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Okay! Musume Digest #45

Everybody get up on the Dance floor!!! Errbody get on the Digest Floor!!! Wait what?

Welcome back to the Weekly Digest where a weeks worth of news is crammed together for you all to read in your own leisurely time! This week in News:

PASSPO☆'s new single details! PB announcements! A truck ton of LoVendoЯ! Digests GALORE!!!! Tsuji names her baby! Kikka's alive!? And so much more! -sparkles everywhere-

Happy April everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Digest! I hope that you have all had a wonderful week, now let's hope that the upcoming week will be just as good! It's been raining, snowing AND sunny here in England! It's also been Easter, and I ate chocolate, so I was a happy girl... did anyone else get chocolate? NOM! <3

Anyway, that said and done, here's a bit of randomness of the week in the form of my Blog Search terms! What have you all be typing into the search engine this week?

... I worry about you guys, I really do.

But yes, that made my week. Whoever is searching these terms really is giving me some laughs xD! Though seriously... WHY WOULD YOU SEARCH THAT?... Better yet, how does that lead to my blog!?

... I have no idea, but who cares, it's all fun and giggles. Now, let's get back on track with the Digest!

Video of the Week

Tegami by Tasaki Asahi

Listening to songs yesterday, I wondered what I was going to put up as my Video of the Week, and then I decided that I wanted to listen to Tegami, and realised then that this would be the Video of the Week. It was a random spur-of-the-moment thought more than anything, but I love this song so much and I think that it is so beautiful and just does Asahi's voice justice. It's also extremely natural, and quite simply done, two things I do like when it comes to MV's. Hopefully as you watch the video you can all appreciate the prettiness of it, even if you don't like the song at all~

Picture of the Week

"Oh Nyonderella, how beautiful you are, with that puckered up face and those bulging eyes. Why Nyonderella, I think that I'm in love" said Mr. Duck as he sighed, dreaming of her Duck face in all its glory...

This weeks picture was actually chosen by my sister, Mamba Pon, who said that I should use this little gem for this week's picture, so here it is! Absolutely beautiful!!!

Poll of the Week

It's time for another poll! This week the Question is H!P related. Here it is...

Which Hello! Project PV of Spring 2013 has been your Favourite?

This will relate to all the recent PV releases within Hello! Project, including the latest release by Juice=Juice. So, cast your votes and let the Poll war begin!

And now onto the DIGEST! Let's get into the News!


Perfume's new single, Magic of Love has been announced! The song will also be used as the theme song for the TV CM for Kanro's Pure Gummy and will be released in the early summer. The CM is set to start broadcasting from the 1st of April.

Perfume are releasing a new single... WOW that's quick! I certainly didn't expect it, but for Perfume fans this is a pleasant surprise! Hopefully the song will be good... unlike their last single -glares-


SKE48's Yagami Kumi will be releasing her very first photo book in April on the 26th titled SKE48 Yagami Kumi Photo Book. This will be Yagami's only photo book since she began her career in SKE48, as it was created to commemorate her graduation that will happen on April 13th and 14th at Nippon Gaishi Hall. The theme of the photo book is 'Graduation Trip'.

What an unimaginative title!!! I have to give props to H!P for actually giving the girls interest PB titles, if anything.


It has been announced that BiS will be holding auditions for a new member after the withdrawal of member Wacky. The group will be looking for someone aged between 17-24 years old and no prior entertainment experience is required, however participants must not be signed to a production or record company. The Audition will take place on April 14th and 21st from 1:00pm until 5:00pm at Avex Headquarters.

I think that a new member audition was pretty much inevitable with BiS, in fact I expected it to happen... Wacky's graduation/withdrawal was extremely sudden, and the group seem to work really well with five of them together.

Hopefully this year they will have better luck with auditions and hopefully the new member will be just as crazy and cute as the rest of them are!


Tasaki Asahi will be the opening act for LoVendoЯ's March 27th concert.

Doing what she can before she starts to hold her very own concerts... hopefully -fingers crossed!!!-


Tanaka Reina, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai and Fukuda Kanon will appear in Top Yell magazine which will be out on April 6th.

Mai will totally look hotter than the rest of them... no question.


An official website for Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai has been revealed, so please check it out!

If only they put this much effort into their single covers like they do their websites... sigh. Though admittedly, this site is a lot simpler than past sites they have created.


The DVD covers for Hello! Project Viva! and Bravo! have been revealed. The Viva! covers show H!P in their single release costumes whilst Bravo! shows the girls in their concert outfits.

I hate how the H!P editors photoshop everything, it always looks so cramped and crammed together... urrrgh...

Source | Source

Through their first live stream aired on March 27th 2013, LoVendoЯ revealed that they would release their first cover mini-album, currently untitled, and is set to release on the 22nd of May. The album will feature 5-6 songs and will cover previous H!P and non-H!P songs.

I was not expecting this announcement at all, but I am really happy to hear that one of the first things the group will do aside from concerts is release a cover mini album! Hopefully the songs will be altered slightly to fit that rock-esque feeling that the girls have, and hopefully all fans of Reina and the band will be able to buy a copy!


The title for Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon's upcoming joint PB is S/mileage 2 ~AyaKanon 18sai no Yakusoku~. The release date for the joint photo book is the 25th of April.

Kanon looks high as hell in that image, doesn't she?


PASSPO☆ members Negishi Ai and Masui Mio will both release their first solo photo book's to be simultaneously released on April 1st 2013. Both photo books were shot in Guam, and will be filled with swimsuit shots. Mio's photo book, titled 30 (Mmio) Pocket will contain shots that tell various stories whilst Ai's photo book, titled Nobody Knows, is portrayed as a trip that you take with Ai as her boyfriend.

Wait wait wait... they are released on April Fools Day? Does that mean that instead of Mio Mio and Ai, we will instead see images of Mushu? WILL MUSHU RETURN????? hopes for bizarre things

Source | Source

C-ute will hold talk and handshake events on April 2nd 2013.

I doubt the fans will be listening to a word you girls are saying when you are wearing those outfits...

Source | Source

MAiDiGi TV have reported on LoVendoЯ's first concert. Please enjoy the clip provided and see Reina in action!

I want to burn those damn ears... also, Marin is hot. Yuki's smile is also pretty darned cute too.

Oricon have also reported on LoVendoЯ's first concert. Please check out the clip and see Reina's band in action!

I hope that Reina one day burns those cat ears and finds something else to play overkill on, because damn the cat ears are boring me! But, admittedly, I also want a pair... DANGIT!

Okai Chisato, Kudo Haruka, Tanaka Reina, Michishige Sayumi, Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai all eave their comments in three video's for the new Hello! Shop in Akihabara. Please check them out!

Suzuki Kanon, Tekeuchi Akari and Kudo Haruka promote their respective releases for MacPeople Magazine. Please check out the video!

I love Zukkini's clothes, she looks super adorable and so... well, prim and proper! Very lady like! Both Haruka and Akari will surely fight for her affections as the boys of H!P!!!

Yasuda Kei, Fujimoto Miki and Mitsui Aika will be featured as guests at Mama Expo 2013 on the 14th of April.

When I see these three, I can only think that these are the three remaining UFP act who are continuing as Idols. Especially Miki... I think she may be an eternal Idol o-O

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's up-coming song, Point of View, will be used as the theme song for Fuji TV's afternoon news program Ageru TV it has been revealed. The song was written specifically for the program, which will begin airing from April 1st.

This is pretty interesting, and also leads me to wonder what the song will be like... I fear it will be tame, or at least tame for Kyary's standards.

JIJIPRESS have reported on LoVendoЯ's first concert, including performance footage and comments from the band members. Please check out the video and enjoy!

My lordeh they sang ROMAN ~My Dear Boy~. YAY!!!!


The Hello! Project Trainee's will get a DVD Magazine! The first volume has a digest available  so please take a look and enjoy!

This is pretty surprising, unexpected, but also very welcoming, especially for fans who want to know more about the Eggs. Hopefully those interested will order a copy or just take a look at the digest to see what to expect from the DVD Magazine!

In this clip Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka take a look at the concert goods for the Eleven Soul Concert tour! Please check it out!


Up Up Girls have released the Digest for their up-coming Concert DVD! Please check it out and see if you are interested!

Looking, and sounding, damn good! Their energy is so damn high and I LOVE IT!!! Now, where are their PV's!?


Juice=Juice have left a video message regarding the opening of the new Hello! Pro Store in Akihabara! Please check it out!

Another message from Hello! Pro's newest unit! Please take your time to appreciate their cuteness in the video, and Karin's energy!


The preview Girls News Hello! Project 14 has been uploaded! Please take a look at the preview and see what you can find in the newest episode!

It looks to be another fun filled episode with some behind the scenes footage! So please be sure to take a look at the next episode if you can find it~ I want to watch it, too D;

Ikuta Erina, Ishida Ayumi, Sudou Maasa, Natsuyaki Miyabi, Mitsui Aika and Fukuda Kanon will attend a handshake event for the release of the SATOYAMA Guidebook on April 9th, 2013.

Nice, they have some real hotness going on in this handshake event! Mhm... Eripon, Maasa, Boobs and a Horse... yum... <3

Episode 7 of UF Licks has been uploaded to the UF Licks Youtube channel, so please check it out and enjoy!

This week... more LoVendoЯ concert footage (urgh), and a bit of a talk segment with that Satoyama dude who's name I need to learn! Also some footage of our dear Tasaki Asahi practicing the piano as well as some making of footage for her new music video! Also, this week's solo music video is by Tasaki Asahi herself!... Sadly I have no idea what the song is! How sad, but whatever, she sings it beautifully!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this weeks episode of UF Licks!

Hello! Project Kenshuusei members Nanami, Kurumi, Mizuki and Reina leave their comments in this video for the Ikinuku Kiseki ~Juunenme no Negai stage play. Please take a look at the video!

I can not help but notice that they are probably pushing Reina a bit more than others, she's been in a few things now, right?... maybe it's just me, though. Well, they're all cute, so yeah <3

MAiDiGi TV have footage of Fujimoto Miki promoting the clothing line OLD NAVY. Please check out the footage

Is she really a mother!? Look at that body!!!

Tsuji Nozomi has revealed the name of her third child to be Sora.
We looked to the sky and saw the sun shining radiantly and the overflow of strength from the sky.”  Therefore, “We decided on a combination of the words ‘sun,’ heavens’, and ‘sky,’ to come up with ‘Sora.’” - Tsuji Nozomi's blog, Tokyohive
When I think of the name Sora, my thoughts immediately turn to Kingdom Hearts. So, Aibon... please call your first son Riku, and someone else in H!P, call your daughter Kairi, and then someone else, call another baby Nanami... Better yet, Ichii Sayaka, please call your daughter Kairi. Thanks.

Source | Source

The trailer to Minna! Esper Dayo has been uploaded to the official website for the 2013 drama, which stars Mano Erina. She will act alongside Shota Sometani who will play as Yoshio Kamogawa, and Kaho who will portray the female lead Miyuki.

WARNING: This trailer includes motor boating... I think. xD Well, either way, this is a pretty perverted trailer, so innocents beware, but perverts can stare!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be releasing her new single, titled Invader Invader, on May 15th. The song is described as a catchy electro pop tune with an 80's flavour, and is currently being used as the CM song for g.u. The track Point of View, which is being used as the theme song for Ageru TV, will be the coupling song on the single.

The covers have also been released.

(Left to Right: Limited and Regular Edition)

Kyary is releasing singles like they are going out of fashion! If she keeps doing that, then she will go into overkill and will get blander and blander with each release...

Maybe that's just me, though.


Momoiro Clover Z have announced that they will be holding a Children Only concert on May 5th at Tobo Zoo Park Happy Onstage.

I forget that their gimmick is weird enough that it will appeal to kids... hopefully Dimples won't scare them all with her shriek.


Idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's new song, titled Kindan no Karma, has been chosen as the opening theme for TV Tokyo's upcoming drama Vampire Heaven, which will begin airing on April 12th. The single will be released on June 5th as a double A-side along with the track Te wo Tsunagou.

I haven't heard from Ebichu for a while now... Actually, I kinda forgot about them. Oops.


Maeda Atsuko has announced the opening of her official website and fanclub.

For any fans who wish to follow her, please go to the pre-site that has been created and follow for magazine updates from Maeda. Hopefully all fans interested will keep updated through the site and fanclub!

Source | Source | Site

The Digest for Kudo Haruka's up-coming e-Hello, titled Haruka - Thirteen has been uploaded, so please take a look and enjoy Haruka's cute side!

I like her with glasses on... she looks like a cute boy! MEGANE-KUN!!!!

Oricon have provided footage from the opening of the Hello! Pro storie in Akihabara. Fukumura Mizuki, Fukuda Kanon and Iikubo Haruna were present at the event along with Michishige Sayumi.

The video is your standard answering questions and commenting on the opening of the store, but it's an enjoyable watch... and Sayumi is darned cute! I like that she has pins in her hair, you know... badge pins xD

It has been announced that Oda Sakura will be joining the 9th and 10th generation Morning Musume members on their radio show Morning Musume no Morning Jogakuin ~Houkago Meeting~ full time.

Sakura will win everyone over with her charm... and hopefully break out of her shell, too.


Tokyo News Service has reported on the release event for Suzuki Airi's compilation photo book.

Comments from the cutie herself and also... we get to see her in her uniform! How cute, kawaii... beautiful! Airi also previews some photo's for everyone, so please, if you are charmed by her, why not buy the photo book?

MAiDiGi TV have also reported on the release event for Suzuki Airi's compilation photo book, so please take a look!

Much like the other report, we see Airi comment on the photo book and answer questions as well as see previews. Please enjoy!

It has been announced that Sasaki Rikako, formerly a part of the indie Earthquake support Idol group SCK Girls, is now a part of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei. This was announced on March 31st at the Nama Tamago show.

I remember seeing clips of SCK girls a while back in 2012 and was interested in the group for a while, especially Rikako because she seemed to be given a front/centre position despite being the youngest of the group.

It also seems that she is popular with the H!P fans already, and I agree with what everyone says: She gives off a Kudo Haruka vibe. When she talks, she actually sounds like Haruka, but when she sings it's a bit of a different story, but she has talent. I am excited to see what she brings as a part of H!P... but I think that Tsunku has plans for her, because seriously... he would not have nabbed her otherwise!

Live footage of Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome performing their major debut song, Byte Fighter, has been uploaded. Please enjoy the strong performance and the amazing new sound these girls are sporting!

Okay, this sounds so. freakin'... AMAZING!!!! HELLO AWESOME!!!

It has been announced that Takeuchi Akari will be a regular on the NHK program Test no Hanamichi.

Apparently Wada Ayaka has also been a part of the show since 2010 (no idea if she still is), but I am happy to hear that Take-chan will also get to be a regular and let her personality truly shine.

It has been announced that Okai Chisato will have a regular Thursday slot on CBC's Go Go Smile.

It's amazing that both Take-chan and Okai are able to get TV appearences. I'm also more interested in what Go Go Smile is about now that I know that Mari Yaguchi is on the Tuesday segments.

Juice=Juice's second indies single has been announced. It is titled Samidare Bijou ga Samidareru and will be released on May 5th, according to fan sources.

This is fast news, and whilst it is still a fan source, I would not be surprised if this was true... let's hope for a better PV next time though, aye?

It has been announced that Juice=Juice will hold their first Fan club even on May 5th.

I was not expecting this news at all, but wow! I am so happy that Juice=Juice are able to hold their first FC event! Hopefully all JuJu fans will attend and have a great time with the girls!

Kikkawa Yuu will release her second photobook, titled YOU21 on May 1st.


It has been announced that Berryz Kobou will hold joint live event with Visual Kei rock group jealkb on May 31st at SIBUYA-AX.

Okay... what the hell? HAHAHAHA seriously? BK? Understandable if it was C-ute, they actually have dancing skills and pretty darned cool songs. BK have... Well, they have Maasa who is hardcore, and Risako. And a Tree... A Horse... and an annoying irk that is more annoying than the Zelda Fairy...

Yeah... :/

Up Up GirlsDempagumi.inc, Vanilla Beans, Weather Girls, Sunmyu, Houkago Princess, Up Up Girls, Oomori Seiko, Nanba Shiho and more will perform at Miss iD 2014 Zenyasai Ashita no Idol Hanashi wo Shiyou Kaigi~ which will be held on April 18th 2013 at Shibuya O-East, Tokyo.


Sayashi Riho and Oda Sakura leave their comments for Morning Musume's Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai in this video, so please check it out!

Why choose the crap PV to promote? Please, give me the Errpon and Iikubon commenting on Brainstorming! That said... Riho looks cut, but the bow is too big for her.

C-ute will be collaborating with JOYSOUND in C-ute x JOYSOUND for their single Crazy Kanzen na Otona.

All I can say is YEEEEAH!!!! You promote your sexiness, C-ute!

Footage from behind the scenes of Ono Erena's up-coming drama Tank Top Fighter has been released! Sadly playback is not available, so please watch on youtube!

Ono looks so cute, as always! I want to see this drama to see how cool she will look, too!

PASSPO☆ will be releasing their next single on May 22nd. It has been announced to be a double A-side titled Step & Go/Candy Room and will come in three editions: Economy Class, First Class and Business Class, with First and Business Class containing a music video. Furthermore, Step & Go is being used as the ending theme for the anime series Tanken Driland ~1000-nen no ma Takara~ whilst Candy Room will be used as the ending theme song for PASSPO☆'s new variety show PASSPO☆ no Saku-uma TV which begins airing on April 6th.

I don't update myself with PASSPO☆ enough, I swear... but the new single sounds cuter than I would expect from this group right now, especially Candy Room. Either way, I will anticipate the release!


Ogura Yui will release her second solo single titled Baby Sweet Berry Love on the 8th of May 2013. The short MV has been posted, so please enjoy!


... Actually, it sounds cute and fun. DIABETES, HERE WE GO!

JIJIPRESS have footage from Suzuki Airi's recent Compilation Photo book release event. Please take a look and enjoy!

I have to say, the previews of the book in the beginning are extremely tempting... NOM <3

It has been announced that Mitsui Aika has been cast in the stage play Okujou Wonderland that will run from May 8th until the 12th. Aika will take on the role of the character Nakahara Yui.

This is amazing news for fans of Aika, Aika herself and play lovers. I know that the performance days are very few, but Aika is pretty good at acting and seems to be cast quite a bit in stage plays now. Hopefully all fans who can go and see the play will do so and support Aika.

The second SATOYAMA fanclub bus tour has been announced. Peaberry and GREEN FIELDS will take part in the event, and it will run from June 1st and 2nd.

It is going to be amazingly sunny in June, perfect timing for a bust tour, so hopefully all fans can attend the tour and possibly make some healthy snacks with the girls and plant some produce, eh?

Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 is just around the corner! Once again many groups will participate, such as THE Possible, AeLL, Idoling!!!, Sakura Gakuin, Tokyo Girls Style, Negicco and Vanilla Beans! This year it will be held on July 27th and 28th at Zepp Tokyo, so please look forward to it!

TIF is basically an Idol festival which brings together many Idols. I found out about the festival last year through Kawaii Girl Japan when I gained a lot of interest in Fudanjuku and found out that one of the members was an MC alongside Rena from Vanilla Beans for Kawaii Girl Japan, and hosted talks with other Idols. This year a few failiar faces will return to the festival, Idoling!!! and Vanilla Beans included. Hopefully Fudanjuku will be there too! So, please anticipate this years Idol festival!

Morning Musume grace the cover of AniKan R Yanyan!! magazine, which will be on sale on April 11th!

I can't help but notice that they have the cuter girls on Sayu's side, minus the cute Haruka of course, and then the sexy/pouty/awkward/predator-like girls on Reina's side... Haruka, get over to Sayu now please, you are none of those things... too adorable.

LinQ have revealed the short MV to their upcoming major debut single Chime ga Owareba!. The girls are featured in red uniform jackets with white skirts whilst older members wear red coats instead. The content is restricted from playback, so please watch the video on youtube if interested!

Ahhh, so cute, but I really do wish they would give us the full MV!

Up Up Girls give comments for the WEB on the release of their latest DVD and Maxi single release for kakkoKARI. English subtitles are provided for fans.

The girls seem really happy with the release and comment on all the good points, so... are you interested in buying this DVD and Maxi Single from what they say?

Episode 9 of Hello! Pro Station is available for everyone to watch. This week's host is C-ute's Nakajima Saki. Douzo!

In this week's episode we have the gorgeous Nakajima Saki hosting for us. She talks a bit about the Kenshuusei and how they are different from the H!P kids (from what my sister told me) and how C-ute were as Indies. There is also footage from the recent Kenshuusei concert, where Sasaki Rikako is introduced as a new Kenshuusei member. Natsuyaki Miyabi also sings Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda and there is a performance from C-ute, too.

Please enjoy this episode!

And that is all the news for this week! Thank you everyone for tuning into the Digest and I hope that next week will be filled with more Idol related news, but until then... Ja ne!!!!


  1. Brainstorming has to be the best PV so far...
    Without a doubt. Kikka's releasing a photobook??
    Damn i want it! *sees hole in the pocket* =(

    1. I know! And yes, she is :D And that is the downfall of being a fan... no money cos we buy too much D8