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Prepare your Bodies, because Nogizaka46 are back... The 'Shakiism' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions regarding this group, the song and PV are totally my own and no one else's. What I think and feel about this group does not have to affect you in the slightest, and also, do not try to turn my opinion to benefit yourself; I'll just ignore you or comment back just as nicely ^^

You know when an awesome PV comes out and you just HAVE to screen cap the crap outta it? Yeah... This is one of those posts. My body is ready!

Now we all know that something is wrong with the world or my brain when I start to like something produced by Nogizaka46, that or Aki-P has started to realise that hey, maybe it's time to put in some effort? You never know, right? I'm speaking mostly about the A-sides and not B-sides of a single, especially concerning this group, because I don't generally listen to a single's B-sides unless I:

A) Like the group
B) Like the A-side.

As you can guess, I have not given these girls a good chance because I neither liked their A-sides nor the group itself, so when their 2013 Spring single, Kimi no Na wa Kibou came out, and surprised me by being freakin' AWESOME, I decided to check out the B-sides.

My dear GOD there is something wrong, because holy hell as you all may already know... I really like this single. In fact, I like it a lot. But do you know what I like more? The PV to Shakiism, and that just so happens to be the PV that I reviewing for you all today, so sit back, relax... prepare those bodies because hell, you're in for one awesome PV! Are you ready, because you can be sure as hell that I certainly am!

I swear, most of 48' family orientated PV's enjoy opening with a chalkboard and someone writing complicated algebra on it. I get it, you're Asian! Stop stereotyping yourselves, geez...

It makes me feel dumb );

She looks a little too young to even be in that class, but darned gosh, she is cute!

Oh... Oh I get it now. They like each other, right? Got the hots for the Loli, Megane-kun, eh?

By the way, it took me a while to realise that that is the short haired girl I don't like in this group... YIKES I might have to start liking you if you look this good as a guy! Wowzers!

Wait... WHAT? Holy mother of fudge cookies and ice cream, are those lazer bars? What is this, segregation!?

... Weirdly enough this reminds me of Battle Royale. I guess it's the filter.

Welcome to The League of the Assholes, people! Er, I mean The Disciplinary Committee... yeah...

Who are you, what are you doing in this class? You don't belong here!

... Oh okay, you have the hots for Loli-desu too. Okay okay, I got it. Proceed, man... proceed...

That's your woman there, Megane-kun... slipping right through yo' chalk beaten fingers.

Shouldn't have stalled, ya know?

"I like you!" said the random boy
"Holy cow, a boy confessed!!!" squealed some girl
"The heck, a boy is talking to us!!! ARRRGH!!!" gasped another girl, her eyes wide with shock, horror and fear
"OMG MEN?!" cried some chick in the back row

She really does not look sure of what to do... then again, I doubt these girls get many confessions, especially with those bars segregating them away from the men.

And that girl behind the main one looks piiiised

"Why ain't nobody confessin' to ME?" said the girl with the pissed off look on her face.

"Go out with me... onegai!" He cried, determination etched across his face like he was an etchy sketch.

"Er, erm... okay yeah sure whatever hi there I am Loli-desu desu ne ne KYAAA!"

She really does look unsure of herself now, but considering she gave a nod... she agreed to his confession? How sweet, though Megane-kun won't be happy...

"Oh my fuckity FUCK she agreed!?" whispered the girl with the pissed off look on her face in shock as everyone else turned to stare at the one who had been confessed to so passionately...

... And then the shit hit the fan. Well fuck.

Indeed it did.

"No! No... baby! BABY I WILL COME FOR YOU!!!" he cried, hitting the wall that now barricaded them.

... The shock on his face is quite hilarious... I mean her! GAWD!

Oh shit, it's The League of the Assholes! Prepare yourselves, men!!!

Holy fuck, is that Bane!? Well kid, it was nice knowing you... but you're pretty much screwed now.

"Oh my god, NO!!!" screamed the girl, for the man she had only known for a few seconds, the man she had come to accept as her lover, was now gone from this world, never to be seen again. But despite all of this, her short-lived love story is...

Still a better love story than Twilight.

And damn, Pissed off girl looks downright disgusted! Girl, what's wrong with you?

... And then there is cutesy happy dancing. YAY! Way to destroy the atmosphere, guys.

Yes yes, how cute, though this happy dance does not suit the tone of this video. Now, can we get back to the story? I was quite enjoying it.

Thank you, now... let's continue.

This is why you don't fight with the leader of The League of the Assholes. He's a strong ass Mofo for sure.

Also, way to get beat down in front of the girl you fancy. Nice.

They sneaked through the deserted corridors, knowing well that what they were about to do was forbidden, but for them, it was only what was right. That was why they were doing it, because it as all for the sake of their happiness...

"GEHEHEHEHEE SUCKERS!!!!" chortled the boy as he took out the spray paint, and started to cover the lens of the camera with the tar.

Hey, I'm tryin' to watch a PV here!!! Stop covering the lens!

"Hmph... amateurs." sneered the leader of the Disciplinary committee.

Yeah, he's not gonna fall for it, is he? You can see the amount of Ass-bitchery that he is made of in that smirk, can't you?

You kids are cutting it kinda close to those lasers, aren't you?

Actually, what are those damn things called? They have a name but I have no idea what it is... security lasers?

"I... I..." He was stammering, his confidence lost as he stared at the girl he had longed for since the moment he had set eyes on her. Bashful and afraid, he turned away from her concerned, kind gaze, aware of his fear. The barrier between them was the only thing keeping them apart at that moment physically, but it was their fear that was keeping them apart emotionally...

And yet Megane-kun, finding a small amount of courage, decided to take the chance he had wanted to take for so long, and began to step towards the barrier...

I wouldn't try that if I were you, Megane-kun...

Oh thank fuckery sensei, you returned! You saved that kid from creating a wall and getting the crap beaten outta him, HALLELUJAH!

... This is, for some reason, the funniest part of the MV. I guess I just love how awkward Megane-kun looks.

It was forbidden, they knew it was, but their love for each other ran so deeply that they could not hide their feelings any longer, and could not bare to be apart from one another. Their time spent together was always short, but it was always treasured...

... Well well well, what do we have here? Is this the reason for the spray paint and blacking out the camera's? Nice going, dude. You tap dat!

"Girl, this better not be permanent marker, because if it is then the homies will think I'm a damn sissy!" cried the lad, however his girlfriend simply smiled and continued to draw the heart on his hand. This was her symbol of love towards him, and he knew that he would treasure it no matter how much he tried to complain.

"Haha, that kinda tickles..." He laughed, content with the time that he could spend with her at that moment. Unbeknownst to them, though, their happiness would soon be shattered...

"... Huh?" The girl looked up, shocked as she heard footsteps. Figures moved swiftly towards the lad as she watched, realising just who it was...

Oh shit! No No No No...

"No!!! NO!!!" She screamed, grasping the wire fence that separated her from her beloved, rattling the fence and screaming his name as he was dragged away by the very people that the school had come to fear...

Holy shit, this really is intense, isn't it? And also, this is the saddest part. It's seriously emotional, you guys ;_______;

Even Megane-kun is feeling the tension and emotions around him... Oh wait, shit... that's his best friend, isn't it!? Holy heck!

"NO!!!!!" the girl screamed, hysterical as wept against the chain fence. She could do nothing for him but weep. She could not hold him, kiss him or be beside him like she wanted to. All he could do was cry.

... Yeah, my feels for the girl. I want to cry ;____; This is so freakin' sad, guys! Those Asshole committee bastards, let's KILL THEM ALL!!!

"I will... avenge you..." Whispered the boy with the glasses, holding onto the bandanna tightly that his friend had given him. He would avenge his friend, and create a peaceful school... one where they could love and be loved in return, a school where they were free.

... Pretty darn intense, guys.

The teacher grabbed ahold of him, trying to drag the boy with the glasses away from his friend, but he fought back... He wanted revenge, and revenge he would have.

Yeah, you better be guilty!

... Though how this is your fault is beyond me, but whatever... FEEL GUILTY!!!

And so the strenuous hours of training for the young boy began, his teacher aiding him along the way...

I love the depth of field in this shot, just sayin'.

His hands covered in chalk, bruises on his face and determination in his mind, the young lad grew stronger with each training session. Soon, he would be ready...

"Take these and keep them safe." He whispered to the girl, handing her his glasses. She stared at him, fear in her eyes as she slowly took them from his hands. "When I win... if I win, I want you to return them to me. That will be my prize."

"And when that happens... please, accept my confession." And with that, he turned as the girl watched him walk away, holding onto the glasses of the man that she loved tightly to her chest...

... Am I writing a review or a fanfiction?

Well well well, someone looks pretty damn pissed. What happened, Asshole? Did someone steal your thunder?

... Yup. Thought so.

There, on the screen of the Disciplinary committee's security camera's, was a challenge. A challenge that would determine the order of the school, and the role of the committee in the future.

Hoo boy, this is gonna get serious, isn't it? So... any bets? Any bets, I'm taking them down now!!!

The determination on his face was clear; he wanted to win, not just for the sake of finally standing by the side of his beloved, but also for the sake of his friend who had taken a chance with love, and rebelled against the committee for love. For the first time in his life, the boy with the glasses was determined to win, and at that moment, his determination was unrivalled.

Look at that FIRE!!! He is raring to go, and boy I am pumped! You go, Megane-kun!!!

"Tch... That little Punk-ass geek won't know what hit him..." snorted the committee member as he held up a gun, and began to shoot...

You dirty cheating mother fu----!!!!

... but the boy with the glasses, through the training he had endured, simply caught the bullets, and let them fall to the ground as the leader of the disciplinary committee watched on in shock horror.


"... Well shit."

I think that the face speaks for itself, don't you?

"Come at me, bro." was all the boy with the glasses said, his posture straight, confidence surrounding him as he watched his rival run in fear.

"BANE, I CHOOSE YOU!!!" cried the committee leader desperately, fear and despair enveloping him as Bane ran into the middle of the ring and straight for the boy with the glasses...

Well, isn't that little Ass wipe full of bull and cowardice, huh?

"Hey baby, you miss me?"
"What the fu--- I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!!"

This has to be my favourite scene from the entire dance, and yes, I had to screen cap it because that girl looks awesome in male clothing.

Well, looks like Bane was defeated... not that we got to see it because the dance shot was thrown in there, kinda killing the tension and atmosphere... AGAIN!!!

Oh look, hearts with your hands, how cute... GET BACK TO THE STORY!!!

"... What just happened?" asked the boy from the committee team, now laid on his back after the force of the man named Bane was thrown at him suddenly. However, through this force, the lad had hit the barriers that separate the boys from the girls, only to result in...

... Holy fudge cookies, not again! How did a school come up with this system, anyway!?

The young girl ran up to the wall to see the man that she loved standing opposite her, once again separated by cruel fate. He had won, but they were still apart, and her heart was truly aching...

"Stand back..." he whispered, placing his hand on the glass and gazing at his beloved with reassuring eyes. She nodded, staring at him with hope, knowing that soon, they would be together, because she knew that he could do it, because...


... That was the song I thought of when I saw this scene. You can not stop the Disney in me, people! YEEEAH!


Heart pounding, his fists went through the glass as easily as he had imagined it would. The glass shattered quickly, falling to the ground in shards. The barrier had been broken.

She slowly began to walk towards the broken window, smiling as she took each careful stride, telling herself that this was real; she would be able to face him without a barrier. She then stopped and stared at him before placing his glasses back on, returning to him what was his and finally bringing together the boys and the girls.

Finally, their love could blossom...

... D'awwww, guys guys guys... this is beautiful ;3; I love it, I really really do... beautiful... just so... beautiful!!! PERFECTION!

The End...

Holy heck did I just make a fanfiction out of a PV pic spam...? I think I found my motivation to write fanfiction again, guys, this PV is awesome inspiration, it seriously is!

Anyway, getting off of the topic of fanfiction, this is the PV that has made me want to review a PV. I've actually been in the mood for single review based posts lately because I have just wanted to write rather than screen cap, but seeing this PV made me really want to screen cap and share with you all the amazing scenes that this video has, and ultimately show off how awesome Nogizaka46 is right now for me as a viewer.

Seriously, I like this PV so much that I think it will be in my op 10 PV's of 2013 if I happen to do that again... who knows, but it's awesome so really I can't fault myself for wanting to put it in there if I decided to make that list all over again...

Rambling over and done with, if you have not guessed yet I love this PV. I think that this video was beautifully shot and the story was amazing. When I watched this for the first time I knew what the story was about once I had finished the video, and I thought that it was done wonderfully, however when I showed the video to my sister for the first time she did not understand the story at all, which did confuse me a little because it looks very obvious to me what the plot is about, but basically the story is about a school which separates the boys and girls. They share the same classroom and have the same classes, with certain classes being for the girls and other classes for the boys, but they are separated by security lasers which, when walked across, turns into a wall to barricade the students in and separate them further as well as keeping order in the system of the school. The story follows the relationship between two students who like each other, but do not admit their feelings because of how the school is run, however some students oppose this and try to do what they can to be with the people they love. A boy confesses to the lead girl, only to be taken away by the disciplinary committee after he tries to cross the barrier, and it shows the fear and manipulation that the committee have over everyone. The story progresses with the lead male's friend being beaten by the committee because he tried to outwit them and be with his girlfriend, and the lead boy avenging his friend and ultimately winning the fight and, in the end, getting the girl that he likes by finally breaking the barrier.

And that is the story of the video, and honestly I adore it... but I am a sap for cute, romantic stories with strong leads, so of course I fell in love with the PV for Shakiism straight away. I also got a Battle Royale vibe from it, but I think that is more to do with the dark tone of the PV and how grey it looks throughout, but I think that the concepts are a bit similar in a sense... okay they aren't, but you kinda get what I mean... I hope.

So after watching this video a few more times, I have come to the conclusion that the theme of this video is fear and how it can manipulate the way we act, think or feel; the disciplinary committee are basically the embodiment of fear in the video, and are the ones who tell the students how they should act and think, because by doing what you want, such as fraternising with the opposite sex, you will only be punished, publicly at that, and so they invoke that fear into you by punishing those who have crossed the line that they have created, and make you do what they want rather than what you want because you are scared to be punished as well. Kind of like how the media invoke fear into you through the news and other social media formats, and subliminal messages... yeah.

That's the message that I got from the video though, that fear makes you do what others want rather than what you would like to do, and in this case it is that if you fall in love you will be punished because it is a bad thing, and in this video it is always the boys who are the ones punished because they are the ones who take the initiative, it seems. Why this is is beyond me, but I guess they are trying to bring forth the idea that girls are very 'pure' and innocent in nature and would never do anything like that, whilst the boys are all tough and outspoken, as shown by their hairstyles (unless it is the lead boy, who seems to be a lot shyer and less outspoken than the others). For me, this video does have a pretty strong message, but whether or not others get the same message is beyond me... most likely we all view it differently, though.

Also, random thought: I have a feeling that this whole segregation thing has something to do with the leader of the committee being butt hurt that he can't get a girl... but that's just my opinion.

Again, I adore it, but I do have my own problems with it as well, the first being that the song and the PV do not match. This is an amazing video, but paired with the cutesy, Idol pop song Shakiism really does not do this video any justice. It's too dark, cool and serious for song like Shakiism and has a lot of depth that the song, in terms of sound, does not have. Yes, I like Shakiism, it's a cute and fun song, but it does not match at all! I think that this is a problem that I have with most AKB48/Family PV's though to be honest, because in general they get these amazing PV's and songs that just do not fit with the video's, and that really brings down the value of the amazing video that has been created. Manatsu no Sounds GOOD is an example of this; the song is cool, but it does not match that dark tone that the video has... well, until those flaming bikini shots come in, that is.

But again... they do not match, and I have an issue with it. I love the video, but it would have been awesome if a better song, maybe Romantic Ikayaki, was put to it instead. It's cute, yeah, but it's a lot more suited to a pretty intense video like the Shakiism PV in my opinion.

Another problem that I had with the video, other than the song, is the dance scenes. I think that the dance is so cute, I really do, but again... this is a serious video and they decided to throw in this adorable, quirky dance, a dance which actually suits the song, but a dance that is too cute for the dreary grey filter they have placed over the footage they have edited... what was going on in the Directors head? Probably My Little Pony and Battle Royale combined, because honestly that's what this may be; a cute MLP song paired with Battle Royale-esque footage. It does not mix and it's just weird together, and yes I have a problem with it!

But again, the 48 family seem to mis-match PV's with the wrong songs. I love the PV's... but damn they have no idea how to put the mood of a video and a song together.

This is turning into a ramble (Let's get ready to ruuuuumble...), but those are my issues with it. Other than that I think that this is a damn fantastic PV that was shot beautifully and really makes me want to enjoy NG46 more and even explore their other B-side PV's to see if there is anything as amazing as this. Yeah, the dance shot looks totally out of place in the grey toned filter, and they pop up at the wrong times, but I can overlook that because the rest of the video is awesome. It has a strong storyline that I thoroughly enjoyed, the lead character was strong and I really felt the emotion between the side story characters when that poor guy was taken away to be beaten up because he fell in love. It's a great story and it really shows how fear can influence how we think, feel and act in life. In fact it represents it perfectly, and it makes me wonder if something like this will ever happen in the future. Who knows?

My god I love this PV! Now, where's my writing pad? I'm in the mood for some fanfiction writing!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: March 27th, 2013


  1. It's a way cool PV and I'm a little confused by it because the first thing that leaped into my head when I realised what the theme was, was Minami Minegishi. It looks pretty clear to me that N46 are taking their "rival" status to AKB deadly serious and firing a shot across the bow!

    Now I'll admit, I don't understand the relationships between these groups all that well, but I would have thought that there'd be one head honcho behind the AKB family who would have taken issue with the message and pulled the plug. Or maybe he just doesn't care so long as he keeps raking in the bucks and is perfectly happy painting himself as a GINORMOUS EFFING HYPOCRITE! Sorry, Chiima. But WTF?!

    1. It is an awesome PV, I just wish that the song had been different... there are WAY better choices than this cutesy tune!

      And yes, this PV shows that they are being serious rivals now! WOOHOO!

      Hm, I have no idea... but then again, AKB is ALL about the money, as are the sibling units...

  2. Oh, and awesome picspam caps, Chiima. I really should have taken a time-out from my rant to say so.

    The laser thingies? They're laser tripwire Mk. 4's ganged to a super pneumatic-hydrolic, systolic petition segre-interjection system of which the acronym is a bitch to pronounce so lets not even bother.

    And finally, you really shouldn't be stepping your PV reviews down - quite the opposite, because your captions never fail to elevate this site to new heights of awesome.

    Seriously, someone call a doctor. My sides need stitching!

    1. Thank you very much ;A; and wow that's a mouthful... I will dub them 'Layzas'. ;)

      And thank you again! That makes me feel really happy! I sometimes think my captions can be offensive or something comment wise... XD and unfunny.

    2. Layzas? Brilliant!!

      I think with captions you have poetic license to assume different personalities because it's all about phrasing the joke to suit the pic, which excuses the author from blame for any offense caused, IMHO. I'll never forget it was a single caption I read on your site way back that resonated in my brain and hasn't left me to this day. It was the reason why I decided to bookmark your site and be a regular reader. The caption was for a pic from Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku where you were merciless on one of the girls slurring her lines and being too squeeky voiced. You came up with something epic like "someone's been getting into the Momo Clo helium and special saki." ROFLMAO! So please don't worry about the quality of your captions. They're great fun.

    3. Layza's is now a word it seems x3

      Your comment has made me really happy. Most of the time when I caption pictures, I don't generally think and wonder if I am offending readers at all (though my worries never seem to hinder me XD) but reading this makes me really happy. I am glad that I am able to entertain you with my captions!

  3. "Probably My Little Pony and Battle Royale combined, because honestly that's what this may be; a cute MLP song paired with Battle Royale-esque footage. It does not mix and it's just weird together...."

    I think having that sort of weird combination actually IS the point, to some extent -- they are trying to mess with your head a bit!!

    As you mentioned, it's not an uncommon thing in the AKS world, at this point; so, I guess it's a part of their approach, to challenge expectations and expand the idea of what idol-culture can be perhaps, or it's just something to keep people guessing!

    The thing that maybe hurts this group though, is the whole 'AKB48 rival' concept that's been pushed onto it -- which probably shouldn't be taken too seriously, considering the circumstances. I mean, considering that the group was put together by Aki-P himself, and that they've even directly collaborated with actual members of AKB48 (more than once), they're not exactly rivals in the normal sense at all....! (Their name/number aside, the main difference between Nogizaka46 and the '48' groups is that NG46 are under exclusive contract to Sony Music!!) They still have a uniqueness of their own, but I think it gives people the wrong idea that they are trying to battle with AKB48 or something, and it perhaps adds an unfair weight to people's perceptions of them.

    Anyway, something which you might want to check out from them would be their collaboration with Mayu Watanabe (as Mayuzaka46!!), called "Twintail wa Mou Shinai". That PV definitely has Mayu's own solo style stamped all over it!! Not sure if you'll like it or not, but you should at least find it interesting!

    1. I don't mind it too much, because both the song and video are actually really fun to listen to and a great watch, but together it is weird... but oh well. I am glad they were created.

      Calling them rivals to me implies that, sales wise, they will challenge AKB, but they have yet to do that by actually selling singles on the same day and such. Also, I think that rival groups should be from a separate manager/creator/company, but like you say, this might be the thing that hurts the group; I also think that it gives people expectations, you know? Like 'they should be on par with AKB' or something.

      I have actually seen that MV, and I really enjoyed it! I thought the girls looked a bit lifeless, but it was certainly Mayuyu and very distinct, and it made me like NG46 a little better... for a bit XD

  4. Actually, the girl that got confess never accept that man confession (the boy from the other class in the beginning of the pv) . In the lyrics of the song said (Gomen moushiwake nai keredo, zenbyouku ga aru to) means "i'm sorry but i already have someone that i love" . And the next lyrics is "zenzen ikemen nai" means "someone who doesn't even cool" . Sooo, this girl and the megane kun already love each other from the start :))

    1. Oooh, really? That's quite sad, waaah ;w; but interesting, too. But so sweet, she loved Megane-kun forever anyways ;3;