Saturday, 9 February 2013

This isn't as Colorful as I expected... 9nine's 'Colorful' PV Review!

Do not take my opinion to heart, just take it with an ounce of... I dunno, salt. My opinion is my own and I have the right to broadcast it on my blog. Don't like it, don't read. Bloggers for life!!!

I'm a bit behind (well, very behind) on quite a few releases that have been out and about for a while now, and I need to catch up. However life calls, weirdly enough, and I have been thrown a handful of things to do with College and University. I'm a bit disorganised, to say the least. That and I procrastinate like Joe Buggery anyway!

WARNING: I make zero sense here, so YAY!

First up in the pile of PV's that is slowly growing is 9nine's first single of 2013, Colorful. This is a plug-in song for the STAR DRIVER movie, an anime which helped to bring 9nine back into the entertainment industry and also the anime which pretty much made a name for the revamped and revived girl group. Needless to say the girls are thankful to the anime itself for helping to pick them up and establish them as an Idol/Performance group once again.

Now it's pretty obvious that I like 9nine; I'm a huge fan of their works, and whilst I may not rave on about the group as much as I do Morning Musume or Fudanjuku, 9nine is one of the few groups that I anticipate releases from the most, with the others being Fudanjuku, MoMusu and Bump.y. I think that as a group 9nine is absolutely spectacular, perfect and just a wonderful unit. The girls themselves are amazing and I always love their video's because no matter what the girls bring their A-game, even if the video is not solely focused on them.

Much like this one, actually.

So enough babbling! We need to kick start this review and take a look at the glorious 5-nin unit that is 9nine! Start your engines and get ready to drive, you shining stars! It's Pic Spam Time!

Oh cool, a TV! I've been needing a new one, all the others keep screwing up!

Okay, time to get into some anime! Oh boy I haven't watched anime in a while...

Oh, well hello there Umika! How have you been?

The death glare of our darling Hirona...

Oh wait, you're actually happy! Nice switch there girl I seriously thought that you wanted to kill me!

Well well well, look at these super models... and are those Kanae's legs I see before me...?

Gorgeous girls, GORGEOUS! Now, pose like the models you truly are!

Okay, is it just me or does Kanae's smile make you want to smile too? Every time I see her beautiful face I can't help but grin like a mad man!

My lord, just so... <3 Beautiful darling, BEAUTIFUL!

Oh yeah, and here's the anime plug! But really, who cares at this point?

Why are anime guys so cute!?

Uki: "Please buy this single... or I will eat your SOUL!!!"

Oh my gosh, Uki! Why are you so... so perfect? I love you!

ung they just had to put the two most perfect beings together, didn't they? Seriously, guys, what are you doing to me? This is like... Yummy!

Hirona: "Of course I'm yummy! I am what they call a Loli... pop!"

I swear, her cuteness will never die... I hope o-o

Speaking of Loli's... Why are you in a spaceship? And belly? Why can't Hirona show her belly to me?

Well hello there, flawless! How did such a beauty like yourself fall from Heaven to Earth? I am thankful you did, though because now you can share your beauty with the world!

I swear, Uki does not know how to pose with the amount of awkwardness present... though she really should know.

Umika: "You want me to open-mouth smile, kay..."

Umika is such a derp, whilst Sayaka... No, girl just no. Just don't smile, okay? NO!

Whenever Sayaka smiles, someone has to Kami-Hami-Ha another persons ass...

Oh cool hair, bro.

Hirona: "YOU should buy this single! Join the 9nine army TODAY!!!"

Even when she looks damn shocked Hirona is the cutest girl in 9nine...

Guy: "Aye that she is there me lassy, aye that she is..."

Why have I made him Scottish?

You know what, I actually like this set up. It's very light, bright and... well, model-esque.

Umika: "A DERP!"

Now this would be a good picture if it wasn't for Umika's priceless derp moments she seems to always have in this video.

Now that is a flaw free photo! My gosh, Hirona, why why why are you so beautiful and perfect?

You could say that he has her in... the palm of his hand -ba-dum-tsss...-

Sayaka: "I hope that I'm not doing the crazy eyes that Director-san told me about..."

That is a serious case of the crazy eyes, guys. She actually scares me...

Uki: "Bitch, you get too close and Ima CUT YOU. You seen these nails?"

I swear Uki is just fabulous. She is hiding that inner Diva beneath that innocent demeanour...

... And then she poses like that again. I swear this girl does not know how to pose @.@

I want to wrap myself in those blankets and cuddle close to Uki...

Umika: "A derpa durr..."

Umika, stop derping around and act like the beautiful Idol that you are!

Now this is a flaw free screen cap. Also the three girls I want to make a sub-unit. Oh my gosh PLEASE make this happen!

Hirona: "Do you want to spend time with me...?"

I can not stress how flaw free this girl is! She is Loli Heaven!

Dayumn those lips!!! A diva has been born, guys! She has some serious Diva flare going on here, mm-hm! -snaps fingers-

Umika: "Pretend to like this, girl, pretend to like this..."
Sayaka: "My GOD I have a fantabulous voice! And my smile's a winner!"

I love how much soul Sayaka is putting into this moment in the video. I just had to capture it, especially considering the amount I have screen capped her thus far...

Oh my gosh the Flaw Free Three!!! o-o

Hirona: "Oh my, is it getting HOT in here...?"
Kanae: "Ahahahahaha, Umika, your face is SO funny!"
Umika: "I'm telling you, the derp face is NOT on purpose!!! And is Hirona STRIPPING?"
Uki: "What's wrong with my poses?"
Sayaka: "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

Hirona is stripping... must, not... look...

Umika, quick! Shield your eyes!

Kanae: "Girls, look a camera! Quick duck face time!"

Aaaaand the mandatory DUCK FACE!!!!

Oh my darling Hirona, why are you so perfect...?

Wait... is this... It is! Umika without the derp face! Oh praise the Lord and all things Gaki!

We all know that Kanae is forever flawless. No derps on this girl!

Mhm... Uki... why you so yummy?

Oh my gosh, Sayaka! You look almost sane here! Not an ounce of crazy ANYWHERE!!!

Sayaka: "What's wrong with my smile...?"

Awww, Sayaka and the sad face ):

Serious is pretty damn sexy, in my opinion! Especially that middle on, YUM!!!

Sayaka: "I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack...~"

Oh shit the teeth are out! Run! RUN FOR YO LIVES!!!!

... Oh my gosh Uki! You beautiful, beautiful... uuumph

Hirona: "Who the hell are you?"

Hirona, why do you look a little lost here? It's only me...

Awww, it looks so friendly! Look at this cute little set up...

Uki: "... I'm still waiting for my friend..."

And then there is forever alone Uki. Oh shi---

My goodness, Umika are you okay? I have not seen another Derp face! Well done girl, well freakin' DONE!

Kanae: "It's so beautiful..."

Kanae is just glorious to watch, I really could look at her all day, and all night, and maybe all year...

Oh I sound so creepy now!

... Uki is still posing like an awkward duck. Oh my...

And POSE! Beautiful work girls, well done! Dazzling, you are all STARS!

... There's too many pictures here I swear. Oh well, whatever! I'm just sharing the 9nine love and showing you all just how glorious they are! Now bow!!!

I'm kidding!... Kinda ;D

So judging from the screen caps, you can probably figure out that this video is all about the promotion of the movie that the song is for. Now I don't mind this because Colorful does a pretty good job at balancing out the anime scenes and the Idol scenes whilst also making me want to watch STAR DRIVER, which is ultimately what the video is meant to do. Why do you think Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves did so well in the box office? It was because the music video and the song for the movie did such a damn good job at selling the product! So I fully appreciate that the video for Colorful does a pretty good job at selling the movie and the group as well.

Now whilst I quite like the video, I really don't have much to talk about really; there are very few shots used if you think about it, and the video has a very constant theme which is extremely apparent; modelling and looking pretty. This can get pretty boring quite quickly for some people, but if you're the sort of person who likes eye candy and young girls then I think that this is a good video for you to watch. Also, if you're someone who enjoys Idols and group chemistry, then this is a good video for you again. Likewise for any anime fans out there who happen to enjoy STAR DRIVER. But yeah... there isn't much going on really, but for me that's all right.

I actually think that the video is great how it is. It has a good balance, and whilst the girls don't do much, I feel that they do enough here - if they did too much then the video would ultimately take away from the promotion of the Anime movie. If the girls did too much, then we would remember the girls mostly, but if there was a lot of movie sequences then we would quickly forget about the girls, but here it's a good balance; there's plenty of scenes that help us to remember the movie such as battle scenes, intimate clips and transformation scenes, whilst the Idol scenes are compiled of modelling shots and close-ups which show off the prettiness of all the girls, and that makes a nicely balanced compilation of clips. All in all I feel like the editors and director made it so that we would remember the movie and 9nine equally, allowing us to ultimately enjoy both whilst also secretly telling us to buy the single and go and watch the movie.

That's damn good promotion to me!

Regarding the video, I do like the girls here (well... until Sayaka smiles, that is) and I think that they look very pretty and innocent. There are a few scenes where Uki looks rather awkward when posing, but that's pretty much it. I think that for what little there was to look at, the girls did an amazing job at posing and keeping the viewers interested by just looking into the camera, especally Kanae. Damn that girls smile is infectious! Every time I looked at her I broke out into a smile because she made me feel so happy and at ease. It was also fun seeing Umika act a bit like a derp at times, too. Also; Hirona. What more can I say?

Other than that, I really don't have much to add about the PV. It's nice and well edited, but it isn't very interesting if you're only watching it for the sake of 9nine. I would say that you need to be into Anime or STAR DRIVER to enjoy it a lot, because that's where most of the entertainment lies in my opinion.

The song for the video, however, is a very nice one. I really like it (as with most 9nine songs) and I think that it really sows off the girls' individual voices and just helps them to stand out. Hirona sounds spectacular here to the point where her mature voice does not match her face. Kanae is fabulous as a singer anyway, but she sounds wonderful as well and I am completely amazed by her voice regardless. The girls all sound great if I have to be honest, and Sayaka surprised me by how much I enjoyed her vocals in Colorful.

Admittedly, I did think that Colorful would be a very up-beat, bubblegum kind of pop song by the title, but it's a surprisingly slower and calmer tune that fits 9nine perfectly and enhances their vocals and strength as a group. In fact I feel that the song sounds quite summery, despite its release being in Spring. It's a nice song as I said, and I really enjoy it. Not as much as others, but more than some.

All in all it's a nice video and song, though my preference is in the song itself. It has a nice balance of Idol and Anime clips and does the anime justice by making me want to watch STAR DRIVER, which is the whole purpose of the video. It isn't the most interesting, but it isn't that boring either. The girls look and sound amazing and I think that this is a nice start to the new year for 9nine, though a tame one.

I would say check out Colorful, if only for the song.

... I will have nightmares tonight all about that creepy Sayaka smile... o-o


  1. You're right on the money with this review, Chiima. I thought pretty much the same. It'll take a few listens for me to decide whether or not I like or love Colorful, but either way I've made a vow to keep tabs on everything 9nine releases for life after delivering the PERFECTION that was Shining Star. I'm also starting to think I should check out what Star Driver is about and maybe delve back into anime for a bit to see if there's anything way cool I've missed.

    1. Awww thank you! I like Colorful enough, but I feel like it's not one of their best... however, a stable single for the start of the year, so it's fine. Shining Star WAS perfection, it was freakin' wonderful and showed their revival perfectly. Star Driver seems interesting too! 9nine make me wanna watch it ;o