Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Chime's of A Sakura Clock - Tasaki Asahi's 'Sakura Dokei' PV Review

My opinions are my own, HIYAAAH!

I had a tough tie deciding whether or not I would review this, because let's be honest; I hate those damn hardsubs more than anything as a blogger, but I also like them as a fan. Either way though, they are effing annoying.

Let's just say that it's a good thing I love Asahi, or else I wouldn't be here doing this review.

Sakura Dokei/Uya no Tsuki is Tasaki Asahi's second indies single under UFP and the SATOYAMA unit, and despite selling a measly 287 copies in the first week of its release, I still think that this is one of the best songs to come out of an indies act under UFP. Granted, I have yet to hear what GREEN FIELDS managed to concoct, but really I have no hope for that group. At all.

I am all for Asahi, personally, and I think that she is dang fabulous. She also knows how to play the piano, which is a major plus for me as a viewer and fan of her. I also think that she is a fantastic singer, and I really do wish she had sold more... but then I remember that UFP are shite with promotion (unless it is, weirdly enough, to do with H!P) and only seem to promote her at the H!P concerts and Satoyama based events... but even then, it is a wonder why her single sold so little.

Anyway, regardless of the single sales, this is a perfect release to me... I have no idea what you guys think though.

This calls for some pictures, though be warned; this is awfully damned short because subtitles ruin everything. I am one bitter bitch

Sakura Dokei... Thank goodness there are cherry blossoms in this, or I would rage all over the place.

Ah, Asahi at her Piano... sure, she doesn't have the name that flows with piano like 'Mano Piano' did, but whatever. She rocks it better than Mano did, by far.

I will call you... TasaPi, or AsaPi. Or something... I dunno, I need to get Piano in there somewhere.

TasaPi: "I just realised that Asa is in my first and last name..."

Loving this filter, very reminiscent and memory lane like.

Holy hell there's a location! MAY DAY MAY DAY!!!

Oh wait, I forgot... Satoyama funded this, no wonder.

Ignoring the damn hardsubs, this is one pretty shot of Asahi. She is just so... lovely...

HOLY FUDGE COOKIES, A CLOCK!? So the title has both items in it that it refers to! My gawd Satoyama, you do spoil us by making the PV relevant to the title!

TasaPi: "I feel like a cloud..."

Okay, next time I go to college and someone asks me how I feel, I will say "Like a damn fluffy cloud, BITCH!"

Wouldn't it be awkward if TasaPi here actually broke into the school and just started to tinkle a tune on the piano?

Is tinkle even the right phrase here?

TasaPi: "Holy fudge cookies, a clock... Can I steal it?"

I do wonder why the clock is on the ground, really. Did someone just forget to put it back up, or did someone break it?

Better yet, is it the Cuckoo Clock of Doom?

Clock: "Bitch, you shall not touch me. LAZER SPARKLE EFFECTS OVERLOAD YEAH!"

Okay, so the clock rejected TasaPi's advances. Poor TasaPi...

I swear, Satoyama cameramen love TasaPi's neck here. They also liked her neck in Tegami.

... If this keeps going on, I might find myself adding 'neck' to my list of Idol fetishes. That said, she does have a beautiful neck.

I can not honestly say that I relate to this sub; I hated school and I certainly do not cry over the school days gone. In fact, I celebrate.

You can see how far apart those two captions are, haha xD But hey, the return of the neck!

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you; the clock produces Cherry Blossoms. Whaddaya know?

Cut off at the head to fit the beautiful neck in.

I love how short her dress is. More leg to appreciate, really <3 Though this video is all about dat. neck.

I just loved this shot, and that's the only valid reason I have for putting this clip in here.

And here you would think that they would use their hardsubs to help us along with what this bit says, but nope... those mother fuckers just continue to fuck you over, don't they? Bitches.

Damn, this PV pic spam is pretty... well, pretty pathetic in my opinion, but really, what can I do when every other part of the video is made up of subtitles that would basically deflect what I want to say about a certain image or scene, eh? Well regardless, I think that this will do... I guess.

Damn hardsubs

Anyway, regardless of those pesky subs, I do genuinely love this video to the point that I nearly cry when I watch it because, damn, it is so beautiful. I actually think that this is currently my favourite PV by Asahi, not that that's too hard to achieve right now, but also my favourite video from the SATOYAMA based PV's that are out already. It's absolutely stunning and just a pure joy to watch; each shot is beautifully taken, the filter used works well with the image of the song and leaves the impression of days gone by and memories passing, and really gives the video that sense of 'Graduation' and leaving your school days behind.

But it's not just how beautifully shot the video is that gets me; it's Asahi herself. Every time I watch her play the piano, I feel moved and so aware of her passion. I feel extremely happy when I watch her because when you look at her in this video, it is so very obvious that she is passionate about the piano and that she absolutely adores it. Her entire face just lights up, and you can see that it is just her and the piano. The people around her filming don't matter; it's just her and that beautiful instrument, creating something perfect together, and every time I see her face light up I am just so, so moved, and I feel the need to love her more.

Now this is a random titbit I am adding in here, but it is relevant, I promise; I don't think that Asahi is spectacularly beautiful, in fact she is very plain when it comes to her looks, but when I see her on that piano she becomes the most beautiful person in the world to me, because her smile, her eyes, everything about her just shows that she is passionate and so in love with the piano and singing and just doing what she loves, and for me that makes her extremely beautiful, regardless of how plain she looks. Yeah, there are plenty of pretty girls in Hello! Project, but I actually have yet to find someone who has stunned me so much and made me see their beauty through singing or playing an instrument. That may sound terribly cheesy, but it's the truth; not even Gaki's undying love for Morning Musume surpasses Asahi's love for the piano, and seeing her on that piano just changes how I see her, so to me she is probably the most beautiful person in all of Hello! Project because her passion is beyond everyone else's, and just makes her look so god damn beautiful.

To me the PV is perfect; it's beautifully shot, the filter works to both the video and songs credit, and Asahi is just amazing as a performer in this. I especially love her piano scenes, and I really can not get enough of this PV, it is just that beautiful. It represents the theme of Graduation perfectly in both lyrics and video, and is a great second single from Asahi in my opinion, and so far my favourite video from the SATOYAMA based units.

It's gorgeous, and yes I highly recommend you all to watch it. It's a beautiful PV with an extremely beautiful, passionate pianist who is just so wonderful to watch.

It is so nice seeing someone so passionate about what they do, really. And yes, I freakin' LOVE. IT!


  1. Chiima, I just have to say the "random titbit" passage is some of your best writing to date. Just brilliant! And that last caption made me cheer because it was EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw the PV!!

    1. Awww thank you ;A; but it's the truth for me, because Asahi IS beautiful, and it is her talent and passion that makes her that way. And es, damn hardsubs, we needed you for the final scene! CURSES! -shakes fist-

  2. I like reading your posts :) The little writing on the wall that they didn't sub reads "I'll do my best as I face towards my dreams!! - Asahi"

    1. Awww thank you :D And Oh my gosh, thanks for the translation!!!! So cute! ;w;