Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Would you like a Smile with your Candy? Share a 'CANDY SMILE' with E-girls today!

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I seem to enjoy blogging best when I am ill as of recent... maybe it's because I feel useless otherwise, and also because I don't have to force myself to do coursework. Not that I do coursework willingly anyway... but I digress, because this post has nothing to do with being ill or anything of the sort! And yes, I am once again ill, haha

Recently I have been on a bit of an E-girls high in terms of what I want to research or listen to, and whilst research has not played a huge part in my interest in them, their music certainly has. The little bit that I do know about them, though, is that they are a group made up of other groups (so basically Avex's answer to the defunct MoBeKiMaSu... I mean MoBeKiSuJ) and have some of the most colourful PV's that I have seen for two of their songs. I also know that two E-girls are related to a 7West member from Johnny's, thanks to Thennary telling me this nice little fact! I had no idea that two of the girls in E-girls were related... then again, I should not be surprised; siblings tend to enter the entertainment business a lot (such as 9nine's Sayaka and Perfume's A~chan), but it was still surprising for me.

Anyways, siblings out of the way, I still have a lot to learn about E-girls, but they have certainly peaked my interest as of late thanks to the PV for Just In Love. Weirdly enough, I don't want to talk about that PV... I actually want to sit here and talk to you all about their latest PV CANDY SMILE, and really, what better a group to give this type of song to other than E-girls? I swear, they are some of the smiliest girls around, so seeing them sing a song with Smile in the title was wonderful because I'll tell you this now, they certainly made me smile.

Also, the song is being used as the CM theme for a candy product I think... so it kinda explains why the song is titled CANDY SMILE, right? Either way, the title is cute and makes me think of smiling. A lot.

Good thing this PV has plenty of smiles in it then! So, how about it? Want to check out the girls and their quirky cute CANDY SMILES with me?

Nice way to introduce the title! Thanks!

"I didn't get into Hogwarts... damn!"

I think that this scene has something to do with the opening dance sequence, but I don't bother to watch those.

Now I wish that I could look bored and do the splits! Wowzers, girl!

Oh wait, you're gonna teach me how to do the spits too!? Thanks girls, I appreciate it! So, what is Step 1 all about...?

Oh so I, er, jump...? Okay, whatever you think I should do girls...

But will it help me do the splits?

Okay this set up is nice. Love the green screen!

Step 2: I still have yet to complete Step 1, guys! I am sitting in bed, not jumping for joy!


Leave me alone, I need to spend some time with my LEGO!!! HELL YEAH, CHILDHOOD!

... Okay, this is both creepy and cute at the same time.

I might be in love.

Whoah, have I tripped into Candy Land or something?

Though to be honest that scene reminds me of Canaria Club's Daisukki!

No idea how; this video is so much more AWESOME!!!! And fuck yeah, LEGO!!!

Step 3? I still have yet to complete Step 1 or 2! Girls, you are going too fast for me!

... What the hell is Step 2, by the way?

Whoah what the hell? Why am I reminded of corn sweets? Actually, are there such things as Corn and Candy... CANDY CORN!!!

What IS Candy Corn?

E-girls: "YAAAWN we're tired of your bull sh*t, girl"

I've not tried anything yet, so how can you all be tired of me?

That girl in the mesh yellow hat is helluva cute, and her smile WINS ALL!


It's the Candy Corn room again, guys.

I want to eat their dresses, they look yummy.

Beautiful Lady: "Psst... I'm wearing the tastiest dress~"

She is so freakin' beautiful, I want to buy her.

Aaaaand the winner of the most beautiful is: The girl on the front Right! YEAH!!!


... Nah!!!

... I think we have found my favourite in this PV. Nicely done, girl.

But your smile is helluva wonderful! And those dimples!!! My gosh, look at those dimples guys!

Okay, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen, and her energy is just so adorable!

Girls: "... Should we shoot her?"

NO!!! Don't shoot the cutest thing in this PV!

I have no idea why, but when I saw this image I immediately thought 'Jay Walking on the street'. Weird...

Chiima's Compilation of best smiles... START!

I am in love with those dimples, that nose and those teeth!!!

I think that she is the sexiest thing to hit E-girls, with some of the lovelest chubby cheeks... and her hair, my lord her hair...

Guys, I need names.

She is helluva wonderful (I say Helluva a lot today, haha) and pretty, and I think the dancer that I like the most...

Special mention goes to... Miley Cyrus' look alike! Or am I the only one who thinks she looks like Miley C?


Okay, that is one damn cute smile! I love it!

Aaaand SKIP for the Love of Lego!

How about we just rename this entire song Candy Corn Smiles? It would fit.

You know I'm just posting this image for the girl on the right hand corner. She is beautiful and her hair is divine, and Oh. My. GOSH is that a tiara!? Ca-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

And POSE!!!

... I feel hyperactive now after all that screen capping and commenting. Maybe it's called CANDY SMILE because the sugar makes you feel so hyper, and the girls just make you smile? Well, that's my theory anyway...

So now that we have enjoyed a bite of what the E-girls call Candy, let's take a dive into the review itself and see what the verdict is for the girls and their latest MV! Let's go~

When I first watched the MV for this song, it was the short version... or the version that is about 3 minutes long, but Avex are major jack asses and decided to take away the final minute or two because they hate me. So yes, that was my first look into E-girls' CANDY SMILE, and even then I was interested in the song and the video because of how colourful and fun it was. Much like Just In Love, this song has very quirky edits and backdrops that change by breaking away and forming into something new. The editing style is, needless to say, extremely interesting in this video and one of the major highlights for me as I watch it and probably the main reason why I formed an interest in this group.

I find the girls themselves pretty interesting as well in the video and not just the edits; everywhere I look when I watch this video, I see these big beams of smiles from the girls (especially Blondey, but she is highlighted the most throughout so of course I would notice) and the happiness that these girls have whenever they dance. That's another thing about this video that actually catches my attention; the dancing. From the few video's I have watched by E-girls, the main thing that they always highlight is their dancing and how well-structured and amazing it seems to be. CANDY SMILE has a dance which is pretty fun to watch with plenty of jumping and fast-paced movements that are sharp and quick. It certainly keeps me entertained, and whenever they dance I can not seem to pull away.

Well... the opening of their MV's are the only times I pull away, but that's because I want to see the real MV and not the opening dance scenes that have nothing to do with their video. But as I said, they seem to highlight their dancing a lot.

CANDY SMILE is also one extremely colourful PV, and coincidentally, it reminds me a lot of candy/sweeties. In fact, it makes me crave them right now, especially Candy Corn which I have never had because it is an American sweet. I think that the amount of colour and fun this PV has hints at the fact that this is a song being used for a Japanese candy, but even if it wasn't hinting at it, I still think that the PV is wonderful. I love the abundance of colour, I love the Lego platforms used and I love how fun and smiley the overall video is. It's wonderful to watch, and I feel like Avex have really become creative with E-girls and given them a look that screams 'colourful, happy and carefree', something which I may forever relate to E-girls now that I have seen this video and Just In Love. Seriously, I can not see them any other way right now. They will always be the group who have amazing video's to me, now.

Now before I get to the song itself, I want to say a little bit about what this video reminds me of, and when I asked my sister about it she agreed with me.
 Certain scenes, but only these types of scenes, seriously reminded me of 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN' OUT by Morning Musume. You know that highly creative PV that I would like to see again from the group, the one that is freakin' awesome? It is actually one of my favourite PV's because of how diverse and different it is to what Morning Musume currently produce, but when I watched this video I felt a wave of Nostlagia because of how much it reminded me of 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN' OUT and how that PV made me feel so happy and excited whenever I used to watch it. It felt wonderful to be reminded of that, actually, and it makes me enjoy this PV a whole lot more.

If you are wondering what scenes I mean, here you go;

It has the same pacing and the same type of style I think. The movements, how everyone changes and how fun and quirky it is really makes it feel like Morning Musume's 3, 2, 1 BREAKIN' OUT. Okay, so they don't look similar, but I think that the feeling is similar, and I like that.

Well that's what I think at least, and honestly I would love it if Morning Musume brought out something this fun and cool, because I know that they are going through a 'cool dance phase', but if you look at E-girls you will see that a group can have fun, colour and look cool in a dance heavy PV... Oh wait, it's UFP, they're cheap asses. Forgot that tidbit.

And I am going on a tangent again. Sorry guys, I will shut up now... Actually wait, I need to talk about the song a bit first. Let's get that one done, okay?

So the song (finally) for CANDY SMILE is one that I have undeniably been obsessed with for a few days, and one that can stay on a loop for a long time if I am truly in the mood. It's fun, it's happy and I just love listening to it! It has an infectious beat that I can't help but love and a nice dance beat behind the fun instrumental. It's a nice jumpy sound for me, because I want to jump around the more I listen to it and just dance!

I enjoy the upbeat nature of the song and how happy it sounds. It's a song that just makes you want to smile like an idiot without a care in the world. It's also the type of song that you can't help but sing along to sometimes, and it helps that most of the lyrics consist of the word Candy Smile, so it's pretty easy to sing along to if you feel like it. Again, it's a fun song, one that is extremely upbeat and wonderful to listen to... or is it just me who feels this way? Then again, I do love my sugary songs filled with happiness and hyperactivity!

All in all it's a fun PV and a fun song. I love the two together, and I think that once again the E-girls have produced a fun-filled PV that really catches my attention and makes me want to enjoy them more. I'm still new to the group, but watching CANDY SMILE and realising just how happy it makes me feel makes me want to fall in love with this group and learn more and more about them. Hopefully any fans who read this will be able to give me the names of the girls I liked in this video, and possibly suggest a song of theirs that they personally enjoy for me to take a look at?

Anyway, that's all for today! Hyperactive Chiima over and out!

Have you had your daily dose of Candy filled Smiles?


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  1. 'What IS Candy Corn?'

    It's actually really nice. Though, it's hard to describe quite what it is. I've had some candy corn once before in my life and they tasted great!

    As for the Miley Cirus lookalike : I see it! I also see a hint of Gaki but that's probably just me (=A=)/

    I haevn't really paid this group any attention, but, from what I've gathered, they have some awesome PVs. I should really give them a chance~


      When you commented with Gaki, my mind re-read it as 'Gackt' - I only ever see Gackt with you XD STAHP IT ;D BUT I SEE GAKI TOO MY GOSH *^*


  2. Ah I have no idea what they mean with those 4 steps either but heck whatever, the PV makes me all candy smiley anyway.
    Aight, let me help you with the name if you haven't figured it out yet.
    Your favourite girl in the PV is SAYAKA from Happiness.
    Girl with dimples is Suda Anna, and she's half Filipino. She's not in any specific group, just E-girl dance unit they call EGD.
    The best dancer is Mizuno Erina from FLOWER. She's also an actress.
    The Miley Cyrus look-alike is Washio Reina from FLOWER.
    Let's see, who else...
    The one with purple cap is Ishii Anna from bunny.
    The one with the damn cute smile is Sato Harumi from FLOWER. Currently the tallest girl at 173cm.

    1. Yeah I know! As long as the PV makes me smile though, I am NOT complaining! It is such a fantastic video, it makes me feel so happy! :D

      Suda Anna, eh? So cute!

      Thanks for the help! This will aid me a little... though it will take me a while to learn names hahaha!