyo MX have released Press Release footage from Kikkawa Yuu's YOU21 photobook release event. Please check it out!


Oh, there is life in her eyes! Surprising!!! And she looks genuinely happy, in that sort of I-want-to-eat-your-soul kind of way.

Kawaii Pateen Report Akihabara Backstage Pass #14 has been uploaded, so please check it out for some cute new fashion tips from the Backstage Pass girls!


Some more cute clothes (and girls) have been featured, yes! And I like the whole 'sweet and spicy' feel of the first girls outfit. It somewhat reminds me of Shugo Chara's Amu Hinamori. Ah, I loved that manga so much~

Oricon have released press release footage from Bakasute Sotokande's release event for their major debut single Baito Fighter. Please check it out!


I want their outfits, I really do. And Oshima Karin looks like Maeda Yuuka when she had short her in my opinion. Wow. And what, who is that visiting them? HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG XD That was very unexpected!

Oricon have released further footage from Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's major debut release event for Baito Fighter. Please check it out!


I didn't expect them to get so many people on the stage, but wow, they managed! It looks so full and lively!

JIJIPRESS have released their own footage from the release event for Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's major debut single Baito Fighter. Please check it out!


It still amazes me that there are so many of them and they can still fit on that stage. Amazing I say!!!! Also, very happy that there are a few performances shown here that are a bit longer than what Oricon featured in their own video's. The girls' energy is also seriously amazing, it makes me smile! :D

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage from the Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 news conference. Members of Idolling!!!, IDOL COLLEGE, Up Up Girls, AeLL, THE Possible, Cheeky Parade, Tokyo Girls' Style, Fudanjuku, Sakura Gakuin (video message) and soloist Mariko Goto were presented and interviewed at the event. Please take a look~


Why the Hell are The Possible called the POSSIBOOOOOOO or whatever it is? What? xD

New gameplay footage of the new Pokemon games, X and Y (set to release October 2013) has been released! The new gameplay footage reveals that you can now ride certain Pokemon in certain area's, and has also revealed some new Pokemon! Check it out!




And that is all the news we have for this week! Hopefully this has been a big enough fill for you all, but until next time, please wait on the Idol News and enjoy your week. Ja ne!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: May 14th, 2013


  1. I really enjoyed the Up Up Girls song. It sounded like they were poking fun at a lot of things. Especially every time they said Pika pi and Daisuki~ Like it was meant to be overly cutesy in a tongue in cheek sort of way.

    Actually made me more interested in the group now.

    1. Hm, I thought it was pretty bad, but that's just me! :D But I'll watch out for the tongue-in-cheek thing wheee~