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Okay! Musume Digest #42

It's time to Digest, Chimians! Are you ready to get your News on?

This week in News: A Crazy amount of C-ute! S/mileage domination! Whos Sengoku Minami again? Some Pokemon happiness and a little bit more! Is it time to Digest yet?

And in other random outside-of-my-blogging-life news I am ill, YAY, and also reached 101 subscribers on my youtube channel! Many thanks to the Chimian Crazies who subbed to me, I love you all and did not expect it to happen!

Video of the Week
This week's video is brought to you by E-girls!


Do the E-girls have to put most/all of their titles in capitals  It gives me a headache, not gonna lie, and looks as if they are forcing it down my throat... but other than that, whatever~
 I was actually confused about what video to put up this week because, let's be honest here, I have listened to a lot of music this past week and have had no favourite songs that have been on one complete loop for more than one day. I have listened to CANDY SMILE, Crazy Kanzen na Otona, THE NEVERENDING STORY, JUST IN LOVE, Te wo Nigitte Arukitai, Yudachi! Through the Rainbow, Te no Hira ga Kataru Koto and another that I will not admit to because... well, because. So yeah, a lot of songs (possibly more than this, but these are the ones I remember the most) however I have decided on the E-girls' version of THE NEVERENDING STORY because... well, just because. That and E-girls have actually dominated the list of songs that I have listened to this week artist wise. Also; CLASSIC SONG!!! So enjoy guys, and also: enjoy that video!

Poll Winner

The question I asked you all this week was this one:

Which SatoUmi group is your favourite? and you all answered! So, here's the winner that you have chosen...!

Congrats to Plumeria! Plumeria has been chosen as your favourite SatoUmi unit from the 3 new units that have been announced! Now, I wonder why...? (other than the fact that the group is full of FABULOUS members)

So once again, congrats to Plumeria! The group won the poll with 45% of your votes, so thank you for voting for Plumeria!

Here are the rest of the results, however minimal they may be!

Dia Lady 36%
Mellow Quad 22%

Now, am I right in guessing that people are seriously disappointed with Mellow Quad because, and this is just my opinion, Miyabi is in another effing unit as well as the fact that only one member (Chissa) is not a part of the Satoyama units and the other four are? Yeah, it's a piss take, I know, but what can ya do?

Anyways, that's all for randomness galore, now let's get onto the real part of the Digest! INCOMING!!!


The short MV for Kitahara Sayaka's up-coming Best of Album, titled Haru no Graduation, has been revealed! Please check out the sweet and simple video!

I hate the lighting, but the simplicity is very sweet and reminds me of spring, so thank goodness the title works in favour of the MV! The song is also quite pretty!

... So does this mean that Sayaka is graduating from her role as a voice actress for the anime?

S/mileage will hold mini-lives and handshake events at Tower Records Shibuya on March 19th and TOKYO BAY Lala Port on March 21st 2013.

The cuteness will explode everyone! Look forward to a sweet spring mini-live, fans of S/mileage!

Here is a sneak peak at the covers to THE Possible's up-coming single, Zenryoku Banzai!! My Glory!. Please check them out!

I like the solo shot covers, but I really like the group one too. Very nice!

Juice=Juice have announced the title of their first Indies single. The single will be titled Watashi ga iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne and will be a cool and sexy song.

I'm glad that they are taking a different route to the cute and quirky S/mileage... but these girls are heading into C-ute's sexy domain! NO!!!

Up Up Girls will perform at SmilexSongs Idol Matsuri on March 26th 2013.

Idol Matsuri!? I want to go!!!

Oh, and another group and a solo artist will be here too. I have a feeling I should know who that group is... IT'S SANMYU!!!!

S/mileage will hold another mini-live and handshake event at MEGA WEB on March 22nd 2013.

This is a nice amount of promotion for the single, I'm a happy wota. Too bad I can't go to see Rina or Kananananananananana in action.

The radio preview for C-ute's up-coming single Crazy Kanzen na Otona has been released. Please check it out and see just how crazy it is!

... It's not crazy, but whatever, it's still good and continues to show the groups growth as a more mature, sexier C-ute! I like! AND DAMN, Mai looks hot!

This reminds me of Kiss Me! Aishiteru and some other song... I forget which haha

C-ute have left a video comment for Gekiden Geki Hello Special performance Sakura no Hanataba. Please check it out!

The girls all look very refreshing in their sakura blazers, don't they? I want one! And Nakky looks as sweet as pie!

Kawaii Girl Japan have released the second part to their long interview with Mano Erina and her manager. Please check it out!

The last half is a very sweet and rather sentimental interview, and it makes me feel that happy that Mano was able to have such a good manager. They have a lovely relationship, and it's sweet that Mano seemed to rely on her.

Hopefully you can all take a look at the article and have a read!

Naaboudoufu@Nana appears in Kawaii Girl Japan's next segment of Can't Stop Loving Idols! with Uramasa of Fudanjuku. Please check it out and see what Nana says about her fans!

I was surprised to see this in my Twitter newsfeed, but I thoroughly enjoyed the segment with Nana! I like how she calls her way of speaking 'chilli pepper' and also how she gives her fans member colours so that the audience isn't just filled with pink lights. How cute!

A trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening has been revealed, and shows the return of Mewtwo for the fans. The trailer also introduces the short that will accompany the movie which will mark the debut of new Eeveelution, Sylveon. Please check it out!



On March 5th 2013, Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome held a press conference in Tokyo where they announced that they would release their major debut single, Baito Fighter (or Byte Fighter), under Warner Music Japan on May 8th 2013. The song had been chosen out of 200 demo tracks.
The press conference started with the introduction of the 12 main members. The 8 members who are chosen by popular vote of their customers are called “weekly ranking” and they are Aikawa Ayano, Moroboshi Azuna, Kawaoto Yumi, Aoshima Karen, Hario Arisa, Hirosawa Mai, Kumamoto Miwa, and Asakura Yuri. The label staff chose Taiga Hana and Hanano Yuuka as the “maker waku”, and AD Nagisa and Suzumi Hinano were chosen by the staff as “bakusute” - Tokyohive
Baito Fighter? Sounds pretty damn hardcore to me!

Source | Source

Akihabara Backstage Pass will hold a White Day event running from March 8th until the 14th.

White Day! How cute. Hopefully the guests of the Cafe will enjoy a sweet day with their beautiful Idols and spend plenty of time with them!


S/mileage will hold a mini-live and handshake event at the Nico-Nico Douga studio on March 15th 2013.

Holy Moly, Nico Nico Douga!


Koe Pota have interviewed Kitahara Sayaka! Please check it out!

I don't understand what it says, but hey, the pictures are beautiful! Check it out even if it's only for the Kitahara eye candy!


The CM for C-ute DVD Magazine Vol.30 has been uploaded. Please check it out!

Nakky is gorgeous, as are Chisato and Airi. Also, those uniforms! <3

Is Nakky meant to be a 'Hime' character? She's wearing a bow and lace with he uniform!

Tasaki Asahi's performances of her debut songs, Rolling Days and Tegami from the H!P Winter 2013 performances have been uploaded to the Satoyama youtube channel. Please check them out and discover which song is your favourite when performed live!

I prefer Rolling Days live, surprisingly. I love the passion she has when on the piano, she really gets into it! You go, girl!

Tegami is still freakin' beautiful, no matter how many times I listen to it.

Iikubo Haruna has been featured on the cover of Weekly Famitsu Taiwan. Please check out the cover and fall for Haruna's innocent beauty!

Beautiful... just so beautiful. And yes, I have been waiting for her to appear on the cover at some point... patiently, actually XD

Kawaii Pateen Report Akihabara #11 has been released with another segment from Backstage Pass! Please check it out for new fashion points and tips from cute Idols!

I like these reports because I'm extremely interested in the cute Japanese style o clothing girls wear. I think they dress so nicely, I am jealous!

The cover to Hello! Project BEST SHOT!! Vol. 20. Please check out the naturally pretty cover!

I would never buy this for the simple fact that Momoko is on the cover, if I have to be bluntly honest with you all xD

The limited edition Wani books cover for Suzuki Airi's compilation photo book has been released, so please take a look and succumb to Airi's beauty.

To think she's already 18... Yum!

SKE48's Hata Sawako has announced her graduation from the group. She will leave at the end of March in order to pursue a career in voice acting.
When I was 21, I almost gave up on my dream to be a voice actress, but SKE48 was like a bridge that led me all the way to here today. Because of SKE48, I can continue pursuing my dream.” - Hata Sawako
Sawako joined SKE48 in 2010 and was able to participate as a part of the unit NO NAME and voice act for AKB0048.

... I want to play a certain song, but I have overused it. Anyway, good look Sawako, even though I have no idea who you are!


AKB48 have released a short documentary of their project Dareka no Tame ni Project. The documentary shows their activities as they help to raise funds and support those affected by the 2011 Tohaku Earthquake. Please take a look at the video.

It's heart warming, so please take a look and consider offering donations through the website where you can also download the free charity song Tenohira ga Kataru Koto which will be available from March 8th 2013.

The radio preview for GREEN FIELDS' next single, Tokai Inaka no Kare has been uploaded! Please check it out and see what you think of the up-beat song!

It's very country, isn't it? Luckily it isn't as boring as Boys Be Ambitious was and has a lot more personality put into it I think.


A full radio preview o S/mileage's b-side song Doushiyo has been revealed. This will be the coupling song for their up-coming single Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita.

I wasn't expecting this song to be as cool as it is. The opening took me aback actually, but it reminds me of a heavy game theme tune that is extremely appealing to me. I like it, though it feels very C-ute and not much like a S/mileage song. But I like it.

It's funky, and again, very game-like in how it sounds. I love the effects used too to enhance that game-like feel of the song.

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Type A, B and C)

The covers to Takahashi Minami's debut solo single Jane Doe have been revealed. The song is said to be a rock-ballad and will be used as the ending theme for the Drama series Saki. The single will be available in stores from April 3rd 2013.

I like the covers, though I don't think that they are really anything special; they actually have that AKB48 vibe to it... then again, she is a part of AKB48. Type C is probably my favourite, even if the sun bothers me haha.

Middle School based Idol group Otome Shinto have revealed the short MV for their debut singles coupling track, TOKIMEKI☆PARADOX. The MV is a simple concert shot.

... this isn't an MV, it's just the track put over the concert version to hide how terrible their live voices may be.

Also, yellow and blue are popular.

Momoiro Clover Z have unveiled the visuals for their up-coming 2nd album 5TH DIMENSION. So far, only 3 images have been revealed and are said to represent 'evolution' through the thorny masks that the girls wear. The mystery behind the three visuals will apparently be revealed soon through Momoiro Clover Z's special website, so please be sure to check it out.

When I first saw one of these images, it was on Facebook. I actually thought that it was a cool new Indies group or a new BiS single or something... I seriously did not think that it was MomoClo Z, but my goodness... How cool!!!

There will be a Morning Musume 6th Generation fan club tour as well as solo tours for Tanaka Reina and Michishige Sayumi.

I can understand Reina having a solo tour because she will be leaving soon, and I can understand why they will have a 6th gen tour, but why a solo tour for Sayu...?

Naaboudoufu@Nana will star in the Alice in Deadly School - Alternative stage play. Former C-ute member Arihara Kana will also be a part of the stage play.

WOW, Nana is looking smoking hot! My lord Gaki, I have never seen someone so... okay I have, but damn she has some attitude going on and it's helluva sexy!!!

Anyone wanna buy me tickets to Japan to just go and see this stage play?

Source | Source

UF Licks Episode 4 is available for everyone to view, so please check it out for this weeks update in Up-Front Idol news!

Yasuda Kei and Tasaki Asahi return for another segment of Up-Front News for everyone to enjoy, as well as some performances from acts from the recent SATOYAMA in YOKOHAMA Music Festa. There is also an itnerview with Yajima Maimi and Okai Chisato of C-ute that everyone can enjoy, as well as clips of Tasaki Asahi performing her new song under the SATOYAMA program! Please have fun watching everyone!

Idol groups Idoling!!!, Up Up Girls, C-ute, Naaboudoufu@Nana, SUPER☆GiRLS and BiS will all be performing at Nico Nico Douga's Vho Kaigi Party 2 on April 27th 2013.

I am not surprised that Nana is there, considering Nico Nico is where she gained popularity, or C-ute for that matter... they seem to have a lot to do with Nico Nico now that they are more known for their dances and such. Actually, it is nice to see that two UF based groups are there and another Tsunku managed Idol. Nicely done~

The cover to Juice=Juice's debut Indies single Watashi ga Iumae ni Dakishimenakyane has been revealed, so please take a look!

The cover reminds me of Ren'ai Hunter in style, and so does the font. It's simple and the girls are holding the fruit that represents them. I love how Melon-chan looks so bored and indifferent, as if she's asking 'Seriously? I'm an effing MELON?'. Ringo-chii is adorable, I like her.

... Yeah, I can't be bothered to learn their names. Not even Yuka's right now or even Karin's.

A website for the drama series Minna! Esper Dayo! which features Mano Erina has been created. Mano will play as Asami Sae, a character who is indecent and different to Mano's usual roles of pure and sweet characters. Please take a look at the website!

I like the website, it looks really cool and dark, something that I was not expecting. Mano looks as gorgeous as ever of course. I urge everyone to check it out by clickig the first source link!

It has been announced that Up Up Girls will perform at ~24 Hours Non Stop~Tokyo Irie Connection 2013 on May 4th 2013.

Does this mean that Up Up Girls will be performing for 24 hours without stopping? Or at least switching for breaks like BiS did?

Oh wait, BiS and Cheeky Parade are also there, meaning that groups will take turns I guess?

Up Up Girls have released DO THE Harlem Shake (Japanese Idol Edition2). Please check it out.



There will be individual handshake events for the release of Crazy Kanzen na Otona. Pre-order tickets from/through Chara-Ani only.

I would go to Chissa's. And Nakky's. And Mai's, and I would tell all three of them how hot they look.

And also tell Chisato she has Soccer Mom hair.


There will be a Crazy Kanzen na Otona box set available. It will include a ticket for a photo-op event.

I want a photograph with them all, minus Maimi.


It has been announced that S/mileage will perform on stage for the PON! event on March 30th 2013. Tokyo Girls' Style, DISH// and SanMyu will also be present.

How I know who SanMyu is is beyond me ._. Anyways... CONGRATS, S/mileage are actually doing stuff! Actually they always do stuff, they're promoted quite well, they just have songs and MV's I don't care about any more


C-ute will hold Cutie Circuit 2013 events on May 3rd and 4th. Please anticipate the events!

If you can go, GO!!! Please check out Nakky, Mai and Chissa in all of their sexy glory~


The Digest for Morning Musume's DVD Magazine Vol.48 has been released, so please check it out and enjoy!

This digest only leads me to wonder just why the HELL Mizuki does not have a photobook; Hi UFP, she actually has, er, decent looks and boobage. GIVE ME PB NAO!!!

A preview to Berryz Days 6 has been uploaded to the UF fanclub page. Please check it out!

Too much Momo, a wonderful amount of Chinami, too little everyone else in my own awful opinion~

Actually pigtails brat was tame in this IMO

The Digest to Ishida Ayumi's fanclub event DVD has been uploaded, so please take a look and enjoy the preview!

Kanon is amazing, Errpon is getting better and wow, Ayumi did not kill my ears through yelling! She's actually controlling her voice... kinda~

Sengoku Minami comments on the release of Up Up Girls single, SAKURA DRIVE/Dateline. Be sure t check it out!

My first thoughts were: '... who?' and then '... Oh, that one with the bad hair'. No idea why...~

Prepares for the onslaught of angry fans

The regular edition cover to Suzuki Airi's upcoming compilation photo book has been revealed, so please take a look at it

Is the 18 on the cover meant to represent her age? I bet it is.

... Why did I notice that? xD

Hello! Project Station Episode 6 is now available for everyone to watch, so tune in and enjoy~

Maasa returns as our lovely host of the month and updates on the recent happenings in the UF family including a performance by the delectable C-ute and their sexy new song, Crazy Kanzen na Otona, a performance from Morning Musume and their fierce new song Brainstorming where they all actually perform live!? SAY WHUT NAO? We also have a one shot solo ver. of Cinderella Revolution and Samui ne in all her squeaky glory as well as the performance of Juice=Juice and their debut single. YAY!!!

All in all? A damn good watch, because there are a damn lot of performances. HURRAH!!!

And that is all we have time for this week, Chimians of mine! Hopefully you will stay tuned for next week. If not... then okay~

Ja ne for now, Chimian dears!

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