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Going Crazy for a more Mature and Sexy C-ute

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So, I heard that C-ute's back? Is that true, guys? I mean yeah sure, they had that song back at the very beginning of the year called Kono Machi, but that was extremely boring and had nothing to it that made me want to even consider reviewing it... in fact, I never even thought to review it, it bored me that much.

Actually I have only watched Kono Machi once since it was released. Again, it bores me, kinda like watching paint dry... in fact Kono Machi is worse than paint drying. At least I have the paint fumes to null me until I am sleeping or a little high when I watch it dry, whilst Kono Machi just goes on and on and on and kills my brain cells with how slow and dull it truly is...
 Wait, why am I talking about that MV? I'm meant to be talking about Crazy Kanzen na Otona, aren't I...?

Tangent run, I want to say that after I heard the title of the song, Crazy Kanzen na Otona and then saw the costumes from the promotional image, I was of course excited for the MV. I wanted the song to be crazy and sexy, the video to show that mature, womanly side to C-ute and contain a dance heavy, sexy vibe that we all love. I mean, come on, who doesn't love it when C-ute amp up the sexy in their video's? These girls are captivating and divine, and they really know how to push all the right buttons when it comes to being, well... sexy and exciting. In fact, C-ute are currently the only group in H!P to be able to do that. Why? Berryz have Momoko, Morning Musume is a Day Care Centre still and S/mileage has Meimi and Akari and Kanon. Juice=Juice don't count currently, they have yet to release an MV.

... I'm going off on a tangent again, I need to stop! That's it, time to get into the pic spam! March onwards to C-ute and their Sexiness!!!

I like this font, but the background reminds me of Osaka Koi no Uta...

Airi: "What is the meaning of... life...?"

Airi looks freakin' confused. Maybe she's questioning why the bars from Wakuteke Take a Chance are making an appearance in her new MV, because I know I am!

Airi: "... Who the hell are you?"

Oh shit! She found me, quick, hide the evidence that I exist!

... What? What is this abundance of sexy I see here?

Nakky in front!? YES!!!


NOM! I fucking hate that light filter they are using, it looks so washed out

Oh my God, Nakky!!! F**king hell, these girls are so damn...

well, sexy!

... HELLO!

Maimi, you look hot for once... well, hot to me, and for once to me. Generally I just ignore you and your boring ass, but wow.

Well hello there Chissa, I see you're looking pretty smokin' with your new 'do.

... Hng!!! Those legs!

Now, is it just me, or does Mai look not look like a Mafia Boss' wife? She does to me.

Also, her legs WIN this MV. Best. Legs. In. C-ute. According to Chiima

So sexy freakin' LAZERS appear! Hells to the YEAH!

Holy heck, Airi! What a position, that's... well, that's damn sexy... -drools everywhere-

Maimi: "Oh God..."

So sexy that even Maimi is orgasming over your pure sex appeal, Airi. Damn...

Mai: "..What you lookin' at, bitch!"

... F**k, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of MaiMai if she glared at me like that. Girl, what did I do wrong?

Y'know what? I'm loving these costumes, guys. Can you blame me though?

Maimi, your stomach is sparkling... are you a Twilight vampire!?

-gets stake and hammer- WE NEED TO KILL IT!!!!

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeellooooooo LEGS!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes and YES!!! SEXY!!!!

Now I don't know why, and question my mind all you want, but for some reason this scene makes me think:

"WOW!!! Chisato would make a great Dominatrix!!!"

... actually, don't question it. It's totally true and you know it!

Whoa, who turned out the lights!?

Is that... Maimi actually looking HOT!?

Girl, you aren't as useless as I thought. You have some moves!!!

Mai: "Chissa, Nakky, stop the effects department! Airi, Maimi... STAND THERE AND LOOK PRETTY!!!"
All: "Yes, Boss!!!"

Whilst Mai takes centre stage finally Chissa and Nakky decide to battle the evil Lazers to keep the horrible sparkles and effects at bay whilst Airi and Maimi stand there, looking sexy/useless (basically: Maimi as always)

Mai is so gorgeous in this, I seriously wonder how she came to look and seem so mature...

She's also really grown into her head. It's nice :D

And Nakky just looks nommy, as always. Mhm... Nakky...

Chissa: "Ho better not be stealin' ma spotlight!!!"

Oh, hi Chissa!

Nakky: "I'm finally in the Centre!!!"
Chissa: "Peek-a-boo, I see you!"

Chissa keeps popping out everywhere, that little Diva... haha

Maimi actually looks flawless.

Maybe she should keep her damn mouth shut more, because when it's open she looks derpy (that's the nice way of phrasing it...) and sounds... well...


Nakky is nom in this, the most nommyful of them all. She might even become one of my Top 3 in C-ute.

Oh wait, she already is. Too late!

Chissa the Dominatrix is back! Get out your whips and chains, boys... and girls ;)

I actually see no point in these scenes, why are they even in here?

Nakky: "These damn sparkles from Berryz and MoMusu are too strong! Arrrgh!!!"

Nakky, don't look into the lazers for too long! They hurt your eyes!

Mai looks like she's having a damn good time...

And so does Nommy er I mean Nakky...

Nommy: "Nommy sounds like a good nickname~"

Good, we're sticking with Nommy then!

Airi: "STOP!!!"

Hammer Time?

Airi: "No... where's my nickname?"

You don't have one.

My god this girl is just so nommyful and sexy and hnnnng!!!

Nakky makes this video, she really does.

What are you reaching for, girls? The stars, or maybe even... my heart?

Or a wish for more Sexy PV's!

Whoa whoa WHOA!!!... Maimi!!!

Now we all know why the Wakuteke poles made a come back. It's time for a pole dancing party, my friends! Prepare yourselves~

Chissa: "Bitch I will CUT you with these nails..."

Chissa looks scary, but also badass at the same time... and I still don't know what to think about that hair o-O

Nommy: "Stop!!!"

In the name of Legs and all things Nommyful!!!

Nommy: "No... Stop hating on Chissa's hair! She can't help that it vaguely resembles Tsunku's!"

Yes, Mai, you dominate that pole you beautiful thing, you!

Now... show me a shot of her legs and that pole! Please!!!

Chissa: "Hm... I've seen bigger."

Chissa is looking at that pole like she's questioning it. Either she wants to slid down it, or she's plotting Nakky's future as a famous pole dancer...

Okay, this PV continue to get sexier. My mind is blown.

... I could innuendo that, but I am a woman so it would not work.

Mai: "Dafuq are you thinking, you perverted Wota!?"

Mai darling, there is nothing wrong with a woman expressing certain things, especially when you are in a PV as deliciously wonderful as this one.


... Man Power!!!

C-ute: "STOP!!!!"

You guys sure do stop a lot in this video...

C-ute: "That's because if you don't stop, you'll get distracted by our Sekushii and crash!"

Thanks for the warning.

Nakky, why are you so beautiful? I want more of you. Less Maimi, more Nakky.

That sounds like a winning deal, actually!

Chissa, don't face palm! We're doing a dance routine right now! Nakky, keep going you sexy Diva you.

Mai, baby, you look gorgeous! Airi, beautiful baby! Maimi... keep turning away, PERFECT!!! We can't see your face now :D

Airi: "I wonder why Chiima is such a pervert despite being female..."

Don't question my mind, Airi. I've learnt to never question it and in the end, I just live with it.

... Waaaait is it already over? But what about the rest of the pole dancing scenes!? The question that every Wota is crying right now as they finish the video...

So this was Crazy Kanzen na Otona, but really, was it as crazy as I thought it would be, and was it as sexy as I wanted it to be? These were the two questions that I was thinking when I began watching this video, that and also if this PV would be as good as Tsunku technically said it would... well of course, it's up to your own judgement to decide whether or not this video is as good as you wanted it to be.

And personally fr me, I think that it did quite well. In fact I am pretty impressed with what C-ute have delivered with this video, though the song is a little bit of a different matter, but not too big of a matter either.

Delivery wise, I feel that Crazy Kanzen na Otona really delivered a stellar performance from the girls of C-ute. They all looked mature, sexy and cool and had a great vibe surrounding them. I felt like I was watching the sequel to Kiss Me Aishiteru in a way because of how grown up and appealing the video was. It has a pretty similar concept if you think about it, though I feel like this music video really showed us that C-ute had fully grown up and are taking a step into an entirely different genre of music and trying to become a new group in style, sound and attitude, and by attitude I mean how the girls look and feel in the video, and let's just say that they look amazing!

When I watched the video for the first time I was absolutely amazed; all of the girls had this mature, womanly look about them that really added to the video and made it feel so much more sexier. In Kiss Me Aishiteru, Mai was, at the time, out of place because of how she looked and her childish features, but here she seems to really have matured and shown a more womanly side to her that I couldn't help but think was god-damn sexy and down right alluring. I really loved Mai in this (I love her anyway) but she stood out from the other girls in Crazy Kanzen na Otona. She looks badass, a bit bitchy in some parts, but badass and sexy all the same. I was amazed by her maturity and how much sexual appeal she had in this MV, but it worked and it just made the video feel a lot sexier and cooler.

Not to say that the other girls weren't wonderful in this because they were. They all had their moments where I just had to stare wide-eyed and gasp, staring at them as they pulled out some sexy moves. Nakky and Chissa are two of the stunners who, much like Mai, stood out to me in this video. In fact I heavily praised Nakky at first when I watched this video because of how drop-dead gorgeous she looks and how sexy she truly is, but the more I watch this the more Mai catches my attention. Anyway, all of the girls look amazing in this, and Airi pulls some seriously sexy moves here, and even gives the camera a few eye-fucks for the Wota. I do like it, indeed I freakin' do. And I bet you do, too!

Actually, thinking about what people like... from some comments I have seen, it seems that people are kind of half and half with this video. Some of the fans like it (myself included) and thoroughly enjoy it, whilst the other half are not too keen on it. Why? It seems a bit too mature for the girls and their ages, a bit too sexy and risky, something that C-ute are not ready for yet. Of course I do have my own bit to say about this, but I do want people to know that what I say is not the final word; this is simply my own piece to add, and I just want to throw it in there and let you all know my thoughts on the matter, okay?

When it comes to Hello! Project as a whole, I feel that C-ute are currently the only group that can truly pull off the sexy and womanly look in their video's and songs. Being one of the 'older' groups helps with this, and whilst you can argue that Berryz should be able to do it too because they are technically the oldest age wise in the group, I disagree; Berryz, whilst holding older members, have Momoko, and whilst Momoko herself is 20+ years old, she is holding the group back with her insufferable Momochi character. C-ute don't have a character who is childish, and as a 5-nin group it is undeniable that they have blossomed into a mature and sexy group, and even if they do have some of the younger members, remember that C-ute have been around a while; they have tried a few different genres and now that they have matured they are at the top of their game and know how to appeal to an audience, and have become a stellar act in Hello! Project. The girls know how to act sexy as well, and that only strengthens their PV's that have maturity and sex as a main theme in terms of presentation and choreography. I know that people find it a bit risky and sometimes even wrong that C-ute, who do have members that are still teenagers, do these kinds of things, but I see no problem with it; I would rather watch a 17 year old Hagiwara Mai dancing in Crazy Kanzen na Otona with an incredible amount of sex appeal than watch a 13/14 year old Matsui Jurina sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles in Heavy Rotation.

I felt so freakin' dirty when I found out about that, by the way. Just sayin'.

Anyway, that's my say on that matter... Again, everyone has their own opinion and I do not expect anyone to agree with me, but I do feel that some fans are jumping the gun when they watch this video. H!P aren't know for risky, I get it, but I like that C-ute are entering a different route from all the other groups because it sets them apart from the rest and makes them a lot more diverse than Berryz (who never know what they want to do), S/mileage and their cute/confused phase they are going through and Morning Musume with their cool and dance-heavy phase. So yeah... I'm positive about it, but you don't have to be. That's just my piece on it all.

Getting back to the PV itself, yes I like it. In fact I like it a whole freakin' lot. I love the lazers used, and I like that the Wakuteke bars were there and had some sort of a purpose. I thought that the girls all looked amazing and did a wonderful job at bringing forth a sexier, more mature approach, and I really felt like I was watching a more mature C-ute who knew what they wanted, and knew that they were giving the audience an amazing video filled with sexual appeal and an amazing performance.

Of course there were some things that I was not overly keen on such as the dance itself and even the song, because during some parts of the dance it felt like the choreography was lacking and really did not stand up to the beat, and the song could have been a bit more heavy in terms of beat. There are also the additional scenes which I felt were really out of place in the entire MV; why were they there, and what purpose did they serve other than to give us a dose of refreshment and purity? If they had wanted to use those scenes, I would have liked to have seen more of them because when they did pop up, it was at the most random of times and they generally did not fit in with the rest of the video. Other than that though... this PV is pretty damn good.

And I need to get something in about the song as well of course, because the song is just as important as the MV, right?
 When it comes to Crazy Kanzen na Otona, I do wish that there was more to it. I felt like the song was not as crazy as I wanted to be, or as up-beat or heavy. I don't dislike the sound, in fact I quite like it, but it doesn't excite me or make me think wow, this is amazing! when I listen to it. In fact, this can be a pretty boring song if you are not in the right mood, and I have wanted to turn it off quite a few times because it's so uninteresting for me as a listener. Thankfully it is't dull or snooze-worthy like Kono Machi is, but the song isn't a blast, either. I wish it had been a little more up-beat, however I do think that it fits with C-ute's current image.

The song also reminds me of Kiss me Aishiteru and Berryz Kobou's WANT! a lot. It took me a while to realise that parts of this song were from WANT!, but after listening to it a few times I have found that these two songs mixed make a pretty nice sound. It's a cool song I think, and I like the beat, but it does bore me if I listen to it one too many times, and the PV is far more interesting to me. But that is just me and my opinion, really.

I know that people find this PV awkward and even a bit disturbing to watch, but I also know that there are a few of us who thoroughly enjoy the PV, my perverted self included, but hey... we can't all like the same thing, because if we did then this world would be a boring place, and we wouldn't have beautiful Trolls or debates to spice things up.

Opinions... Power to the Mind, aye? Speaking of which; What do you think of this MV? Did it spice up your day or just make the world seem extra awkward? Let me know~



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  1. it's alright. Was surprised at Saki dancing in the middle but I still like the song and dance. All the girls look beautiful but I still don't know how to feel about Chisato's hair colour, looks better in the MV though than when I saw that video of her and C-ute practicing for a concert.

    1. Nakky is a stellar dancing, but seeing her take the centre dance lead was mind-blowing; they usually neglect the poor lamb );

      Chissa's hair does look better in the PV, gotta admit that.

  2. Chissa perfect, no matter what, obviously =^= Even though my mum said 'ew' at her when I was watching this video.

    And, well, it's about time they gave Nakky her due credit for her dancing skills!

    1. Chissa is one uber sexy woman, I would totally date her, though admittedly she looks like a soccer mom XD XD XD

      Your mother does not have taste, shhh... XD

      NAKKY <3

  3. Chisato dyed her hair back brown, Yay!