Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Okay! Musume Digest #39


This week Digest-wise, we have NEWS!!! Plenty of it, actually, including: Peaberry! Miyamoto Karin! Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika in a new stage play! Mano Erina acts outside of H!P! Too many video's to count! Up Up Girls goodness, and so much more! Ready to get your Digest on?

In other news this week, I actually updated my Vlog channel, and if I was totally vain (which I am, but ignore this and pretend I am a modest young thiiing) I would actually post it as my video of the week, but I'm not (HAHAHA) and I want to spare you my stupidity. Also, IRN BRU!!! And a week without college, so I'm sleeping a loooot!

Okies, Video time! What shall I give you this week?

Video of the Week

CROSS by Yonekura Chihiro

So here's something you may or may not know about me, and that is this: I love Fushigi Yugi. I have the full collection of the manga series (not Genbu Kaiden, that's not finished yet, and I still need to collect it...) and I deeply loved the Anime and storyy line. At some point in my Anime-obsessed life, I went searching for video's to do with Fushigi Yugi, and this song, CROSS, came up. At the time I had no idea what it was called or who it was by until recently, I did some digging and found the original version, whereas before I just had the short ED version from the game, and came to know it as 'The Ending Song'. Of course I found it, and recently I have been playing it a lot. It's an amazing song, Chihiro is an amazing singer and there is so much passion, devotion and love in this song from the singer and also from my past, I guess. It's a song which, to me, represents my past. I listened to the short version countless times, and now the full version brings back memories of reading Fushigi Yugi, watching it, enjoying being a teenager etc... it's a beautiful song and I adore it. I actually wish I had the game...

I swear this is turning into Song of the Week, but whatever...

Picture of the Week

Oh Mano, why ever did you leave your Piano...? However, I do like you on the bed, so it's okay said the Wota...

This week's image is of the delicious and darling Mano Erina, soon-to-be Graduate of Hello! Project. I won't be posting a poll as I want to just have a picture to do with Mano... this week and next week, obviously. So please, enjoy her delicious glory!



Starting off the week of news, how about a performance of Help me!! with a guest appearance from someone named SHELLY, eh?

The performance has been out for a good two weeks now, but I've only recently found it and boy, this is one piece of humorous footage, and believe it or not, a pretty stellar performance from Morning Musume.

Surprisingly enough, Riho actually sounds pretty damn good (until you get to some group parts where her voice flat out dies) and she actually does not sound like a dying cat this time around. I was surprised how decent she sounded. Still bad, but better than ever! Is her voice on the road to recovery/finishing breaking in the new vocal cords? Who knows, all I know is that for once in a long while, she sounds pretty freakin' good!

No one can steal the shine from Reina though. You go gurlfriiiiiend!

It has been announced that there will be a C-ute ~Shinsei Naru Pentagram~ live Photo book released on March 9th, 2013.

Live photo books are really becoming the norm with Hello! Project right now, so this announcement is really no surprise! Hopefully everyone who can will reserve a copy because it is sure to be fantastic!


Peaberry will hold a handshake event at Tower Records on February 28th 2013 to promote their solo single release.

And the Cabbage Patch Midgets continue to dominate...

Oh wait, one of them actually has gorgeous legs that are not those of a midget.


The Event V cover for S/mileage's Samui ne has been revealed.

I approve of all except that Green one... Yeah, her smile ruined it for me.


The Event V cover for C-ute's single Kono Machi has been revealed.

Funny how this comes out pretty quickly, whilst Samui ne...'s comes out so much later than it should. Hm...


Miyamoto Karin's 'Kopink' will hold a live event on March 2nd 2013. This will also be Karin's graduation from the PINK!SS program.

I'm surprised that there will be an event held, however it's a great way for fans to hear and see Karin perform live and to support her as well as to congratulate her on her graduation from Kopink. The graduation itself is a surprise, however it seems reasonable especially since Karin is one of the busier Trainee's, especially now that she may be debuting...

Congrats to Karin on the event, and also good luck to her! Hopefully her fans will be able to make it!

Source | Source

Miyamoto Karin's 'Kopink' will release a mini-album including a remixed version of Carina Notte. The mini album will go on sale on March 20th 2013.

Great news for all fans of Karin! Hopefully you can all reserve a copy (I know you love her!) and support Karin and her future endeavours outside of Kopink!


It has been announced that Ogawa Makoto, Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika will act in the Tokugawa15 stage play running from March 20th until March 24th, 2013. Niigaki and Mitsui will be guests in the stage play.

When I saw the news I was really surprised but also extremely happy that the girls would all be acting together, and whilst Gaki and Aika's roles may only be small parts (speculation for now) it seems that Makoto will play one of the bigger characters within the cast.

Hopefully fans can book tickets and go see the girls in action!

The digest video to Mano Erina's Mano Friends Party vol.6 ~Mano Christmas World~ has been released. Please watch the video and enjoy!

The video shows all the good, fun stuff that we all enjoy watching including a few performances as well as seeing Mano act cute and loveable like always. There are games, men dressed as Reindeer and Mano dressed in a Santa suit! What more could we ask for?

Seriously... watch and enjoy my dears!

A video from Morning Labo IV has been uploaded showing the girls receiving a cake in celebration of their Weekly Oricon #1. Please enjoy the video!

Masaki totally wanted to smash her face into that cake.


The digest to Berryz Kobou's ~NatsuToku Special~ and ~3HAPPY DAYS~ ANNEX events has been uploaded! Please watch and enjoy!

Please enjoy the wonder of Chinami and Miyabi in this video... especially Chinami. Because she's awesome. Oh, and Yurina. Yurina is yummy!

C-ute grace the cover of AnikanR YanYan magazine! Please check it out!

KYAAAAA CHISSA! And Nakky and Airi!!! Oh my gosh PERFECTION!!!!

The cover and track list to Miyomato Karin's 'Kopink' mini-album, titled Kopink's! Melodies ~star chart~ have been revealed!

Track List:

1. Carina Notte
2. Saikou Shikando
3. Usagi Tocome (feat. Kopink)
4. Ribasu
5. Usagi Tocome (feat. Goro)
6. Carina Notte (Polaris Mix)
7. Bonus Track

Hopefully this information will satisfy the Karin fans and their hunger! Now... marvel at that lovely cover! I know I am... and I'm not even a fan!

The digest to Cutie Land 7 has been released. Please check it out and reminisce your Christmas, but this time with C-ute!

They look like presents! I LOVE IT!!! I wish they had been under my tree, though... It would have been nice to wake up to some yummy Idols... well, all of C-ute except Maimi...

(Left to Right: Limited and Regular Versions)

The covers and track list to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's next single, titled Ninjari Banban have been released including further details. The single will be released on March 20th, 2013 and will include a Limited and Regular version. The song was written by Nakata Yasutaka and will provide the new theme song for the CM au. The limited edition single will also come with a photo book.

Track List:

1. Ninjari Banban
2. Unite Unite
3. Minna no Uta extended remix

I have no idea why but I am a little excited about this...


PASSPO☆ have revealed that they will simultaneously release two best-of albums on March 27th 2013. The two albums will be the first best-of albums that the group have released since their formation back in 2009 and will include songs from their Indies era as well as singles since their major debut.
"We want more people to come to know PASSPO☆’s songs. - Negishi Ai, regarding the release of the two best-of albums.
Track Lists:

 <PASSPO☆Best 1>
01. Let It Go!!
02. GPP
03. Go On A Highway
04. Pretty Lie
05. Shoujo Hikou
06. ViVi Natsu
08. Kiss = Suki
09. Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru
10. Next Flight
11. Bathtub
12. Natsuzora HANABI
13. WING
14. Love Diary
15. Dear My Friends

<PASSPO☆Best 2>


02. LA LA LOVE TRAIN ~Koi no Katamichi Kippu~

03. Natsuzora Dash

04. Uhae

05. Jaane

06. Hello

07. Material GIRL

08. Street Fighter

09. See you again

10. Pock☆Star

11. 2DAYS

12. Dum Dum Freedom

13. Tap My Toe

14. WANTED!!

Regarding the news, I am deliriously happy! I was surprised by the news of Two best of albums, however I like the idea because it means that the girls can give their fans more and also show their different sides through the amount of songs they have. I am happy that they will be releasing these two albums, and I hope that the girls do well on the Oricon charts!

Please reserve a copy if you can!

It was announced that ZONE vocalist MIYU has been fired from her agency for misconduct on February 13th 2013.

The reason of the dismissal is that “Nagase Miyu’s conspicuous immoral conduct and frequent non-fulfillment of duties caused the fans and the parties concerned great trouble in addition to extensive damage to our company. Although we tried for guidance and persuasion to her in a repetitive manner and unfortunately there was no improvement in sight. Thus, we figured that it was difficult to continue to keep the exclusive contract with Nagase Miyu, and we have concluded to dissolve the exclusive contract with her as of today.” - Tokyohive
I don't follow ZONE, but I saw the news and I was somewhat shocked... despite not knowing about the group at all. Anyway, this is a pretty shocking announcement, but I guess it had to happen if Miyu...

Source | Source

Former AKB48 trainee Eri Takamatsu has released her AV debut under the stage name Risa Tachibana.

Oh cool, you go girl... And I really can not say much more than that. I have no problem with a person debuting in the AV industry, though some people feel otherwise. Well, whatever she wants to do I guess.


Japan will release its first Pocchari girls fashion magazine on March 21st 2013. The magazine will be titled La farfa. Comedian Naomi Watanabe will be the first cover girl of the magazine.

When I saw the news I was extremely delighted, because in general we see quite cute, skinny girls in Japanese media, so to see a magazine catering to girls who are a little chubbier is amazing news and allows us to see that not all Japanese girls are as skinny as the Idols we see on TV. I am happy about this, I really am!


A new Eeveelution for Pokemon X and Y has been revealed! The new Eevee's Japanese name is Ninfia!!!

... And this is when Chiima screams with sheer joy and happines... A freakin' LOT. Seriously, a new eeveelution? YES. YES YES MOTHER FUDGING YES!!! I have wanted a new eeveelution since... well since Leafeon and Glaceon came out! Seriously, hi, big Eevee fan here, YES!!! YOU ARE PINK, TOO, AND EFFING PRETTY! HI! BE. MINE. NOW!




I am happy, can you tell?


(Top Left to Bottom: Type A, Type B and Type C)

Details regarding the major debut of HKT48 have been released! The single will release on March 20th 2013 and will be titled Suki! Suki! Skip!. The choreography will include skipping moves and is said to be a power pop tune. The center position will be taken by 2nd Generation Kenkyuusei member Tashima Meru. There will be three versions of the single available, Type A, B and C.
"It’s a really wonderful song that you can enjoy with everybody! It also perks you up! All of us act natural in the MV as you can see the members’ innocent smiles. So I want many people to watch the MV.” - Tashima Meru (2nd Generation Kenkyuusei) 
‘Suki! Suki! Skip!’ is a quite fun song which brings you a smile and energy! There are steps like skipping in the choreography, so it would be fun to pay attention to it!!” - Kodama Haruka (Team H) 
Since it’s a cheerful and bright song, it matches well with HKT48! The more you listen to it, the song makes you feel like humming, so I want people to listen to it before they go off to work or school. The choreography is interesting too, so I want everybody to enjoy the performances as well.- Miyawaki Sakura (Team H)
Track List:

01. Suki! Suki! Skip!
02. Onegai Valentine
03. Type-A/B/C coupling track
04. Suki! Suki! Skip! (Inst.)
05. Onegai Valentine (Inst.)
06. Type-A/B/C coupling track (Inst.)

DVD Track List:

01. Suki! Suki! Skip! (Music Video)
02. Type-A/B coupling track (Music Video)
03. Special video A/B/C/D (C+D Type C only)

I'm surprised that for the center of the single... it's a Kenkyuusei. Unless Aki-P is using her as a secret weapon cos, y'know, Tashima Meru was a finalist for Morning Musume. Also, I liked her a little. Then again Aki-P is a sneaky bastard...

Oh, and the single sounds cute but I am really expecting something quite, erm... Bland, Uninspiring, generic, shit... Something like most of AKB48's discography...



AKB48 member Nito Moeno has announced her graduation from the group during Team A's February 14th Theatre performance. She will graduate on April 28th 2013, her 5th year Anniversary as a member of the super group.

Since I turned 20, I’ve started thinking about myself more frequently than before. 

I’ve been uneasy about what exactly I will engage in in this entertainment business. 

For the sake of my own development, to improve various skills, I would like to challenge various things after my graduation." - Nito Moeno (Arama)
And so the graduations continue... sigh...

Source | Source

The digest to Tekeuchi Akari's e-Hello DVD Take in Spring has been uploaded! Please take a look and drink in Akari's natural cuteness through this digest!

Chubby cheeks!!! Heck yeah! Also, the cutest opening I have seen from any digest yet. Also; I want that hat.

She looks pretty mature in this, too. Weirdly enough.

Tokyo News Service have reported on the release event for Morning Musume's Colorful Character Live Photo book! Please check it out!

I like the choice in members to promote the photo book; The Personality, the Princess, the Solo Gen member and the Cabbage... I mean Potato... I mean Ideal!!!

Oh my gosh they photoshopped a smile onto Riho's face!

C-ute have announced that their next single release will be on April 3rd 2013 and will be titled Crazy Kanzenna Otona.

Wait wait waaait, they've only just released Kono Snooze Fest... Isn't this a tad early? Oh well, who cares. This one actually sounds like it will be fun!

The short MV to YuiKaori's up-coming single PV, Shiny Blue, has been revealed. Please check it out and support YuiKaori!

When I started the short MV, I couldn't help but think 'This looks, sounds and feels like a true YuiKaori MV' because it truly does! he girls have a distinct sound and style, and Shiny Blue totally fits with that theme. It's cute and sweet, actually, and very bright and airy. I like the preview... now, it's just waiting for the actual music video to come out... sigh...

Orange Caramel have released the short MV to Cookies, Cream & Mint from their up-coming Japanese album, which will be released on March 13th 2013. Please take a look and enjoy!

I'm not a fan of the song, the clothes or the plaits... however I like the cute feel of the video and the backdrop, too. The style is nice to watch, but the song and video are slow, dull and boring in my opinion. Oh well, it has a cute retro feeling.


On February 16th 2013, Fuji TV announced that Maeda Atsuko will be appearing in their up-coming drama Kasuka na Kanojo, which will also star SMAP's Katori Shingo. The drama will be a romantic comedy set in Junior High school and tells the story of a teacher who can sense ghosts. Maeda will play the role of an assistant teacher who is popular among the students.

Let's hope that her acting skills aren't as terrible or boring as I remember. Also, remember Atsuko; EMOTION!!!! Oh wait, you don't have it.

It has been announced that Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku's one-man live concert Kuruizaki Ebbey Road ~Owarinaki Shinkyu~ will be available for live viewing at movie theatres across Japan on March 31st!

This is really exciting news for the group, and extremely awesome news for any fans who are in the country but can't see the girls live at the venue. Hopefully many fans will be able to go see the live at the movie theatre and enjoy an Ebichu experience!

(From Upper Left to Bottom Right: Type A, B, C & Regular Edition)

The covers to Nogizaka46's up-coming single Kimi no Na wa Kibou have been revealed. There will be four editions available for fans to buy.

These are probably the best covers that I have seen from Nogizaka46 ever... very simple, cute and fun. I like the friendliness that the covers have too. It's nice!

Wait... did I just compliment this group again!? Oh sheet...

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from Morning Musume's Colorful Character Live Photo Book release event. Please watch and enjoy!

YAAAY Video's! Because video's that show my Zukkini are wonderful... and dude, Riho... when did you get some nice legs? DAMNIT!!!! Now I have to praise your legs if they ever show themselves again!!!

Suzuki Airi is featured on the cover of Young Gangan magazine.

Well of course she is! She is dayumn beautifuls!!!

The CM to Berryz Kobou DVD Magazine Vol. 30 has been released. Please check it out to see the cute antics of Berryz Kobou!

Chinami looks fluffy and gorgeous, Yurina is lovely... Momoko has a bun! YAAAY!

Actually this makes me want to like the group more... ._.

There will be a release event on February 22nd for Nakajima Saki's photo book.

You don't even need a reason to go and visit this yummy Idol, do you? So if you can... GO!!!

Footage from Up Up Girls 1st Anniversary Live at Aipara has been released. Please watch and enjoy the performance!

I am not a big fan of Up Up Girls, however to those who are, please enjoy this half hour piece of footage and support the girls!

Hello! Pro Kenkyuusei members Taguchi Natsumi, Ogawa Rena and Hamaura Ayano will be participating in Berryz Kobou's Spring tour.

It seems that UFP and Tsunku are now pretty intent on selling the trainee members, especially now that Tsunku seems to be creating new groups to fully show off their skills... this is pretty exciting, so hopefully fans of the girls and Berryz will be able to watch the concerts and see the girls' skills!

It has been revealed that THE Possible's next single will be titled Zneryoku Banzai! My Glory!. It will be released on April 10th, 2013.

Now, is it just me or is THE Possible getting more and more active or what...? Tsunku, you dawg, your passion has returned!!! YES!!!

UFP have revealed a new youtube channel called UF Licks, featuring SATOYAMA Soloist member Tazaki Asahi and OG MoMusu member Yasuda Kei as the hosts. The first guests on the show is Tanaka Reina's band LoVendoЯ.

The show seems to be more about updates and introducing songs or bands through the channel. UFP seem to be doing a lot in order to promote groups right now through youtube, and I like the amount of channels they are making. This show is also a great introduction to Reina's band LoVendoЯ as it shows the skills of the girls and lets us look at how talented they really are.

UFP, thank you for actually promoting... you're actually doing damn well!

A blog for the up-coming Tamago Show has been created! Please check it out.

Currently there are no posts for the blog, however this is a great way to keep up-to-date and on track with the trainee's and to see how they are progressing with the show. Hopefully posts will be up soon and fans will be able to follow the girls and their antics!

The cover to Mano Erina's photo book Mano Na No has been revealed. Please order a copy if you can, and take a look at the last photo book cover from Mano as a part of Hello! Project!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the cat ears are BACK! Heck yur!

Anyway, she looks gorgeous. I'm gonna miss her ;w;

Additional MAiDiGi TV footage concerning the release event for Morning Musume's Colorful Character Live Photo Book has been released. Please check it out!

Don't deny it, you love the abundance of footage from these events, no matter how similar they all are.

C-ute's interview for Joysound x UGA has been uploaded to the UGA website. Please check it out!

The clip is only short, however it shows the bright sides of C-ute and if you enjoy small interviews (kinda... I can't call this an interview) then you may enjoy this. Or you can just watch it and drool over Nakky. Your choice ;D

THE Possible's recent Valentine's event has been uploaded to the TNX youtube channel. Please check it out and enjoy if you have the time!

A full 1 hour and 20 minutes, say whaaaaat? That's some dedication there... I know I couldn't sit through it! Well, I could, but I'm not a fan of them so yeah...


Mano Erina will hold a birthday fanclub event on April 13th 2013.

Won't this be one of the first events she will have outside of being a H!P soloist? Well, it will certainly be her first birthday event outside of H!P... -cries-

JIJI PRESS have shared footage from the Colorful Character Live Photo Book event held by Morning Musume. Please check it out!

I gotta remember to love these video's cos it's promotion, but by God there are a lot of these damn video's, I swear!

Kusumi Koharu shares a snack recipe in the February instalment of Koharu's Kitchen! for Yamazaki Bread, delivering a sweet Valentine's treat for everyone!

Mhm... Nommy Koharu... I mean bread!

Peaberry will hold a Photo-op event on April 8th 2013. Fans will need to order through Chara-Ani to qualify.

Hm, I only want DAWA... well, her legs more so...

A video showing the performance of Up Up Girls' new single, RespecTokyo, has been released. Please watch and enjoy!

Tacky costumes, but whatever, Up Up Girls are fun to watch... Now why am I not a fan? I need to question my sanity...

The preview for M3's up-coming single Yumemiru Dancing Dolls has been released. Please check out the song and see if you enjoy it!

Already this group looks to be more interesting than Fairies as a whole.

A teaser for SHINee's upcoming Japanese single Fire has been released. Please check it out!

... Shit, I want to watch more of their stuff now! This is effing amazing! And it also reminds me of 9nine's Hikari no Kage slightly thanks to the candles.



As a part of their Treasure Box concert tour, C-ute will be performing at Yokohama Pacifico.

This sounds great! Hopefully all fans who can attend will be able to get to Yokohama Pacifico to see C-ute perform and to support them!


UFP have confirmed that Sudo Maasa, Tokunaga Chinami and Natsuyaki Miyabi will be attending the Myanmar Japan Festival.

So two lovely ladies and a lovely horse will be attending. Riding classes to be booked separately!!!


Tokunaga Chinami and Natsuyaki Miyabi will hold a handshake event at Tower Records in Sendai on February 26th, 2013 to promote the release of Asian Celebration.

You know what? Those zebra prints suit Miya, I mean, Zebra and Horse are under the same family tree... right?


Up Up Girls have left a message for Kawaii Girl Japan concerning their new single, RespecTokyo/Straight Up, and why you should buy it! Please watch and enjoy!

Please watch the video's and be charmed by the girls and their energy as they highlight the single and what you should look out for! Please check it out and support Up Up Girls!

It has been announced that Mano Erina will play as the character Asami Sae in the up-coming TV Tokyo Drama Minna! Esper Dayo! which will begin airing in April. The drama will be based on the Manga series of the same name, and Mano will play the love interest of the protagonist.
I want people to think of her as a scary young woman who speaks her mind frankly while making everyone around her believe that she is just a charming girl.” - Mano Erina on Asami Sae
This is amazing news for fans of the series and of Mano, and as a fan I am incredibly happy that she was able to get a role like this! Mano is an amazing actress, I am totally happy! SO HAPPINKU!!!

A video of Up Up Girls commenting on the release of their latest single RespecTokyo/Straight Up has been uploaded! Please check it out!

The video really showcases the girls' energy, and I love it! Hopefully you will all be able to watch to see the girls energetically comment about their latest release!

Kawaii Pateen have a new report from Akihabara Backstage Pass! Please take a look for cute fashion advice from Idols!

Another episode filled with fashion looks! For all you Idol and fashion fans out there, please check out this video for advice!

It has been announced that LinQ will have their major debut this April!

WAIT WHUUUT? Oh my gosh, seriously? I was wondering when this would happen, because whilst I do not follow them as much as I do other Idols (if at all), I know who they are and they are a great group, but I wasn't expecting their debut yet... and I was, kinda. I dunno, I make no sense, all I can say is: YES, I AM EXCITED!!!

NMB48 have announced that they will hold a Spring Concert tour that will start on March 4th 2013, and will end April 5th 2013. The tour will be called NMB48 Nishinihon Tour 2013.

Sprint tour? YEEEAH!... Oh wait it's only NMB48. Party Poppers away, guys... Okay, joking, I am pretty happy that the girls are able to host a Spring Tour. Hopefully all fans can attend!

HKT48 have announced that they will begin their new Stage this March named Hakata Legend Stage (tentative).
HKT48 Team H will start our new stage ‘Hakata Legend Stage (tentative)’ starting March 1st!”  “In order to show wonderful things for our next stage, the team will become one and do our best.” - Anai Chihiro (Team H Captain)
 To all the fans who can make it, please check out HKT48's new stage and support them through their major debut!


Idol group Idoling!!! have announced that they will be holding a live concert titled Idoling!!! Nishi e! Higashi e!! Mystery Touring!!! 2013 at Zepp Tokyo on April 13th 2013 and Zepp Namba on May 3rd 2013. Two shows will be held each day from 1pm and 6pm.

Good news for all you Idoling!!! fans out there! Hopefully fans will be able to book their tickets and catch a plane to Tokyo or Namba to see the girls in action!


AV Idol group Ebisu Muscats have revealed the short PV for their single, ABAYO. This will be their 9th and final single before the group graduates. The single releases on March 9th 2013.

For fans of the adult Idol unit, please check out the video and watch as the girls run around and dance in cute or sexy costumes ranging from schoolgirl Yankee to sexy secretaries! Also, please support Ebisu Muscats before they graduate and buy the single!

Also; GOOD DAMN SONG! It is so catchy!

Michishige Sayumi, Fukumura Mizuki, Kudo Haruka and Oda Sakura have been featured on the cover of Idol Frontline 2013 magazine!

So they basically picked the four hottest of each generation? And the most popular of each generation? Knew it.

Hello! Pro Station Episode 3 has been released! Please watch and enjoy another episode of Idol goodness!

I have no idea how you guys feel about these episodes, but I like that the episodes are able to just basically give us information and show us what some of the Idols are doing as a part of the show. Also; ERIPON!!!

And that is all we have time for this week! To everyone who is reading, thank you for staying tuned into my Weekly Digest and my bloggity blog, you all make me so happy! Next time... who knows, Idol News can be random! Until next time lovelies, ja ne~


  1. You are always so insulting to my darling Miya-beam >.<

  2. Love these digests...and I laughed so hard at the line about photoshopping a smile on Riho. So true. She looks so much cuter when she smiles. And the Zuk? Gorgeous.
    I was really happy to see the "chubbier" girls up there promoting that magazine. They all look so cute and it's nice to see a more normal size. Maybe I'm just saying that because when I see for example Chinami's legs I think, "My legs are never going to do that!!! Where's that damn iced cream!?"

    1. Thank you ;A; I'm glad that you enjoy them! And I swear, Riho does need to smile more, she just has this same smug expression if she doesn't open her mouth... and Zukkini is just amazing, she deserves more credit!
      I saw the news and was surprised but happy; I'm skinny, but no way close to what Chinami or other Idols are, so that news pleased me a great deal because it just shows us that the Media only shows us 'certain' Idols. And haha I will join you in the Ice Cream Binge fest ;) xxx