Friday, 15 February 2013

[Rambling] Nogizaka46 and the End of the World: But hey, they produced something Amazing... Finally!

On my hunt for news to update my Digest, I ran across Nogizaka46's 'short' PV for their next single, Kimi no Na wa Kibou. By short, I actually mean the full PV... the 'full' version is a 25 minute mini drama based on the song, much like most other 48' family orientated PV's nowadays. Thinking that this was simply a short MV that was two minutes or so long, I clicked it and prepared to bitch about it in my Digest. Turns out it's the full MV.


It also turns out that no, I can't bitch about this one. I can't do what I usually do and slander this excuse of a group, and I can't sit back and watch the hate fly in, because finally, when I am just about to throw in the towel... Nogizaka46 prove themselves to be strong frenemies and rivals to the 48' Kingdom.

No, wait, WHAT!? Hold the phone, as Nia would say, and back away for a second. Dafuq? Am I being serious?

One second, I need to check outside for a moment to see if the World has Ended and is burning as I type this...

No... No it isn't. So that can only mean that this is real. Whilst AKB48's songs get shitter, Nogizaka46 seem to be growing stronger. What, are they feeding off of AKB48's talent and draining it from them like leeches/vampire's/Temura Meimi's? Because seriosuly, their last single was okay, borderline impressing me, but this one is a whole other level... This one is just...

It's perfect. It's wonderful. It's freakin' beautiful beyond belief... and it's from Nogizaka40-freakin'-6! What the heck??? I'm still shocked...

I'm going to hate myself for this, you know, but by lord... I love it! It's so sweet, pure, pretty and wonderful! It's an amazing song, everything that AKB48's Sakura song should have been. This song is Idol perfection, it has a rich chorus, a strong sound, a beautiful composition... it is everything that I like in a song with a slow temp. It is basically perfection and spring personified.

But when did Nogizaka46 get this good and how? And why now!? Why why whhhy when I was ready to throw in the towel?

It's just... it's purely amazing, and I love it. I can't help but enjoy it so much, and I have hope for Nogizaka46 now.

And the PV... Oh my gosh it's actually good too... The sheer simplicity, the gentleness of it, the whole act of 'acting' and practising and working together... it just makes the song so much nicer.

... Okay guys, hold me. I might collapse... this is just so unreal it's... well, it's unbelievable. So hold me. Hold me until I can grip reality and allow myself to realise that hey... maybe Nogizaka46 are pretty damn decent...

Ah shit... I'm falling aren't I? And I bet some of you are cheering, too. Probably thinking 'FINALLY!!! FALL, CHII, FAAAALL!!!' and applauding this video for finally getting me to like Nogizaka46 a little bit...

Well, whatever you think... they finally produced something AWESOME and amazing! Finally, something that is not shitty.

Now, has the world ended yet?


  1. i just hope their costumes aren't the pile of shit that i know them to have. This is a good song and i just might start listening to them again if they produce stuff like this more often.

    But like i said, if the costumes are crap, then this was all for nothing.

    1. Well considering this seems to be the full PV... the costumes are technically their rehearsal clothes, normal wear etc... so they're pretty good o-O

  2. Chiima likes a Nogizaka46 song... she likes the Kpop songs I showed her... something just isn't right here! XD Chiima, what's happened to you?!

    1. ALIENS!!! The Aliens have taken over me! That must be IT!!!!! XD

      That or I am just developing my tastes XD

  3. lovely... definitely their best song yet... the PV is nice too, simple but nice concept...

    for Nogizaka, I also like Yubi Bouenkyou... that PV is so pretty...

    unfortunately, they always have the worst choreography... really hope they fix that...

    1. It is so pretty, and dangit, I am betraying myself by enjoying it ;D

      I will need to check it out! And yes, they have pretty bad choreography!