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Okay! Musume Digest #37

Hello and welcome to the D-D-D-Digest Weekly, I am your host Chiima and here I am to deliver to you the news of the Week! Are you ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble????

I am so freakin' hyper

This week in news; Loadsa freakin' H!P, what's new? Suzuki Airi and Nakajima Saki madness! MomoClo Z! Reina's band has a name, and it reminds me of Hogwarts! And possibly a little bit more!!!

So... this week, I will admit, I have been neglecting the blog. Why, may you ask? Well Minegishi Minami's scandal and the after effects kinda derailed me and I was like 'No... I am sorry blog, but we need a break...' and I had no motivation to write for a little bit... That was until Reina's band was named, a new H!P unit was announced and my sister announced that she is now engaged. YES this weekend has been freakin' AMAZING! Add that together with Nakky's delicious PB covers and we are pretty much good to go... So, other than the bad spot of the week, there have been amazing spots as well! :D

Speaking of which...

Video of the Week


Happy Summer Wedding by Morning Musume

This week's Video is Morning Musume's Happy Summer Wedding and the debut of the 4th generation! This is a really lively and up-beat song which is all about proposal and basically getting your parents' permission to marry the man you love. It has a Bollywood theme (to me) and is just a really fun and catchy song that no one can hate! It's quirky, and I like it. Not my favourite song or PV, but it is still good and has it's highlights... such as Mari being her whacky self! This is actually the PV that made me notice Mari and like her antics a bit more.

So for my sister... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Picture of the Week

Oh Eggs, how long we have waited for thee, hoping for your debut and the reign of a new unit since the making of S/mileage and their destruction in 2011...

To celebrate the making of a new unit, this weeks picture will be of the unnamed H!P unit that has been made up of eggs and a UFP tarento! This picture also ties in with the poll, actually...

Poll of the Week
This week's poll question is:

Who is your Oshi within the new H!P Egg Unit?

Please choose wisely for this one I will of course have the multi choice option, but choose your Oshimem wisely... though I can guess already who will win! Now, my Oshi is probably gonna be Aina, but Sayuki is a damn high candidate too... decisions decisions...

Anyway, that's all for the stuff in between! Now get ready for the news, because it's time to Digest!


The Hello! Project Station and Up-Front Station youtube channels have both been opened. Programming will begin on February 1st for Up-Front Station and February 5th for Hello! Project Station.

I wasn't aware that the channels were up and running and that programmes would start so soon! Then again, I have been playing one too many FB apps and Pottermore lately...

Source | Source

The track list to Peaberry's single Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-Hen~ has been released.

Trac List:

1. Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-Hen~
2. Niji Noseseragi
3. Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-Hen~ (Instrumental)

Limited A and B will come with a DVD and lottery ticket, and Limited C will come with a lottery ticket.

... I still wonder why it ws this group who got the single release over the others? It's obvious that DIY♡ have the better concet... Okay, joking aside, I am seriously wondering why they recycled Cabbage Hakusho.


Michishige Sayumi and Iikubo Haruna have provided guest commentary for The Darkest Hour.

The news is quite surprising, not on Sayu's part but mostly on Harunan's part for me. It's become a recent thing for Iikubo to get a few random gigs outside of H!P activities, but the news still surprised me. I am extremely happy that both Sayu and Haruna were able to comment on the movie as guests and promote Morning Musume and Help Me!! as well.

Please check out the site and the video there to see Sayu and Harunan.


Suzuki Airi will hold a birthday fanclub event on April 12th, 2013.

Hopefully everyone will get out their party hats and streamers for Hello! Pro's face and leading lady! Woohoo!!!


ENJ have announced that February's DJ for Idol Hour Hello! Project will be Yajima Maimi.

Last months was our darling Sayumi, and how lovely she was a host. Now I have very little fondness for Maimi, but hopefully everyone can tune in and listen to the broadcast! Please enjoy~


(From Top Left to Bottom Right: N, M, B and Theatre versions)

The album covers for NMB48's 1st album, titled Teppen Tottande, have been released. Versions N, M B and Theatre edition will be available for the fans to purchase. The album will be released on February 27th, 2013.

I like the covers a lot, types N and M remind me of Japanese Yankee's and really show a tough side to the girls. They look amazing!

Hopefully all fans can buy themselves a copy!


The short PV for NMB48's song 31st December has been revealed. This song will be featured in the groups up-coming album.

The song reminds me of one of AKB48's sakura songs, but it does justice to the group and the video. The video pays homage to NMB48 and how they came to be by showing images of the girls through their auditions and the hard work they put into being a part of NMB48. It is a truly heart-wrenching video, and even if it is only the short version, please take your time to watch and appreciate the meaning behind it.

It has been announced that Ikuta Erina will be featured in a special gravure mook titled Graduation ~Chuugaku Sotsugyou~ alongside SKE48's Kimoto Kanon,  Maeshima Ami from SUPER☆GIRLS, Takatsuki Sara from Bump.y and actress Sugisaki Hana. The mook will contain various photo's and interviews about going from middle school to high school.

When I saw this news I was like 'YES!!!! Eripon, you get 'em, girl!' becaue, c'mon - she's wonderful. That, and she gets to collaborate with other Idols including the adorable Kimoto Kanon and the brother-complex Bump.y member, Sara! It's awesome, I say! AWESOME!!!

C-ute's Suzuki Airi, S/milege's Wada Ayaka, MomoClo's Momota Kanako, Hayami Akari and actress Tsuchiya Tao will all appear in the gravure mook Graduation ~Koukou Sotsugyou~. Much like the middle school gravure mook, this mook will focus on photographs and interviews with the girls on graduating high school.

Wow, three H!P girls are getting on gravure mooks! I am amazed by the news and also incredibly happy about it. Also, MomoClo are in the mook too so this may garner quite a bit of interest for Momota fans and fans of ex-MomoClo member Akari.

Please purchase the mook if you can!

On January 3oth 2013 it was announced that Maeda Atsuko will be the new image character for Sapporo Beer's Mugi no Hop. This will be her first appearance in a commercial for an alcoholic beverage.

Will the commercial contain footage of her being carried away, drunk out of her mind, but some guy who can't even hold onto her properly?

On January 30th 2013 Idol group LinQ appeared at the sales event for their double A-side single, CHIKU-TAKU/Going My Way! at Shinuku Station Square, Tokyo. 15 members out of the 31 were present for the event and 700 fans came to see the girls perform. They performed 6 songs in total including their latest release.

This must have made many fans happy, and it's great to see that the group are doing so well! I don't follow them actively, but I like some of their releases. They are very cute. Please support LinQ!

Nogizaka46 will hold an anniversary live at Makuhari Messe on Februar 22nd, 2013. The live will commemorate the groups 1 year anniversary since their debut.


I don't care about you guys enough to comment right now. But whatever, congrats on one year since a shitty debut.

It has been announced that AKB48 member Oshima Yuko and Muto Tomu have been diagnosed with the flu and will not be present at the Oshima team K stage performance on the 1st of February or the handshake event for the single UZA that will be held at Makuhari Messe on the 2nd and 3rd of February.

Wishing you guys well! And haha, Tomu... way to rearrange the letters of your last name for the girl... it's cute x3

Suzuki Airi will grace the cover of the April issue of UTB magazine. A feature on Mano Erina will also be included.

All I want to say is this: Bow Chika-wow-wow...

The cover for Up Up Girls' next single, Respectokyo/Sutorera! ~Straight Up! has been released.

When I first saw the cover I was impressed. It's really simple, but it looks really good and works effectively in my opinion! I love the natural business it has, it looks nice.

Hopefully fans will check it out and possibly purchase the CD!

JIJIPRESS have uploaded a video reporting on Morning Musume's 10th Generation's Alo! Hello photbook release.

Other than gorgeous little sneak peaks of the photo book itself, we also get to hear the comments of the 10th generation regarding their first group photo book together. It's great to see that the video was uploaded for fans who were not present at the event and also great to see that the girls were able to experience promotion together as a generation.

Hopefully everyone will take a look and enjoy the cute charms of the 10th generation!


Kago Ai tweeted her congratulations to Morning Musume for earning Number 1 weekly on the Oricon charts.

It's nice to see that Kago is still supporting MM and congratulating them on their victory. It's a lovely gesture for Kago and hopefully everyone will be able to check the tweet out if interested!


Morning Musume have graced the cover of Young Gangan magazine! Please check out the cover!

Uwaa, I am so pleased with this! Oh look, there's Reina attempting cuteness... GIRL you are beautiful, so act your age! Also; what is up with Masakissu's hair?


Michishige Sayumi has been featured on the cover of Goo Bike magazine. Please check it out!

Yes, Shige, YES! You sit on that bike you gorgeous thing ;D


The cover to Morning Musume's 13 Colorful Character Live photo book has been released, so please take a look!

Looking colourful, but a bit dark as well... urgh, darkness.


The digest to Sayashi Riho's e-Hello DVD, titled snowdrop, has been revealed. Please take a look!

Erm, er... why do you have an e-Hello? Don't you have like, two PB's and a solo DVD already? Give this to Zukki or Ayumi or someone...

Well, regardless, she actually looks happy. EMOTIONS!?

JIJIPRESS have released footage from Michishige Sayumi's one-day Manager job at Yoshinoya.

When I saw this news in an article on another site, I was really surprised and intrigued that Sayumi had done something like this. This just goes to show how hard-working Sayumi is and how much she will do to promote herself, Morning Musume and to experience new things. Hopefully this job as a manager will help her to figure out what she wants to do when she eventually decides to stop being an Idol. In my opinion, I think that Sayu will make a great manager for Hello Pro ;)

The Hello! Project members have drawn their line-up for the March Hinamatsuri festival. Please watch the video to find out!

This is certainly an interesting way to sort things out, and probably one of the fairer and more unpredictable ways to do this. It's a good idea and I think that H!P should use this method for future concerts... I guess. I dunno. Depends on how many times one girl gets chosen?

The Limited Edition cover for Nakajima Saki's Naka-san has been revealed. Please take a look at it and see Nakky's adult charms.

Oh my Holy Lor---

If I had a penis then I would totally have a hard on right now o-o

... WAIT is that appropriate for me to say? No? Oh well...

There ill be fanclub events for Hello! Project's new trainee members. The events will be on March 5th, 6th and 7th of 2013.

Please UFP, continue this promotion! Please!!!

The logo for Morning Musume's up-coming spring tour, Michishige Sayumi Eleven SOUL (I think) has been revealed for fans to take a look at. Please check out the colourful, race-themed logo!

Does this mean that Morning Musume will be doing a race themed concert? With racing costumes? And races? Please?

Sayu laying on a car? PLEASE????

The LQ covers to Peaberry's Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru Hen~ have been released.

I do wonder why UFP/H!P are so intent on copy and pasting Riho's face onto every image... that or she doesn't know how to change expression.

Like Kristen Stewart.

A mini-live will be held by C-ute on February 9th, 2013 for the release of Kono Machi in Osaka. There will be a handshake event as well. Also, two handshake events will be held in Nagoya and Kyoto Tower Records on February 8th. Nakky, Airi ad Chisato will be present for the Nagoya event whilst Maimi and Mai will be at the Kyoto Tower Records event.

Personally Kono Machi sounds boring, but I hope that fans who do enjoy the song will go to the event if they can and support C-ute and watch their mini-live! Please support the girls, too!

Suzuki Airi graces the back cover of BIG ONE GIRLS magazine.

I don't know what to think about this magazine name other than pervy thoughts, for some reason...


This month's Hello! Project digital book model is Kudo Haruka! Yajima Maimi is this months Plus model.

Firstly: Haruka = YES!!!
Maimi? Not so much, but whatever, they both look gorgeous! I was actually really surprised that Haruka was the model of the month. She is super pretty though, and her boyish charms really show in the images. Please take a look at them!

MAiDiGi TV have released their video report on Michishige Sayumi's day as a manager for Yoshinoya. Please check it out!

I'm hungry now, dangit! I want some Sayu-don... or just Sayu. Either is fine, you know.

Mano Erina will be releasing a photo book titled Mano Na No on February 23rd, 2013.

This will be her final photo book as a part of H!P, but I am glad that her fans will be able to have something to remember by. Anyway...

MANO!!!! -cries-

C-ute will be guest judges at the Heart Beat Festa on March 29th, 2013.

This is really exciting and amazing news! I did not expect something like this to be announced, and whilst I have no clue what Heart Beat Festa is, this is still exciting! Hopefully the girls will have a great time judging!

Kitahara Sayaka has left a video message for the Sorao no Sekai stage play she will be taking part in.

It is always nice to see video messages from Idols that promote the stage play they are taking part in because it means more exposure for the play and also to highlight certain points and give the fansa  reason to find interest in the play and to go and see it.

Hopefully plenty of Sayaka's fans will go and see the play to support her!

Reina's band name is LoVendoЯ! The group will also perform at Music Festa Vol.0 presented by SATOYAMA movement in YOKOHAMA.

Firstly; LoVendoЯ - it sounds like Voldemort and Godric Gryffindor had a baby and made a new Hogwarts House specifically for Idols.

Secondly; Already got a gig? Go get them girls I am proud!

Here is a video of Up Up Girls' performance during the Hello! Project winter live on January 6th, 2013. Please watch it!

They have a weird amount of positive energy and it scares me...

Good performance though!

Berryz Koboy have left a Valentine's message for their fans on gyucreative youtube channel! Please check it out.

Oh, I almost forgot that Single Awareness Day is upon us...

A blog has been opened for C-ute's upcoming stage play, Sakura no Hanataba.

Stage play blogs aren't uncommon, so it's nice to see the announcement and opening of the blog. This way fans will be able to keep up to date with rehearsals and what the girls have to say about the play.

Whilst the blog does not have any updates yet, it looks nice and the banner is simple but pretty. Hopefully everyone will check it out!

Kaga Kaede and Yamagishi Riko leave a video message for the stage play Nettai Dashi that they will be in.

It's great to see that the Kenshyuusei members are able to promote themselves and the play they are in. I like that UFP are continuing to show off the trainee's of Hello! Project and allow them the chance to appeal to the fans of H!P units.

The fre magazine Confetti features C-ute's stage play Sakura no Hanataba in the March 2013 issue. Please take a look!

It's great that the stage play is getting a good amount of coverage with the blog and now this article in a free magazine. This will be a great way for people to take a look at what the play is about and possibly get interested in it.

JIJIPRESS have reported on the last day of the Hello! Project 2013 Winter concert. Please watch the video!

It's nice to be able to see these digests and see what the concerts were like and the liveliness as well as to see what has been performed. Whilst I wish that I was actually at the concerts, I am really happy to see these video's that give us snippets of the concert.

I am happy that the Kenshyuusei were also able to perform at the concert. It's great that their song was perform!

A new website for the Hello! Project Trainee auditions has been created.

I was unaware that new trainee's would be needed for Hello! Project, however as a new unit is being created this seems to be an obvious move on UFP's part. Hopefully plenty of girls audition and show their charm and appeal to Tsunku.

MAiDiGi TV have released another video on Michishige Sayumi's job as a manager for the day at Yoshinoya.

I can't say how happy I am that Sayu was given this opportunity, and as I already said, it's a great opportunity  It is also amazing experience for her.

Berryz Kobou will hold a handshake event for the release of their single Asian Celebration for their February 23rd event at the Takasaki Labi event.

It's great that the girls are holding the event, and hopefully fans will get to meet their Idols and listen to the girls perform Asian Celebration.

A radio preview for S/mileage's new single Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita has been released. Please listen to the song and see if you like it!

Finally! Another peppy and happy song! Please stay like this, S/mileage, even if  you throw out crap like Dot Bikini... luckily this is a good song, something that I would expect from Morning Musume though, but it sounds nice! I can't wait to see the PV for it.

Release it soooooon!!!

Fairies will debut their first sub-unit, named M Three, made up of members Shimomura Miki, Fujita Miria and Hayashida Mahiro. The girls will release their debut single on March 27th hich is currently untitled, and it will be used as the ending theme of the TBS show Akko ni Omakase troughout February, March and April. 

I don't pay much attention to Fairies but hearing the news of a new unit was interest. The girls are all very pretty too, and hopefully their debut will be somewhat interesting.

Hopefully all Fairies fans are happy with the news and look forward to the debut of M Three!

Momoiro Clover Z will hold a live summer concert, Summer Dive 2013, at Nissan Stadium this summer on August 4th 2013.

There was a video message from the chief of Nissan Stadium expressing the desire for Momoiro Clover Z to perform there;
I heard Momoclo-san were aiming for the National Olympic Stadium (to hold a live concert). I am feeling that you guys totally forgot there is one more venue for you to aim. We, Nissan Stadium, are the stadium that has the highest seating capacity in Japan with 72,327 seats. Momoclo-san, before you aim for the National Olympic Stadium, will you even be able to fill our stadium?
Upon receiving the announcement, member Takagi Reni commented that she had been talking to her mother and said “how great would it be to hold a live at Nissan Stadium?. She had joyful tears in her eyes at the announcement.

I am really happy for MomoClo to have achieved this and to have the opportunity to perform at such a large venue. I hope that their fans will all try to see them perform there and to give their fans a wonderful live experience.

If you can get tickets and can be there for the performance, please make sure to book in advance!


Momoiro Clover Z's upcoming second album title has been revealed! The album will be titled 5TH DIMENSION.

The title is interesting, but I think that it represents MomoClo as a group really well; it actually makes me think of the amount of members and how I often feel like they are from a whackier dimension to the rest of us, so it suits them.

Hopefully all fans can reserve a copy!


The radio preview for C-ute's Kono Machi (Dance Groove Ver.) has been released. Please take a listen and hear the cool tone of the song.

THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!! Not a crappy little ballad that bores me to the death! This is Kono Machi sounding GOOD!!!! It can't beat the original, no way, but it sounds better this way!



Kitahara Sayaka's up-coming album will be titled Haru no Graduation. The album will be released on the 6th of March 2013.

I forgot that Sayaka was releasing an album!!! Oops... Oh well, that's what happens when you do't hear much from the singer...


The cover to Nakajima Saki's solo DVD Saki Style has been released. The cover shows Nakky in a mature and beautiful pose.

Oh my NAKKY you are gorgeous.

I... I might have to reconsider where you stand as someone I like in C-ute... -re-ordering everything...-


The first episode from Hello! Project Station has been uploaded to youtube! This week's hosts are C-ute's Suzuki Airi and Morning Musume's Ikuta Erina. Please check it out!

I have yet to fully watch the episode, but it seems like the episode is a great way to get to know the members more. If anyone knows what the show is all about, though, please tell me!

... AND THAT'S ALL WE HAVE TIME FOR THIS WEEK! What a way to end, eh? Nakky... mhm... Nakky... OH and Hello! Pro Station ;D

Er... yeah! Well that's all for this week, please stay tuned until next time! Adios my Amigo's!


PING!!! Idolminded Recommended Reading: February 5th, 2012

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