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Okay! Musume Digest #38

Welcome back to another week of news! Are you ready to Digest the week away?

This week in news: Perfume release teasers to their next MV! Wacky to graduate from BiS! Sayu, S/mileage and Berryz dominate the week of H!P news! And KashiYuki is still a boring person to me! And a little more!

So this week I have yet again been neglecting the blog, and also been the Queen of moodiness! I have really been annoyed at just little things and when I started the Digest earlier on in the week I was quite possibly their bitchest person! Oh well... xD

And I still need to continue my Request Reviews and hopefully review a PV or something... yayayayayay buuuuut there is so little time right now... Luckily I have a week off soon, right?

Well, whatever! Video time!!!

Video of the Week

Candy by Riyu Kosaka

Now this is more of a song than a video, but it's the one song I have dedicated myself to this entire week! Back when my family and I went on holiday regularly to the seaside resorts, my sister and I would always go on the Dance machines. Recently I remembered this song, one of my favourites to stomp around to on the DDR machines, and went searching for it. Heck, listening to it, and I can still somewhat remember the arrows and directions I needed to do in order to complete it... I like this song a lot, and because it has been my song of the week I thought that I would share it with you all.

If you wonder who the heck Riyu Kosaka is, check out Love Shine... you've probably heard that song somewhere before!

Poll Winner

So away from the video's and onto the winner of this week's Poll Question! Last week for the poll I asked you all who your Oshi within the new Eggs Unit was, and you answered! And as I predicted, the winner is...

MIYAMOTO KARIN!!!! The Egg who will be sure to become the bane of my existence (because her fans can annoy me a whole lot, I assure you!) and has dominated the poll with 52% of the votes! Congrats to Karin!

But where has everyone else been placed in this poll? Let's take a looksy!

Otsuka Aina 31%
Miyazaki Yuka 15%
Takagi Sayuki 11%
Uemura Akari 11%
Kanazawa Tomoko 6%

And those are the results! Thank you to everyone who participated in the weeks poll! If you have any Poll Question idea's then please don't fret to leave them in the comments, because really... I do sometimes get stumped with what to ask! Until next time though, enjoy Karin's domination of the poll!!!

And that brings us to the fun part of the Digest, the one itty bit which takes me all week to create! Yes, you guessed it boys and girls, it is time for the:


On February 6th, AKB48 member Kashiwagi Yuki attended the release event for her solo debut single Shortcake. The song is a ballad which describes the love for a childhood friend. The song is being used as the theme for the drama Mielino Kashiwagi which stars Kashiwagi herself.
 “It’s been a dream of mine for a long time, so my dream has come true after 6 years. I’m happy that this day has finally come.” - Kashiwagi Yuki
 I don't pay enough attention to this girl, and really, I don't want to, but hopefully her fans enjoyed themselves at the release event. Sadly the pictures look as boring as she does, so I can't really feel any sort of emotion towards the girl and her event... But whatever, hopefully everyone had fun there, including Yuki herself.


It has been announced that BiS' Wakisaka Yurika, also known as 'Wacky', will be withdrawing from the group after their solo live concert at Ryogoku Kokugikan on March 16th, 2013. The reason for her departure is because of her chronic disease which she has been suffering from since before she became an Idol has worsened, so after consultation with the agency, it has been decided that Wacky will leave the group.
Wakisaka is currently in the second year of  junior college; however, she revealed on her blog, “I was supposed be graduating next month, but I could not…” Therefore, she “will attend the classes properly starting in April, and will make this year one for me to re-think about my future. I’m interested in nutrition, and welfare. Or I may be saying that I want to be a singer after all, again…” She also wrote, “Until the live at Ryogoku Kokugikan, I will do my best in tour and events, with my gratitude.” - Wacky (Tokyohive)
I don't follow BiS, well I do, but just enough to actually know what is going on, and when I saw this news I felt sad and a bit confused, though reading the article I have a better understanding. I'm sad that Wacky has to leave the group, but right now her personal health is at risk so it is the right thing to do. All I can say is that I wish for Wacky to get better and hope that she continues to support BiS as much as she can in the future and meet up with her fellow members.

It's extremely sad that she has to leave the group, especially when BiS have been getting an amazing amount of recognition for who they are right now as a 5nin unit, but this is what has to happen.

Good luck Wacky!


(Covers from Top Left to Bottom Right: LIVE Limited Edition: Wacky Honky Bye Bye Ver, LIVE Edition, MUSIC VIDEO Limited Edition, MUSIC VIDEO Edition, CD Limited Edition and CD Edition)

Details on BiS' next single, BiSimulation have been released including the tracklist and covers. This will be the last single to include graduating member Wacky who will leave the group on March 16th of this year. The single will be released on March 13th and include six different editions including a special Wacky version which will include a 28 page booklet and mini photo's randomly chosen from six kinds.

Track List:

01. BiSimulation
02. Hide out cut
03. BiSimulation -Acappella-
04. Hide out cut -Acappella-
05. BiSimulation -Instrumental-
06. Hide out cut -Instrumental-

DVD Track List:

- 2012.7.13 LIVE “BiS Major Debut Kinen Chokuzen Dai Party Mada Major ja Naimon!!” @Shinjuku LOFT (LIVE Editions only)
- MUSIC VIDEO “BiSimulation -color ver.-”
MUSIC VIDEO “BiSimulation -monochrome ver.-”
“BiSimulation” Making Video (MUSIC VIDEO Editions only)

That is a lot of CD's for BiS, or is it just me? Well whatever, it seems right to have a lot of editions for this single because it is the final single featuring Wacky as a member. That's sad to think about, but it is a great way to leave I guess, having so many copies including a special Graduation version. I also love the play on words they used for the name of the title, and the covers look pretty damn good! I am reminded of Yankee's and female power.

Hopefully all fans can buy a copy and send their well wishes to Wacky before she leaves BiS.

Berryz Kobou's profile pictures have been updated! Please take a look to see their new costumes for their next single, Asian Celebration!

Oh UFP, you and your animal print... First Leopard, now Zebra... what next, Penguins? Wait... PLEASE PENGUINS! I want to see C-ute as penguins...

Or S/mileage...

By the way, Miya, lose the hair. It's okay but it looks tacky. Also, girl, get some sleep!

Well hello Risako... WAIT WHAT?


S/mileage's Profile pictures have been updated! Please check out the girls cute costumes for their new single!

Why did they not use their group image costumes for their other costumes? These are so pretty! Also, what's with those ugly-ass shoes they are wearing?


The LQ Covers and track list for Berryz Kobou's Asian Celebration have been released! Please check them out and find your favourite!

Track List:

1. Asian Celebration (All versions)
2. Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsu na nin (Limited A, C and Regular versions)
3. I like a Picnic (Limited B and D versions)
(Plus Asian Celebration instrumental all versions) (Mandatory DVD's from A to C editions)

The covers are really too small to make anything out, however from what I can see Limited A and B seem to be the typical UFP affair (meaning: Tacky and poorly edited) and from what I can see, Limited C is probably going to be my favourite cover of them all.

Oh look, Regular looks tacky too...

The track list for S/mileage's next single, Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita has been released.

Track List:

1. Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita
2. Doushiyou
(+ Mandatory A-side song Instrumental and also mandatory DVD's for Limited A-C)

Where are my covers?

Sugaya Risako will hold a Birthday Fanclub event on April 4th, 2013.

I am questioning why I don't like Risako at the moment, please excuse me whilst I cry in a corner and belittle myself for liking her again...

Oh, and er yeah... birthday event, get out the party poppers and tiara's!

The Nama S/mileage Ustream will be taking a break this week and next, it has been announced.

I have no idea why because I can not read in Japanese and neither can Google Translate (trolol). Anyway, the show will be on a break and staff apologise to all fans who have been waiting patiently for the Ustream show.

Please look forward to the show when it returns!

Kawaii Pateen report on fashion at Akiihabara Backstage Pass! Please check out the video and enjoy!

The report isn't long, and there are also subtitles for any western fans as well as an English voice over which can help foreign fans to understand the video more. It's a great introduction to any fashion or Idol lovers and this is a great way to promote Akihabara Backstage Pass!

It's a cute video so please take a look!


Station♪ have given fans a sneak peak at the new candidates from their recent auditions! Please check it out and anticipate the new members!

The suspense is rising, and I'm getting excited for the new girls of Station♪! I wonder how cute they will all be?

A promotional website for the release of C-ute's single, Kono Machi, has been created! Please check out the site!

I am so happy that C-ute have a website for their single releases. Hopefully this will continue for the group, and for other groups as well, because this is an amazing way for fans to find information on the singles and see what they have to offer.

Hopefully everyone can check out the site and enjoy what features it has (if any) and support C-ute by buying a copy of the single!

MAiDiGi TV have released footage from C-ute's Kono Machi release event. The footage includes a short clip from the performance of the A-side song as well as comments from the girls.

My lord I still think the song sucks as a ballad... Oh well, at least Maimi sounds semi-decent here.

... I'm in a bitchy mood whilst writing half these things, please excuse me XD

The cover to NaabouDOLL@Nana has been released. The cover is a simple image which shows the flexibility of the cute Idol.

I have no idea why, but I was honestly hoping for an image where she was, erm... half naked or something to do with bikini's.

Maybe I am just a mega perv. Who knows?

It has been announced that Michishige Sayumi will reprise the character role of Haloli in her first solo CM for the online game Dragon Nest.

Right, where is the CM? I want to see Sayumi in all of her adorable glory... and also, congrats on a solo CM Shige, you adorable little Muffin, you!

Tokyo MX have added their own footage from Michishige Sayumi's one-day Manager job at Yoshinoya. Please watch it!

I am so damn hungry right now... -grumble grumble-

The Dragon Nest CM featuring Michishige Sayumi as Haloli has been revealed! The CM shows Sayu in both her Idol form and her character form. Please check it out!

Wait, what happened? It wa so fast and filled with genkiness...

Oh, hi Sayu!

Peaberry will hold a handshake event at Tower Records in Nagoya on February 26th, 2013. The duo will also hold release events on March 29th and April 5th. There will also be autograph sessions on March 6th, 18th and 25th.

That's pretty far apart in my opinion... however I do think that UFP are trying hard to shove the duo unit in everyone's faces, so fair game to them... I guess.

Akihabara Backstage Pass will be holding a Valentine's Campaign from February 8th until the 14th. Valentines goods and food will be available.

They say food and goods will be available, but will any of the girls? Also, a great way to spend Valentines with your Idol... wink wink ;)

The cover to C-ute's Music V Tokushuu 4 ~Cutie Visual~ has been revealed!

A little plain and boring, but whatever. It has LEGS showing so I can not complain... okay I can but whatever, I want those legs!

Buy a copy for the legs!

The flyer for Music Festa Vol. 0 presented by SATOYAMA Movement in YOKOHAMA has been revealed! Please take a look at the flyer!

Wait, why are there men on there... MEN?? Oh look, Yossie's there too and so is Tasaki... Hi guys!!! But yeah, men... a lot of men...

Oh Reina's band is there too!

JIJI PRESS have reported on C-ute's release event for their single Kono Machi! Please check it out!

I prefer the shots in this one, not gonna lie... it looks better, however it has the same format as MAiDiGi TV; singing and comments. Well, who cares? Promotion is promotion!

According to the website Eleven, Berryz Kobou will be performing at Japan Festival in Yangon, Myanmar in March 2013.

I have no idea where Myanmar is, but for Berryz Kobou this amazing news! As one of the groups within Hello! Project who are breaking out into the international media, I am happy to hear that UFP are continuing to promote them like they are. Hopefully this will bring Berryz more attention in different countries and gain them more popularity internationally.

If you are in the area when the event takes place, be sure to go and visit Berryz Kobou!

It has been announced that Takahashi Ai will be starring in the musical Anne of Green Gables.

Well well, look at you Ai-butt... getting all Actressy and all that... Congrats girl! Especially with your picture being the bigger one on the main page image!

I have no idea who she is playing, by the way. Possibly Anne? Who knows!

It has been announced that Nakajima Saki no Cute no Jikan will hold a public recording on Valentine's Day in Tokyo Tower.

This is great news for any fans of Nakky or C-ute because it means that you can see the girls recording live and also get to meet the girls as well. Hopefully anyone within the area who is interested will go to the recording and support C-ute.

It has been announced that Peaberry will perform on Live B.

I have no idea if Live B is a show or not, but regardless I am happy that Peaberry will be able to perform there and promote their song, however bland it may be. Congrats to the girls!

Suzuki Airi and SUPER☆GiRLS member Maeshima Ami have been featured on the cover of Big Comic Spirits. There is also a special movie that people can view where the two girls comment and talk about Valentine's Day as well as clips from the making of the shoot.

Please check it out!

Uwaa, it's so cute! Devil Airi and Angel Ami, how adorable! It's a sweet video as well, so be sure to watch it and support the two girls if you adore them!

Morning Musume's Help Me!! have been certified GOLD by the RIAJ for the third time in a row!

Congratulations to Morning Musume on this achievement! It kinda shows how much more awesome they are becoming! YAY!

Up Front have uploaded the video concerning the announcement of the new Hello! Project unit. featuring Kenshuusei members. Please check it out!

FINALLY!!! A video concerning the announcement! Took your damn time there, Hello! Project. I have been waiting for this... and finally, here it is!

YAAAY! And well hello there, Tomoko and Aina, I am liking you two... Aina's a given anyway. She has talent. I'm also happy that Karin fans can shut up now about their precious singer debuting... even if it means the rest of these talented girls will be overshadowed.

It has been announced that Tanaka Reina has been diagnosed with a peptic ulcer and inflamed esophagus. 

This news is really worrying, but I hope that fans will be able to wait patiently and wish Tanaka Reina her health as soon as possible. It's weird to hear that Reina is suffering, but for now all we can do is hope that she gets better soon. Hopefully it will not become too serious.

Get better soon, Reina!


It has been announced that Miyoshi Erika of Uo-Front Sapporo will take part in Bijin-festa in Sapporo 2013 at Zepp Sapporo on February 15th, 2013.

I'm not a big follower of Erika, though I have a feeling if I was around during the V-U-Den days she would have totally been my favourite... and d'awww that smile!

Anyway, for fans who are within the Sapporo area, it would be great if you could check out the event and support Erika!


MAiDiGi TV have released footage from Michishige Sayumi's latest photo book release event. Please check out the video!

Sayu; looking DA-YUMMY once again. Also; I want that photo book... well I want all photo books.

Tokyo News Service have also released their own footage from Michishige Sayumi's photo book release event. Please check it out!

More footage of the World's favourite Idol! Please watch it and be taken in by the sheer beauty of Sayumi!

More footage from MAiDiGi TV concerning Michishige Sayumi's photo book release event has been released! Please take a look if you can!

Wow there's a lot of footage... Sayu must be loved! :D

Bomb.Tv have uploaded gravure shots of Mano Erina on their site. Please take a look at Mano in all her glory!

Hm, I'm gonna need to save some of these... -starts to save like the hoarder I am-

MAiDiGi TV have released more footage of C-ute's recent release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Please take a look!

This footage focuses on the girls talking about their single and answering any questions given to them. There are no performances, so for those who don't really care for video's filled with talking... you have bee warned!

JIJI PRESS have released footage from Michishige Sayumi's recent photo book release event!


... Well, there's never enough Sayumi! More, please!

It has been announced that Peaberry will perform on Happy Music on March 1st 2013. Be sure to watch if you can!

... Please explain to me again why the group of Cabbages are getting more exposure then the Group of Legs? Please... explain.

There will be a special edition of Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome's Tobiate! Starship! featuring Takamiya Mei, Aoshima Karen and Hirosawa Mai that will be released on Valentine's Day.

I am guessing that these girls are three of the most popular? Well I like the idea, and from the rips I have heard of this song, it's a good song. Hopefully the girls can do it justice!

It has been announced that Ishikawa Rika, Takahashi Ai, Fukuda Kanon, Wada Yaka, Uemura Akari and Miyamoto Karin will all appear in a stage play that will run from April 24th until the 30th of the same month this year.

That's a lot of H!P members... I'm actually surprised that DAWA and Nyon are in it, actually...

The Radio preview for Berryz Kobou's single, Asian Celebration, has been released. Please check it out!

... It sounds better than it did in concert, I will give it that, but it still sounds like utter shite...

Urgh... tough this is a song I could easily get used to I think. We'll wait and see when the PV comes out.

Sexy Zone's own Kikuchi Fuma has been accepted into Keio University! Congrats to Fuma!

So apparently he got into Faculty of Policy Management? I have no idea what that is but I am happy for Fuma! Congrats darlin'!!! Make Sexy Zone proud and sekushii!

The 15 second TV SPOT for Perfume's up-coming single, Mirai no Museum has been released! Take a look and see what the PV has in store for you all~



Further previews for Perfume's Mirai no Museum have been released, including some clips concerning the making of. Please check it out if you love Perfume or Doreamon!

Oh man... I had a break down... HAHAHAHAHA!!! Why? Because I totally predicted this when I was talking to Nia... she said animated Perfume would not happen... IT DID!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Another preview of Perfume's up-coming PV for Mirai no Museum has been released!


That art work is absolutely horrible to me. I hate it! Personal, overly bitchy opinion

And before I forget... here is the radio rip for Perfume's new song, Mirai no Museum! Please check it out and listen to Perfume's Idol pop sound!

... VANILLA!!!

It has been announced that AKB48 have been appointed as Guam's Tourism Ambassador's!

... I just wanna know who fucked around with this image and made their heads look horrible? Seriously, their heads look GIGANTIC!!!! Especially Paruru and Jurina's...

Also, given the amount of time AKB48 spent in Guam shooting their games or video's... yeah, now wonder.

Here is the 2nd episode of Hello! Project Station. Be sure to check it out and enjoy the show!

In this weeks episode of Hello! Pro Station we continue from where we left off last week with both Suzuki Airi and Ikuta Erina as the hosts once again! The special guests include Yajima Maimi and Tokunaga Chinami. Please enjoy guys!


And that is all we have time for this week! Hopefully you have all had a good week, and let's hope that the Idol news will satisfy your Digest hunger! Until next time dear readers, and have a good Digest!


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  1. I just had to comment because of your featured video of the week.... ;_;! Kosaka Riyu is one of my top two idols, ever ever ever and I love her old music so much (as well as the music from her group BeForU... from whence my screenname came)! I never expect anyone to have heard it and it really put a smile on my face to see someone bring it up, even if it's quite old by this point. I'm not sure how much you have looked into any of her other material, but lots of it is absolutely amazing. She wrote almost all her own lyrics, too. Candy is awesome and one of my favorite of her "cute" songs (maybe 2nd to Sunny The Ride). Thank you for highlighting it!

    1. I have been listening to this song all week after finding it again; I think that Kosaka Riyu is probably one of my first experiences of Japanese music. I loved Dance Machines, and most of the music I danced to via the machines was Japanese pop music... this being one of them. I feel like she influenced me in a way. I know it seems old, but I wanted to highlight the video because I wanted to share with everyone the greatness of the song. I am happy that I was able to put a smile on your face by simply highlighting it! It makes me happy to know it made you happy! :D