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Okay! Musume Digest #44

Digest with me! OKAY!!!

In this weeks Digest of Idol news, MomoClo Z and HKT48 provide theme songs for different shows! Another NMB48 graduation!? Solo single releases are announced for a certain AKB girl and an ex-SEK girl! Sexy Zone announce their next single release FINALLY! Two MoMusu members announce the release of solo DVD's, babies are born and much much more! Will you Digest with me today?

Welcome back to my Digest my darling Chimians, how are you all doing today? Spreading the wonderful Idol news and love, I see? Good good, as I would expect... so yeah, I nearly did not post this Digest today because I am tired and really can not be bothered... I have this week left before we hit up Easter break for my college, and then I am free to basically do what I want or choose to do some college work. Guess who's gonna procrastinate? MOI!!!

Anyway, that said and done, what video shall I be forcing upon you all today?

Video of the Week

Seishun GIRZ Saizansen!!! by Love La Doll

I have mentioned Love La Doll before on this blog, however I very rarely update about them, but I do love their songs! I also recently found out that they have released their first album titled lovedes last month, so I am excited! I hope to buy something of theirs at some point... but for now, I will introduce you to the girls through their first official PV. They have dance shots available for most of their songs because they are actually a Para Para group, much like Hinoi Team, however this is their first full PV with a storyline and varying shots. It's also a catchy and cool song which surprised me when I first heard it way back when it was released... but I love it. I also like that they have used the costumes from LOVE MAGIC's jacket covers, including the pink costume from the Chinese version single of LOVE MAGIC. Also, Lee is so damn fine... and I have no idea what this has to do with the video and why I chose it... but I basically chose it because I love this group and want to try and get others to notice them too, because they are talented and just a bundle of fun to watch, really.

... Yep. That's it :D

Picture of the Week

Look at those flowers, adorned by beautiful legs. My, they do look pretty...

Because the poll for last week ultimately results in no image (I know, weird right?) I decided to just go ahead and put up a random image, and considering how I am listening to Never Ending Story covered by E-girls, I thought why the heck not? I've really been digging these girls lately, and I tend to put up a lot of H!P pictures, so it's time to highlight another group for once, and E-girls are amazing, so of course they're gonna get it... though I was thinking of Dream5 as well.

I need to make an Avex orientated poll, don't I?

Speaking of which...

Poll Results

For the poll that was I asked you all if you were looking forward to the 12th Generation auditions, and you answered me, so thank you! Now, what will the results show us?

You answered YES!

62% of your votes said that yes, you are looking forward to the auditions, and why not? Auditions are fun, exciting and they can get you riled up when the girls you like don't picked! That and so many blogs will be raging with the auditions, you'll have plenty to read and maybe a few people to agree or disagree with on who are the good auditionee's, and who are the LOSERS!!! YEEEEAH!

With that, let's take a look at the rest of the results, shall we?

Auditions are like Crack to Tsunku... 28%
No 14%

And those are the final results! Thank you everyone for taking a part in the poll, and if you have any poll suggestions, or video suggestions, for next week please leave a comment! Also, if you know any Avex groups outside of E-girls... AAA... Dream5... please comment! I would love to know!



It has been revealed that Momoiro Clover Z's new song Kasou Dystopia will be used as the theme song for Fuji TV's news program Mezamashi Doyoubi for the month of April. Kasou Dystopia will be available on Momoiro Clover Z's fifth album 5TH DIMENSION that will be released on April 10th 2013.

Great news for the Crazy Candy-Suckers! Though I wonder how deranged their song sounds right now, hm...


The short MV for Takahashi Minami's up-coming single Jane Doe has been released! Please take a look and enjoy!

I have yet to actually watch the MV, however I have heard it, and Minami sounds so nasally and unappealing to me... also, the song, whilst pretty cool, is very AKB48 in how it is constructed and how it sounds.

Hm... xD

Nogizaka46 member Shiraishi Mai will become an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Ray, it has been revealed. This will be the first exclusive modelling contract for a Nogizaka46 member. Shiraishi has already guest appeared in the magazine three times in 2012, and is also an avid reader of the magazine and a fashion lover.
I want to become a multi-talented person who can act and model, among other things.  I will be thrilled if I can increase the number of female fans for (the group and myself).” - Shiraishi Mai
Shiraishi will appear in the May issue of Ray, which will be available for purchase from March 23rd 2013.

She is actually really pretty. If NG46 keep doing well song and PV wise, and I start to like them more, I might make her my NG46 Oshi.

... NG46 sounds like a games console.


It has been revealed that HKT48's song Kataomoi no Karaage performed by Amakuchi Hime will be used as the ending theme song for the upcoming TV anime My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The song is a coupling track from HKT48's major debut single, Suki! Suki! Skip! Type A.

I was not expecting news like this at all, but I am happy that the girls are able to provide the ending theme for such a well-known and greatly loved cartoon! Hopefully all fans of both the My Little Pony franchise and HKT48 will be able to support both the franchise and the singers!

Congratulations to HKT48 for landing the deal! Though the song itself is nothing special, in my opinion Negative bitch here!


Wtf, ugly effing costumes, only Shiori and Marius looks decent

It has been announced that Sexy Zone will be releasing their 4th single, and that it will come as a Double A-side. The single title is Real Sexy!/BAD BOYS. The song BAD BOYS will be used as the theme song for Nakajima Kento's up-coming drama, BAD BOYS J in which he has a starring role. The single is scheduled for a May 1st release.

I am deliriously happy now, my adopted son (Marius) and his group are having another single! YAAAAY!!!!!

... I swear, this is the only JE group I manage to follow properly. I love you Marius!!!! >3<

Also, these names are getting hilarious for their singles haha!

Source | Source

It has been announced that another NMB48 member will be graduating from the group. Shinohara Kanna, a 1st generation NMB48 member, announced her graduation from the group at a theatre performance on March 21st.

Shinohara also commented on her announcement on her blog with her own reasons:

“I, Shinohara Kanna, will be graduating from NMB48. I’ve been in NMB48 as a first generation member since I was a first year student in junior high, but I was never one of the front-line members.
I always had a dream to be a model, and I never forget my wish to make the dream come true.
After I was promoted to team N, I have experienced many things up until now. There were many fun and happy things, but of course there has been hard and disappointing things as well.
Even though I was a part of Senbatsu members for the 1st single ‘Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo’, I have not been chosen as a part of single Senbatsu since then.
I have been putting forth my best efforts after I failed (to be chosen for Senbatsu), but it was not enough, and I could not make a good announcement for you fans due to my inadequacy. I am really sorry for you all.
I have also been said that ‘why are you in team N’ at handshake event. I was really sad, and I’ve even wished that I was never promoted to team N, but at the same time, I also thought that it was inevitable as I had nothing to be confident about.
However, I tried to think positively up to today. All I can say to you now is that I’m glad to be in team N! Being able to stand on the same stage with this wonderful members, to visit many places for tour, to laugh about silly things, and to frolic around…it was so much fun!!!
Even though there were times I suffered some hardships, and was scared to attend handshake events, I was still able to enjoy the events naturally and I felt comfortable just by thinking that there were people who waited for me, wanted to see me, wanted to cheer for me.
Thank you for saying that you loved somebody like me.
Thank you for supporting me.
I was happy to be able to encounter wonderful people like you fans and the members!!! I love NMB48members.
I will try my best to pursue my dream to be a model!!!
I can’t be too dependent on NMB48 forever. Now that I graduated from a junior high school, I am taking a new step forward.
I would be happy if you support me when you see the name ‘Shinohara Kanna’ somewhere again.
Thank you for everything, and for your continuous support!”
 Shinohara Kanna will graduate from the group on April 12th 2013.

Reading the blog translation regarding her reasons to as why she wants to graduate, I became really sad. As I am not a Japanese citizen, nor have I ever visited Japan, I am ignorant to how fans can act or be so when I read the statement, I was shocked and sad that a member had been put through this. I know that I may say harsh and snarky comments towards members, but I never mean it; I joke about it more than anything (unless you count earlier posts, of course) so when I read this I was overwhelmed with sadness for Shinohara.

Hopefully she will be able to find a career where people can appreciate her more. I know that the NMB48 members love her dearly, but I hope that she can find a career where she is respected by those who work with her and those who do not.


Morning Musume talk about their Spring Tour in this video that has been uploaded to Morning Musume's official youtube channel. Please check it out!

It's weird to see my Zukkini baby standing in the front, but it makes me damn happy you know!

Also, I wish that they would let other girls comment who do not have the names Riho or Reina, or even Sayumi. Everyone else has opinions and/or something to say too, UFP.

I hate UFP today XD

Announced on Fukuda Kanon's blog, both she and Wada Ayaka will release a joint photobook in April to celebrate their graduation from High school. Please look forward to it!

This is a nice and surprising announcement for fans, and I am sure that all fans of the remaining two original members of S/mileage will be happy to purchase their photobook! Look forward to it, and hopefully some previews will be leaked soon! YAY!!! Dawa legs ahoy!!!

Footage of Koharu Kusumi on the runway at Tokyo Runway 2013 S/S has been uploaded to youtube, so please watch as Koharu struts her stuff!

She looks mega happy on stage, and that makes me happy! I do love my Koharu!

Toho Channel have uploaded footage from the final performance of the musical The Wedding Singer. During the curtain call, Takahashi Ai cries.

Awww, poor Ai-butt ): Don't worry girl, you'll get more stage appearances  That's because you're actually a good actresss!

Morning Musume have announced the locations for their upcoming individual handshake events via lottery! Please enjoy!

Harunan is so cute it's unbelievable. I also wish those costumes were used for a PV and not the concert, it is criminal to deny fans these awesome costumes!

Episode 6 of UF LICKS has been uploaded, so please check it out and enjoy the new episode!

This week Tasaki Asahi is once again our host and focuses, yet again, on the live performances from the SATOYAMA and YOKOHAMA Music Festa Vol. 0, and also includes an interview from one of UFP's solo artists who took part in the Music Festa event.

... I m getting bored of Music Festa Vol. 0 content. But that's just me, ya know?

Kudo Haruka will release a new e-Hello DVD titled Haruka - Thirteen. This will be Kudo Haruka's second e-Hello and her third DVD release overall. Haruka - Thirteen will be released in May of this year.

Do you know who I would love to see get a second DVD or even a new photobook?

Someone with BOOBS. And someone who has a MIZUKINGDOM. Please stop giving me flat little Loli girls, thank you. I love Haruka but I feel like a damn perv if I see an image of her in a bikini!

Former v-u-den member Miyoshi Erika will be featured as an MC on YU-A's new weekly Sapporo TV show!

Erika was the hot one who should have been a v-u-den front girl and not Rika, right? Yeah, I thought so~

Michishige Sayumi appeared on Nico Nico's Hangame Live on 21st March 2013. She cosplayed as Haloli to promote Dragon Quest. There are 4 parts to this Live stream, so please enjoy~

Sayus dress top fell down... YES!!!!

Tsuji Nozomi and her husband Sugiura Taiyo's 3rd child, a healthy baby boy, was born on March 21st 2013. Congratulations to both parents!

... I continuously think that NoNo is on her fourth or fifth kid, not third! Oh well, she will get there eventually...

Also, congratulations to NoNo and her husband! Hopefully both NoNo and her new son are happy and healthy!

Kawaii Pateen return with another instalmant of fashion reports at Akihabara Backstage Pass! Please watch and enjoy part 12!

Another cute report from Kawaii Pateen! I love seeing the girls' different fashion styles and their tips on the fashions that they wear. It's just fun to see what the girls are wearing and the tips they give too! I love it~

Up Up Girls will be releasing their next single Next Stage/Ano Saka no ue Made on April 10th!

These girls release their indies singles like hot cakes! I swear, they have so many releases... but I wish they had PV's, too, because they are amazing singers and their energy is awesome. Their PV's would surely rival H!P quite well and probably even force UFP to give H!P a damn budget!

Also, in the article sourced, there is mention of Queen's Boehmian Rhapsody.... is this song/single similar to it!?

It has been announced that S/mileage will perform on Happy Music on March 29th 2013.

Will they force the girls to sing live, or will they tell the girls they don't want to sing that they have to lipsynch? Dilemma dilemma dilemma...

If anything, none of them should sing live if at least two others can't. Urrrgh...

Suzuki Airi graces the cover of Baseball Game Magazine!

At least she doesn't look high/tired in this one. She looks semi-decent... but a little tired, too.

S/mileage will perform at the 2013 SHIBUYA TV-Festival on April 13th.

S/mileage land a lot of festival gigs, don't they? A lot more than the other groups do. Then again, these girls are more marketable because they look like toddlers/children/elementary school bait... or something XD

S/mileahe have achieved their first number 1 spot on the Oricon charts with Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita for March 23rd 2013!

Whilst not a massive fan of the song, I am extremely happy that S/mileage were able to get a #1 for the single for a day at least! This is the first of what will hopefully be many more, and these girls deserve it! Congratulations, S/mileage! Many fans will be proud of you!

Suzuki Airi and Yajima Maimi grace the cover of Big Comic Spirits magazine! Please check it out!

"Hmph! I wanted Chissa!!!" - Airi on realising she was being paired with Maimi, as shown above in the image

Why is it that Maimi always looks stoned?


An Akihabara Backstage Pass & Sabra gravure e-book has been announced.

I would actually read this... then again, these girls are all darned cute!


A cover shoot video for Suzuki Airi and Yajima Maimi's photoshoot for Big Comic Spirits magazine is available to watch, including comments from both Airi and Maimi.

Airi looks like a swan, DAMN! I can only guess that Maimi is meant to be Odile whilst Airi is Odette?

Hell yeah for knowing ballet stuff


Yajima Maimi has been featured on the Digimono Station website, so please check it out!

For once she doesn't look high. Maybe she should always keep her mouth closed?

Also, she looks pretty darned cute with glasses.


Berryz Kobou are interviewed on Thai youtube channel Pop Free TV where they talk about their recent concert in Bangkok. There is also footage from the live.

You know what? I wish H!P would give this sort of treatment to all the girls. I want to see MoMusu in London, dangit! And C-ute! C-ute have yet to go anywhere that isn't Hawaii, right? Have S/mileage even been to Hawaii, by the way?

Toky MX have provided 17 minutes worth of footage and interviews with Morning Musume and Tsunku from the opening day of the Spring tour. Please enjoy at the source! (Embedding has been disabled)

This keeps popping up, doesn't it? I swear I have seen this numerous times... XD

Footage from Fujimoto Miki's 10th Anniversary Fanclub event has been uploaded thanks to MAiDiGi TV. Niigaki Risa and Nakazawa Yuko make guest appearances at the event, so pease check it out!

I would ask where Kamei's live is, but then I have to remind myself (sadly) that she is no longer an Idol, and that sadly... Miki is. CRRRRRY!!!!!

Okay, I kid, Miki is fabulous!!! I just don't like her much. At all.

Nakazawa still rockin' it in her old age!!!! XD

S/mileage's 2nd album has been announced and will be released on May 22nd 2013! Please watch out for it!

Whoa, seriously? YAY for S/mileage! I wonder how cracked up and cooky some of their new songs will be? Oh wait, I forget, they got boring recently, didn't they...

Mano Erina's graduation concert will release on both DVD and Blu-Ray on May 22nd 2013.

MANO!!!! ;^;

The opening March 27th stage of LoVendoЯ's first concert tour at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo has SOLD OUT!

Holy mother of Fu---- SERIOUSLY? CONGRATS!!!!!!!!


Morning Musume's profile images have bee updated.

Can I just say: FINALLY!!!!

Also, awkward Riho looks Shriekingly awkward and spoony.

The covers to Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Wah Wah have been revealed in LQ quality!

Once again, can I just say FINALLY!!!!

The cover to the Event V for Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~ has been released.

Doesn't this look just like the other covers? I mean, Riho's face never changes, like it's the same smile and overall look!

It has been announced that Kasai Tomomi will be releasing her 2nd solo single on May 8th. The single is currently untitled, and the ending track will be used as the ending theme for TV Tokyo's upcoming drama Meshibana Keiji Tachibana which will star Kasai herself. This will be the first time for Kasai to star in a drama independently. There will be a Type A, B and C available for the single.

WAIT!!!!! She's still singing? Holy heck, all press really IS good press, eh?

Ichii Sayaka announced through her official blog that she had successfully given birth to her 3rd child, a baby boy, who was born on March 25th at 2:51am.
We’ve become a family of 5! Just 2 and a half hours after being admitted into the hospital, I was able to have an easy delivery.
The entire family is overflowing with joy,” and continued, “Thank you for coming to our family. Your sisters are very happy. You look so much like your dad, even your grandpa lol. - Sayaka's blog
 So... it seems that both NoNo and Sayaka are competing and producing the next lineup of Morning Musume, right? Or maybe we should dub them 'Mini Musume'?

Anyway, congrats to Sayaka and her family!


Former SKE48 member Matsushita Yui will be releasing her solo debut single! The single, titled Shooting Star, will be released on May 22nd. Details including the cover have also been released, along with a comment from Yui regarding her long awaited solo debut.
I’m glad that my long-cherished dream to make a solo debut has come true this fast!! I have no words (*^^*) I've loved to sing since I was little, and had a dream to become a singer. It’s all thanks to the fans who have been supporting me until now, and people concerned. Thank you very much! I am also grateful to my family who have always cheered for me by my side. I would like to make a start here again, and do my best, so please continue to support Matsushita Yui!!” - Matsushita Yui

Track List:
01. Shooting Star
02. Rigel
03. Love Monster
04. Shooting Star (Instrumental)
05. Rigel (Instrumental)
06. Love Monster (Instrumental)

Whoah, she is helluva cute, and that single cover gives me vibes of Koi Kana by Koharu Kusumi, but whatever, I love her dress too... I might dig this chick, kinda like I dig Ono Erena when I'm in the mood... or whatever.

What the hell am I saying?

Awkward Smiles galore will be holding her Birthday FC event on May 28th 2013.

Weirdly enough... that smile reminds me of Aika. Also: How old is she this year? 14? I very rarely pay attention o-o

Tasaki Asahi has opened up an official Ameba blog! Please visit her blog and comment if you can!

My first thought when I saw that banner was 'whoooooah her hair is loooooong...' and nothing else. Seriously.

The Queen of Dynamic Sexiness and Boobs galore, Fukumura Mizukingdom, will (apparently) be releasing her first solo Image DVD on May 22nd 2013. A Photo book is also rumoured to be in the works.


FINALLY, UFP, YOU'RE DOIN' IT RIGHT! Stop giving me damn Loli's, I want BOOBS!!! And legs. Legs too... -nose bleeds errwhere-

Hello! Pro Station Episode 8 is available for everyone to watch, so please enjoy!

DAWA is back with another episode of H!P goodness for us all to enjoy (she sounds a tad ill, or just husky, who knows) including footage from a recent S/mileage release event for their single Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita which includes live performances, a Vampire in twin tails, hoop skirts going everywhere and comments from the members regarding the single. Other content includes Sayashi Riho singing Furusato (yeah, she actually didn't butcher it, though she sounded flat and did a Risako warble somewhere in there), footage from Morning Musume's spring concert tour, the interviews, Tsunku talking to the girls and, last but not least, a performance from Juice=Juice of their debut song.

Overall... quite a good episode. Stay tuned for more!

And that is all the news we have this week in the world of Idols! Hopefully this week's digest of news has really filled your appetite, but for now that is all we have time for, so until next time, please yet your appetite digest a little!


  1. Love La Doll's album came out last month actually. I have been loving the new tracks since I got my copy in.

    1. REALLY? DANGIT... Time to change the post XD

  2. Mikitty is WERKING IT! <3

    I love that she can be an idol and have a family!

    I'm really hoping for some new material, but I don't think that will be any time soon...

    I'll have to listen to the SKE48 soloist...she also piques my interest.

    1. Mikitty is freakin' FABULOUS... I didn't like her in MoMusu PV's when I watched them, but solo... WHEW, WORK IT GURL!

      She really knows how to be a mommy and an Idol, doesn't she? <3 AND OHMYGOSH new stuff ._.

      Yeah she looks so freakin' CUTE that SKE girl

  3. Someone must like you a lot. Mizukingdom is getting a photobook and dvd to boot.

    So, yay!!

  4. Reading about NMB48 girl graduating really makes me grateful of Hello Project. Its really sad that she only got to be in one single because of the senbatsu system =(

    1. I know what you mean... it just makes you think 'thank goodness H!P doesn't make it seem like the girls aren't liked...' yeah we whine about how certain girls aren't pushed, but at least they are SEEN!!!