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Okay! Musume Digest #46

It's Digest Time. Ah ah yeah, check dis out... come on!

Hello and welcome to this weeks Digest, where Idol news is rounded up and bundled together for the convenience of those who want news, but either have no time or no place to look for everyday news. In this weeks Digest...

PV previews galore! Morning Musume Brainstorming b-side previews! A lot of Up Up Girls promotion! Cover releases for new singles! AKB48 have a new soloist!? Kasai Tomomi's graduation date decided! A former Biyuuden member gets married? And much much more!

This week has been a flurry of Idol news from all corners of the Idol world, so I have had a lot to cover outside of Hello! Project and UFP! I am also excited that Afilia Saga are back and ready to rumble, as well as the return of Weather Girls! I am also loving the amount of PV previews this week has had to offer, so yay!

In random news, I had a dream last night where it was announced that Kamei Eri had married former NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa. How this came into my mind is beyond me, but I found out that today is actually his birthday... I think I seriously a calirvoyant/psychic! This keeps happening where I think of something and something happens, whether it be a new single release or, like today, it turns out it is someone's birthday... xD weird...

Okay, all that said and diddly done... time for the video of the week!

Video of the Week

Brainstorming by Morning Musume

This weeks video is also the poll winner, so congrats to Morning Musume for winning your hearts with their latest PV! So, other than being a fantastic PV that won us all over (and also showing us all that UFP still have some talent left in them when it comes to trying to be creative with their video's) the song itself is pretty damn wonderful. I like this PV a lot, and I love that it has plenty of my Zukkini baby in there. She looks perfect, I tell you, so. damn. PERFECT! And then there are the others, and Masaki, who is totally winning me over.

It just needs more Haruna and Sakuranbo. Dangit UFP, promote your solo 11th gen member, you idiots! Didn't under-promoting the adorable Aika Boobs teach you a thing!? Urgh!!!!

That said, let's get on to the image of the week...

Picture of the Week

Nothing to see here, she said, before flying off the land of the Lolly Pops and Gumdrops...

Someone posted this on a facebook fan group I follow, and I fell in love. Haruka is a darling, and this is just perfection... and as someone said, it's like Mary Poppins XD Haruka: The next Coming of Mary Poppins, but cuter and more loveable. A spoon fall of sugar...~

(Nope, the picture of the week for this week is not dedicated to MoMusu, only because that image is way too awesome to ignore XD)

And so that will bring us to the poll results!!!

Poll Results

As you know now, Morning Musume's Brainstorming PV won the poll with 72% of the votes! But what about the other video's listed for the weeks poll? Let's take a looksy, shall we?

Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne by Juice=Juice 27%
Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita by S/mileage 16%
Crazy Kanzen na Otona by C-ute 11%
Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru hen~ by Peaberry 11%
Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai by Morning Musume 5%
Asian Celebration by Berryz Kobou 0%

I love you all for not voting for Asian Celebration, it sucked XD Anyway, thank you all for voting in this weeks poll! Now it's time to think up another one~

But before I start thinking it up, let's move onto the important part of the Digest!


From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited Edition, Limited Deluxe Edition and Regular Edition)
Afilia Saga (formerly Afilia Saga East) will be releasing their second album, titled Archism, on April 24th 2013. This will be the first album to feature new member Rayna S Mauser, who was brought into the group after Kurumi LaLa Milk and Meiry Malonfeel graduated in February this year.

The album will contain 13 tracks, 15 on the Limited Deluxe Edition, and both the Limited Edition and Deluxe Editions will contain 5 music clips including SURVIVE!! and La*La*La Revolution.

I originally found out about the album after learning about Kurumi LaLa Milk's graduation... so I was quite sad, however I am also happy to know that Afilia Saga are moving on and have brought in a new girl, and are still creating music. I look forward to this album, it seems fun and will surely be filled with amazing tunes created for these amazing girls!

The short MV for Afilia Saga's Koi no Wizard Hyakunen Sensou has been revealed through the 5pb channel! The song will be available on Afilia Saga's up-coming album Archism. The MV features a positive and colourful era of witches and maids who truly shine as performers.

The MV reminds me of how cute and fun Naaboudoufu@Nana's Kune Kune Bravo was, though it isn't surprising considering Tsunku may be behind the creation of the MV... it's cute and chirpy, and I think I have fallen in love all over again. Also; EMIU <3

Weather Girls have released a preview to their up-coming 3rd single, which will be a summer release! Titled Koi no Love Sunshine, the track will be a cute summer pop tune released on June 5th this year. The girls show off their charm in various costumes and dance on the beach in the MV. We also get to see behind the scene footage of the girls in this preview, so please check it out and see the Weather Girls in this summer filled preview!

Furthermore, the coupling track to this single is titled Tonight's Weather, and a Regular and Limited edition will be available for purchase, with the Limited Edition single containing a DVD.

My babies are back? Like, not just Afilia, but also Weather Girls... now I just need Bump.y and Fudanjuku to announce new singles, and then I am truly in Idol Heaven...!!!

Fudanjuku totally released a new PV, OMG, YES!

Source | Source

This months H!P Digital book model is Sayashi Riho, with Suzuki Airi as the Plus model!

Riho has no boobs. That is all... Oh! And Airi is perfect, duh!

Source | Source

A radio preview for Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Wah Wah's B-side track Itsumo to Onaji Seifuku de which features Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon, Sato Masaki, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura has been released. Please check out this cute and youthful song about school girls in love!

HOLY FUDGE COOKIES, RIHO SOUNDS GOOD!!!!! Dang, this song is really fun and cute, I love it already! Masaki and Zukki <3

The new issue of Young Jump magazine has a Morning Musume gravure photo feature. The first preview is of Sayumi and Reina.

Lookin' good, Sayu. Yummy legs there! And Reina looks bored, but cute too! Either way, lovely picture!

A blog for Takahashi Ai's up-coming play Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara has been created. Please check it out and keep updated with Ai as she prepares for the play!

Blogs are quite normal when a stage play or musical takes place, so please take a look at the blog and see how well Ai is doing!

(Left: CD+DVD cover | Right: CD only Cover)

The covers for Kikkawa Yuu's second album Two YOU have been revealed.

I really like those colours, and I like that there are essentially 'two' sides to her in both covers. Also, I love that pop of colour on her eyes. Green for the green side, and purple for the purple side XD

... Only I would notice that, I swear!

The cover to Kikkawa Yuu's Music Video Clips Vol. 1 has been revealed.

I like the simplicity of this cover, though it is a tad too grey...

Natsuyaki Miyabi will be a regular on BAKUNAI every Wednesday, it has been revealed.

I thought that TV or Radio shows didn't allow horses in the studio?

Tsunku made a surprise appearance at the entrance ceremony of Kinki University, which was his alma mater (the University he attended and graduated from).

What an awesome surprise! I bet the students were hoping he would sing a rendition of Help Me!! and Uchoten Love... I know I would want that!


It has been reprted that Kosuga Fuyuka will return to the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei during the May performance at Nakano Sun Plaza.

I know that I do not actively follow the trainee's, but when I heard that Fuyuka  had left I was sad because during her time as a S/mileage trainee, she was my favourite. I am glad to hear that she has returned to the trainee's and will be back to perform, however knowing that her condition continues to hinder her performance wise does worry me as a fan.

Regardless, I am happy to know that she has returned and hope that she will be welcomed back warmly by both the fans and the other trainee's.


Idol group SanMyu~ have released the MV preview to their 2nd single Hoho ni Kiss Shite. The single will be released on April 24th 2013. The song is a cover of the 1979 track by singer Mizukoshi Keiko.

So I'm gonna take a wild card guess and say that these girls are now a 'cover' group of sorts? Well that's pretty cool, especially if they are modernising some older classics and bringing back awesome music from the yesteryears, right? Also, they sound pretty good... some sound a bit raw around the edges, but they have a cute look so that's no problem. Also, the video looks bright and fun! Perfect for a Spring/Summer time release!

The PV Preview for NO NAME's second single Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu has been released. The song will be used as the ending theme for AKB0048 Next Stage.

Considering how good the first MV was, I am surprised by how simple this one is.... and how much it reminds me of Momoiro Clover Z's Neo STARGATE PV... o-o

The radio preview for Bainstorming/Kimi Sae Wah Wah's b-side, Tokimeku Tokimeke which features Michishige Sayumi, Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi has been released. Please check out the catchy electro tune.

I was surprised that this song sounded better than I thought it would, because when I heard the concert preview I wasn't really that impressed by the sound, however hearing the song in better quality really makes the song a lot more likeable. It's catchy, fast paced and just overall a pretty good tune in my opinion.

It has been announced that Fairies' new song will be used as the theme song for the anime Jewelpet Happiness. This will be the first time that the group will sing the theme song for an anime. The song, titled Hikari no Hate ni is planned for an early summer release, and the anime will begin airing on April 6th.
Our song is bracing just like the anime, and the choreography to the song is cute which people can emulate!” - Ito Momoka
Wait wait wait... FAIRIES ARE ALIVE!?


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Versions A, B, C, D, E, Regular and Shop Edition)

The covers and track list to Bakusute Sotokande Icchome's major debut, Byte Fighter, have been revealed! Limited A and B will come with a bonus DVD, whilst Limited C will come with a 24 page photo booklet.

Track List:

1. Byte Fighter
2. I believe my heart (Limited A, B, C and Shop versions)
3. Konya mo... (Regular Edition)

DVD Tracklist:

Limited A: Byte Fighter Music Video + Making of
Limited B: Dance Lesson

When I look at these CD covers, my Hello! Project senses start to tingle... Then again, Tsunku is one of the masterminds behind this group, so I am not really that surprised. Hell, even the poses look so Hello! Project like.

The photoshopping on these images is also as tacky as H!P ;D


Oricon have uploaded footage from C-ute's release event fr Crazy Kanzen na Otona where it was revealed that C-ute would go to Paris and hold a live, and would perform at Nippon Budokan in September on C-ute Day (September 10th).

Of course Oricon showed us the best part. I still get chills watching it, and I want to cry tears of happiness. Also; Tsunku is a master troll.

MAiDiGi TV have also uploaded their own footage from C-ute's release event.

I still love seeing the shock on their faces and Airi's 'What?' face when the music sounds different to their version of Crazy Kanzen na Otona... and then the pure horror as they try and figure out just what Tsunku is going to say XD

MUAHAHAHAHA, Tsunku, you troll. You are amazing XD

But seriously though, poor Chisato looks like she wanted to cry. Oh wait, she did end up crying XD

Iikubo Haruna is now a regular on MBS Youngtown Radio. She has replaced Mitsui Aika, who graduated from the show last month.

Hearing that my Honeybon is going to be a regular on a radio show brings me so much happiness ;w;... she is going to do so well in variety, especially with her sweet, complimentary nature... <3

Morning Musume graces the cover of Top Yell magazine! Please check it out!

Sadly it's not even all of them gracing the cover... Oh well, whatever >________>

Footage of Juice=Juice recording their first indies single has been uploaded to the official Juice=Juice youtube channel. Please check it out~

They also did this with S/mileage, though I noticed instantly that JuJu's singers can all hold a tune when recording, and actually sound... well, like they do in the studio version. S/mileage's Ogawa Saki and Yuuka were the only ones who could hold a tune during their indies days... in fact, that still applies even now xD

The Queen Mother of H!P herself, Nakazawa Yuko, plans to resume her activities soon. She will start with radio and move onto TV shows before holding a birthday live in June.

It's nice to see that Yuko is raring to go and keep herself busy even after becoming a mother. She truly is a hard worker, and hopefully we will see more of her activities soon!

JIJIPRESS have released their own footage from C-ute's Crazy Kanzen na Otona release event.

I think that someone needs to make gifs of all their reactions, especially Airi's. Better yet, make a gif of their reaction and a troll head flying over them XD

Tokunaga Chinami promotes Berryz Kobo's new iPhone cases on the UFACTORY channel. Which one is your favourite?

Where's Ikuta Erina's? Because if they had solo iPhone cases or cases for groups, I would actually buy an iPhone just to get one XD

Mori Saki and Sengoku Minami of Up Up Girls comment on the release of their new single Next Stage/Ano Saka no Ue Made. Please watch and enjoy!

Up Up Girls' energy is impeccable, and Mori Saki is cuuuuute!!!!

Here is a promo of the Up Up Girls and Galaxxxy collaboration t-shirts.

These girls seem to be doing a lot of t-shirt promo's, though to be honest, I prefer their skirts! And Miami, get the damn cat ears off your head! You're too mainstream!

Up Up Girls performed their song Sutorera! ~Straight Up!~ at Tower Records Fukuoka. Please watch the performance and enjoy!~

What is with the hats? Girls, you are not Kudo Haruka, please... but the girl with the hat to the side looks cool. Also, props to Mori Saki for not wearing a hat and standing out.

Also, why is one girl hidden by a pillar?

Look out, it's Kawaii Pateen Akihabara Report #13! Please check it out and enjoy~

More fashion tips and cute fashionista's once again! I love this little segment, it is so cute and I like seeing what the girls wear~ Also, Nakagawa Shoko has a fashion line?

UF LICKS episode 8 is up and running on youtube! Please check it out!

This week includes footage of Tasaki Asahi rehearsing her new song, Sakura Dokei, as well as footage of the duo from UFp (and I think Satoyama, too) and some LoVendoЯ! Please check it out!

Personally, my favourite part of this weeks UF Licks was everything to do with Tasaki Asahi, including the sneak peak at the end for her video Sakura Dokei where she sings it live in the park ;)

Tanaka Reina's long-running regular segment in CD&DL magazine, Tanakamesen, will be bundled together and released as a book on May 22nd. The book will feature unpublished photographs and interviews as well as include new photo's. Those who pre-order the book will recieve a photocard.

I am guessing that, because it will be bundled, Reina has 'graduated' from the magazine because of her own graduation from Morning Musume? I have no idea, but I do hope that fans who enjoyed these segments she had in the magazine will purchase a copy of the book and enjoy around 7 years' worth of Tanaka Reina.

It has been announced that Mano Erina's birthday event Mano Friends Party vol. 7 will be broadcast from the Ameba Studio on April 13th.

If I could watch it, I totally would... but do Ameba do Nico lives at all? I think they do... well, regardless, this is a great opportunity for fans to watch it if they can.

Kikkawa Yuu's official profile has been updated.

Looking as crazy and dead in the eyes as ever, I see.

Tanaka Reina is this months Radio DJ for Idol Hour Hello! Project!

Well... they had to somehow sneak her in before she left for good, so why not a month before she officially ditches the joint?

C-ute leave a message for their fans concerning the announcement of their °C-ute Cutie Circuit ~Voyage à Paris~ that will take place on July 5th.

I am so jealous of all the fans who can go... -stares at you all, especially you, Morningtime-

Just... just bathe in the glory of Chissa, Nakky and Airi for me, okay? ;w;

Mori Saki of Up Up Girls leaves another comment for Next Stage/Ano Saka no ue Made.

She is so cute, I just want to hug her and lock her away... forever... <3

The digest for Morning Labo IV has been released, so please check it out!

I do love those costumes, very Samurai and just really damn cool! And also, why have they tried to make this Digest like a movie trailer? It's weird, but it adds a cool element I guess... Also, Eripon looks damn cool! I don't care if Haruka says she is the boy of the group, only Eripon brings out that cool side that makes her seem like the boy/boyfriend type. Also, I totally saw that Sayu x Eripon relationship during the fight scene.

It has been announced that Kasai Tomomi will graduate from AKB48 on May 3rd after the Shinoda Team A Performance at the AKB48 theatre. Her last appearance at a handshake event will be April 20th a Makuhari Messe. After her graduation, she will release her second single on May 8th.

All I can say right now is... Sayonara Adios Bybye Cha Cha... or something XD but seriously, it took them long enough to plan a date for her graduation.

It has been revealed that AKB48 member Kuramochi Asuka will be making her solo debut on May 29th. The announcement was made on April 6th during a handshake event at Makuhari Messe. Her solo debut is a prize for coming in second at an AKB48 horse race event which Kasai Tomomi had won. As well as a solo debut, Asuka will also release her first solo photo book.

Furthermore, Asuka's debut song will be used as the theme song for the CM to JRA, and she will also star in the CM. The single will be released under Avex and five editions will be available. Additionally, each jacket cover will be shot by a different magazine; Young Champion, Friday, B.L.T, Weekly Playboy and Weekly Big Comic Spirits will be photographing a cover for the single. There will also be a project in which the magazines will compete against each other to see which single version sells the most.

... Who?

Regardless of that though, I think that the challenge behind the CD covers is extremely intriguing and creative. It will be fun to see what the varying magazines comes up with for the jacket covers, and which one will win. Also, I look forward to her debut, though really... why AKB needs more soloist is beyond me, however, I do think that the reason behind her solo debut (especially so suddenly) is because of Kasai's graduation, and also because she is the JRA Queen and was supposed to provide the theme songs.

Well, whatever... no one can beat Mayuyu!

The list of candidates for AKB48's 5th AKB48 Senbatsu General Election has been revealed.

The list is extremely long, so I won't be posting it here, however please check the source for the full list.

As for my comments, I am glad to see that Minegishi Minami is participating in the election. I feel that if she does get votes, they might be pity votes, but I am glad to see that she has signed up to be a part of this election.

Also, a lot of Kenkyuusei have entered. I am actually really surprised by how many have entered, to be honest.

Idol group Passpo☆ will release their live event DVD Shibuya Kokaido Flight DVD ~Sayonara  ぱすぽ☆ Konnichiwa Passpo on May 22nd. The DVD includes 27 songs performed at the live event, as well as the announcement that the group have changed their name from  ぱすぽ☆ to Passpo☆. The concert was held at Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo on December 28th 2012.

They changed their name to the English version? Well, okay... so I no longer have to write in capitals. Dang, I will miss that caps abuse!!!

The short dance version to Fairies' new song Hikari no hate ni has been revealed. The theme is a cute and Idol-like pop song that is perfect for an anime. The song is being used as the theme for the anime Jewelpet Happiness. The anime began airing on April 6th, and the single is set to release in the early summer.

Okay, I can't get over how adorable this is! It sounds like something 9nine would release, or StylipS... it's very poppy, cute and so sweet! I LOVE IT!!!

Fairies, thanks for doing this anime gig... this might be the reason why I get into you more. AWESOME. SAUCE.

The much anticipated Pokemon News for Pokemon X and Y has been revealed... and it's as lacklustre as I did not want it to be, urrrgh!!!! -.-

FML, I wanted Sylveon's type, not... MewThree as someone said on a site somewhere (Fairies' M-Three? XD XD XD XD) and urrrrrrgh NO, Pokemon creators, NO! We do not want rehashes of classic Pokemon. You are not Morning Musume or AKB48... >_______>

Effing rehashes.

Nogizaka46's Hashimoto Nanami will make regular appearances on the TV show ZIP! and will co-host a segment titled Senryū Joshi with other performers. It will air on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6:20am.

Great news for Nanami. This will be a great way for her to promote herself and NG46 now, and will be good for fans who want to follow her more. It will also give her fans a chance to see the other performers she will share the segment with. Congrats, Nanami!

Footage of Up Up Grils performing their song Ana Sake no Ue Made has been uploaded to their official youtube channel. Please check out the strong performance from UUG and enjoy!

Remind me again why I am stupid enough not to be totally into these girls? They're amazing! And this is such a pretty song, very fitting for spring.

Kudo Haruka has graced the cover of Big Comic Spirits, and has become the youngest cover model to grace the magazine cover.

Firstly, congrats to Haruka for securing a title as the youngest cover model for the magazine, and secondly, yes, she is just darling. She is also absolutely perfect.

The making of video for Kudo Haruka's appearance in Big Comic Spirits has been uploaded, so please check it out!

She is soooo so perfect! Girl... I love you!

C-ute have left a message on Bishi Bishi Music's youtube channel. The message is for French fans and has been translated into French, so please check it out~

Okay, I am becoming insanely jealous of everyone who is going...

The radio rip for Tanaka Reina's graduation solo song, Rock no Teigi, has been released. Please check out Tanaka's cool toned solo song that will be available on the her last single as a part of Morning Musume!

When the song opens up, I get an immediate sense of Platinum era styled sounds, more specifically from the Platinum 9 album more than anything, but I also hear some sounds from the current Morning Musume. It sounds nostalgic, and so very Reina. This is a very befitting and perfect send off for Reina in my opinion.

Now, we just need to await the MV and see what that has in store for us...


Kaya of Web group ElectroCute Lighting has revealed that the group will be releasing their second single on June 14th. The single will be titled Finish Line. The lyrics and melody have been written by Kaya once again, however the group will be working with someone new for the arrangement and orchestration of the song.

Only yesterday I was wondering when Kaya and her friends would release something new... and then this appears! I swear, I'm a clairvoyant, I keep thinking of Idols and when they are releasing new material, and then the news appears with information on new singles... xD


On April 8th 2013, Miyoshi Erika announced that she is now married! The announcement was made on her official blog, and she married a Sapporo man who works for an IT company. Their marriage was registered on April 8th.

This is surprising, but congratulations to Erika! Here's to a happy marriage, and possibly children!!!


The cover to Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon's up-coming photo book S/mileage 2 ~AyaKanon 18sai no Yakusoku~ has been revealed.

Dawa looks high, Nyon looks bored and uninterested. So basically, their normal looks.


Hello! Project's Summer 2013 concert has been titled Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO! ~Sorezore!~ and Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER COOL HELLO ~Mazekoze!~. The tour dates and venues have also been released.

I have no idea what the titles mean, but it looks like this years theme is the 'cool' image of Hello! Project, and I can totally understand why, what with the songs they have been producing lately... well, except S/mileage that is.


Up Up Girls promote their new single Next Stage/Ano Saka no Ue Made for Kawaii Girl apan. Please check out the video.

When are they going to get PV's? They release so damn much, you would expect one or two of their songs to have a PV to go with it... please give them a PV >o<

Footage from the press release event for the Satoyama Guide Book has been uploaded by Tokyo News Service. Mitsui Aika, Sudo Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Ikuta Erina, Ishida Ayumi and Fukuda Kanon were present for the release.

Look at Miyabi, wearing a hat to hide how bad her hair is... well, it isn't that bad, but whatever. Also, everyone except Eripon and Ayumin looked gloomy in my opinion.

Here is the digest for the M-Line Memory Vol. 11 fanclub DVD featuring Abe Natsumi and Niigaki Risa. Ogawa Makoto appears as a guest.

Lor Gaki is looking fabulous as always and sounding absolutely fierce. Also, love Makoto's appearance and love that Errpon manages to bomb the event by a video. It's also great to hear Gaki talk about Errpon to her fans a lot as well... then again they kinds share their fans now xD

JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage from Shinoda Mariko's press release event for her wedding dress line Love Mary.

Those dresses are certainly... eye catching. Especially that queen of hearts one... To be honest I'm not a fan of the designs, especially that queen of hearts one, but when it comes to dresses I like simple things over vibrant, over-the top and... tacky XD Personal opinion though, however I am glad to see that Mariko is still design wedding dresses and clothes in general.

It has been announced that Passpo☆ member Okunaka Makoto will be releasing her second photo book titled Kawaikute Makoto no Suimasen on April 15th. A release event will be held on April 20th at Fukuya Shoten shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

The photo book will feature images of Makoto in a swimsuit, and various costumes that are either original or sexy.

Passpo☆ are getting a helluva lot of photo book releases lately.


Hello! Pro Station episode 10 has been uploaded! Please check it out and enjoy this weeks episode!

This weeks MC is Nakajima Saki again, with content including C-ute's recent Budokan and Paris concert announcements, as well as backstage footage of the girls and their comments. A performance of Berryz Kobo's Asian Celebration at their spring concert tour is also included as well as a look at the recent Nama Tamago Show by Hello! Pro Kenshuusei which includes performances of Morning Musume's Dokkan Capriccio, Mai Desu Ka Ska, Seishun Domannaka, C-ute's Momoiro Sparkling and others.

Whew, that performance of Dance do Bakoon from C-ute's recent release event... and those hip thrusts! Airi, you thrust them so GOOD! And Mai! My lord those thrusts... whoever marries those girls later on in life, they are some lucky sons of bitches. Also, nice little add on at the end with Nakky's hair corner :D She does have beautiful hair... and lips... actually she's just beautiful.

And that is all the news we have this week! Thank you for reading the Weekly Digest, I hope that this week has filled you with more news like last week did! Until next week, please allow this amount of news to digest. Ja ne!

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