Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Decent PV, Plenty of Zukki and Riho can sing!? Okay! Brainstorming Time~

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This took me a while to write because I was procrastinating again... that's too common an occurrence for me, I swear xD

The PV's for both Brainstorming and Kimi Sae Wah Wah have actually been out for a while, but I didn't bother to review them because at that point I was in a slump and had no inspiration for writing. Thankfully I am out of that slump and, thinking about what to write (and procrastinating a series I need to continue on here... d'oh!) I decided to finally take a proper look at this PV and look at what Brainstorming was really made of.

... And Holy crap this baby is better than when I first saw it! I mean wow!

Enough chitter chatter, I'm getting into the pictures, because I have quite a hoard of them this time around... you can blame Sayumi and Zukki for that. Don't believe me? Then please, proceed and take a gander at Brainstorming in all of its beautiful glory!

I only just realised this but the opening title and the opening of the song reminds me of a race track/car/anthem...

... Er, girls, you're meant to put your hands in the middle, over each others hands, and then lift them into the air. Girls? No? Okay...

Awkward smiles all around with the Shrieking Spoon! But darn, she does look cute in this video!

But of course Mizukingdom looks as divine and beautiful as always. How can you fault this beauty?

This was totally random, but just seeing that Masaki is still having a blast despite the cool tone of this song makes me seriously happy. Also, check out Errpon flexing those guns of hers! Girl, we know you have the muscle, so stop showing off you sexy thing, you!

Sayumi: "Uh-uh, what ya gonna do?"

Sayu is wagging her finger at you all for not liking MM's PV's and complaining too much. Tut tut, guys, tut tut!

Zukki: "Oh HELL naw, she did NOT just say that to ME!"

Home gurl's gonna get a beating if she stands in the way of... THE ZUK! Shamelessly stealing Isilie's nickname cos it fits this screen cap

Masakissu: "Chuu?"

Masaki is either living up to the nickname I call her, or she is immitating Itano Tomomi...

Reina: "... Shit, is THIS how Riho sounds!?... MoMusu's fucked."

Reina was given a demo of Riho singing Furursato recently and realised the mess she would be leaving MM in once she graduated the group for good.

Haruka: "Well Heeeeeeello Zukki LEGS, how you doin' down there?"
Errpon: "Mhm... Loli legs~"
Zuk: "zzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

Is it wrong that in this picture, Masaki's butt really looks good?

... Yeah... o-O

Oh shit, she wants to eat my soul o-O RUN!!!!!!

"Give me a... *hic*... huuuuuug..."

Oh shit, Winky's been on the sauce again!

Sayu: "We're gonna miss Reina like a hole in the head~"

Sayu is extremely hot in this video... I'm not lying: BEHOLD!!!


Sakuranbo: "... I think I've got a crick in my neck..."

This girl is not impressing me in this video... at all.

However this one is... Yummy yummy Mizukingdom ;)

Lazy Asses didn't change the LED light colours for Sayu, Mizuki OR Sakuranbo, THE FUCK?

Winky: "Bitches, I look f**king awesome."

I have to say, the Wonky Winker looks pretty dang incredible here. Don't you agree?

... But dang, The Zuk looks effing HAWT!!! Don't remind me how old she is!!! I want to cherish this moment of hawtness...

Dang, she is gorgeous! I just wish she was older... >____>

Sayumi: "Er, excuse ME!?"

Oh, sorry Sayu... you're freakin' perfect...

... To the point where I had to restrain myself from screen capping every scene you were in of this PV!

Do I even need a reason to screen cap you, my darling? You are so beautiful! <3

Ah, Harunan... looking as awkward as ever, I see? Also, why the hell are there so few solo clips of you in this PV?

The Zuk: "Because they needed to make room for ME!"

Actually, that is kinda weird... there's an awful a lot of the Zuk in Brainstorming. Did they realise her hotness?

MasaKissu: "F**k looking cool, I'm gonna smile, bitches!"

Transitioning from the absolutely adorable...

Sayumi: "If you're acting all cute then hell, I'm freakin' Sexy, kid!"

To the SEXY!!!! Unf x1 million!!!!!

Winky: "Fucking FLOORS! Stop shining more than my damn hair!"
Spoon: "Not again, Winky..."

I love how furious Reina looks in this screen cap. It makes her look absolutely crazy, muahaha!

Haruka: "Mufufufufu... I will be the manliest MoMusu of them all!!!"

I love that smug smile of hers, it just... it's attractive, and it's effing weird to think that way o-O

Sakuranbo: "What about me?"

Grow a personality and I'll probably care more about you, but I like your voice.

... Yup, absolutely wonderful. I love you, Errpon. Even if you have soul-eating eyes right now o-O

The Zuk: "... and me?"

Holy crap, Zuk, you look freakin' hot/adorable/cute/sultry/sensual/... MY LORD!!! How does one girl look so cute but so mature at the same time... regardless of her age!?

Sayumi: "I'm her tutor... duh."

Oh yeah, I forgot that you're the queen of looking cute and sexy. Derp.

Morning Musume needs YOU!!! to buy this single and support Reina's Graduation funds for her new Mansion!... I mean band!

Baby Predator: "Give me your SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUL!!!!"

The jokes on you Ayumi, because Riho doesn't have a soul!

Sayumi: "Ehe, aren't I the sexiest MoMusu you ever did lay eyes on?"

I seriously can not take my eyes off of this beauty at all...

Riho: "Haters to the left!"
Sakura: "Mizukingdom's a Hater!?!?"

Riho rocking the song with flare and grace, as always.

Harunan: "Why aren't there many pictures of me in this!?"

I have no idea, I'm actually questioning that myself, Honeybee...

Sayumi: "Because they need to make more room for ME!!!"

Sayumi! Stop being so selfish!

Harunan: "Oh hell NO you di'nt! That's it, pretty girl, you asked for it!!!"

... Harunan would never say that, but whatever. My screen caps, my rules!

... I have decided that Zukkini/The Zuk has the nicest lips in all of MoMusu.

... Stop judging me!!! That wasn't a pervy comment, I swear!!!

Haruka: "I can fllllly!!!"

Okay, Haruka wins for being cute here. Seriously... my gosh, how cute!

Sayumi: "But I win for being sexy... right?"

Dangit girl, you sure know how to work it! What drugs to the staff give you to give off these vibes, eh!?

The Zuk: "Hmph... I have succeeded in infiltrating the editing room and putting more scenes of myself into Brainstorming~"

Okay, is someone in a really good mood or did a Zuk fan infiltrate the H!P headquarters and edit everything? Because that's the only solid explanation right now after having so many PV's without a lot of solo scenes!!!

Baby Predator: "I will have your souls..."

It has been warned that a viewer must not watch this MV for too long, as soul-sucking may occur after so many views says an insider...

Okay, Harunan looks effing sultry. So glad she is of age in my country...

Wait what?

Oh my lord Zukki!!! Why are you so perfect?

Fukumura is killing me with her stare because I am not paying her attention

Winky: "Riho, Riho, let's do the Duck Faysche and be purty!!!"
Spoon: "Okay!! On the count of three... One... Two... THREE!!!!"
Sakura: "Oh hell no, not again..."
Sayumi: "Just pretend you don't know them... pretend they don't exist..."

Sakura does not want any Duck facing in such a cool song, nuh uh!

And CUT!!!! That's a wrap, people, now GET OUTTA MA STUDIO!!!! AKB are coming in a few minutes, so don't dawdle!!!

My lord... that was actually pretty hard to get through, to the point that I procrastinated for a good two days before returning to it. No idea why, I just did... but hey, I finished it, and I am happy I was able to finish it because I certainly did want to write about this PV, you know?

So first thing's first: This is GOOD! For MoMusu standards, this is actually pretty awesome. They have a good set (hello stage!), an amazing variety of shots, pretty good camera angles, a lot of The Zuk (hells yes!) and a pretty solid dance. What makes this better? The song is in a lower key, which means that Riho sounds aweeeee~some!

Another recent development that just so happened to make this PV a lot better to many fans, including myself to a certain degree, was the fact that English and Japanese subtitles were added. WOW!... Though for a blogger like myself... yeah, not so good, but as a fan I am incredibly happy that they thought of the International fans and gave us something to read and to try and understand what the girls are talking about. It's nice, actually, and I know that plenty of fans are happy about it!

Anyway, back to the review, the PV for Brainstorming was a massive surprise for a few of us I think, mostly because for UFP standards, it is freakin' awesome. Yes, it is the standard dance shot and close-up, a two-shot thrown in there somewhere, but the way it is edited and the fact that there are different sets makes it that much more awesome, as well as the great amount of group chemistry going on here! It looks amazing, and I love that they were able to do something with this video! There are so many amazing shots, camera's that roam around, the background screen that has the music beat pumping in different colours, the solo shots with the member colours, those random two-shots that remind me of Ren'ai Hunter's modelling scenes... there is plenty to keep you interested, and it really is not boring! It's a great video, and it has a mix of the girls' different characters in there as well which just makes it so much better when I watch it!

Okay, let's actually talk about the girls for a minute, Zukki mostly of course; they all look amazing. The designers, for once, worked out a costume that all the girls could wear, and it came out amazing. The costume for this MV is like a cross between Seishun Bus Guide by Berryz and Miniskirt Post woman by S/mileage. They look great, they fit everyone, and all the girls look amazing! I also love the random trinkets in their hair. It's like Reina raided the wardrobe department and forced all the girls to have hair as shiny as hers, in a way, but I digress! All the girls, as I have said, look amazing and they all sound amazing, too. The style works for them, and they look damn cool, especially in their solo shots. Sadly, some solo shots are fewer than others, such as Sakura and Haruna's. This time around I really felt I could not get a good feel of what Haruna is made of in this PV, same with Sakura, however that was made up for with the fact that our Zukki, my pride and baby joy, was featured pretty dang heavily in this, more so than Eripon I would say.

That's pretty damn surprising, if you ask me, but hey... give me more, UFP. I ain't complainin'!

But yes, Zukki is featured a lot when it comes to the solo shots, and again that is surprising, but I was happy with the amount she was shown. What was surprising was that Sakura wasn't shown a lot, though, and that is somewhat worrying especially given her status as a solo generation member who has a lot riding on her shoulders. She's a vocal powerhouse, and she needs to be featured. So why wasn't she?

Sayu in this video was damn hot though (bye, Sakura, there isn't enough of you to talk about) and she really caught my attention to the point where I was having to force myself not to screen cap only her and The Zuk in this video. She looked incredible, and the way she presented herself was incredible! DANG that girl... she can really work her body and make her face look so freakin' hot. Seriously, I was dropping my jaw at the amount of sexy she was producing. By far she is the sexiest Morning Musume member, and she is just working it.

... I can't wait for her solo shot of this PV to come out... if it ever does, because holy heck, it will be amazing you guys!!!

And now we need to talk about Masaki... okay, I'm not going to go through every girl, but Masaki is important/integral to this post because hey, she is getting a massive push, isn't she? It has been pretty obvious for a while now, actually, that she is being pushed; she shares lines with Reina frequently, and she gets featured a lot in MV's (I first noticed this in One Two Three), but I think that this is the MV where you really start to notice that push forward because she has basically been handed a centre position, she stands with Reina at some point in the dance, and is given a damn crucial solo line in the bridge of the song. Then there's an abundance of solo shots that show off her cuteness, and the rest is History... until the next MV. But yes, her push is very much obvious, but really who better (other than Ayumi) to push? Masaki is currently the best Newb singer of the lot next to Mizuki and Haruka, and she's pretty fierce. The only thing I can fault her on is her personality, but even then she is quite cute and lovely.

... I actually hope she gets more solo lines in the next single, because I actually like Masaki's voice.

And regarding the other girls, really, they all look amazing, it's just a shame that Haruna and Sakura were given so few solo shots to really show the girls off. Sakura looks awkward still, I get it, but Haruna usually gets a decent-ish amount of screen time, right? Well, they do get a good amount of panning and moving shots from the dance portion of the video, but that's it really. Fukumura is actually pretty forgettable in this, too, just so you know... I better not forget to talk about her a bit.
 There is obviously plenty of Ayumi, Haruka and Riho, though. Ayumi's becoming a centre star like her rival in Dance, Riho, but Haruka is obviously a visual love baby when it comes to MV's; you won't hear her much, but you see plenty of her, much like Sayu and Koharu were. Not gonna complain, either, because Haruka is a doll to look at and she makes some of the cutest, smuggest faces ever.

Okay, we need to stop talking about the girls. I love them and all, but I need to talk about other things... like the song.

Which is incredible!

I know it isn't just me, because a lot of us have noticed it, but the song Brainstorming is like a mixture of Wakuteke Take a Chance with Help Me! and One Two Three, and some people will have issues with that, but when I listen to this song I can't help but think that this song is a tribute to the past three singles before this one, and from what the lyrics tell us, that is what Brainstorming technically is. It's like a thank you to the past three singles, and it brings together the greatness of all three of those singles and creates this song, and to me it is a beautiful sounding mash-up of awesome. It's incredibly catchy, the girls all sound amazing (Riho sounds so good! MY LORD!!!) and I love the beat. What more can I say about it, really?

To me Brainstorming is one of MoMusu's best in a while. It has amazing shots, there is a lot of variety, the costumes are perfect and the girls sound amazing! This is a great MV and an incredible song, one which I absolutely adore, and really, what more could we ask for from the current MM right now? They did so well with this MV and delivered something incredible, nothing could kill this single for me right now, it's so dang perfect, so beautiful and, and...

Ah shit, fuck, nuggets!!! Way to ruin it for me, UFP!!!

... Yeah, well that's another post all together, isn't it? But for now, let me enjoy how good this PV actually is, before I torture myself with Kimi Sae Wah Wah and remind myself that UFP are still complete asses.

Still... THIS IS AWESOME!!! So go and watch it my dear Chimians and enjoy~


  1. I thought this PV was pretty spectacular. H!P finally found a way to put all the elements together in a pleasing way. They didn't try to do too much with the PV and made the shots they had look sparkling.

    Can we talk about Sayu? My GOD, she KILLED in every shot.

    1. Me too, it's amazing that they were able to keep their usual formula, but create something amazing like this. I love it, and I hope they continue with it like this!

      And yes, she KILLED it those shots and made me love her more! <3 she is STUNNING!!!

  2. MAA-CHAN'S BOOTY ALWAYS LOOKS GOOD --gets arrested-- Seriously though, THIS GIRL is quickly making her way into my top 3 of all time. (Careful Maasa, you might get bumped!! D: ) I'm really happy Maa-chan's getting a push (she's been getting one since One • Two • Three when she was one of FREAKING FOUR GIRLS to sing majority of the song [even if Princess got lovely porn noises she didn't get long duet lines until the last chorus] and in Wakuteka when she got the after bridge line that GAVE ME SHIVERSSSSS) I'm really hoping some of Tanasa-tan's lines go to her >< I want her to be the Colorful generation version of Eri~

    And so as not to talk about my angel for a whole comment, I just want to say how fab Rihorin looks in blue. Hot. Dayum. Is it too late for a color change, or...?

    1. HAHAHAHAHA xD pervert~ And I think that Masaki is just... well, she is really climbing my list too, scarily enough DX

      I hope Masakissu gets Tanaka's lines, actually. She would own them better than Riho or Ayumi ANY day of the week.

      Riho actually looks amazing in blue, I agree, and red has to go to the new ace XD

  3. I laughed so hard during this!! It was awesome! You are always welcome to use 'the Zuk' because some times it just fits. I agree with everything you said too, right down to Sakuranbo being non-existent until her power line (and then nonexistent after). And I honestly can't stop laughing at the Kimi Sae pic. UFP can bite me. Love the new look btw. Site is lookin' spiffy!

    1. The Zuk is beautiful, it's the perfect nickname XD And poor Sakuranbo, why do they shaft you so? You have more talent than the Spoon does...

      And thank you! I wanted to reflect MoMusu's new look XD

  4. The message that Tsunku was trying to portray for Kimi Wa is the most interesting part.

    I mean it's easy to dislike the song blah blah blah... but the idea of Japan forcing the girls into this robotic doll mode wherein its girls work in lock step and are broken until they only find freedom of expression in these childish relationships instead of questioning and wanting more is a really, really cool concept for a song.

    I like the idea of the atonal message being the forced lines that Japanese culture tends to have people repeat over and over again and they're coming out of a factory as these things following lines and sticking into roles and the wet, discordant feel of it all. But, again, I'm kinda looking at overall whole context.

    1. I like Kimi Wa as a song, though I have yet to know the message.. but I love the song, so don't mistake how I reacted to the video itself from the image I posted for how I feel about the song.

      I just dislike the MV XD

  5. I don't think we can hope for a good or amazing PV, H!P fans should be used to it because with sales between 30,000-90,000 it's not going to get H!P idols out of the box or if we're lucky, out of the fields.

    I really enjoyed the PV though! The song is a lot better than the second A-side. And I am happy that Haruna, Mizuki and Ayumi have lines :D

    1. I know, but this is one of the best they have pulled out in AGES!!! And I don't mind them in fields XD

      Urgh, dat second A-side... e.e