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Okay! Musume Digest #43

This week's Digest is brought to you by no one! -insert random theme tune here- Da-i-ge-st~o

In this week's digest: Plenty of Up Up Girls news! Including another bloody Harlem Shake... Fujimoto Miki becomes a bird... kinda? Takahashi Ai to star in a new CM! Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru stars in a CM or two! A lot of Morning Musume news! And more!!! Are you ready to D-i-ge-sto?

Welcome back to another week of Digest goodness! I hope you have all had a good week~ In random, out-of-blog news, I have been reading manga... again. It seems I am having frequent bursts of wanting to read manga lately, and once I get into it, it's hard to get out of reading it because I get so invested in the story... so much so that I forget what the time is, and therefore I nearly forget that, HEY, I have a Digest to maintain and update through the week! Not good!

Also, I have been incredibly lazy this week. But I'm just naturally lazy anyway...

Okay! Moving on time~ Wheeeeee!!!

Video of the Week

Te wo Nigitte Arukitai by Goto Maki

Yet again this week has been pretty mixed in terms of what I listen to, so it was hard to pick out what I could use for this week's video. So I figured why not use this song? It's better than Mermaid Melody (actually no wait, I love Mermaid Melody just as much...) or at least it is something you all might have heard, so yeah... here it is! It's such a fun song, and I love the energy and cuteness it has. The creepy tree though... I can pass on that! Seriously, what is up with that tree?

But it's a good song, I adore it and I hope that someone, possibly Zukki, Masaki or Akari, will sing it in a H!P concert once. It would be fun to see someone cute and high in energy (ZUKKI) perform this!

If you have a suggestion for a Video of the Week, please leave a comment!

Picture of the Week

Not amused
Clearly you do not know how to use photoshop, so why not quit and let the Wota do the damn editing!?

This week's picture is brought to you by the Colorful Character concert, where we can clearly see the incompetence of the UFP editing staff. Seriously, WHO THE HELL WOULD DO THAT?

And yet, this is UFP. I should not be surprised...

But still. Let's fire them ALL!!!

Poll of the Week

Because of the news of 12th Gen auditions this week, I will be basing my poll around that, so here's the question!

Are you looking forward to the 12th gen Auditions?

Simple question, with four answers lined up that you can choose. This won't be a multi-choice question, believe it or not, because really... you only need to answer once when it comes to these sorts of things, right? So answer whichever one fits you best!



Up Up Girls present DO THE HARLEM SHAKE Idol Edition #3.

URRRRGH!!!! Not even the first one was funny!!!!

I am not posting these damn things anymore...

It has been announced that Juice=Juice will be the opening act for Morning Musume's Spring concert tour, including Nippon Budokan.

Sweet gig there, girls!

The track list to Morning Musume's 53rd sinngle Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba nani mo Iranai has been released. Please check it out!

Track list:

1. Brainstorming
2. Kimi Sae Ireba nani mo Iranai
3. Rock no Teigi – Tanaka Reina solo (Reguar A)
3. A B C D E-cha E-cha shitai (Regular B, Limited A, Limited B)
3. Tokimeku Tokimeke – Michishige, Fukumura, Ikuta, Iikubo, Ishida (Limited D)
3. Itsumo to Onnaji Seifuku de – Sayashi, Suzuki, Sato, Kudo, Oda (Limited E)
4. Brainstorming (instrumental)
5. Kimi Sae Ireba nani mo Iranai (instrumental)

DVD Track list:

- Brainstorming (Music Video) (Limited A and B)
- Brainstorming (Dance Shot ver.) (Limited A)
- Kimi Sae Ireba nani mo Iranai (Close-up ver.) (Limited B)
- Rock no Teigi – Tanaka Reina solo (Music Video) (Limited C)
- Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba nani mo Iranai (Making Of) (Limited C)

The amount of B-sides seems to be a lot less, however as this is Reina's final single I am not surprised that the two shuffle songs on the single aren't smaller groups because the focus is supposed to be on Reina.

Hopefully everyone can reserve a copy of the single that interests them the most.


Juice=Juice now have a full profile on the Hello! Project website. Please check it out!

Sadly they do not have full body or mid shot profiles ); Just the face shots, boo hoo!!!


Up Up Girls promote and leave their comments for the release of their single SAKURA DRIVE/Dateline in this video for Kawaii Girl Japan! Please check it out!

Once again Up Up Girls are as energetic and lively as ever! Please watch the video and consider buying their first Spring single and feel excited with the Up Up Girls for this release!

Details on Tanaka Reina's up-coming Fanclub bus tour event have been released! The event will take place on May 25th and 26th in Aichi Prefecture.

The details include prices and such, so definitely check it out if you are planning on going! I'm too poor to go though... Oh wait, I don't care about Reina enough to even want to go!

Live footage of Up Up Girls performing their new song, SAKURA DRIVE, has been uploaded! Please check out the performance and enjoy!

The song is a lot tamer (and cooler) than I thought it would be! It sounds really good, and I am really enjoying the rap that has been added into the song, it gives it a distinct feel but it still sounds fresh and spring like! Do you guys like it too?

(From Top Left to Bottom Right: Limited A, B, C, D, E and Regular Edition)

The covers to C-ute's single Crazy Kanzen na Otona have been revealed! Please check out a sexier C-ute and see which cover is your favourite!

... THEY'RE NAKED o-O!!!! My lord what the HELL? I don't wanna see Maimi naked, or MaiMai for that matter!

... Nakky is a maybe though...

But seriously, wow, I did not expect the whole 'naked vibe' with C-ute. This is pretty, er, big for H!P. I never expected it... WOW!

Takahashi Ai will star in a CM for ST's aromatic insect-repellent Mushuda.

Apparently, the cute little bug Noto Arisa will also star in the CM alongside her dressed as a cute Beedrill!!!

Up Up Girls will be doing a collaboration titled Up Up Girls x Twintail Collaboration. T-shirts will be available that show cartoon images of the girls with twintails!

Twintails are damn wonderful, you guys! I am actually tempted to buy one of these because they look so good!

There will be a Berryz Kobou x Pretty Cure collaboration television program airing nationwide! Regions and broadcasters will be available from the source.

They really are going all out to try and show that Berryz are somewhat relevant.

... Oh wait, it's just me who finds them irrelevant.

Berryz Kobou will be guests at Tokyo Idol Showcase at Sibuya-AX on May 29th 2013.

Oh cool. Too bad I don't care... and Miya's hair looks awful in that profile pic still xD

It has been announced that Fujimoto Miki will be the voice of the character Mia the bluebird for Disney's animated series Chisana Princess Sofia.

I forgot that Miki was still in work. I actually did... though she has had a baby, so of course she would be out of the entertainment business for a while. Anyway, congrats to Miki!

The cover and track list for Sea*A's first album has been revealed and confirmed!Please check out the details and consider purchasing the single!

2. Entry!
4. Ding Dong Ding
5. Soda Sound Fountain
6. Happiness♪Run-Run-Run!
8. God Knows... -Sea*A English Ver.-
9. Butter-Fly -Sea*A English Ver.-
10. Renai Circulation
11. Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~

Bonus Track:

- DREAM SHOOT -English Ver.-
- Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~ - English Ver.-
- Friendship Birthday ~Arashi no Yoru ni~ -Chinese Ver.-

It's great to see that Sea*A are still around singing! The girls are releasing their first album, which includes three cover songs including God Knows... from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's great to see that Sea*A are able to cover popular songs that all anime fans know and enjoy!

The album will be available from 27th March 2013.

Here is a performance of Sea*A performing their English cover of God Knows... Please check it out and enjoy the performance!

Sea*A have become really strong singers, it makes me so happy to see them perform like this. Ahh, I feel happy that they have come so far since debuting~

THE Possible have released the MV for their new single Zenryoku Banzai! My Glory! Please check it out and enjoy!

I love that it's outside, but I can't help but notice the Seishun no Serenade choreography thrown in there. Mano's not been gone that long, guys! Also, Seishun Collection makes an appearance in the jumps! Is this a Seishun thieving video or what?

Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina promote their upcoming fanclub tours through the UFfanclub youtube channel, so please check it out!

I swear, Reina tells Sayu off too much XD But it's cute and funny so I don't mind~ Keep entertaining me till you leave, Reinyan~

C-ute's Suzuki Airi has been featured on the cover of Young Jump magazine!


That is probably one of the worst images I have ever seen of an Idol in or on a magazine... minus Kasai Tomomi's hand bra child cover... yeah.

C-ute's profile images have been updated!

Mai is still the hottest.

UFactory's youtbe channel have uploaded a digest for Tanaka Reina's Graduation Memorial DVD. Please take a look and consider purchasing the DVD!

I want her sweater... that is all.

Actually, I do love her hair in this. And her smile. And I want to know... is Kamei gonna randomly appear? Please say that she will. That will make me cry tears of absolute happiness.

The digest for Morning Musume's Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol.49 has been uploaded to the UFactory youtube channel. Please check it out!

Content included: Eripon awesomeness, Oda Sakura is revealed, Reina acts cute and some Zukki fun. Also, there's a lovely bit where we see some of the girls react to Reina's graduation announcement. But it isn't that long I think.

Actually it's a cute little digest... and there's a nice bit with Sayu in it that I like haha.

The digest for Morning Musume's Morning Musume DVD Magazine Vol. 50 has been uploaded to the UFactory youtube channel! Please check it out!

I want this DVD Magazine, for the pure fact that there is content including performances from the girls that are not included on the Colorful Character performance DVD. I want that Sayu/Haruna duet! Yes please!

Zukki is also helluva cute in this, and so is Haruka haha xD

Up Up Girls promote their new single SAKURA DRIVE/Dateline on their yutube channel. Please check it out!

As lively and energetic as ever, I see~

The CM for Berryz Kobou's Berryz Kobou DVD Magazine Vol.31 has been released, so please check it out!

Did Yurina scream and stomp off!? AWESOME!!!

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from Berryz Kobou's release event for Asian Celebration at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Pretty Cure make a guest appearance at the event.

I want to rip those horrible, ugly pigtails off of Momoko's head and slap her with them. They seriously infuriate me XD

It has been revealed that Mano Erina will appear in Gravure the Television Vol. 26, out on the 16th of March.

Does this mean underwear shots?


MAiDiGi TV have reported on C-utr's Sakura no Hanataba stage play. Please check out the footage!

That is one empty classroom, just saying. The sound is also too damn quiet, I can barely hear what they are saying!

Footage of the Up Up Girls' photoshoot for Young Jump magazine has been uploaded! Please check it out!

How old is this exactly? Also, Akari <3 Legs <3

It has been revealed that LoVendoЯ will perform at NAON no YAON 2013 on April 29th 2013 along with other acts such as SCANDAL.

... They're getting an awful lot of perfomances aren't they? It makes me happy though! I'm glad that the group will be able to perform a lot and show off their skills and a squirrel voice! YAY!

A Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai boxset will be available for purchase. It will come with a photo session ticket.

Bosxets are really becoming the norm with Hello! Project now, so I really am not surprised. I wish I could afford a boxset, though!

Yamaguchi Miran, Shiraishi Rika and Saori Kizuki have been promoted to full members of Houkago Princess!

This news has been around a while, I just don't bother updating with HouPri because they're annoying me with the little amount of public news they have, and their lack of PV releases... -cries-

MAiDiGi TV have released more footage from C-ute's Sakura no Hanataba stage play. Please check it out and enjoy!

Nakky's character looks freakin' wonderful. She's so over the top and cute, I want her XD

There will be individual handshake events for Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai. Please pre-order through Chara-Ani!

I want to go see Zukki, Eripon and Haruna! I would cry if I got to see Zukki in person!

It has been announced that Okai Chisato will appear in the June issue of CanCam magazine. The magazine will go on sale on April 23rd 2013.

Is CanCam a big deal? Wait, it's Chissa in a magazine on her own! Of course it's a big deal! YES!!!!

Bakusute Sotokande Icchome, THE Possible and Love La Doll will perform at Nagoya Idol Style 2013 Vol.2 on March 24th along with other Idol groups including ALLOVER, Danceroid, Nagoya-Clears and many others!

I have Love La Dol's Love Magic stuck in my head now... yay! Anyway, I am happy with this news. It means more exposure, and also, Love La Doll goodness! If you can attend then I highly suggest you do!

Up Up Girls, Dorothy Little Happy, Dempagumi Inc, 9nine and SUPER☆GiRLS will attend Kawaii POP Fest 2013 Hong Kong from May 17th until the 20th.

Are they actually going to Hong Kong? Please say that they are going to Hong Kong because this is an interesting line-up... well, if you don't count DLH that is.

UF LICKS Episode 5 has been uploaded! Please check it out and enjoy the show!

Tasaki Asahi takes on presenting by herself in this weeks episode and promotes her singles, lets us in on another sneak peak from the SATOYAMA Music Festa Vol.0 that includes LoVendoЯ and their performance! Also plenty more performances from the Music Festa. There is also a CM for Peaberry's Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~. Another great week of updates from UF LICKS!

JIJIPRESS have uploaded footage containing a short performance performance and interviews from Berryz Kobou's recent Ikebukuro Sunshine City release event for Asian Celebration. Please enjoy!

Those costumes are ugly as heck, but whatever... at least the song is catchy, and Risako looks better than ever.

MAiDiGi TV have released more footage from C-ute's Sakura no Hanataba stage play. Please take a look and enjoy!

With the amount of Chissa, Mai, Airi and Nakky the previous video's have shown, I actually forgot that Maimi existed.

By the way, I love the set that they have! Amazing!

The official blog for LoVendoЯ has been opened!

I did not expect this... but I am happy. I also think that the font looks tacky, but then again... isn't that what Reina is all about?

Ogawa Mana has opened up a Twitter account and created a youtube channel!

Wait, OgaMana is still around!? I thought that she and Canaria Club had become defunct and sucked into oblivion... Well, I am happy with this news, though extremely surprised! I really enjoyed OgaMana's music back when I was a H!P noob. OgaMana... welcome back you cute, chubby cheeked cherub you! Let's hope you will produce more fabulous music video's and single content for your fans!

I hope that these accounts mean that Tsunku is going to give her more today. That or she has a new agency

Tsugunaga Momoko has been featured in the latest PIZZA-LA CM!

I would watch it, but I noticed those disgusting pigtails in the thumbnail and decided to save myself from wanting to slam my head into the desk.

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from the first day of Morning Musume's spring concert tour, including performances from LoVendoЯ and the Mirai Shoujo audition announcements.

Tsunku's rendition of Help Me!! is perfect, though not as wonderful as Uchoten Love was. Also, Zukkini's reaction to the audition announcement was perfect. You run up them steps, girl!

Also, why was Sakura crying?

JIJIPRESS have released footage containing making of clips and comments for the CM for Dancing Good which includes their song Hop! Step! Dance↑↑. Please check it out!

They are all so cheerful, I love it!

MAiDiGi TV have footage that contains an interview of C-ute concerning their stage play Sakura no Hanataba. Please check it out!

I liked the footage of the play, but it's nice to see the comments as well... even if I can't understand what the girls are saying.

Up Up Girls and other artists such as Negicco and Tokyo Girls' Style will perform at Yatsui Festival 2013 on June 22nd 2013.

Up Up Girls perform a lot, don't they? Then again, they're pretty damn awesome live.

LinQ will release their documentary LinQ Zero ~LinQ Link Vol.0~ on April 10th 2013. The documentary follows their 2011 debut to Uehara Asami's graduation concert in February 2013. It also features footage of their auditions and live performances.

I had no idea that LinQ were creating a documentary, but it's great; hopefully all fans can buy a copy of it and enjoy watching LinQ's journey as they have worked hard to earn their major debut.


The short PV for Alice Project's Steam Girls HIGH and LOW has been uploaded, so please check it out!

The weird and wonderful world of Alice Project is here! Hopefully you will enjoy their colourful and... well, weird, PV!

The short PV 9or CM) for HKT48's major debut single Suki! Suki! Skip! has been revealed! Please take in all of the colour and youthful cuteness of the video!

This seems extremely childish and cutesy for something produced by AKS, however HKT are currently the baby group with the youngest member ratio, right? So it's all good! The song is so-so, very safe and typical of AKS, but not terrible. Quite catchy, actually!

Who's looking forward to the release? pssst the B-sides sound the same as each other, and like toned down versions of Suki! Suki! Skip! to me

GREE has released the TVCM for the social game for smartphones AKB48 no Yabou. The game takes place in the fictional world of La Chante and features AKB48 membrs taking on the roles of sorceresses. Players will battle in order to fulfil the ambitions of the girls.

The CM stars Shimzaki Haruka as a Samurai. Please take a look!

Paruru looks so cute... I want to hug her. Lots. I also want to play this game, it sounds so cool!

AKB48's Shimazaki Haruka and Kikuchi Ayaka serve as the CM characters for fashion brand WILLSECTION's new line Disney Marie Collection. The girls get to wear cute clothes with themes of Paris for this CM and show off their elegant and feminine fashion through the new collection, so please take a look at the CM and enjoy!

The girls' comments on the CM:
"I feel my girl’s power up!" - Kikuchi Ayaka  
"I feel as if I were a noble girl in such a dress-like costume!" - Shimazaki Haruka
I love the CM, but that natural lighting is killing me... Ooooh I love the cute Paris inspired skirts!

Source | Source

Itano Tomomi and members of Nogizaka46 will appear in the up-coming drama BAD BOYS J which will star Sexy Zone member Nakajima Kento. Itano will take on the role of Naki Kaori, the boss of a female delinquent group.

Nogizaka46 members Hashimoto Nanami, Matsumura Sayuri, Akimoto Manatsu, Ito Marika and Ito Nene are the members that will appear in the drama. Hashimoto Nanami will play the role of the heroine Yoshimoto Kumi, who is also the love interest of Nakajima Kento's character, Kiriki.

Source | Source

The 30 second CM for the aromatic insect repellent Mushuda starring Takahashi Ai has been released! The CM includes a song sung by Takahashi Ai as she tries to find the perfect scent. Prepare for random dancing and Ai goodness!

Okay, I like this CM more than I anticipated. Ai is so random and fun, it's amazing! xD

Fujimoto Miki appears in the CM for Kao's Merit shampoo. Please check it out!

Because she's worth it! -flips hair-

JIJIPRESS have provided footage from the first day of Morning Musume's spring tour, including the audition announcement and press conference clips. Please check it out!

Kanon, why were you running and flapping your arms? Are you being a butterfly?

I also love their 'racing' costumes. Why can they not wear these in a single!? They are amazingly cute and wonderful!

Tokunaga Chinami will hold a birthday FC event on May 22nd 2013.

Okay, it is SERIOUSLY weird to believe that 1) She will be 21, and 2) SHE'S OLDER THAN ME!?


Sato Masaki will hold a birthday FC event on May 7th 2013.

Masakissu will be 14, huh? She's gettin' old! xD I kid! But it's amazing to think that she's grown up... okay wait, I lied, she hasn't. She still acts like a kid regardless.


Episode 7 of Hello! Project Stations has been uploaded to the official Hello Pro Station channel. Please check it out!

In this weeks episode, there is an amazing amount of coverage on Morning Musume's opening day of their Spring Concert tour, including the 12th generaion audition announcement, some backstage footage and performances of the new songs! Also Aruiteru, sung by Fukumura Mizuki and some Sakura no Hanataba footage for C-ute lovers at the end of the episode!

Enjoy it, my dear Chimians!

And that is all we have time for this week! Please stay tuned for another week of digests in the Idol world! But for now... Ja ne~!


  1. Pic of the week is pretty cute! The thumbnail of Ayaka in that video shows how easily tired she is.

    A really nice post! :) I also hope you will read my post and comment with your own opinion telling me what you think! My post on the 12th gen focuses on what is meant by calling the twelfth gen “future girls” nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/03/17/generation-after-generation/

    These FC events - I wonder if they bring in a lot of money. Takahashi's CM was pretty cute! I would love to see a Tsunku album of Morning Musume covers.

    1. It was taken from the Colourful Character concert tour, from the TERRIBLY photoshopped VT, urgh! Pet peeve of the week, more than anything haha :D


      I actually wonder about FC events too... I think they do, because you are spending money to spend time with girls you support, and also money to see them sing as well. It must bring in a good amount of money, especially if it is a 2 day thing or more. And oh my gosh, I want an album of Tsunku singing the MM songs XD