Friday, 24 May 2013

An iDol-filled Street of Colourful PAN-PAKA-PANTSU!

Don't like my opinion? Go suck it... oooh I am polite today, aren't I?

Yes... I know that Pantsu=Panties. Why do you think I did it? :p

This is a post I had planned to do a while back I believe, and I had all the screencaps ready to go, but then... college. And Winky Week.

And lazyness. But we'll pretend that I'm not lazy, okay? OKAY!!!!!! Musume Time

So way back when this first came out, I admit, I did fall in love with it, and for a long time I played the video on a loop just to hear the cute, catchy song and just re-live how adorable I thought it all was. Heck, I was so besotted by this PV that I decided to make my new banner based around this PV. I swear, this is the second time a SUPER☆GiRLS PV has inspired my banner. 2012's summer single inspired my summer banner then, and this time, PAN-PAKA-PAN has inspired this banner.

I swear, SUPER☆GiRLS may be generic as hell, but they sure do bring about some awesome inspiration. Thanks, guys!

Anyway, as you have all probably guessed, today I will be taking a look at the iDol Street PV for PAN-PAKA-PAN. This is a full-Project effort right here, where all the girls from SUPER☆GiRLS and other random iDol Street groups get together and sing, dance and basically... well, collaborate. It's a bit like MoBeKiMaSu I guess, though with fewer members. The song itself is a b-side for the new SUPER☆GiRLS single, and whilst the A-side fails to impress me at all, this colour-riddled PV certainly caught my attention, and also won my heart.

... I swear, when it comes to colour, pretty images and pretty ladies, I am like a kid in a candy store, or a kid reading a cartoon book. It's all so preeeeettyyyyyyyy~

I also decided to review this because, for once in all of Avex history (be warned: you may have a mini heart attack when you read this), this is a FULLY UPLOADED PV!!!! Yes guys, breathe... BREATHE, I SAY!!!! -shakes your shoulders dramatically-

Minor shocks aside, and also the end of my dithering about here, wanna check out the PV with me? Pan-Paka-Paka-Pan, let's go!!!!

Oh wow, it looks like someone let their kid loose on MS Paint, I wonder how well this will go... -title comes up- oooooh, sparkles...

Okay, I love their trousers. Where can I buy me a pair? With an Idol in them, of course...

It's so cute how they bounce around like kangaroo's and bunny rabbits whilst in heels.

... Actually, that would hurt.


I use that song reference far too much.

Okay, gotta admit, Big Ears is quite the cutie. I also love her shirt, and her shoes.

Oh, so there's some stretching going on here as well as flower-watering? Is this just one giant hoard of activities in a video, then?

"Aaaaand STRETCH!!!! Work those muscles, WORK THEM TILL YOU BLEED!!!!" said the girl in Ochre yellow pants.

"Ah shit, I'm late!" said the girl stuffing bread into her mouth.

"Mhm, flowers..." Said Dopey, the Big-eared cutie, walking along and not looking where the hell she was going...

... Yes, Dopey, that's what happens when you fail to look in the right direction. You bump into people and injure the poor things with your heels. WELL DONE!!!! -slow claps-

Girls: "OH MA GAWD, did you see? She bumped into her cos she wasn't looking!!!"
Dopey: "Oh ma gawsh, are you okays?"
Yellow-Green Pants: "Yeah, but thank goodness you didn't step on my foot with your heels!!! You woulda impaled me!!!"

... I am actually in awe at the amount of coloured trousers/pants there are in this PV. What about you?

... Oh, hi there random advertisement for subscribing to Avex's channel! Why the Hell are you there?

... Because Chiima forgot to turn off annotations, that's why. She also failed to re-cap the caption. Urgh.

Cutie-Pie: "Tee-hee!"

Hahahaha oh my gosh, this is too cute. I like that girl, can I keep her? Pleeeease? The puffer face is adorbs x10!

And also, the girl with the pen on her top lip. Marry me, yes pleasey indeedy. Too cute for words!

I swear, every time I see a jump in an Idol PV, I can't help but think of High School Musical... whhhhy?

Yellow-pants is derping at the fact that Cutie-Pie is posing and camera hogging with the basketball.

That is one delayed reaction there, Squeaky-kins.

... She just looks like she squeaks, okay?

Holy fuck, HAPPINESS GALORE!!! It's because there are so many colourful pants in one video, isn't it?

Squeaky: "YEEEEEI, PANTSU!!!!"

I have to say, those pants and that set are pretty damn awesome. It certainly keeps me entertained, at least.

In all honesty, the minute I saw this scene, I immediately thought of my Zukkini picking an apple.

Ah, the memories of when Zukki was Dora the Explorer's reincarnation, but cuter and Japanese...

HEY!!!! That's Zukki's apple!!!! I shall never forgive you! D8<

Crush Girl: "Squeeee, I'm gonna give my senpai this rabu rabu letter! Ah, I hope she returns my love..."
Apple-Thief: "Eh? Letters in this day and age? What is this, Primary school?"
Gnashy: "Holy cow, I hope that love letter isn't for me..."

Crush Girl: "Squeee.... PLEASE ACCEPT MY FEELINGS!!!!!!!! KYAAAAA!"
Pigtails: "HOMAGAWD!"
Musatrd-Pantsu: "Oh my GOSH, that is sooooo QUTE!"
Gnashy: "Holy fuck it is."

Holy cow, Pigtails there got the ugliest pantsu in the entire PV. I feel sorry for her, cos she is cute.

Whisper Gurl: "Oh ma gawd Becky, did you look at her butt? It was soooo round...."

The Apple Thief seems to listen intently to gossip and nonsense.

Wait, is it Christmas already? HURRAH, SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN, MAMA!!!!!

... Oh, wait, now it's TV time? Okay! -sits in front of the TV-

... And I think that I have found the Idol that I want to buy with my Colourful Pantsu. YES!!!!

Holy Cow, Picasso had some funky bright pink pantsu there! Also, loving the orange beret!

Happy Genki Blondie: "PEASU!!!!"

Oh look, YOGA!!!!

Okay, Ribbon twirling is always a winner, and my Happy Genki Blondie girl seems to enjoy distracting people with some cheeky lil' antics...

Happy Genki Blonde: "Bleeeeeeeh!"

Cheeky lil' Monkey!

Mustard Pants 1: "OH MY GAWD, CAMERA!!!!" -mugs the camera-
Mustard Pants 2: "Is she wearing the sa... SHE IS, SHE'S WEARING THE SAME PANTSU AS ME!!!"

Oh, the tragedy when two who wear the same Pantsu come along...

Yes, I only capped this image for Happy Genki Blondie. Seriously though, isn't she adorable!?

Mustard Pantsu 2: "Now, where are my fans...?"

The search for more coloured pantsu begins...

I SEE COLOURED PANTSU!!!!! Kyahahahahaha!!!!

Gnashy: "And say 'CHEEESU' kay?"

Awww, a cute little picture of the colourful pantsu girls... how sweet!

Wait, why can't I see their colourful pantsu here!? Give me my pantsu!!!

Oh wow, Gnashy's chompers are really... well, chompy. Then again, I think that is a part of her chompy charm.

Awww, Gnashy, did I hurt your feelings? I'm sowwy... I wuv you weally...

Gnashy: "I don't like the dark..."

I don't like seeing Gnashy alone in this! Isn't this supposed to be a friendly PV?

Gnashy: "Teehee, there's nothing written on this letter at all..."

Oh wait, lights are up again, HURRAH!!!

Her voice is pretty annoying, but what can ya do?

Holy cow, Dopey's ears are pretty giant o-O Good thing I find big ears cute, but holy cow, her voice is horrible!

Ponytail looks like she wants to cry...

Ponytail: "I hate colourful pa-pantsu... ueeeeee..."

Still not getting over those ears... and hey, did Kashiwagi Yuki manage to sneak onto the Avex set? Cos that looks like Kashiwagi on the right...

Oi, Kashi, aren't you supposed to be eating erotically to try and get votes or something?

Yeah, I only screen capped this for that one chicks priceless face as she mugs the camera for all its worth...

Camera Mugger: "HOMAGAWD, THERE'S A CAMERA!!!!!!"

Holy cow, it's the Gathering of the Colorful Pants o-O

... I think that Avex bought out the entire Gee Pantsu store, don't you?

You know what? I really wish that I was wearing my very own mint-green pantsu for this PV review, because it would just complete everything. Sadly (or not) I am instead wearing comfortable pantsu... because it is lazy time, and I don't like wearing uncomfortable pantsu for PV Reviews.

Wait, why am I talking about my own colourful or comfy pantsu? I must shut up, because we are clearly here to talk about PAN-PAKA-PAN's colourful pantsu, not mine. So, let's sit back, find our own colourful pantsu, and talk about this PV, shall we?

Okay, so when I first saw this PV, I fell head over heels in love with it; the song, though generic and very unoriginal for SUPER☆GiRLS (which is normal), was just too catchy and sugary to dislike, and the video itself... well, I think that the colour and the amount of different-coloured Gee-like pants used in this kinda explains all there is needed to know about this video. It's just fun and colourful, and really cheerful to watch. It's very happy and up-lifting as well, which is always needed on a gloomy, rainy English day, in my opinion, and also very much appreciated.

The set for this video is extremely cheerful and really makes me think of a happy and energetic summer; in fact, when I first laid eyes on this PV and finished it, I couldn't help but feel that summer was finally here - I know that there are no bikini's or anything else summery to make you think of summer, but for me, summer is all about being happy, energetic, and lots of colour, so seeing this PV made me immediately think of Summer and that, finally, it is here! Other than the summer-feeling behind it though, I do think that PV is very cute and friendly, and the simplicity of it is just so sweet and endearing to watch. It doesn't feel too childish, unlike what the backdrop set would imply, but it doesn't feel like it's too mature, either. I feel like this is the sort of PV that children and adults could watch together, because it's so simple and adorable, but not so cheesy that a parent wouldn't want to sit with their kid to watch it.

I also think that the addition of the random activities the girls were doing in this PV were a nice little add to the video; it gave us some background movement and differentiation as the video went on I think. The backdrop stayed the same, but the girls behind it changed and were always doing something different, such as exercise  school work, eating or painting, keeping the background lively and active for the viewers so that it didn't get boring at all, despite being a one-set based video. Who cares if they never change location? I think that the girls doing what they did was enough to keep the viewers entertained, because what the girls did was either really really cute, cheeky, or just plain adorable and fun to watch! It also gave us a nice little insight on random personalities of the girls as well, so that's a plus!

I also adore the dance for this song; it's extremely cute and lively, and if there was a dance shot of this, believe you me I would learn it... it's so quirky and addictive! I even copy the hand movements when I watch the video because they are so cute! I think it helps that the girls have a lot of bounce and happiness in their movement here, it just makes the dance look that much more fun, though admittedly I would never do it in heels...
 Yeah, long story short, the dance is adorable and I think that it really suits the song and video. The dance has a certain cheerfulness about it that makes you, as a viewer, want to dance and play along with the girls of iDol Street, rather than just sitting there and watching it. The sheer enthusiasm they have for the dance and song as well helps, I believe.

Actually, let's talk about that a little bit, the energy and enthusiasm behind this song... there is a lot of it, I think, and I really feel like the girls did actually love this song and video when performing it. Their smiles seem so genuine and lively! And seeing their happiness in this PV, of course it makes me feel happy as well, which is what makes this PV so amazing I think; the happiness that these girls exude in their performance makes the viewers happy, and if an MV can do that, then doesn't that make it a pretty good music video if their emotions can come across to you? I believe so, but you are a totally different person! (I have no idea if I make any sense here, but oh well...)

So yeah, I do like this song and PV. In my opinion, whilst the song may be generic as heck, they do make a lovely start-of-summer combination that really made me feel like Summer had begun, even if the weather over here says otherwise. The backdrop, whilst the same, is great and really eye-catching and cute, and the girls were all animated and fun to watch. The pants, too... the pants/trousers were great, I really think that the combination of the white shirts with the colourful pants really brings that 'fresh' summer feel to the entire video, and makes me anticipate summer even more now.

It's a fun, colourful, cheerful and energetic PV, and it makes me really wish that the damn sun would come out, because then I would really feel like wearing my own colourful pants and an airy, cute shirt!

... with the possibility of a random outburst of dancing, though I might scare the neighbours!

So... will you get out your own Pan-Paka-Pantsu?


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  1. Loved the review.
    Will be purchasing many pairs of coloured trousers when I can because of this video.


  2. NO... FREAKIN'... WAAAAY!!!

    You reviewed this way the hell back and I missed it? I am disgusted with myself. I can no longer live with the dishonor... the shame is too much to bear... *shoots self*

    *slumps over on keyboard*

    *lifeless body accidentally hits play*

    *opening strains of Pan-Paka-Pan resurrect Sonda*

    *throws gun in trash and starts singing along like a big damn goof*

    I love this song. It's so catchy-happy-pan. Super Girls are a really happy group and the group that opened my ears to JPOP. I think I may have told you this before, but if it hadn't been for Googling their Everybody Jump video I wouldn't have landed here. Just think of all the fun I would have missed!

    I'm really happy you like this song. It's an immediately likeable little anthem and I'm pleased that everyone else thought so too and it did as well as it did. It's strange to me how you label Super Girls' songs as generic because to my ears their songs are very high quality (not counting their debut album) - the musicianship, the production, and (most of) the songwriting is impeccable (even on the album tracks the melodies are so darn catchy!*) - each of the girls looks distinctive and brings great humor and fun to the PVs, so I have to wonder if I just haven't heard enough of what's out there to be able to understand why it earns the generic badge. Maybe there's so much more good music floating around that I still have yet to discover. I seriously wish a whole lot of the other stuff I have heard was as "generic" as Super Girls. If it were I'd think I'd have died and gone to heaven! Oh well, taste is a quirky thing. Each to their own an' all that. At least there's plenty of variety out there. Something to satisfy every listener's tastes.

    Thanks for the fun picspam, Chii. If ever we meet and go shopping, the first pair of coloured pants are on me!

    *except for Celebration. Maybe the lyrics are what made that song candidate for a single, I donno, but to me THAT is what a generic song sounds like - something I could write (and immediately discard) while putting my clothes in the drier just to give myself a chuckle at how easily I could write a forgettable, paint-by-the-numbers song if I wanted to - so unlike all their other stuff.


      No, please Sonda... PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ;W; I NEED YOOOOU! <3 -hugs Sonda-

      Maybe Celebration was there to be run of the mill, test the waters a bit and see how it fared? I dunno. XD

  3. Glorious! You have picked the perfect word for it right there, Chii. And don't worry, it would take something a whole lot worse than death to drag me away from the equally glorious O!MT. Oh, hey, look - a carrot dangling from a stick!

    Must. Have. Carrot...

    *Sonda chases off never to return*

    *Sonda is kidding like a fiend!*

    There are many things in this world I can manage without... and super-happy-fun-time-Chiima-goodness is not one of them. *hugs*

    1. Sonda... NEVER LEAVE ME ;W; <3 -hugs and clings-

      Also... -dangles carrot on a stick, and some pan-paka-pants-