Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #40

The Digest in which Chiima claims she is now a clairvoyant, clearly. D-D-D-DIGEST!

Today in this week's Digest: Peaberry have a fuck-tonne of events! Ono Erena is ALIVE!? Chiima is a Clairvoyant! That unnamed H!P Unit have a name! AAA are sexy! Gaki in a new stage play! And so much more!!! Are you ready to Digest?

And in random news this week...

Troll Tsunku is pleased...

That you payed a visit! Thank you! Also, boobs! Afilia Saga East BOOBS! Always a good thing to put into a search engine, guys...

And on a more serious note (however serious I can get, that is) I have another blog, one which I hope to continue, or at least update semi-regularly. This blog is dedicated more so to me wanting to try and review movies and watch more J-Horror's. I currently have one post on there right now, but due to writing it at around 4am in the morning, I sound like some deluded wreck... which I am. Anyway, I decided to title the blog Hora no Hitomi..., though the banner has  question mark at the end of the title. I wanted something simple, and I liked the sound of it. It roughly translates to 'Eye(s) of Horror', or at least it should. Anyway, I've wanted to create this blog for a while, but my motivation was spurred on last night. If you want to check it out, here is the link: Hora no Hitomi...

That all said and done, shall we take a look at this week's video?

Video of the Week

This week's video and song is...

Aozora ga itsumademo tsuzuku you na mirai de are! by Morning Musume!

I've been listening to this song on a loop week, and seriously, I love it. I actually come back to this song a lot because it's so addicting and fun to listen to, and I love the vocals in it. Okay, there are only four solo's in it in total, but admittedly they are the four best vocals in Morning Musume at that time; Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Fujimoto Miki and Takahashi Ai. God I love those four together, they are perfect. It's also a fun performance to watch because it's extremely friendly and energetic. I love it, I really do! Hopefully you can all enjoy it as well!

Picture of the Week

Leave me alone... I'm sleeping, said the sleepy Wota...

This has pretty much been me all week, I've just not slept correctly (meaning I have been staying up late) so I thought that this picture represented me nicely... that, and Mayuyu. Come on it is Mayuyu!

Also, no poll this week either! I am stumped, gusu...



It has been announced that Kikkawa Yuu will perform at Onna no Ko Zukan Vol.1 on April 30th 2013.

I have no idea what it is, however it seems to be based on women or even aimed at women due to the 'Onna' in the name. Hopefully those who are fans of Kikka will be able to check it out when it is released!


Another event for SATOYAMA duo Unit Peaberry has been announced! For the release of their solo single, Peaberry will hold a launch event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City on February 27th 2013. Quartet Unit Harvest will appear as guests.

Does this mean that there will be an announcement concerning Harvest at all? Pretty please?


It has also been announced that Peaberry will hold a mini-live and a handshake event on March 1st 2013. Fukuda Kanon, Fukumura Mizuki, Takeuchi Akari and Kudo Haruka will be guests at the event.

I like how UFP have realised that these girls can't stand on their own fully yet, and that they need backing vocals to mask their voices... And also, if Chipmunk Cheeks wasn't there, I would swear that SATOYAMA had produced a new unit made up of two Princesses and a King.


The cover and contents to Morning Musume's Event V of Help Me!! have been released! Please check it out!

The Event V is simply the solo shots of the girls... If I could buy them I would, and I would totally buy Erina and Zukki's and Haruna's and Kudo's... because they are fabulous.


Mano Erina and Yajima Maimi, who are both known as 'women who cause rain', will be in the March edition of CD Journal Magazine. Please check it out!

I didn't know that they were rain demons! MY LORD!!! -starts to rain dance-


Niigaki Risa will take part in the stage play of Zettai Kareshi, based on the original manga by Yuu Watase. Niigaki Risa will play as the lead character Izawa Riko, a high school girl unlucky in love who signs up for a free trial of the perfect lover. An official site for the stage play has been created with a list of the full cast, synopsis and dates.

OH MY GOD YES!!! I saw this news, and I had to momentarily remind myself that this is Absolute Boyfriend and my Gaki, my Lord and saviour of all things Holy and Hello Pro, is the lead freakin' character. Absolute Boyfriend is an amazing manga, sad, emotional, wonderfully drawn and written by one of my favourite Manga Artists, Yuu Watase. Seriously, this is... THIS IS REAL! Oh my gosh I am so emotional right now, I want to cry, this is perfect! And it seems to be based on the actual manga and not the Drama which I refuse to watch because it is not a patch on the amazing Manga. Seriously... YES YES YES!!! YES!!!

Gaki, my God I LOVE YOU!!!


Fukumura Mizuki is the cover model for Weekly Famitsu Taiwan. Please check it out!

Fukuhime is so beautiful and dazzling, I really do hope she knocks Riho out of the centre soon, because this girl is just so perfect...

Okay okay I keed I keed... double centre, at least.


Suzuki Airi appears on the cover of UTB magazine! Please check it out!

No words can describe just how perfect this Idol is... -dies of nosebleeds-


Takahashi Minami's solo debut single Jane Doe will be released on April 3rd 2013 it has been revealed. The image that was also revealed is said to represent the outlook of the music video for Jane Doe.

They enjoy leaking information regarding this debut slowly, don't they? Cranking up the anticipation I see...


Kojima Haruna has been chosen as the main character for the women's lingerie brand PEACH JOHN and will appear in their latest CM's. Two CM's and a short movie have been released.

I'm glad it isn't Kashiwagi, or else she would have put a boring spin on things. However towards the end of the short movie I feel like KojiHaru is over-acting it a tad... okay a lot.

On February 19th 2013 it as announced that Shinoda Mariko of AKB48 has resigned as Mayor from Fukuoka City's virtual administrative Kawaii Ward.

The reason for Mariko's resignation is down to four complaints that the city received last year;
"Encouraging cute women hinders women’s self-independence,” and “It encourages gender discrimination."
Because of this, Mariko was asked to step down from her position, and the city explained; “We can’t cause trouble to Shinoda-san, who has no direct relationship with the argument.

Do you know how incredibly stupid I find this entire thing? Yeah, extremely, incredibly and horrendously stupid, to the point where I want to slap a commenter in the face. Okay, not seriously slap but you get what I mean... I just don't like it? Then again I like Mariko and it seems unfair to her that she has to give up this position because people are insecure.

I'm getting passionate about this...

Source | Source

It has been announced that Arashi's Ninomiya Kazunari will be hosting his very own variety program titled Nino-san which will begin airing in April on NTV. This will mark Nino's first time serving as an MC solo.

Any excuse to watch someone sexy on a show... I doubt I will keep an eye out for this though, unless Morning Musume appear on his show...

Okay that would be epic o-o


(From Upper Left to Bottom image: Limited A, B and Regular Editions)

The covers and details for 9nine's new album, CUE, have been released. The album will be available to buy in-store on March 13th 2013 and will include 13 tracks and be available in 3 different editions, Limited A, B and Regular Edition. This is 9nine's 4th album.

Limited A will be a 3 disc set that includes a bonus CD and DVD, with the CD containing remixes of the songs remixed by Tofubeats, and the DVD will contain 5 PV's. The Limited B version will include a 24-page photo book and a DVD with dance shots of their songs.

(Please check out the source for the full list of the tracks on the CD's and DVD's)

WOOOOOW 9nine are seriously going all out with this album, aren't they? I'm glad because the girls deserve it, they really do... I'm happy too. Hopefully all fans can reserve a copy!


The short MV for AAA's up-coming single, PARTY IT UP, has been released. Check out the cool, dance-heavy MV and enjoy!

Daaaaamn this is pretty sexy... I am liking this, hello there AAA, you hot people, you! -drools-

Umeda Erika and Kusumi Koharu will both be modelling for Girls Award 2013 Spring/Summer on March 23rd 2013.

Koharu is looking delicious, as always. Not too keen on Erika's picture though, I will have to admit

It has been announced that Goto Maki will have her first public appearance in a while and will promote Monster Hunter for CapCom.

This is great news for fans of Goto Maki who will have missed her, and also this will be reassuring for any fans who thought that her reappearance would come with an AV DVD... xD

The covers to Morning Musume's Colorful Concert Concert Tour DVD and Blu-Ray have been released.

Please cover/graphic designers, PLEASE fire yourselves and hire people with more creativity, because copying, pasting and then cropping the damn image for the Blu-Ray version is not creative or even good. I swear, I could do a better job than the official graphic and cover designers.

Source | Source

Additional handshake events for Peaberry have been added for March 2nd and 3rd 2013.

Please tell me again why Bland and Leggy are getting promotion when they are the boring unit?

Source | Source

UF LICKS episode 2 has been uploaded to youtube. The guests for this episode are LoVendoЯ once again. Footage includes... MEN!!! Prepare those fragile hearts of yours, ladies.

Seriously, men, Hi, I rarely see you here when it comes to anything H!P or UFP related, but damn you're welcome... and those vocals, my lord... <3 I do wish that I payed more attention to male singers because their voices can melt me.

By the way I am digging Reina's hair and fishnets.

Katsuta Rina will hold a birthday FC event on April 6th 2013.

I'm happy, because she actually has the event to herself (not counting guests, I bet Kananananana will be there... hopefully) and not have to share it with someone. Seriously, H!P, start letting the girls like Kanon and Fukupon have events by themselves. Thanks.

A new channel has been created for the Hello! Project Trainee's on youtube! The first video that has been uploaded shows the announcement of the new unit made up of trainee's and GREEN FIELDS member Miyazaki Yuka. Warning: Tears shall be shed in this video.

Can I just say: FINALLY, and also, I'm surprised because I did not know that Kanazawa Tomoko has only been in the Kenshuusei for under 3 months and is already in a freakin' unit. Girl must have some die-hard talent for Tsunku to put her in quickly... that or she's freakin' popular to boot (which is a possibility, apparently her goods sold out quickly when she was introduced).

Suzuki Airi will release a compilation photo book from from the years 2010 to 2013 on March 31st 2013.

Wait whaaaat? Compilation photo book? For what? Her graduation from high school... Oh okay yeah I get it, she's aged, she's mature, we love her and she's leaving education. Got it!

The cover to the SATOYAMA Guide Book has been revealed!

I can't help but wonder if going for the girls in aprons would work better as a cover, but that's just me and my thoughts...

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from Mano Erina's graduation event for all fans to see. Please watch it if you missed the live stream.

It's sad... but it's happened, and I will eventually get over the fact that she has gone... Also; My Days for You. Perfect ending, really <3

It's truly sad that Momoko walked on stage though. If she hadn't worn those ugly ass pigtails I might not have minded. Also; the two girls I really don't like read her letters. Why not Winky and Captain?

Also; I now need to put Mano's name seperate from H!P in tags. I wouldn't mind if I didn't have the 200 character limit.

It has been announced that tarento Ono Erena will star in a serial/suspense drama titled Tank Top Fighter This will mark Ono's first serial drama, and she will also provide the theme song. Ono will receive special training for a month before filming. The serial is set to air in April.
The drama is an action suspense which follows college students sisters named “Kai” (Ono) and “Riku.” They were spending every day peacefully, but one day, their father gets arrested on suspicion of burglary and murder. In order to return 100 million yen that is supposed to have been stolen by the father, the sisters become bounty hunters, and chase after 4 criminals. - Tokyohive
“My aspiration for this year is ‘to get hold of a chance, and make it my own’, so I won’t let it go!” She continued, “Alhough I have no experience in martial arts, I’ve taken lessons in swimming, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, golfing, and gymnastics before. I also like dancing, so I have confidence in my physical strength. I will try my best to lead other cast members and staff members, so that the viewers will be able to enjoy the drama.” - Ono Erena
You know what? The day before this news was released I was wondering when Ono would announce her next single and when she would return to the world of news and such... I was thinking her next update would be in a month, but awesome sauce, I seem to have called forth this news randomly...

Maybe I'm psychic or something, who knows? Or maybe I just have unnatural abilities to will things into happening. I mean, I said that Perfume's Mirai no Museum would be animate (mostly to annoy Nia) and it happened.

I'm a clairvoyant, I swear.


(In order from Top Left to Bottom Right: Type A, Type B, mu-mo Limited A & mu-mo Limited B)

The jacket covers to AAA's next single, PARTY IT UP have been revealed. Four editions are available, two from stores and two from mu-mo. The mu-mo Limited editions both contain the two songs as well as a third track. Typ A will contain a DVD of the music video as well as a making-of for the MV.

Track List:
03. PARTY IT UP (Instrumental)
04. ALIVE (Instrumental)
03. Think about AAA 7th Anniversary ~season 25~ (mu-mo Limited A)
03. Think about AAA 7th Anniversary ~season 26~ (mu-mo Limited B)

DVD Track List:
01. PARTY IT UP (Music Clip)
02. PARTY IT UP (Music Clip Making)

All I can say is that those are some sexy covers... but that's because AAA are sexy anyways.

A new Up Up Girls single has been revealed along with the cover titled SAKURA DRIVE/Dateline which will be released on March 13th 2013. SAKURA DRIVE features a cool rap whilst Dateline is a sweet and gentle song.

I swear these girls keep popping out singles like they're running out of fashion! Anyways, I like the cute cover! UMBRELLA'S!!!

tbh I thought that S/mileage were popping out Chotto Matte Kudasai again

It has been revealed that Morning Musume's 53rd single (and possibly the final single for Tanaka Reina in Morrning Musume) will be released on April 17th 2013!

Wait, that's pretty damn soon. I half-expected it to come out in May or something, but hey whatever, April is GOOD!!!!

Now, where's the title, covers, track list and song leaks? Oh, and PV's!!!

Tokunaga Chinami, Natsuyaki Miyabi and Shimizu Saki will hold a handshake event for the release of Asian Celebration on March 13th 2013.

As always I hope that all fans of Berryz or the girls go to the event to see their Idols and also to buy a copy of the single. Hopefully Miyabi will not wear that disgusting hairstyle either.

A preview of Peaberry's appearence in Playboy Weekly has been released, so please check it out.

"Dawa, why are your hands on my butt..."
"Shut UP, RIHO!"

There will be individual handshake events for the release of Asian Celebration by pre-ordering through Chara-Ani.

I would shake Maasa's, Chinami's and Yurina's hands and then Miyabi's hoof. Neigh!

Backstage footage of S/mileage rehearsing for the Hello! Project Hinamatsuri festival has been uploaded to the MoBeKiSu channel. Please check it out!

I like backstage footage, it's always good! Also, the second song the rehearse... is that their new song? Because it sounds fun! Also, I hope that the Hinamatsuri festival will be uploaded to youtube, it looks fun!!!

The new Hello! Project Kenshuusei unit's official name has been revealed! The unit is called Juice=Juice and the girls' member colours are fruit names. The unit's name stands for “just-harvested”, “freshly-picked”, “fresh”, “natural”, “100%”, and “just-squeezed”.
 “I want this unit to stay fresh, and be comprised with full of each of their unique individualities.” - Tsunku
During their activities as indies, I’ll be checking for any member who isn’t able to keep up, and also for other Kenshuusei who show a rapid growth, so there is a high possibility for changing, addition, or reduction of the members.” - Tsunku
The member colours/fruit names are:
 Akari - Melon, Miyazaki - Peach, Takagi - Lemon, Karin - Grape, Aina - Orange and Kanazawa - Ringo

Weirdly enough, I happened to predict that Tsunku would name this unit with an Engrish name (again)... then again he seems to like Enrish names!

I am a clairvoyant!!!

Source | Source

Juice=Juice will be in the next issue of UTB magazine which will go on sale on March 23rd 2013.

Can I ask, does UTB stand for Up Town Boy at all?

Also, YAY! Congrats to the girls on getting promotion already!!!


It has been reported that Juice=Juice will attend the Hello! Project Hinamatsuri festival.

So far that is all we know about the girls and their attendance. Hopefully details about whether or not they will perform will be leaked soon, or we wait until the actual festival is shown through news video's and reports are uploaded. Hopefully they do perform though.


JIJIPRESS have uploaded 10 minutes worth of footage from Mano Erina's graduation concert from Hello! Project. Please watch and enjoy!

10 minutes? Holy heck yes! Thank you, JIJIPRESS! Now I can drool over Mao for like 10 minutes, and groan at the sights of Momoko and her motorbike pigtails and Maimi and her blandness.

... Also, wtf is up with that white, poofy sleeved dress?

Individual handshake events for S/mileage's up-coming single Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita will be available through pre-order from Chara-Ani.

Okay, UFP, please keep up this amazing promotion, I like it... a lot. Also, I wish that I could go to this individual handshake event... I would totally go to Kanananananana's and Rina's and DAWA's. But not Meimi's... unless I wear a concrete cast around my neck.

It has been revealed that S/mileage's new single Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita will have a boxset as well as access to a drawing session and a Golden Smile session.

Okay, UFP, I am liking this. This sounds amazing, and damn I wish I could be there! Sadly I am poor and have never even been out of my own country... kuso!


The cover to C-ute's upcoming live photo book has been revealed. Please check out the naturally charming cover!

I love it. I love the fact that it's cute, colourful in terms of font and also extremely natural and friendly looking A very nice cover, and I like the Mai centre!

(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, Limited B and Regular Edition)

The covers and track list to Babyraids next single JUMP have been revealed for fans to take a look at. There will be three editions available and three coupling tracks,

Track List:

01. JUMP
02. Saijoukyu!!
03. Together! Together! Together! (Limited A only)
03. SMILE (Limited B only)
(plus instrumentals)

DVD Track List:

01. JUMP Music Video
02. JUMP Dance Ver. (Limited B)
02. Toranomon Retsuden -Hayashi & Denya & Oya Part 1- (Limited A)
03. Toranomon Dojo -Haru no Daiundoukai Part1- (Limited A)
03. Toranomon Retsuden -Hayashi & Denya & Oya Part 2- (Limited B)
04. Toranomon Dojo -Haru no Daiundoukai Part 2- (Limited B)

Wait, wasn't one of C-ute's b-sides called Jump...? Well yeah it was, because that's my favourite C-ute song so I should remember... anyways, I like the covers. Very cool and lazery (LAZERS!!!!)

It has been revealed that HKT48's Sashihara Rino will make an appearance in the up-coming movie Ore wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake where she will play as Unami Aya, a cool editor who turns down the protagonists manga flatly. Apparently, the director behind the movie Fukuda Yuichi specifically offered Sashihara a role, as they have worked together before. The movie also stars the actor Tsutsumi Shinichi, who will play the protagonist Oguro Shizuo.
Since I’m not an actress by profession, I was very nervous to do acting with such a big name like Tsutsumi Shinichi-san.” - Sashihara Rino
Ore wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake will release in theatres on June 15th 2013.

When I saw this piece of news on Tokyohive I was incredibly surprised but also really happy by i; I honestly did not expect to see Sasshi in any movies any time soon, however she seems to be a reliable person and someone who gets along well with and/or has impressed the director who she has worked with numerous times.

Hopefully fans will support Sasshi, however big or small her role may be in the movie, and go check it out!


(From top left to bottom centre: CD+DVD, CD only & One-coin CD mu-mo, LDH mobile shop, live&event only edition)

The covers and tracklist to E-girls next single, CANDY SMILE have been revealed. The covers are cute, bright and simple. The title song has also been chosen for the theme song of UHA Mikakuto's e-ma Nodo Ame× e-girls campaign CM song. The single is scheduled to release on March 13th 2013.

Track List:

2. love letter (CD+DVD and CD only ver.)
3. CANDY SMILE (Instrumental) (CD+DVD and CD only ver.)
4. love letter (Instrumental) (CD Only ver.)

DVD Track List:

1. CANDY SMILE (Video Clip)
2. CANDY SMILE (Making Clip)

I like the covers, I think that the One-coin version has to be my favourite and I just love the name of the song! It's very sweet and makes me think of, well... sweets!

Hopefully all fans of E-girls can reserve a copy of the single!


The short MV to E-girls' CANDY SMILE has been revealed and shows a sweet, sugar filled MV with an upbeat and happy song that will be sure to bring a smile to your face! Please check it out!

Okay I swear I need to get around to watching these girls' MV's because they have a nice amount of flare and I like the style they have in terms of dancing and music. This song is so cute and fun looking, I love the GI, the LEGO, the coours... yes, it looks fun! I want the full MV now, thanks.

Though admittedly this a pretty long 'short' MV, so yeah.

The jacket covers for PASSPO☆Best 1 ad PASSPO☆Best 2 have been revealed, featuring the girls in red and yellow-green outfits. The yellow-green outfits were designed by member Masui Mio.

I like the outfits and I like the balloon-filled image, it reminds me of a celebration, which in a way this is because these are PASSPO☆'s first two best-of albums. I'm loving the simple but cute style, what do you all think though?


Hello! Project BEST SHOT!! Vol. 20 will release on March 18th 2013.

I'm guessing that this is a DVD or photo book? Who knows, either way, I am happy!


Tasaki Asahi will release her second single under SATOYAMA life titled Sakura Tokei/Amayo no Tsuki. The double A-side single will be released on April 3rd, 2013.

YES!!!! It's not only effing Peaberry, YES!!!

It has also been revealed that SATOYAMA trio GREEN FIELDS will also release their second single titled Toka Inaka no Kare/Haru wa Kuru on April 3rd, 2013.

Please please pleeeease don't be boring again, and also Yuka, sweety... no. Lose the forehead and bring back the fringe You look stoned.


The 4th episode of Hello! Pro Station has been uploaded for everyone to view and enjoy! Please check it out!

This week's episode once again features C-ute's Suzuki Airi and Morning Musumes Ikuta Erina as the hosts as well as Yajima Maimi and Tokunaga Chinami as the special guests. Please enjoy as Maimi and Chinami battle it out in golf!

... I think that this is the last episode featuring Airi and Errpon as the hosts. Who knows? It would be nice to see different hosts to be honest, no matter how much I like this duo.

And that is all we have time for this week! Another week filled with news, right here for you to digest! Hopefully there has been plenty of news to keep you all satisfied and hungry for me. Until next time though, adios!