Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #48

Let's DIGEST!!! What will we find in this week's Digest today?

This Week in News...

Changes! Petit Milady song previews! Triple Maimi? Solo singles announced for AKS soloists! BiS to reveal new members in their next single! Single Covers released, and MORE!!!

Jump Break!

This week I will be introducing something new to my Digest; Sub-categories. Working on last weeks post, I could not help but see how un-organised and messy everything looked with all the news bundled together. I have probably thought this a few times, so I wanted to try and categorise everything into their own sub-sections on here to see if that worked... if it doesn't, then I will revert back to the original layout of the Digests (i.e: not as organised).

Also, as you can probably tell, I changed my layout after posting my 47th Digest. I wanted to try something new, and after deciding on changing this layout for my own Digest when I was having trouble with the previous way I did things, I decided to change the blog in how it looks as well. For the first time since I started this blog, I have changed the template. I want it to look cooler and it's rather refreshing to see it this way I think, and I am happy with this change. Hopefully you all enjoy it too.

... However, after changing my layout again in terms of the background and the banner, it looks cuter, but I am doing this for Reina before she leaves, as a send-off in a sense. A month of her face will be alright, I guess... ;)

To help you navigate easily, here is a table of contents for the Digest. My sister has also informed that using 'Ctrl' + 'F' will allow you to find certain topics a lot more efficiently. Here is the contents, and I don't plan to change it, so it should always stay like this from now on. Hopefully that helps!

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#Misc Idols and Groups News
#Press Release Event Video's
#PV/Song Previews

So with that out of the way, let's take a look at what I have compiled together this week in terms of random bits and pieces!

Oricon Toppers!

Congratulations are in order for both E-girls and Morning Musume, who have hit the Weekly #1 spot this week! E-girls have received their first Weekly Number 1 for their very first album Lesson 1.
We’ve only experienced the No.2 spot up until now, and we had frustrating thoughts about it, so we are really happy to be able to top the chart for the very first time! Without being satisfied with this, we will continue working hard to go even higher toward our next goals.” - Ami
We now want to try our best toward E-girls’ next dream that is to hold our solo live tour." - Shizuka
And of course a big congrats is in order for Morning Musume, who managed to sell over 94,000 copies in their first week for Tanaka Reina's final single Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai! This is Morning Musume 53rd single to hit the Top 10, and their second consecutive single to top the Oricon chart. It must also be noted that the last single to get straight Daily #1's was Aruiteru, released back in 2006! That's 7 years!!!
I am really happy to be able to grab the No.1 with the single I’m graduating with! This would not have been possible without everyone’s support. I want to tell them ‘Thank you’ from bottom of my heart.” - Tanaka Reina
Well done girls and congratulations on topping the Oricon! I am proud of you all!!!

Video of the Week


To celebrate Post #48, I will present to you all one of the first songs that I had ever heard from AKB48 and enjoyed! BINGO! was a song that I listened to when someone linked it to me, and let's just say that yes... I enjoyed it. This was before I even knew who AKB48 were and before my prejudice against them set in, but even then I still quite liked the song.

When looking for a video for this week, I didn't know what to use; it was actually going to be Rock no Teigi, but then I decided that, like the Picture of the Week, I would use something by AKB48 again because it is my 48th Digest! Oh my God, I can't believe it! 48 posts, squeee!!! I've kept this up for a while!


Picture of the Week

Oh Sayaka, why must you go? Oh Sayaka, your fans love you so...

Post #48 means more 48 love! So, this week's picture will be dedicated to AKB48 member Akimoto Sayaka! Why Sayaka, you ask? Well... because I know she is well liked, so why not?

Poll of the Week

Sadly, I will not be posting an AKB48 related poll; asking who your favourite member is would be a damn hard task, and a long poll at that, so I will settle for something a bit easier, like this...

Which Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Track is your Favourite?

It's interesting to find out what your favourite track is, so I decided that this would be the perfect question to ask, especially since the single sold so well this week! Now, for my favourite, it has to be Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de, it's just so cute! Though I have actually grown quite used to all the songs, so yeah... I quite like them all, but really, what is your favourite? Be sure to cast your vote!


Hello! Pro Station episode 11 is here, and this weeks MC is Michishige Sayumi! Footage includes Berryz Kobo concert performances, Michishige Sayumi Brainstorming solo shot (and looking sexy as heck!) and handshake events and performances from Morning Musume members during release events. Please check out this weeks episode!

Starting off the week in News, I will now be bringing Hello! Pro Station to the front of the line in a sense; as it is broadcast on Wednesdays now, and with my new layout, I think that it will be great to start the week off with Hello! Pro Station. Also... I do find it weird that I decided to change the way my Digest looks after it was announced that Hello! Pro Station would air on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays... Hm... haha!

Hello! Project News

Morning Musume

It has been announced that Tanaka Reina's graduation concert will be broadcast in cinema's nationwide. The full list is available on the Hello! Project news page with additional information (including prices) on the Live Viewing Japan site.


I think that this sort of news was inevitable, especially since Hello! Project have started to broadcast their concerts live for quite a while now, so the news isn't surprising but it's also reassuring for those who maybe can't get tickets for the concert itself, or have issues with transport. I hope that all fans who can see the concert in the cinema will go and support Tanaka Reina on her final stage as a Morning Musume member.

Hello! Project News | Live Viewing Japan

Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi all leave a video message for Radical Video Jockey. The video will be at the source.


It's only a short video, but it's great to see the Morning Musume members promoting their new single and the group on various platforms.

Radical Video Jockey

Berryz Kobou

The cover to the Event V for Berryz Kobou's Asian Celebration has been revealed.


At first, I was wondering 'where the hell is Momoko?' and thought that they had finally given her the boot, or photoshopped her to look decent, and then I found her.

... I think the pigtails of hers disillusioned me, so that is I all I can see now when I think of The Gremlin.

Hello! Project News

Sudo Maasah, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Sugaya Risako will hold a fanclub bus tour on June 29th and 30th.



Hello! Project News


It has been announced that Yajima Maimi will release a new photo book tat is self-designed. The title will be My Museum and will release on May 27th.


I'm surprised that Maimi is releasing another photo book, though I have no idea when her last one as released, however the biggest surprise is of course the fact that she has self-designed the photo book, much like Sayumi did with SayumingLanDoll (well... took creative control) so it will be interesting to see what Maimi comes up with for her photo book. Hopefully it will be pretty interesting, or as boring as she is. Who knows?


The DVD digest for Yajima Maimi's My Special DVD Museum has been uploaded, so please take your time to watch and enjoy.


This has nothing to do with a museum, much like her DVD Chelsea had nothing to do with a girl named Chelsea. Gawd, this girl! She keeps leading us all astray.

Yajima Maimi graces the cover of Weekly Famitsu Taiwan.


Holy fudge balls, Maimi's appearing on this digest a lot o-O Where's my Chissa?

Weekly Famitsu Taiwan Site


A video has been released from the recording of Juice=Juice's jacket shooting for their first single. Please check out the video and see the freshness of these freshly squeezed Idols!


A piece of interesting footage from JuJu, and a great little add to the ini collection of video's they have on their official youtube channel. This is also a great way for fans to see how the girls react to the camera and how comfortable they are with posing etc.

Also; Meron-san's dimples, gah <3 Hug me now, girl!

A low quality cover to Juice=Juice's 2nd Indies single Samidare Bijou ga Samidareru has been revealed. The official release date for the single has yet to be announced.


There was a lot of speculation that this single had been cancelled, however there will be a pre-release date, and an official release date, so all confusion has been cleared up (thankfully). Also, the cover is very much like their first one, though there is no fruit present this time around, and denim has made an appearance!!! Loving to see Yuka's dead-pan face and Tomoko's smirk/pissed-off look.

Image | CDJapan

Juice=Juice Kenshuusei members determine the performance order for the ~Haru no Koukai Jitsuryoku Shindan Test~ concert performance on May 5th! Please check out the video.


Damnit! I was hoping that this would be a way to determine who gets solo's in the next single. It would be fairer, and a fun way to cry over how our Oishiinom's didn't get a main part in the song...


Hello! Pro Kenshuusei

A website for the trainee event has been created, with full performance listings.


What event?

Up-Front Promotion News

Up Up Girls

Up Up Girls perform their song SAKURA DRIVE. Please take a look at the performance as the girls sing under Sakura tree's!


The song is really cool, but the stealer for me is that they are performing under the Cherry Blossoms, and it looks so so pretty! However, it does look overly crowded... DOH! >O< Also, he lighting is a bit iffy on some girls... But whatever! It's like a PV, though not the best... XD

Up Up Girls leave their comment in this video for Kawaii Pop Fest 2013! Please check it out!


Sadly there are no subtitles, however it's nice to see the girls commenting on being able to perform at Kawaii Pop Fest. The girls also look really cute in colours, and haha, one of them got hit in the head!!! That was funny. Also, their little 'Ni Hao' was too cute!


Tasaki Asahi

Footage from Tasaki Asahi's event at Tower Records has been uploaded to the Satoyama Channel. In the video, Asahi performs a new song where she demonstrates the power and emotion in her piano playing and her voice. The song is a ballad.


It was a beautiful performance, and I really hope that Asahi will be able to continue selling these sorts of songs where she is able to demonstrate her skill and passion in piano playing, as well as show off her beautiful voice. She is one awesome singer in my opinion, and I adore her! I hope that everyone will take a look at this video and see just how dedicated and wonderful Tasaki Asahi is, and the passion that she puts into her singing and piano playing.

Footage from Tasaki Asahi recording the song Sakura Dokei has been uploaded, so please check it out.


It's nice to see recording footage of Asahi and to see how she really sounds when recording; she sounds the same actually, but her voice is so pure and clear... it really is beautiful, and seeing her put all her effort into the recording just makes me love her more. She truly does light up when she sings or plays the piano, doesn't she?

Other Artists

Additional recipes have been added to Koharu's Kitchen page for Yamazaki bread. What yummy snacks will be available today?


This makes me hungry... for bread, of course.

Yamazaki Bread

A video teaser for Kikkawa Yuu's second album Two You is available for everyone to see, so please check it out if you have an interest in the album!


It's a nicely compiled video, showing PV's from her previous singles, and is nicely edited. Everything just flows perfectly together, and there is also a little preview of what I am guessing is a new song at the end... I think. I'm not sure because, let's be honest here, I pretty much ignore Kikka.

AKS News


AKB48's 31st single title has been revealed as well as the track list. The single shall be titled Sayonara Crawl and will go on sale May 22nd. There will be six types available in A, K and B Regular editions, and A, K and B Limited versions. Each Limited version will contain a ticket for a handshake event and a photo book by Ninagawa Mika. This single is the 'pre-election' single where fans can buy a copy and vote for the girl that they want in the Senbatsu.

Track List:

1. Sayonara Crawl
2. Bara no Kajitsu (Undergirls)
3. Ikiru Koto (Team A) (Regular and Limited A)
4. How Come? (Team K) (Regular and Limited K)
5. Romance Kenjuu (Team B) (Regular and Limited B)

DVD Track List:

1. Sayonara Crawl
2. Sayonara Crawl ~Swimsuit Ver.~
3. Bara no Kajitsu
4. Ikiru Koto (Limited A only)
5. How Come? (Limited K only)
6. Romance Kenjuu (Limited B only)
7. Sayonara Crawl ~Making of Part. 1~ (Limited A)
8. Sayonara Crawl ~Making of Part. 2~ (Limited K)
9. Sayonara Crawl ~Making of Part. 1~ (Limited B)
10. Additional Bonus Footage (in versions A, K or B)


I am totally going to call this song Sayonara Pub Crawl, because that was my immediate thought when I saw the title... Pub Crawl.

Wait, if this is called Sayonara Crawl, does that mean that the video will feature the kills trying to crawl away, yelling goodbye to their loved ones, as Paruru Jesus kills them all? That would be cool. I want to see that. Doubtful though, because it has bikini's... unless they're dying in bikini's, which would also be cool. Oh the idea's this title brings up!!!

J-pop Idols | AKB48 WrapUp

It has been announced that Watanabe Mayu will be releasing her fourth solo single, currently untitled, in July. There will also be a contest titled Anata no Illust ga Shinkyoku no Jacket ni Nari Mayuyu for the jacket covers of her new single. It will be held on the community sit pixiv. Applications are to be sent from April 26th until May 16th.


It seems that AKB48's management is getting creative with how their jacket covers are creating, such as the new soloist in AKB replacing Kasai having a contest between various magazine companies, and now Mayuyu's being a contest between anyone who wants to enter. I can't wait to see the covers to be honest, and the final product might just be interesting, who knows?

Hopefully we will hear more news on the single itself soon!

Tokyo Girls Update | Pixiv | Tokyohive

Minegishi Minami graces the cover of Fujinkoron's upcoming issue! The issue will go on sale on April 22nd, and will feature a story about why Minami really shaved off her hair.


All press is good press, so they say. Also, a ploy to get money from fans, because you know, it's gossip; we all love gossip, for some absurd reason. Anyway, other than that, Minami looks ultra cute and reminds me a bit of Anne Hathaway with her hair this short.

Aramatheydidnt | AKB48 WrapUp

Itano Tomomi will release her 4th single, titled 1%, on June 12th. The song is said to be a dance number which depicts a feeling of love that you go for, only to have 1% of success. The music video was filmed in New York.


Cool costume, and oooh, pretty background! But I doubt I will pay attention to Tomochin... I never really do xD


It has been revealed that Maeda Atsuko has been chosen as the narrator for the up-coming Pokemon short Pikachu to EeveeFriends which will open in theatres with the new Pokemon movie.
“I was surprised! I’ve been watching Pokemon movies since I was little, so I can’t believe that my voice will be entering the Pokemon world! I am very happy!”
“I will do my best so that children who watch the movie will say, ‘Pokemon is cute,’ and also so they will think that the world of Pokemon looks fun.” - Maeda Atsuko

Congrats to Acchan on getting such a role for a great franchise! I love Pokemon myself, so I am happy to see an Idol getting a narration role there. I mean okay, I would have liked to see Gaki or Ai-butt get it, but Acchan has a soothing voice, so it will be great anyways!

Look forward to the movie, guys!

Tokyohive | J-pop Idols

The covers for Kuramochi Asuka's debut solo single have been revealed! Each cover was shot by a different magazine which are subject to a competition to see which cover sells the most copies. Also, there is now a contest that fans can partake in where the fans can predict the order of the sales and cast their vote in a ballot that will be in the CD for a chance to win "the right to go see the horse racing with Kuramochi Asuka". Apparently, Kuramochi Asuka is also in charge of writing the lyrics for her solo debut title track.


This single is like 'one competition after another' in a way... a contest basically gave her the chance to solo debut (we'll ignore that it's only because Kasai Tomomi dropped out of AKB), and the jacket covers are a way for magazines to compete against each other to see which one is more popular, and now there is a contest to try and sit beside her at the horse races.

I would laugh if the person who won hated horse racing.

I also don't like those covers, but I had a feeling they would be gravure shots, however I imagined something a little more creative, too. These are all just plain damn boring and vanilla wearing a bikini... Actually, I like FRIDAY'S version better, I guess.

Tokyohive | AKB48 WrapUp


It was announced on April 14th that SKE48's 'Lifetime Honorary Research Student' Matsumura Kaori will be making her CD debut. She will be the first in all of SKE48 to have a solo debut. Matsumura will debut under a mysterious indies label called Nishiki Dori Records, and there will be a limited number of 1,000 first press copies released. Once all copies have been sold, additional pressed copies will be made.
“The first solo project from SKE48 is starting! SKE48 lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei Matsumura Kaori,” - The Announcement (Tokyohive)
"If the record won’t be sold out, do I have to graduate? I hope not…” - Matsumura Kaori (from AKB48 Wrapup)
"I will make good use of this opportunity and do my best so that additional copies will be made," - Matsumura Kaori (Jpop Asia)

When I saw the announcement for this, I had no idea who this girl was, and expected her to be a full member of the group... of course I was surprised to learn that she is a Kenkyuusei, furthermore, a Kenkyuusei who seems to be a 'lifetime' member, but also surprised by the very fact that she is getting a solo debut, rather than a popular front member like Jurina.

However,after researching her (and her confusing title, I understand more now!!!) I think that I quite like her and I might even support her. She seems like a fun character, and I can't wait to see previews of her debut! Hopefully she will receive a PV too. Anyway, good luck to Kaotan! Hopefully all fans will buy a copy of the single and await the other press releases when all 1000 have sold out!

Tokyohive | AKB48 WrapUp | Jpop Asia


NMB48, who recently held their first Request Hour Set List Best 30 on April 12th, announced that 1st Generation member Yamada Nana would transfer from Team N to Team M.

"I want to make NMB48 even bigger. I want to make it a team that won’t lose to Team N, BII, or the research students.” - Yamada Nana (Tokyohive)

It was also announced that Research students Koga Narumi and Nishimura Aika were promoted to Team N.


I originally wasn't going to show this in the Digest, but then I realised that there was a team change and research students being promoted... so congrats to the girls!


On April 20th, it was announced that Nogizaka46 member Shiraishi Mai will be the centre for their 6th single.

 “I am feeling the big joy, and the inconceivable responsibility with this opportunity to stand as the center, which is the position Ikoma-chan has carried since the formation of Nogizaka46. While keeping my feet on the ground steadily, I would like to try harder than now in order to show everyone a new side of Nogizaka.”
The center is the position that brings you a lot of pressure. I want to make a good use of my experience and support her with full effort. I also want to enjoy my new position since I will be able to see a different view.” - Shiraishi Mai (Tokyohive)


Well damn, finally!


It has been announced that Nogizaka46's second generation will be introduced during the group's second stage 16nin no Principal Deux which will be held from May 3rd until the 12th at Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo. More details will be revealed through the groups official site at a later date.


They had auditions for a second generation!? Say whaaaaa~~~~

I love that poster, by the way. Best thing EVER!

Tokyo Girls' Update | Tokyohive

Misc Idols and Groups News


Negicco will be releasing their new single Idol Bakari Kikanaide on May 29th. There will be a Regular and Limited edition version of the single, and the limited edition will come with a DVD of the music video and the making-of.

Track List:

1. Idol Bakari Kikanaide
2 Atarashii Koi no Uta

The covers have also been released.

(From Left to Right: Limited Edition and Regular version)


Negicco are an alien group to me, I won't lie, but their covers slightly remind me of Vanilla Beans and I get that 'classic' vibe from them. I also love their outfits! Anyway, I hope that fans of Negicco will look forward to this release because it looks really cool and classy!

J-pop Idols | Tokyo Girls' Update

Ono Erena

Ono Erena's next single has been confirmed! The single will be titled Fighting☆Hero and will be released on May 29th. Furthermore, the title track will be used as the theme song for Ono Erena's drama Tank Top Fighter which will air from April 25th. The song has been described as a powerful guitar rock tune that fits the suspense of the drama.

The single will be available in four different editions; Limited A, B, C and Regular edition, with each limited version coming with a DVD and different coupling tracks.


I'm glad to finally see a few more details regarding the release of this single, however when I read that the song would be a rock tune, I became sceptical  when it comes to Idols and 'powerful rock' it basically means soft rock that is suitable for the cutesy voices of Idols, so I seriously don't trust what the press or Erena say about the tone of the song. I expect it will be sugary, with a hint of rock, but nothing more. Considering how her tunes always sound the same too, I do worry...

But yeah, rock guitar my ass.



Management have revealed that BiS' next single will include the new members. The new single will include a rock tune produced by Matsukuma Kenta and a ska-core tune produced by Tsuda Noriaki, bassist of KEMURI.


I'm used to Hello! Pro auditions, so I am used to the broadcasting process and such, however I like the mystery behind BiS and the girls that have been chosen, so it will be a surprise for all fans of the groups. Hopefully the new girls will bring a new 'personality' to the group and be just as eccentric as the other BiS girls.

Also, I hope that they had more auditions this time around and did not have to wait an hour for someone to come along.


Groups such as THE Possible, Starmarie, Prizmmy☆, Yumemiru Adolescence and Lovely Doll will perform at Live iDolspot on May 1st at Shibuya O-East, Tokyo. The event has been organised by iDolspot, a free newspaper dedicated to Idols.


I want to just go ahead and say that I find the logo tacky, but now that I actually know that the people hosting it create a free newspaper, and are probably organising this with funding of their own and such, I actually like the idea; they seem very dedicated to Idols, especially those who aren't as well known and need a bit more exposure.

... But yeah I hate that logo. It stole the 13 Colorful Character CD background :P

J-pop Idols | iDolspot

The covers to Sexy Zone's up-coming single, Real Sexy!/BAD BOYS have been revealed.

Fuck you JE, I dislike your management more than I do AKB's right now.


Stardust Promotion

Momoiro Clover Z will be featured on five different magazines from Shueisha Inc. The collaboration has been titled Shueisha Haru no Momoclo Matsuri. Each magazine will include a B-5 size booklet with the cover featuring all five members, and a different member for each magazine on the back of the booklet. The magazines will include interviews as well as an application ticket for seats at Momoiro Clover Z's up-coming concert at Nissan Stadium titled Summer Dive 2013. 500 readers will be invited to the event through a lottery.


Those costumes are ugly as heck, but whatever... this is some amazing promotion, promotion that rivals AKB's, actually.

Tokyo Girls Update | Tokyohive

Team Shyachihoko will be releasing their major debut single Shuto Iten Keikaku on June 19th! The single will contain three songs (plus instrumentals) and there will be a limited edition version containing a different coupling track available only in Nagoya, where the unit is based, at their live performances.

Track List:

1. Shuto Iten Keikaku
2. Soko Soko Premium
3. Mai Kansha (Japanese Edition)
4. Summer Lover (Nagoya Edition)


Please don't let this MV be as creepy as the bowling ball one... please...

J-pop Idols

Avex have revealed three new artists that were selected from the 2013 auditions held earlier this year. The three new artists are Diane Colquhon (17) of American and Japanese decent, Akito Tejima (19) from Osaka and Tomohiro Sato (16) from Hokkaido. Both Diane and Tejima will make their debut at Avex's annual concert tour, A-nation, whilst Sato will make his acting debut in a drama on BeeTV.


As many others are saying, what was the point in an international audition? I know that Diane is of American-Japanese decent, but she is from Okinawa, so that does not count to me.

But hm... interesting... I am totally jealous that they got to stand on the same ground as AAA, though. So. Damn. Jelly.


Idol group SUPER☆GiRLS will release their 7th single, titled Tokunetsu Hig Touch, on June 12th. The coupling song, Pan-Paka-Pan! is performed by All iDOL Street members and is being used as the opening theme for the anime series Hanakappa. There will be a Limited Type A and B, and a Regular edition available for purchase. The Limited versions will come with a DVD featuring the music video and making of.


I actually thought that these girls had disappeared from the face of the planet, they really don't get that many singles out... then again, Avex do seem to bite so much more than they can chew when it comes to having groups.

J-pop Idols


(From Top Left to Bottom: Limited A, B and Regular Editions)

StylipS have announced their first Best of Album. I has been titled THE LIGHTNING CELEBRATION and will be released on April 24th. This will be the last StylipS album featuring Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori.


... Yeah, I'm still in pain over this...


Vanilla Beans

(From Top Left to Bottom: Limited A, B and Regular versions)

Vanilla Beans' new single has been titled Muscat Slope Love and will be released on May 8th. The title song was written and composed by Kaji Hideki, and the jacket covers were shot by world-class photographer Leslie Kee, who has shot various CD covers for other artists such as Leah Dizon, and magazine shoots for ELLE, Vogue and more. He is also known for working with famous artists such as Hamasaki Ayumi and Lady Gaga.

The new single will come in three editions; Limited A, B and Regular Edition. Limited A and B will feature DVD's including various footage.

Track List:

1. Muscat Slope Love
2. Jewel Memories

DVD Track List:

1. Muscat Slope Love (Music Video) (Limited A)
2. Muscat Slope Love (Music Video Offshot) (Limited A)
3. Vanilla Beans in France 2012 Special Movie (Limited B)


I still really don't pay much attention to Vanilla Beans, mostly because they are, well... too Vanilla for my own liking, however I love those covers. Not the dresses so much, but the covers look great! Very flowy and just plain ol' pretty!

PV/Song Previews


Idol group Prizmmy☆ have returned with their new single BOY MEETS GIRL which is a cover of TRF's song. Avex have uploaded the short music video to their official youtube channel, so please check it out!


Holy heck I did not expect to like this. When I first heard about Prizmmy☆, they looked (and sounded) like little girls with no singing ability whatsoever, so I had no interest in them. However this new song surprised me so much because they look mature (still like kids, but more mature) and they actually sound really really good. It's a drastic change, and they also look pretty cool. I also love the neon clothes.

Holy heck, they got good o-O I might have to pay a little more attention to them... or not, who knows?

Voice actor duo unit Petit Milady have a song preview for their debut Double A-side single, Kagami no Dual ism/100% Cider Girl. Please check out the short preview for the song Kagami no Dual ism.


Admittedly, it sounds like a lot of other Anime songs I have heard before... though it doesn't stop it being cute!

They also sound like, and remind me of, YuiKaori!

The audio preview for Petit Milady's song 100% Cider Girl has been revealed, so please check out the cute song!


This means that Riho will love the song; she is 100% a Cider girl. The soft sort, not the hardcore alcohol sort...

Then again it wouldn't surprise me if Riho was on alcoholic cider. Being around Reina can kinda do that to you.

Tokyo Girls' Update | Youtube

Avex group Dream have released the short music video for their new single Only You. The song is being used as the theme song for the TV CM SmanthaxKawaiixArt. The single will be released on May 29th.


Admittedly, this song is really boring and reminds me of Never Ending Story by E-girls when it opens. I actually forget what it sounds like, though the video looks quite cute, albeit a little washed out.

Press Release/Promotional Event Video's

MAiDiGi TV have released another video from the Fit's Link x Kido Senshi Gundam Zaku & Gouf Press release event which Tsugunaga Momoko took part in.


To be honest, I didn't even know that Momoko was interested in Gundam... in fact, I highly doubt she is.

In this video Michishige Sayumi promotes the Sayumi Produced Visual book which is on sale at Morning Musume's Spring 2013 concert tour, so please check out the video to see some previews of what will be in the visual book.


So it seems that UFP are allowing their Idols to do their jobs? Not that I blame them, considering Sayumi and Ai have both proven that they are capable of creatively directing other people and producing content that is not only worthwhile to look at or watch, but also very colourful and different, and a fresh approach.

Hopefully they will let Sayu direct a PV next; that would be interesting.


In this video provided by MAiDiGi TV, Fujimoto Miki promotes some new McDonald's toys.


I am guessing that, because she is a mother, they felt she would be appropriate to promote the toys? Also, McDonald's never promote our Happy Meal toys here via a press conference... Mostly because they aren't good, but eh.

Morning Musume members Michishige Sayumi, Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi leave a comment on Kawaii Girl Japan regarding Tanaka Reina's graduation single Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai, their current concert and also the Morning Musume 12th gen auditions. Please take a look at the video!


This video actually contains quite a bit, when normally you see the girls comment on only the single itself, however this time we see them talking about not only the single, but also a bit about their current concert as well as the auditions that are currently going on for Morning Musume's 12th generation. It's an interesting video and nice to hear the girls' thoughts on it.

Also, Eripon; please turn a 12th gen member into a Gaki wota alongside you. Riho; get everyone else high on cider.

Sengoku Minami of Up Up Girls promotes her upcoming appearance in B.L.T Magazine, so please check out the video!


She is an energetic and cute individual, and a bit extravagant in how she expresses herself... but that is endearing to me.

9nine have unveiled the digest for their one-man live event at Nakano Sun Plaza that was held on March 10th this year! Please check it out~


When are we getting information and confirmation on their next single, because dayumn, they are perfect!

Takahashi Ai was one of the MC's for her hometown Fukui's Spring festival in this digest video from the event, so please check it out!


I really do wish that England would have amazing events like these, and not just fairs or carnivals... I want celebrations for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and lots of dressing up, you know? And events... I like events!

Also, Ai-chan is dressed as an Empress in the video. Please look for her~

Afilia Saga promote their new album Archism on Kawaii Girl Japan! Please check it out!


I found this video completely by accident, but I am so happy I did! The girls are so cute and, if the album wasn't so expensive, I would totally buy it! Also, has anyone noticed that Tsunku seems to just be giving both Afilia Saga and Morning Musume similar things? Like blue and red costumes, a dance battle in the instrumental break... Yeah...

ALSO, RAINA LOVES POKEMON? I LAIK YOU NOW!!! I will nickname you Squishy because of your face. And Maho is so dang cute~


And that is all we have time for this week! Please drop a comment and let me know what you think about the new layout if you have any thoughts regarding it and also, please enjoy the week ahead. Until next time, ja ne!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: April 23rd, 2013


  1. I love the new layout, so much easier to get through everything and find the things I may be interested in reading about.

    Also I completely understand your feelings about the new SZ single covers. There is just so much wrong with them.

    1. Yes, when I asked others about it before putting it up, they said it was easier. Even my sister did XD I was surprised, but happy that I decided to organise it a bit more. A lot more sufficient~

      ... URGH, those damn covers! Seriously, my son needs to be seen!!!

  2. An interview on why Miichan really died her hair?
    I doubt it was a company thing then, or else I highly doubt she'd be opening up like that.

    Also, the SZ covers...yeah, not great. But this is JE. They seem to forget that JUMP actually have more than four members. And I'm sure you'd probably give the lot of them heart attacks if you tried to reminding them that KisuMai actually members other than Kitayama, Fujiyama and Tamamori.
    Fortunately for my Hyphen self, they all seem to be of the opinion that KAT-TUN have 5 members.

    1. SZ makes me cry, JE makes me wanna punch them :D And hahahahaha really, do they REALLY pick favourites? I hate them D;

      KAT-TUN, should I become a fan? NAAAH XD