Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Afilia Initiation, Archism and Potions Class! Here is Afilia Saga's 'Koi no Wizard Hyaku Nen Sensou' PV!

All thoughts and opinions are my own... YAY!!!

I don't know why, but waking up early and going back to college after a two week break seems to have made me want to do something... mostly blog and write and such, but strangely enough it has made me want to get into gear. How long this will last is beyond me (probably up until I finish this post, knowing my luck) but I'm glad I have some motivation back, because once again I have fallen out of loop with my blog...

Not that I've been away for that long, but I feel like I haven't blogged as much as I wanted to over the holidays. Then again, I am a Master Procrastinator. Oops.

So a while back (like a week or two ago, actually) Afilia Saga East released the short MV to their music video for their album songs Koi no Wizard Hyaku Nen Sensou. To cut the (short) story short, I fell in love with it because the preview promised this immensely colourful and fun PV that just seemed to spew rainbows and cuteness. That, and it was visually creative and just fun to watch, so of course I was anticipating the full PV for more cuteness and all around happiness.

... And whaddaya know, a few days later the full PV appears! I didn't jump to reviewing it though, but I have been watching it and listening to the song relentlessly like some obsessed Wota (Oh wait...) because I love it. It's wonderful.

And it's colourful. Also: Maid costumes!

... Wait, isn't it better to show you rather than tell you about it? Yes, well good, because it's time to take a good look at Afilia Saga's latest PV, Koi no Wizard Hyaku Nen Sensou! Prepare, young ones, for the maids are a comin'!

I'm still trying to figure out if that background is a green screen or not...

Oh, a countdown! What is this, old timer movies? Well, I'll play along...


3... Count down with me, guys!

2... Oooh, we're getting faster with the timer!

1... Thunderbirds are GO!!!

Oh wait, wrong PV! Though I feel no regret in somehow forcing Busted into this pic spam... gehehehe... <3

AH SHIT, THEY HAVE GUNS! Quick everyone, to the EXIT!!!

Yukafin: "Stand down, bitches!"

Er, guys, I'm not so sure it's a wise idea to point those things at your mouth...

Holy whoah, there's a background! And it moves!!! Also, thank you for pointing your guns away from your pretty faces, girls. Much appreciated.

Now, I don't know if it's just me (I bet it is) but Louise creeps me out a little. I don't know what her face reminds me of (possibly some freaky bug or even a shark... Daishi's twin?) but she scares me.

OMG THERE IS PAINT ON THE FLOOR!!!! And so, of course, Inspector Afilia investigate the mysterious paint!

Kohime: "Where is my Panda?" Hint: She's in China, finally being appreciated as an Idol

Okay, not even I can deny Kohime's cuteness... Wait, how old is she anyway?

Whoa hello! Emiu has a gun, so you better run... straight towards her for a hug! She is the darned cutest in Afilia, I swear...

And my Afilia love now that Kurumi LaLa Milk has left... ;_______________________;

Aria: "Winku~!"

Okay, so maaaaaaybe Aria is winning me over a little bit... a little I say! Anyways, who can resist such a wink? It's perfect!

Introducing: Raymee Heavenly, one of the Newbs who managed to sneak her way in after or before Kurumi left me and my heart behind. Good thing she's adorable, and those puppy dog eyes... gaaah <3

Raina: "Emiu, don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
Aria: "Kohime, I looooove you, I promise that I won't kill your fans again!!! Just stay by my siiiide!!!"

Oh dear, it looks like a few of the Afilia girls are clinging to others, not that I blame Raina mind, because y'know, it's Emiu and she is perfect...

Kohime: "Bitch, I thought I got a restraining order for you!"

Kohime does not want hugs.

Emiu: "Emiu Pointo! Sparkle Sparkle Kira Kira!"

EMIU!!!!! My lord girl, why are you so perfect?!?! I swear, there is no scene in this where you don't shine, because my lord girl, you sure do shine... <3

Raymee: "Raymee Power UPPU!"

I love those random little cloud things that pop up on the screens, they are... weird but cute and sometimes weirdly fitting xD

Kyaaa, MAHO! I swear, this girl gets more and more gorgeous with every single. Daaang, I love you despite your butchered teeth...

Miku Doll Charlotte, what the fuck is on your head?

Ayami: "What the fuck did you just say to my waifu?"

I-I didn't mean it in that way, Ayami... I-I promise... I... I like Miku's head thing?

Ayami: "You better, bitch or Ima put a cap in yo ASS!!!"

Holy fuck, and I thought Maho's teeth were bad... Yukafin has those of a shark o-O

... Did she and Louise Sforzur mate and create Daishi? It would explain that shark like quality she has...

Holy hell, when did Aria become so... so sexy in an innocent but sexually fulfilling way? Man, oh man... her womanly pheromones are damn HIGH in this video! I can't get enough of her!

Louise: "Er, excuse me, bitch? Yeah, you... The one with the blog... I hear you have a problem with my Shark heritage?"

Wait, so you are part shark? And crap, don't shoot me!

Maho: "Yeeeeah, go Louise! Kyaha!"

No matter what, Maho looks like she's having tons of fun in this video... I think I like her more now! Especially when she dances... her energy is so beautiful there... <3

Maho, I have disregarded your dodgy teeth. BE MINE!!!! <3

Kohime: "What about ME!?"

My sister likes you so be happy with that, girl.

Okay, I love those swirls in the background... And yes that IS the only reason why this image made it into this pic spam of absolute spammy-ness... <3

Wait, what? This was never shown in the preview! Potions? Something to do with magic? WIZARDS!? WIZARD MAIDS!?

And also Laura's flawless face in this image. Priceless!

Aria: "A little closer... closer... and then I can finally look up Raina's skirt..."

We're back to playing Inspector Afilia, I see... OOOH, A SHINY COIN!!! -pounces-

Kohime: "Bitch, if you get this simple potion wrong I will HIT YOU WITH MA STICK, you hear me!?"

Looks like Kohime has been appointed the 'Sensei' position, judging by her wand/stick/hard long thing/any other name for a penis you can think of.

ARRRRGH, SHARK ATTACK!!!! -swims away quickly-

... Look who's back with her sultry eye-fuck-the-camera-eyes... Hello, Aria M Milvana... <3

Oh looky, it's another newb, though this one is called Raina S Mauser...

Who? She just looks like another one with butchered teeth IMO.

Emiu: "Remember, this bit is important..."
Kohime: "And this is how you don't FUCK IT UP you little ass wipes, got it?"
Ayami: -Licks giant lollipop thoughtfully-

Is it just me, or do those maid outfits make their boobs look bigger?

Kohime: "Hey... wanna touch my gun?"

Kohime looks effing deadly holding that thing, what the hell happened to that cute Panda loving maniac!? Now you've replaced her with a gun wielding maniac!

Emiu: "Kyaaa COLOUR!!!"

It is undeniable how amazingly cute Emiu is, and how her enthusiasm never fails to entertain me... I love you, Emiu <3


Kohime: "Teehee, I loooove you! Haarto!!!"

Kohime, are you bipolar? You were gun-crazy a second ago...

Yukafin: "Mhm..."
Maho: "Bottom's up, bitches!"
Raymee: "Guuuuys, we shouldn't be doing this..."

Wait... what is this? Potion testing class? Girls, does Kohime know you're guzzling down the sauce, or is this a secret potion testing club...?

Yukafin: "Oi, newb, it's Afilia Law to drink before the first PV Shooting, so CHUG SUCKA!!!"
Maho: "Initiation, I initiation!"
Raymee: "But... but what about Raina!?"
Yukafin: "She was already passed out when we found her, now shut up and DRINK!"

Yukafin and Maho show newbie Raymee their version of a welcome party in the Afilia Saga household... er, Potion making kitchen.


... Er, girls? Hello, girls? Raymee?

What the hell did you all drink?

Raymee: "Oh my GOD I feel hot..."
Maho: "I want another drink... hic!"
Yukafin: "zzz..."

Even when drunk, Maho is still a bundle of energy and cuteness.

But seriously, what was in that potion!? And why was Raymee forced to drink it down like Maeda Atsuko on a night out?

... Yep, they're pissed. Though Maho looks cute when she's drunk!

All hail...

Wait, who are we hailing? Paruru?

... I just had to, didn't I?

Miku Doll sweety... I know that that head piece is hideous, but don't go shooting yourself over it...

Maho: "Kya~"

She looks either sexy or cute, you decide. My say is sexy, only because her hand is between her legs...

Far more appropriate than that gun between her legs, at least. -shrugs-

Laura: "Bitch, get OUT of my spotlight!!!"

Wait, fighting? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

Kohime: "You little Camera WHORE, I am the cute one, not you you... you WITCH!!!"

Kohime feels infuriated at the new members stealing her spotlight, and also that Raina is taller than her... Then again, everyone's taller than Kohime. She's Edward Elric's female counterpart...

Aria: "Nyahahahahahahaha, take that, you kid! Chiima's love shall be MIIIINE!!!"

NOOOO, ARIA! Not Emiu, anyone but EMIU!!!!!

Maho: "Biiiiiitches... I hasssssssh the... the antidoooooooote for hangoveeers... YEEEEEAH!!!"

Oh look, Maho concocted a Hangovers best remedy: Soup, water and MOAR ALCOHOL!!!

... Maho, sweety, that smoke does not look like its a good thing. Hey, Maho? Are you even listening to me?

Ah fuck it, whatever. OH HEY two of my favourite cuties together! They are so cute!

Wait... what? What? Yes... Yes... YES...

Shipping... Shipping... Sailing... Shipping... YES! YEEEEES!!!!!!!


Laura: "Awwww YEAH!!!! Yuri, bitches!!!"

Even Laura supports this new found relationship between Chiima's two Afilia Cuties, and seriously, who wouldn't? The boobs of Afilia (Maho) with the Cutie of Afilia (Emiu). How much more perfect could it get!?

Aria: "Le GASP, Yuri!? But I thought that *I* was the Yuri prone one?"
Raymee: "HO MA GAWD, LESBIANZ!1!1!"

... Louise looks effing freaky and Ayami is like a woman possessed o-O Even my darling Aria looks a bit freaky...

Also, awkward Raina shot in the background, muahahaha!!!!

Cute group shot! But where is everyone else?

Maho: "I can't keep my feelings at bay... I must tell Manager-sama of my love affair with the perfect Emiu!"

I love this random little daydream look of Maho's, she is just so so cute <3

Aria: "Shh... Don't tell Manager-san, or he will fire you both... Oh wait, never mind. Go right ahead, ehe~"

Aria, why are you shushing me? Did I do something wrong?

Okay, is it just me, or does the part where they go in a line in pairs remind you of a wedding? It did when I first saw it, and yes, I raged when Mah and Emiu weren't paired together.

Raymee: "Want a taste of my... gun?"

Okay, Raymee is fun to watch. I like her the most out of the two newbs of Afilia! <3

Raina: "My gun is bigger than YOUR gun any day of the damn week!"

Raina, one the other hand... her teeth scare me and her face sorta reminds me of a fish, no idea why o-O Maybe she and Louis should pair up?

Emiu: "Teehee, guns~"


Ayami: "This is how biiii~g Manager-san is..."
Maho: "Kyaaaa~"
Yukafin: "Eeeeeew!!!"
Laura: "Ayami, grooooss!"
Raymee: "Ho ma GAWD!1!1!"

... Why the hell do I keep referring to Penis' here!?


It's always funny being reminded just how short Kohime is~

Kohime: "Bitch I will shoot a bullet into your ass if you don't quit laughin' at me!"

D'awww, look at the cutie with a gun!!! She is the least threatening shooter ever...

-is shot and killed by Kohime rage-

Okay, regardless of the headband... I love this shot of Miku Doll, she looks stunning!!!

A nice shot of Afilia Ass, though it isn't close enough... and the camera isn't low enough on the ground either.

It also needs to be closer to Emiu and Maho's butts, preferably, though I wouldn't argue to Raymee's, either.

Oh hell yeah, turning!!!

... I actually loved this scene for the very predictable turning to the camera motion. It works effectively in my opinion.

This reminds me of Charlie's Angels...

Though only slightly.

And so we return to the questionable wall that I am unsure about whether or not it is a green screen...

So looking back at when I first saw the preview of this MV, I was extremely excited for both the song and the video; the video looked visually appealing, and the fun, colourful elements used in the video work well with the cute song, so after watching the preview (and looping it multiple times like a crazy person), I began to anticipate the full version of the video because, yes, I was in love with it.

So when the full version did come out, I was even more in love, especially when I saw that additional scenes had been added that were not present in the original MV preview of this song. I was surprised by those scenes, but I loved the tie in it had to the title of the song, because mixing potions reminds me of Hogwarts, and Hogwarts houses Wizards... so yeah, it was great to see a little bit of a tie-in thrown in there. It also added a bit of variety, which is always nice!

Watching this video, I am still amazingly entranced as I was when I first saw it all the way through; I still love everything about it and I can honestly tell you that it fails to bore me. The song and the sheer concept of the video are just wonderful, and it really catches your attention with the amount of colour it has and the constant change in backgrounds. Some may say that these backgrounds are childish and garish, but I don't think it looks overly childish or garish; it just looks fun. The patterns, whilst simple, are quirky and add that cute element to the video that really brings out the personalities of these girls, but there is also a moment of 'toughness' that comes into the video, mostly when the girls pose with the guns. That said, the bright and vibrant colours within this video are my main reasons for liking it greatly... other than Emiu and Maho, of course.

I like visually appealing things, and I like colour and cute things, and I think that Koi no Wizard Hyaku Nen Sensou did a good job of bringing all these things together and making them work. The girls look cute and lively, the ever-changing backgrounds fit the tone and mood of the song and the way everything edited together really appeals to me as a viewer. I love that it is so bright and different to everything else that Afilia has ever done; it's like a storybook in a way, bright and fun and a great read for those who like colour and patterns, except that this isn't a book and those patterns move.

And we get to see cute maid. In fact, yummy maids. Yum.

Aside from the colour and how much I love it, I also loved the additional scenes with the girls playing around with potions and the dance scenes; I was surprised that the floor had its own patterns going on during the dance shots actually, but I find it extremely interesting, and I love that their dance backdrop changed with the pace of the song. It reminds me of the screen in Brainstorming (one of the reasons why I believe Tsunku directed this MV) actually, because the images change with the songs own pace much like the music bars changed with the pace of Brainstorming's beat. Speaking of which, there is a similar 'dance battle' thrown into this video's dance shot which also reminded me of Brainstorming, though more girls fight and it's more playful rather than dance based, so I found that pretty interesting when watching this. It put the microphone-guns to good use though, and it looked like a lot of fun and kept that bright, fun beat carefree even in the choreography.

The additional scenes, as I said, are another part of the MV that I like; I found them surprising when I first watched the MV, but I love them. I like that potions were incorporated because I feel like it suits the title of the song, but also because the potions are used in a different manner than normal, such as Raymee, Yukafin and Maho drinking them and subsequently getting drunk from the liquids. How, I don't know, but I found those particular scenes pretty cute and fun to watch, especially Raymee, who is so new but already seems to fit in well with the other girls.

... Actually, let's talk about the newbs, shall we?

Raymee Heavenly (and isn't she just?) joined last December, but this is her first PV and album with Afilia Saga, and I actually really like her in this PV. It's taken me a while to adjust to her though, because I actually didn't know what to think about her... It has something to do with her droopy eyes, but she is adorable and I like that she seems to be at home with the other girls already.

... And then there's Raina S Mauser, who came into the group after Kurumi LaLa Milk and Meiry Malonfeel graduated. Now, I don't know why, but I don't like her. Her face reminds me of a puffer fish for some reason, and her teeth (like Yukafin's) scare me. However, she looks damn cool sometimes.

Introductions over (Why am I introducing them?), I actually think that the newbs were great i this MV, Raymee more so but I have a feeling I will be biased towards her... but I liked them both performance wise. They both has great energy and are both equally cute, I also love that they were added into the 'dance battles' with other girls. It was cute to watch.

So that said and done, I really like the MV. It's quirky and colourful, and for me, the best that I have seen from Afilia Saga. The visuals are bright and fun, and I love that the editors played around with it and made each background different for different scenes; no scene is the same as the last, and I think that it works with the bright song and the bright, fun personalities of the girls. It's cheerful, it makes me feel happy when I watch it, and I enjoy it for all the colour and fun it has. Even the dance is cute and quirky with these silly little pieces added in. And, of course, I love that they managed to get the Maid outfits in there.

You always need the maid outfits, guys. It's Afilia, come on!

Moving quickly onto the song, I really like it as well. In fact I love it. It's fun and just great to listen to. I feel uplifted when I hear this song and I love singing along to it, especially the K-K-K-Koi no Wizard Hyaku Nen Sensou Kaiishi... it's so catchy and easy to sing along to. The song sounds so friendly and happy, and I can't help but feel like writing whenever I listen to... which is another thing. I haven't found a song that puts me in the mood to write for a while, so finding this song and realising that I want to write when listening to it makes me pretty happy, so bonus points for this song!

All and all, I think that this is a perfect release from Afilia Saga. Call me biased, but I think it is perfect. It's colourful, fun and cute, and it looks and sounds so friendly when you watch the full version. The shots are done perfectly, I like that it captures the energy of the girls (especially Maho) and also manages to give us a cute little added scene that can make you laugh. It's creative and effective in all aspects; the choreography, the use of colour and how that colour is used and the 'potions' class - it is all creative and executed wonderfully in my opinion, and it just makes me love Afilia Saga even more... even if my Kurumi LaLa Milk has gone.

I have not been this excited to review a PV for a while, I think, because as I write this I am on such a high for these girls, their song and video makes me feel so excited and happy... and yeah, I haven't had that for a while I think. It actually makes me wonder why it took me so long to write the review, but honestly I love it, and I want to share it with you all because I love it so much. It's amazing, it makes me happy, and I think that everyone should take a look at it, and even if you don't like it... well, okay! At least you chanced it!

A wonderful release from an amazing group who I love. I really hope that their next release is just around the corner, too...



  1. Rain is a wota in heart, she loves playing with glowsticks and interact with the senpais... probably the reason they added her, doubt was for her looks.

    1. True, but she is cute in her own way... I actually think she looks 'cooler' than cute, but I am glad they added her. She has a lot of enthusiasm!