Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #49

D-D-D-Daaaaang, look at that Digest! I wanna read dat! DIGEST TIME!

Have you had your fill of Digest this week?


Welcome to this week's Digest, once again filled with the finest of Idol news from the week gone by! Let's see what's in store for you all, shall we?

The return of Houkago Princess! Plenty of single covers released! Mizuki's PB Covers released! Previews galore, including Perfume! Press Release footage from MoMusu's Fan Appreciation event! A disbandment? And so much more!!!

This week has once again been a flurry of news and happiness in the Idol world, with a tad bit of sadness thrown in there as well, but thakfully there is more good news than sad news, such as the return of effing HouPri! YES!!!!! I am so freakin' HAPPY!!!

Also, there has been a surprising amount of Misc. Idol/Groups news this week as opposed to H!P or AKB... The other Idols are on a roll, guys!

In other random news this week: I managed to write up my Graduation Appreciation Post for Tanaka Reina! So look forward to it, I guess~

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Oricon Toppers!

This week's Oricon Toppers are two male groups, Golden Bomber and Kanjani8! Golden Bomber have received their first Oricon weekly number 1 on the album charts with their album The Past Masters vol. 1 and were able to sell an amazing 114,000 copies. This makes Golden Bomber the second Indies artist to top the Oricon ranks in both a single and album weekly ranking.
“Thank you everyone who purchased the CD. Continuing after our single in January, our album also topped in the first week…we are trembling at how powerful our agency is! We will continue doing our best. Ah, this time we topped without having a handshake event…(weeping for joy).” - Kiryuin Sho (Vocalist) (Tokyohive)
In the Single weekly rankins, Johnny's Entertainment group Kanjani8 have topped the charts with their new single Hesomagari/Koko ni shika nai Keshiki which sold an amazing 295,000 copies. This marks the groups 10th consecutive single to top the chart.

Congratulations to both groups, especially Golden Bomber!

Video of the Week

Ai Feng Tou by Show Luo

This weeks video is one from an artist I have a little bit of a teenage crush on... despite not being a teenager any more, but whatever! It is, of course, Show Luo in all of his yummy, gorgeous glory. He looks so divine, doesn't he? And so cute, cheeky, adorkable... Okay, I'm actually only putting this video here because of the song, I actually very rarely look at the music video because the song is, in all honesty, better on its own in my eyes. But even so, the video does highlight his cute sides as well as his sexy side, too, but man this song...

I love it, and it makes me happy. So please, enjoy!

(Apologies for the terrible quality, but eh)

Picture of the Week + Poll Results!

I am sticking both the picture of the week and the poll results together because 1) Blogger is annoying me with its lag (I think it's chrome, actually, but meh) and also because 2) It will be a bit easier like this, because the image is basically related to the poll results. So, let's take a look, shall we?

We will storm into your house and blow your mind! BRAINSTORM!!!!

This week's Poll winner and also the picture of the week goes to Morning Musume's song Brainstorming! The song was the biggest hit on the poll and proved to be YOUR favourite song from the single Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai!

Sadly I can not give you any mor eresults because, as I said, blogger is being a bit of an effing bitch this week. Once again it has screwed up the poll results by deleting votes (yup...) or just not giving me them.

That or you really don't wanna vote, but the first day I had around 8 votes and then the second day it was down to 3... yeah.

Anyway, congrats to MoMusu!



Hello! Pro Station Episode 12 is here! This weeks MC is once again our dear Michishige Sayumi, douzo!

This week's episode includes footage from Morning Musume's release event for Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai, random backstage footage from the Ikebukuro release event including the showing of Haruka's blinged up hat, some Zukki goodness and also comments from Shimizu Saki, Yajima Maimi and Wada Ayaka congratulating Morning Musume on their Oricon Weekly #1 and Tanaka Reina's graduation.


Thinking about this right now, you would think that UFP, those arse holes, would sub these episodes for the foreign fans like they do their PV's. But nope... You know what, I dislike them so much right now, but not as much as I dislike JE management right now. urgh.

Episode 11 of UF LICKS is here! Tasaki Asahi is once again our beautiful host! What shall we see this week in the UF World?

Performance footage from some dude who's name I still don't know, scenes of Tasaki Asahi signing a board and also performing as well as her comments on the event, one of those LoVendoЯ chicks celebrates her birthday and... yeah, performances.


Can't we see footage from other UFP acts, too? Or like footage from actors under UFP like Gaki and AI-butt? Stage play footage? PLEASE??? Also, F off with Peaberry ending it, give us other acts to experience, like that dude, Asahi or the band... we get it, Peaberry's members can finally sing in a decent pitch, stop reminding me, urrrrgh I sound totes butthurt YAY

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

Morning Musume will hold a fan appreciation event to celebrate their recent Oricon Weekly Number 1. The event will be held on April 25th at Shibuya Ekiato.


Even though the event will have finished by the time this digest is released, it is great to know that the girls will be holding an event to show fans their appreciation for buying the single and supportin Morning Musume. Hopefully all fans who can go will attend the event!

Also, where the hell are my subtitles!?

The Regular and Amazon Limited Edition covers for Fukumura Mizuki's first solo photo book MIZUKI have been revealed.


I don't want to say it, but I will, because let's be honest; there is something erotic about Mizukingdom. Maybe it's her eyes, or maybe it's those lips... who knows?

Amazon | Amazon Limited

The cover to Fukumura Mizuki's solo DVD MIZUKI in Guam has been revealed.


Still looking pretty damn erotic, if you ask me.

Hello! Project News

It has been announced that there will be a premium streaming of Tanaka Reina's graduation concert for the price of 1,500 yen.


We have to pay now say whut?

... Okay in all seriousness, I understand why they are getting people to pay; if you have to pay in Cinema's and for the concert itself, then why not streaming? It's making profit and all that jazz lalala... especially if it's a concert for someone THIS big in the MM community...

Hello! Project News

It has been announced that there will be a rough-edit DVD of Tanaka Reina's graduation concert available for purchase via the Sony Music Shop.


For all those hardcore fans who will buy the rough-edit, blu-ray, regular clean-edited DVD, record the concert from the stream site, go to the concert and also force someone to watch it at the cinema in order to re-tell it to them later...

I am sure that there is a fan like that out there, somewhere... o-O

Sony Music Shop

Berryz Kobou

There will be a USB release of Berryz Kobou's concert Berrzy Mansion on April 29th.


I thought that they stopped doing these USB's? Well regardless, thank goodness they still do them, though I wish that they would do ones for overseas fans, too...

Hello! Project News

Kumai Yurina is this week's Weekly Famitsu Taiwan cover model!


As always, she looks gorgeous. Hopefully those who purchase a copy of this magazine will treasure it~

Weekly Famitsu Website

Tsugunaga Momoko 'Momochi' is on the cover of An Weekly. An interview in Japanese has been included on the site, so please take a look.


If I saw... THAT on a magazine cover here in England, I would, without a doubt, run away screaming for my life.

An Weekly Official Website

It was revealed by Tsunku on his blog that Natsuyaki Miyabi has been appointed the 'Sub-Captain' position in Berryz Kobou.


Apparently Saki had revealed this on her own blog, but a lot of fans were speculating that Saki was doing it as a joke. Well, looky here, confirmation! I guess age really does not matter...

Now, for Fukumura Mizuki to become Leader... yes...

Tsunku's Blog


Mhm... Chicken I doubt that's even chicken...
Okai Chisato will hold birthday fanclub events on June 17th, 20th and 21st.


Three birthday events for one person? I'm surprised, though should I be? Her popularity is so high now, but I was not really expecting her to get three full events... Wow.

Hello! Project News

C-ute's Budokan Concert has been titled °C-ute Budokan Concert 2013 - Queen of J-POP ~Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi~.


The last part roughly translates to The Arrival of the Women Warriors... I say roughly, meaning it could be completely effing wrong.

Google translate is not reliable, kids.

Hello! Project News


S/mileage's profiles have been updated! Please take a look at S/mileage in elegant, princess-like outfits and take in their innocent beauty.


Kana is definitely the best looking one out of this lot, and hey! How did a boy in a dress get in there...?

Also; Dawa, are you getting married? Kana, I will of course accompany you to the opera house! Oho!

S/mileage Profile Page

(Normal edition cover & Limited DVD cover)

The covers and track list to S/mileage's second single ② Smile Sensation have been released. The cover features S/mileage wearing gowns and tiara's, giving them an elegant and princess-like approach.

Track List:

1. Shin Nihon no Susume!
2. Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita
3. Otona no Tochuu
4. Tenshinranman
5. Suki yo, Junjou Hankouki
6. Watashi no Kokoro
7. Yuuguru Koi no Jikan
8. Nee Senpai
9. Sayonara Sayonara Sayonara
10. Samui ne

DVD Track List:

1. Samui ne (Close-up Ver.II)
2. Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita (Another Ver.)
3. Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita (Dance Shot Ver.II)
4. Yuugure Koi no Jikan (Wada Ayaka Solo Ver.)
5. Yuugure Koi no Jikan (Fukuda Kanon Solo Ver.)
6. Yuugure Koi no Jikan (Nakanishi Kana Solo Ver.)
7. Yuugure Koi no Jikan (Takeuchi Akari Solo Ver.)
8. Yuugure Koi no Jikan (Katsuta Rina Solo Ver.)
9. Yuugure Koi no Jikan (Tamura Meimi Solo Ver.)


It's nice to finally see the Vampire and Shinderera Reborushon at the back and Gorilla at the front. It makes me happy, though I think that all the front girls should fear for their necks being bitten by a hungry Vampire...

S/mileage Discography | J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that S/mileage's next single will be a Double A-side titled Yattaruchan/Atarashi Watashi ni Nare! and will be released on July 3rd.


If it's a summer single, it better not be like fucking Dot Bikini.



Juice=Juice now have an official blog!


I think that it's about damn TIME!...

Okay, I kid... but we were all expecting it at some point, though honestly I was expecting it after a major debut when they picked new members and kicked other ones out if Tsunku felt that these girls weren't satisfactory enough... or something...

If Tsunku kicks out some of these girls I might just cry a river, they are all perfect.

Juice=Juice's Profiles have been updated!


I don't care how old she is, my Meron-sama looks damn hot! Definitely the sweetest looking thing in this fruit bowl.

Juice=Juice Profile Page

Juice=Juice's second single Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru will officially release on May 8th.

Further announcements have revealed that the single will only be sold through the H!P store and e-Hello's online store.


Finally, some confirmation! Let's be happy!!!


Hello! Project News | J-Pop Idols

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

A video of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei reacting to the performance order for their up-coming live ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ has been uploaded.


There are some darned cute reactions here, some boring... also, my baby Fuyuka is back. YES!!! <3


The next Hello! Project Kenshuusei Nama Tamago Show is set for June 8th and 15th.


Ooooh another Tamago Show? They are getting a lot more performances. Nicely done, H!P!

Hello! Project News

Up-Front Promotion News

Kikkawa Yuu

The cover to Kikkawa Yuu's next photo book YOU21 has been revealed.


A bit more risky in terms of what it shows when compared to Mizukingdom's, but her eyes still look dead... eh, whatever, she has cleavage. I'll let it pass.

Kikkawa Yuu's gravure series for Young Magazine are now available.


Okay, so you have to pay to actually look at the images full size. KUSO!!!

Young Magazine Website

Kikkawa Yuu's website has been updated.


Great, now my soul can be sucked through a picture instead of video... yaaaay.

Kikkawa Yuu Official Website

Tasaki Asahi

Footage of Tasaki Asahi's recording process has been uploaded. This is the second of what is a short documentary, much like the Juice=Juice documentary clips.


Is she recording the harmonies!? Anyways, more Asahi footage would be appreciated!


MUSIC FESTA Vol. 1 has bee announced! Tasaki Asahi, LoVendoЯ and other UFP artists will perform at the event. Performance dates are June 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th.


I didn't expect Music Festa Vol. 1 to roll around so soon after Vol. 0, but it's great to see that the performances were recieved so well that another one was scheduled! Hopefully all fans interested will go!

Hello! Project News

Takahashi Ai

It has been announced that Takahashi Ai will take part in the Merrily We Roll Along musical from November 1st until the 17th.


The question is whether or not she will be a lead role or a minor one, hm...

Hochi Yomiuri News

Takahashi Ai will hold a sol live on July 21st.


Ah... how lovely!

Secret Box Announcement Page

Mano Erina

The cover to Erina Mano's OTOME LEGEND ~For The Best Friends~ has been revealed.


I didn't expect this to happen, but when I first layed eyes on this image my heart stopped, and I felt so sad.

I really miss her...


It has been announced that Up Up Girls will perform at Idol Yokocho Natsu Matsuri 2013 on July 7th.


These girls keep on performing! Now where is their PV!?

Blog Announcement



(From Top Left to Bottom: Type A, B and C)

The covers and track list to Kasai Tomomi's second single, Mine, have been revealed. Kasai Tomomi's pet cat is featured on the type A version of the cover, and she was also involved with the jacket design of the covers and the PV production since the meeting stage.

Track List:

1. Mine
2. Illumination
3. Boku no Summertime blues (Type A+C)
4. Enjoy your life! (Type B+C)

DVD Track List:

1. Mine - Music Video- (Type A+B)
2. Special Footage: Making of -Mine- (Type A)
3. Special Footage: Tomomi no Cooking Chiyuu (Type A)
4. Special Footage: Enjoy your life! -Music Video- (Type B)
5. Special Footage: 'Meshibana Keiji Tachibana' Documentary (Type B)


The first cover, Kasai looks tired and a bit allergic to her cat. The other covers though are very pretty and natural, I really like them. They look so cute! I especially like Type C, so simple and elegant and just plain ol' beautiful. It's also great to see that Kasai was a part of the PV shooting and behind some creation of her second single.

Tokyohive | J-Pop Idols

AKB48 are the new Campaign Characters for glico's 'Papico', a frozen iced candy.

Furthermore, starting on May 6th AKB48 fans can play matchmaker with an AKB48 member of their choice on glico's official website. The best matched participants will receive half of a Papico split by the member of their choice.

AKB48's new song Sayonara Crawl is also featured in the CM.


I really want chocolate and ice pops now...

Tokyo Girls' Update | Papico Official Site

(From Top Left to bottom: Type A, K & B regular, Type A, K & B limited, and ALL version)
(NOTE: I am not entirely sure about this, so please forgive me for anything that is wrong)

The covers/artwork to AKB48's up-coming summer single Sayonara Pub Crawl have been revealed. The covers were shot by Ninagawa Mika, the director of AKB48's Heavy Rotation PV.


I was wondering why they had stolen the flowers and head crowns from Heavy Rotation, only to realise that the director of that PV is also the photographer for these covers... She seems to like keeping things constant, aye?

AKB48 WrapUp

Kuramochi Asuka's debut single will be titled Itsumo Soba ni. The single will officially release on May 29th. There will be five '500 yen' editions available and a Limited Type A edition which will include a DVD and a bonus track.

Track List:

1. Itsumo Soba ni
2. Guuzen no Mikata
3. Himawari (Type A only)

DVD Track List:

1. Itsumo Soba ni (Music Video)
2. Making of Kuramochi Asuka TV-CM Shooting


500 yen? I might actually buy one for the hell of it.

... What? I'm a cheapskate!

J-Pop Idols

It has been revealed that four Nara-born NMB48 members will star in a CM that will only air in the Nara prefecture of Japan. Watanabe Miyuki (19), Uno Mizuki (16), Nakano Reina (13) and Ota Yuri (13) will star in the CM that will air from April 26th.

In the CM, the girls dance 'Nara-style', with a Buddha inspired dance and they will also sing to the melody. The CM is for Shimada Auto.
Both unique and surreal, I never thought I would have such an impact as an idol.  I think it is much cuter than what I expected.” - Watanabe Miyuki on the CM (Tokyohive)

Pretty interesting... more so that it will only be aired in the Nara prefecture, but it's great that the NMB girls from that area will be able to participate in this CM and basically act as ambassadors of sorts for it. Hopefully all NMB48 fans, and fans of these girls, within the Nara prefecture look forward to the CM and enjoy the cute tune they are sure to sing!


Watanabe Miyuki will release her first solo DVD, titled Miru Neko, on July 2nd. It will be available in both DVD and Blu-ray and will include making-of footage from her first photobook Mirugami which was released back in November 2012. There will also be additional bonus videos for a total of 87 minutes.

J-Pop Idols | CDJapan DVD | CDJapan Blue-Ray


It has been announced that Nogizaka46's Ando Mikumo will be graduating from the group. The reason behind her graduation is so that she can concentrate on her studies. Her final handshake event will be on April 29th at Yokohama Pacifico, and her final performance will take place on June 16th at the special event Anata Dake no Tame ni Message, Iwasete Kudasai! ~Namagoe Rokuon Kai~.

She will be the second member to leave the group.


I have no idea who she is, but I hope that she has a wonderful graduation filled with smiles and well wishes from both the fans and fellow members of Nogizaka46. Hopefully Mikumo will continue to support the group even after her graduation.

Good luck, Mikumo!

Misc Idols and Groups News

Sexy Zone member Marius Yo will tackle voice acting for the first time in the stage play Hello Kitty Adventures in Wonderland. He will voice the character Kairu the White Rabbit. The play is a collaboration with Takarazuka Revue which Marius is a fan of, and also the theatre that his mother used to act in before retiring.


Waaah, my little son, Marius, is in a stage play! Who cares if it's just a voice role? Everyone, please be captured by his voice! <3 Also, a bit late on this bandwagon, but who cares?

JE Fandom

(Left to Right: Limited and Regular versions)

The covers and track list to Perfume's next single Magic of Love have been released.

Track List:

1. Magic of Love
2. Handy Man

DVD Track List:

1. Magic of Love (Video Clip) (Limited version only)


Why is Nocchi pretending to be a dinosaur? And also, is it just me or does A~chan look too skinny? Her head looks too long for her body, like a cartoon!

Best looking award goes to Nocchi, by the way. Her hair <3

Aramatheydidnt | Tokyohive| Tokyo Girls' Update

(From Upper Left to Bottom: First Class, Business Class and Economy Class Editions)

Passpo☆ have revealed the jacket covers to their next single STEP&GO/Candy Room which is a Double A-side that will be released on May 22nd.

The theme for this single's costumes is expedition team. The costumes were designed by Masui Mio. Both songs on the single will be used as ending themes for television programs. STEP&GO is being used as the ending theme for TV Tokyo's anime Tanken Driland -1000nen no Maho- and Cady Room is being used as the ending theme for Passpo☆'s first TV program PASSPO☆ no Shakuuma TV.


The covers are so good, I especially love the Economy Class Edition! I love the jungle theme that is  going on, it reminds of Tarzan in a way, though moreso Jane... but Tarzan is a good movie... Anyway I am excited for the accompanying PV's and to hear these songs!


(From Upper Left to Bottom: Typpe A, B and C editions)

i☆Ris will release their second single, titled Ichizu, on May 22nd. The song is a ballad that will be used as the ending theme for the anime Mushibugyo in which member Serizawa Yu is participating as a voice actor. There will be three editions available, Type A, B and C.

Type A and B will include one accompanying track each and the music video, whilst Type C will have two accompanying tracks.


OMG THEY RETURNED, AND WITH A BALLAD ;W; I might love them more now <3

Tokyo Girls' Update

Idol group Fudanjuku will release their Double A-side single Shita wo Muita Kaerou/RIKISHI-MAN on May 15th. The regular edition will include a bonus track and the instrumental versions of the songs, whilst Limited versions will include DVD's.

There will be three types: Type A, B and Regular Edition.

Track List:

1. Shita wo Muita Kaerou
3. Jaa ne (Regular Edition only)
(+Instrumentals on Regular Edition only)

DVD Track List:

1. Shita wo Muite Kaerou -Music Video-
2. Shita wo Muite Kaerou -Music Video- (Making-of)


Is this one of those cases of 'A Double A-side with only one PV!', because if it is, I will rage everywhere... Fudanjuku needs to be seen more, and heard more! YA HEAR ME!?

J-Pop Idols

Cosplay unit Panache! have suddenly announced their disbandment!?
It was a short while, but we had a good time. Thank you for supporting to “Panache!.” We are so sorry for this sudden announcement and that we cannot continue activities as “Panache!.” For about half a year, we continued our activities as “Panache!.” We met a lot of people, and we had great experience through the activity. Bonds with members is my treasure. I was able to do my best because I have lots of fans who have supported to cheer until now. Last but least, thank you very much for sending huge love to us! - Enako (Tokyo Girls' Update)
It was a short while, but we had a good time. Thank you for supporting to “Panache!.”This time, I’m so sorry that we can’t continue activities as “Panache!” because I found employment.I had been longing entertainment activities from an early age. Simply because there was a support of everyone, I was able to fulfill my dream.“Panache!”, that has spent the time together with Enako, Akira, all staffs, and our fans, is unforgettable memory for me.Thank you so much for everything till this day - Kuroneko (Tokyo Girls' Update)
It was a short while, I appreciate indeed to lots of people who has supported to Itsuki Akira of “Panache!”. I’m sorry that we give up our activities as “Panache!.”I was able to experience a lot in this entertainment world where I was longing.There was some pain and chagrin against what I don’t get used. However, I was hang in there until the end. It is thanks to our fans.Thank you very very much till now!!! - Itsuki Akira (Tokyo Girls' Update)

I am really shocked. Like, really really shocked by this news. I mean okay, I didn't actively follow Panache! but I did think they were a cute unit, so when I saw this announcement I was like '... WHAT!!?' because come on! They have been around for, as Enako stated, about half a year, and now they are disbanding!? Say wha---t?

This is pretty shocking, but we can't stop this... and I hope that the girls' fans will continue to support the girls individually no matter what, and that they can fulfill their future dreams.

It hasn't been long, Panache!, but for the time that we have had you, we have enjoyed you and your music.

Thank you.

Tokyo Girls' Update | Panache! Official Site

Babyraids will be releasing their fourth single Baby Ambitious! on July 31st! The song is described as a super-refreshing punk rock song that has been produced by Kuboty and Shun from TOTALFAT, a Japanese melodic hardcore band.


I don't pay much attention to Babyraids, but my sister was happy to hear the news of a new single! So I am glad that they are continuing on and trying different sounds and going up in the Idol world!

Tokyo Girls' Update

(From Left to Right: Type A and B editions)

Houkago Princess will be releasing their 7th single (3rd that is available to the public) Juliet ~Kimi Wo Sukina Hyaku No Riyuu~ (2013 Version) on May 15th. There will be four types available, Type A, B, C and D. Currently only two covers have been revealed.

Types A and B will include 2013 version of original HouPri songs, whilst Types C & D will include new coupling tracks.

Track List:

1. Juliet ~Kimi Wo Sukina Hyaku No Riyuu~ (2013 Version) (Type A)
2. Houkago Princess ~Oshiete Kudasai~ (2013 Version) (Type A)
3. Sukima (2013 Version) (Type A)
4. Ichigo Ichie (2013 Version) (Type A)
5. Suki Dayo (warai) (2013 Version) (Type B)
6. PURE HEART (2013 Version) (Type B)
7. Sotsugyou shiki (Type B, C and D)
8. Ikki Ichi Tomo (Type C)
9. Nee, aitai (Type D)
(+Instrumental versions)



Also,t hat pink cover is damn blinding. I am considering buying it though, but only because it has the 2013 version of Oshiete Kudasai on there. Anyway, I am surprised that they are releasing something kinda new. I actually thought that they were dying off or something.

HMV Japan | Amazon Japan

9nine will release their 14th single Evolution No.9 on June 12th. The title track will be used as a theme song for Ono Erena and Kawashima Umika's drama Tank Top Fighter.


So looking on HMV and CDJapan has caused me to find out that certain groups are releasing new singles. SWEET! What's even sweeter is that this awesome group is releasing a cool new song. Am I happy? YES I AM!

CDJapan | HMV Japan

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C and Regular editions)

The covers to Ono Erina's up-coming single Fighting☆Hero have been revealed! The single will be released on May 29th and will come in four editions. The main song will be used as the theme song for Ono Erena's drama Tank Top Fighter, which began airing on April 25th.


The Limited B and Regular covers are so damn sexy, I can't even... unnnf~

Tokyo Girls' Update

It has been announced that former Sakura Gakuin member Muto Ayami (17) will start her activities as a solo Idol. She will start her activities under the entertainment Amuse, and will become their first full-scale Idol. This will be her first activity since her graduation from Sakura Gakuin in 2012. Since her graduation, after receiving white cards with Muto Ayami 2013.4.29 and an URL written on it, fans have been speculating what would happen, as the 29th of April is Muto Ayami's birthday.

Ever since last year, Muto began planning her first solo project which has been titled DNA1980. The reason behind the name is because, growing up, Muto became influenced by the 80's music her parents listened to, so she has a strong admiration for 80's Idols such as Matsuda Seiko. Since the early summer of last year, Muto has been working hard on her first solo project to try and reconstruct the singing tone and sound style of the 80's.

Muto Ayami will hold her first solo live at Shibuya O-EAST on July 19th and will also release DNA1980 Vol. 1 and DNA1980 Vol. 2 simultaneously. They will only be available at the venue.


This is extremely interesting. I like that, even since last year, she was planning ahead for a project that would launch officially on her birthday... or at least the details. This girl is really something! Extremely organised, actually! I admire this.

I just might have to watch out for her.


The new StylipS members have been chosen! After being given permission from the Lantsi staff, both Arisa and Maho personally chose the next members of StylipS. Please welcome Toyota Moe and Ito Miku!

Both members were a part of the Style Cube Kenshuusei and have had minor roles since joining the project last year through the first Style Cube Seiyuu auditions. Toyota has voiced in NAKAMO and So, I Can't Play H! and Ito has played as Yuriko Nanao in The IDOLM@ASTER Million Live game on the mobile phone platform Gree.


They are bother really cute, I especially like Ito, even though I originally stated that I preferred Toyota... hm, well, we'll wait and see when they start singing, shall we? Either way, congrats to these girls! Work hard, sing and Seiyuu!!!

Zone Otaku | Alafista

Idol groups such as Babyraids, Houkago Princess, Cheeky Parade, Dream5, Party Rockets and more will be performing at Idol Yokocho Natsu Matsuri 2013 on July 7th. The event will be held at Shinkiba Studio Coast in Tokyo, and around 50 Idol acts will be participating in the event.


The list is amazing, there are so many Idol groups going! AND OH MY GOD, HOUPRI!!!! They really are making a comeback, aren't they? EXCITING!!!! -bounces around madly-

J-Pop Idols | Official Blog Announcement

PV/Song Previews

The short PV Preview to Kasai Tomomi's second single, titled Mine, has been released. Please check it out.


It sounds a bit like Masaka but slower in my opinion. It's very cute, very vanilla and totally safe, but cute. I like the image of an Idol wanting to be a normal girl that the video itself provides, it's cute and kinda speaks for a lot of Idols I guess who want to be 'normal' again, especially the older ones.

But yeah, totally a safe song. Nothing original or new.

The short Music video for I☆Ris' new single, Ichizu, has been uploaded to Avex's official youtube channel. Please check it out!


Been a while since we last heard from you guys...

From the covers, I get The Last Dinner vibes, but from this PV I get Greek Goddess vibes. And then the candles make me think of 9nine's Hikari no Kage (beautiful song by the way). So, I'm confused... Are they meant to be Greek Goddesses who see light through the shadows and want to have a last dinner?

Whatever, it's a gorgeous PV, and and not a complete rip-off of another PV like their last one coughPARTYTIMEcoughcough

Universal Music Japan have released the short MV to Passpo☆'s latest single release, STEP&GO. Please check it out and enjoy!


The video reminds me of classic Mini Moni! Crappy CGI! HapLucky graphics and cuteness, and oh-so-dorable girls! Kyaaaa! It's so cute and refreshing, and the 'meh, I won't even try' graphics just make it quirky, cute and overly obvious that it isn't meant to be taken seriously. I LOVE IT!!!

Oh and the song is cute too!

Universal Music Japan have also released the short MV to Passpo☆'s Candy Room, the second track on their first Double A-side single! Please check it out!


This one is certainly a lot more fun and fast-paced in terms of the song and video. It's really catchy, upbeat and happy and the video looks fun and flashy! It certainly has that distinct Passpo☆ sound to it that we all know and love, and sounds a bit like Idol rock at some points. So good, I can't wait!

Universal Music Japan have also revealed the short MV/teaser to Petit Milady's first single 100% Cider Girl. Please check it out!


It is so simple but it is so damn cute! I really like the look of these two girls, and I don't care if they are in their 20's or whatever... they are so adorable!!!

Tokyo Girls' Style have released the short MV to their up-coming single Unmei. The single will be a double A-side.


What is this, PV release week? Well either way, yay for TGS! This sounds so similar to something they have done before, but man, they look more mature. Soon, I will be drooling all over them. Get legal quick, girls!


A full radio preview for Perfume's Magic of Love has been uploaded. Please listen to the song and enjoy!


Oh thank goodness, this sounds a lot better than Mirai no Museum. Very perfume, very techno, pretty darn good... and I might actually enjoy this one... if I decide to watch the full PV (which I really should do, or Nia will kick me)

A short PV preview for Perfume's next single Magic of Love has been released, so please take a look and see what you think!


Very well patterned, and trippy, and inceptiony... and cool. I'm reminded of Hatsukoi Cider... though Nia will probably hit me for connecting Buono! with Perfume.

Negicco have released the short MV to their next single Idol Bakari Kikanaide. The single is set to release on May 29th.


Very classic and retro, I have to say. I like the old-fashioned look it has, it suits the girls and the style of the song, however gotta admit; their vocals do nothing for me and sound somewhat unprofessional? No idea, I just get that vibe.


The PV preview to AKB48's up-coming summer single Sayonara Crawl has been revealed. The cinematography was directed by Ninagawa Mika, who also directed Heavy Rotation and Sugar Rush. Please check it out!




A better quality PV preview from AKB48's official youtube channel for Sayonara Crawl has been released! Please check it out.


Okay, so apparently they mean the 'swimming crawl'... NO! I WANT CRAWLING! BLOOD! GORE!!! Crawl from Paruru's wrath!!!

Press Release/Promotional Videos

Up Up Girls talk about their upcoming activities in this video, so please check it out!


OMG SUBS!!!!!!!! Now, to give other UFP based groups subs on their discussion and promotion videos...

Wada Ayaka promotes her appearence in the stage play Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara in this video. Please check it out!


Wait, Dawa is in this stageplay too?Hopefully she doesn't have a singing part, because if she does, well... hoo boy, they better be selling ear plugs at the venue...

Tokyo News Service have reported on the Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara stageplay which stars Takahashi Ai.


Ishikawa Rika was in it? I hope people brought ear plugs for her voice... HOLY SHIZZ Nyon was in it too? Maybe people had to double their earplugs because of so many annoyingly 'cutesy' voices being forced on stage...

MAiDiGi TV have also reported on the Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara stage play .


Ooooh look, spiffy new angles, same content!


Oricon have also reported on the Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara stage play, but this time with spiffy new content! YAY!!!


YAY footage from the stage play! And ZOMG Uemura Akari was there!? Was she in it, or just there to Photo bomb? WHO CARES!? <3

Oricon have released report footage from the Morning Musume Fan Appreciation Event at Shibuya Ekiato. Please enjoy!


I damn well hope that they closed off the station for this event, or those girls and reporters would be flat... also, were those who wanted trains pissed off at the closure at all? I mean I would be if I wanted to get a train at all...

MAiDiGi TV have also reported on the Fan Appreciation Event by Morning Musume at Shibuya Ekiato. This report also includes a short performance clip of the girls performing Brainstorming.


This one is way more interesting, but that's just me. I like dancing.

Another short documentary video of Juice=Juice has been uploaded showing the girls practising and performing as well as footage of the making of process for their first PV. There is also a short preview of their second single at the end, so please check it out!


Who doesn't love these kinds of things? I love seeing things from behind the scenes and how it's all done! Also, that preview reminds me of something fro S/mileage mixed with epic C-ute. I WANT IT THOUGH!!! Like, a full preview... now.

Movie Collection have event coverage from Morning Musume's fan appreciation event at Shibuya Ekiato. The footage includes a performance of Kimi Sae Wah Wah and a short clip of them performing Brainstorming from the group in front of 2000 fans as well as comments from the members.



Also, poor Mizukingdom for having a train go past when she was speaking XD hahahahahahahahaha!

Oricon have uploaded performance footage of Morning Musume from their Fan Appreciation Event at Shibuya Ekiato. There is also a short performance clip of The Peace! so please enjoy!



JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage from Morning Musume fan appreciation event in Shibuya Ekiato. Please check it out!


More footage! You can never get enough, especially when the girls look THIS damn cool!

The 30 second TV ad for glico's Papico featuring AKB4 has been revealed. The 30 second CM features the AKB48 members promoting the iced snack and showing varying changes in hairstyles, costumes and height for a cute effect. Please check it out!


I want Papiko! Why do we not have Papico in this country!?

The 15 second CM to glico's Papico advertisement featuring AKB48 has been uploaded, so please check it out and watch as the girls break off their half of the Papico for their fans!


This is so cute, a lot more laid back and also... well, just cute. Especially Yuko, who gets lipgloss on the other half that some lucky, random fan will win! Yatta!

A teaser trailer for Ono Erena's drama Tank Top Fighter has been uploaded to the LesPro youtube channel. The teaser also features previews of 9nine and Ono Erina's up-coming singles Evolution No.9 and Fighting Hero which will both be used as theme songs for the drama series. Please check it out!


I am seriously digging Erena's tune, even if it isn't rock like she said it would be (told ya). Also, 9nine's new song sounds so cool! The anticipation is rising!

Also, cool trailer, bro.

Here is a digest video of Up Up Girls performing at missiDOL 2014. Please check it out!


It would be nice if it was a full performance, you know? But whatever, I do like seeing them perform... even if it is for a short amount of time. Also, loving those outfits!


The preview to Girls' News Hello! Project next episode has been revealed. The next episode will include footage from concert performances, events and an interview with Shimazu Saki. Please check it out!


I think the only thing that I am interested in is the Kenshuusei concert footage, and the C-ute footage... yeah.

Natsuyaki Miyabi, Saugaya Risako and Nakanishi Kana promote their respective releases for MacPeople Magazine. Please check it out!


What the hell happened to your face/hair, Risako?

My Kananana looks so perfect and professional, even if the blazor looks like she stole it off of one of her Hello! Pro seniors.

Miyabi seems as intent on keeping that hat as Momoko is intent on being stupidly annoying, and as intent as Reina is with her damn cat ears. Oy vey.


And that is all the news I have compiled for you this week! Please stay tuned until next time, and remember... DIGEST!!!



  1. 'QUEEN OF J-POP', huh? What with the pirate theme...Queen of Pitrates? butkattunalreadydidthatD:kameispiratequeenendof.
    I still like the pirate concept, though ;w;

    1. Hahaha yeah, I am confused, I would have thought they would dress C-ute up in pretty gowns like they have done with all the other groups now... but nuuupe. AND LOL KAME THE QUEEN ;D

      Pirate is cool, I agree!

  2. So why is Ai-chan still promoting full force when she has VOCAL NODULES!? GIVE THE WOMAN A BREAK, JESUS!

    1. Pfft, rest? A break? UFP do not know of these words, in fact, what Idol manager does? It's sad but I think it's true... u.u