Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello! Project's Top 11 Most Adorable Smiles ~According to Chiima~

All opinions are my own etc etc... YAY!

Back in 2011, I created a post where I gave a list of the 11 members in Hello! Project who I thought had the creepiest smiles at the time, and I thought of the post today when I started to think about a member I don't necessarily like, but who has certain charm points that I cannot deny that I like about her, and one of those points was her smile and thinking about that inspired me to return to this type of post and just have fun with it.

So brace yourself, for this is my Top 11 (not 10... 11) Most Adorable Smiles in Hello! Project, according to me. You don't have to agree with me... but if you have a Top 11 of H!P's most adorable smiles, then please... let me know!

Anyway, let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!

... Yeah. Let's look at my rank then, shall we?

11. Tokunaga Chinami (Clown)

Regardless of how psychotic her smile can look too, The Chii really does have one adorable, bright smile that I never fail to notice in any Berryz PV I may watch. She always looks so happy, and her face always brightens when she smiles. However it is reserved for her toothy smile, not her closed mouth smile.

10. Sayashi Riho (The Shrieking Spoon)

Now that she has come out of her shell and actually opens her mouth to smile, I have found Riho to be overwhelmingly adorable. Okay, so she looks awkward as heck, but she still looks extremely cute when she smiles the way she does, and you can finally see how truly adorable she is! I love her cute little smile. Awkward? Heck yeah! But it's Helluva cute, you know what I'm sayin'?

9. Miyamoto Karin (I have no nickname for her yet)

Now in a unit, I have really come to see how adorable Karin's smile is, and out of all the other JuJu members, she really does shine when she smiles. She looks so dang cute and pure! Her smile is certainly a charm point, and if it wasn't for the cool song they sang and dance to in their debut, I would have probably noticed her more. But wow! Sweet diabetes, that is one sugar-coated smile!

8. Kudo Haruka (The Queen of Lollipops and Gumdrops)

The Queen of Lollipops and Gum Drops has one of the most radiant smiles in all of MoMusu right now, and when she does a full open-mouth smile it is absolutely adorable! She is just the cutest thing, and I love her smile so much! She just looks cute whenever she has a cute lil' smile, unless she steals Riho's signature smirk that is! But yeah... she is adorable, and I love her when she smiles all cheeky, childish and cute like!

7. Tamura Meimi (The Little Vampire)

This girl creeps me the hell out, but not even I can deny that her smile is extremely adorable and, at the same time, psychotic. Whenever I watch her in an MV I can't help but enjoy both her extreme energy and smile; she is pretty addictive in that way! No, I don't like her, but she smile is extremely wonderful to look at, and you can tell that she loves being a nut case and a part of S/mileage.

6. Suzuki Kanon (Zukkini)

Zukkini is one of my favourite MoMusu members, being in my Top 3 and all, and even though she was in my Creepy Ass Smile list, she also has one downright adorable smile when she is showing her true happiness. She is just the cutest! Whenever Zukkini is happy in an MV, I get infected by her absolute adorableness  Sadly that smile is rarely seen unless she is at a concert and singing something happy, or in pictures. Well, whatever... her smile is Le Gorgeous!!!

5. Sugaya Risako (Ri-Suck-OH!!!)

Regardless of how much I may not care for this girl (despite the love growing quite quickly... KUSO!!!), Risako has one heck of an adorable smile, and it's pretty damn surprising. Sadly these cute little smiles are hidden by endless pouts and failed attempts at trying to be sexy, and are just about as rare to find as a shiny Pokemon is.

4. Tanaka Reina (Winky)

Hell naw, I'm not crazy, I swear! It's just that whenever Reina smiles, and this is during concerts mostly, I think that she has one adorable as heck smile! But again, this is during concerts, and that's mostly where these cute smiles are reserved. I don't care if she's old in H!P terms, because dangit, that smile is as ageless as her winky eye is!!!!

She also has some adorable closed mouth half-assed smiles when she blog cam-whores, too.

3. Nakanishi Kana (Gorilla-chan)

Whether its that cute little puckered in smile, or a full-on toothy beam, Kana always makes me fall in love when she smiles! She is absolutely adorable, and her smile only enhances her adorableness by about 10 million. Her eyes always light up when she smiles too, and that is what makes her so much more dang adorable in my opinion!

2. Suzuki Airi (Perfection)

In my honest opinion, Suzuki Airi has one of the most perfect smiles in all of Hello! Project. She has such a cute smile, and her tooth (that she is apparently getting repaired, nooo!) helps to make that smile all the more adorable. She is just perfect, and so is her smile, and even though she is 18 she looks so dang adorkable!

And hot. We can't forget crazy damn HOT!!!

THAT SAID... just who is my Number 1 Most adorable smile in all of Hello! Project? Just who has won me over this much to be crowned my numero uno? Who is the top sandwich in the stack of sandwiches? How the hell did I get onto the topic of sandwiches?

It is... -drum roll please-

1. Sato Masaki (MasaKissu)

I may not like her in MoMusu, in fact she's one of my least favourite personalities in the group right now, but out of all the members she is my favourite voice and favourite smiling girl. In fact, I created this post to basically tell you all that I think she has the Number 1 cutest smile in all of H!P, though that is debatable for a lot of us, I bet. ANYWAYS, she is one adorable lil' smiler is MasaKissu. Seriously, whenever I see her in a PV... she's smiling. She don't care what song it is, she's gonna smile, and when you see that smile, you know that she is having a mad lot of fun regardless of what people think. It's her childish nature I guess, but when I see her smiling and having fun, I can't help but think that she is extremely adorable, mad and just downright cute and fun. She is fun to watch, and that smile... well, it's adorable, and Masaki always makes me feel happy when I watch a PV with her in it. Hence why she is my Most Adorable Smile in all of Hello! Project... according to Chiima xD

Masaki: "Fuck all y'all miserable bitches, I'm having a blast!"

"Who... me?"

A humble winner with an adorable smile... and a little psychotic in the eyes.

No, MasaKissu... that is NOT a victory donut, so don't bite into it!

Regardless of the sound the song has, she still goes on smiling like it's some kiddy pop tune.

"Squeeeee I won!!!"

The adorableness is overwhelming in this image, I tell ya!!!

"Well, who else could have won? I reign ALL!!!"

"I thank my mother, and my father, and all those losers who can't smile as adorably as I can..."

A smile so adorable, you can see it even from within the deepest, darkest of woods...

Absolutely adorable! So, who in Hello! Project has the most adorable smile to you? Think about it carefully! <3



  1. I think an honorable mention for both the creepy and the GYAWWW cute list goes to Aina. Because YEAH! Masaki is such a great choice <3

    1. Yes, I was actually thinking of Aina as an adorable AWWW smile, but then thought 'nah, she scares me...' XD And Masaki is adorables <3 my FB friends have been happy that I chose her, a few of them are big MasaKissu fans XD

  2. This is kinda hard for me, but I think my top four are: 1. Zukkini!!! 2. Airi 3. Masaki 4. Momoko. They all just seem genuinely happy to me, and I think they're so cute! Also Yurina has a great smile in videos, but I don't really see it that much in pictures.

    1. ZUKKINI!!! *^* And Arrrgh, Momoko XD personally her smile scares me, but that is just me x3

      However, I agree with their genuine happiness! and I think that Yurina may have a hard time forcing a smile, she seems to need to do it naturally.


    Its like majority of my favorites all on one incredibly adorable list <3

    (Also surprise~ its me again~)

    1. Hahaha, so many favourites!!! *^* Roll around in the cuteness of it all!