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It's a Never Ending Pic Spam with Weather Girls in 'Koi wa Tokimeki Chuiho'! So prepare the Coffee, this is gonna take a while...

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Also... Prepare the Coffee, this is gonna be a long read...

So this PV has been sitting around for a while, waiting for me to pick it up, give it a hug and take plenty of screen caps of it. In fact I have wanted to review this one for a while, and with the recent single release I have been listening to this song none-stop. It's addicting and, eventually, I got around to taking screen captions; a helluva lotta screen captions, actually, an amount that kept me awake until around 4am in the morning... Well, I was also on Skype but y'know...

Now other than a lot of pictures that will soon be present in this post, I want to add that Weather Girls have once again presented their fans with another addictive, fun song that I'm sure everyone will get into eventually. It's quite the contrast from their debut single, but it keeps the same amount of energy and happiness in it that Koi no Tenki Yohou had that allowed me to enjoy it so much. That and the PV for this song is pretty damn fabulous and a lot more creative and diverse when compared to their first music video... well, it is to me.

Anyway, I won't waste time here today (I always do regardless), so kick back guys, grab some vodka, a bottle of cola or even that large bottle of whiskey you have hidden beneath that pillow of yours and relax, because you're gonna be here for a while... in fact, you'll be here forever.

It is time for a Death via Pic Spam with Weather Girls latest PV, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuiho. So prepare the coffins and buckle those seatbelts of yours guys, because you ain't getting out of this one alive any time soon, I assure you...

Oh my gosh, look at that sexy teapot there, looking all sexy and the like...

Ooooh, a Volkswagen... nice!

See! I technically know my care makes... not.

And hello there sexy booty! Who might you belong to, eh?

Wait, a picture again? Seriously guys, let me look at that woman some more and try to figure out who the hell she is...

... Wait, when did we transport into Mini Moni graphics land!? Where am I!?

What have I been smoking???

Okay, who cares what I have been smoking? The legs are finally here! Hello you beautiful, beautiful things! Welcome back!!!!

... Quite possibly the leggiest, most colourful opening to a song (after a long interlude) ever... well, not ever, but one of the most beautiful.

Just... just agree with me, okay?

Wait... WHAT? Am I still smoking something strong or is this just the PV...?

Okay, if all hard hats were put into colour coded cubicles like that and were as cute and rainbow friendly, I would totally do whatever job these girls are doing...

NueNue: "Wait... what? Where am I... Oh shiiiii I'm LATE!!!!"

Oh Nue, you do make me giggle...

And now it's time for the Funky Chicken! Flap those arms, girls!

Oh look, Weather Girls are teaching us how to count in this video too! Thanks girls, I needed the help!

I was never any good at Math in school, actually... and Esse is so damn cute it's unreal...

Look at Dara here trying to be all sexy. You go girl!

You bend... And SNAP!!!

Oh Legally Blonde, what you have taught us all...

Mia, wrong number! You're in Station 4, not 5! Girl, your maths is worse than mine!

Awww dayumn, Mini... you were so sexy in the first video and now you've gone to the cuter side of life...

I love you either way, but damn nice change!

Yumi is so cute when she wants to be... and girl, you are in Station 6 not 2!


Nue: "Ahahaha... I dont know where the hell I am right now..."

Girl you are damn cute, no wonder you're my favourite right now!

Hijon: "Oh my gosh..."

I swear I have never seen anyone so excited for work before until I met Hijon...

Hijon: "Go Go Weather Girls! It's time to work it!"

... Nor have I ever seen cute workers like this! Especially ones with those legs!

Mini: "Oooooh... what does THIS button do?"

... Absolutely nothing.

Mini and Nia's Mia's puffy faces are so adorable! And Esse looks pretty damn serious...

Mia: "Mini, I rabu you!"
Mini: "Don't talk to me, bitch."

The determination of Esse! It rocks!

Oh Mia, you and your legs... and hello all you other girls with your butts... I do love those play suits now...

... And Mia wins for the stunner of the group award! Seriously, that smile... Dayumn!

... And is it just me, or don't these skinnies remind you of SNSD'S Gee PV?

Nue is totally getting into this and seriously, it is so fun to watch...

... Yeah I just wanted to look at them. Can you blame me really?

Nue: "Ahahahahaha!"
Hijon: "Nue... what the hell are you laughing at?"
Mini: "Duh... your face. Haven't you looked in a mirror lately?"

Nue is just so damn adorable, it's unreal!

Weather Girls: "YEEEEEAH SEXY LADIES!!!"

You know, I like those jump suits... a lot!

I'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle, and here is my stout...

The first thing that came into my head when I saw this image... seriously.

Esse: "Whatever you say, bub."

Mini: "Hey, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey... whadaya doing? HEEEEEEEEEY!!!"
Esse: "C'mon NueNue, we wanna see!"
Nue: "Back the fuck off, you two! I'm drawing Yaoi!"

Poor Nue, getting plagued by her friends...

... Ah shit. Nue, you alright there girl?

Mini: "Ow my bladder..."

Mini: "Oh why must I be so cute?"

Mini, are you feeling well dear?

Nue means business, girls!!!! Yeah you better look shocked, Esse!

... Mini looks so interested XD

Nue: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!! I win!!"
Dara: "Hijon girl, you okay?"
Yumi: "Damnit Nue, why are you such a child!"

Ah, so Nue was only out for revenge?

Sounds like me really!

Hijon: "Me Me ME!!!"

That part of the song reminds me of Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for obvious reasons...

Mia: "... And then he asked me out on a DEETO and we hugged and kissed and and..."
Mini: "You know I don't give a fuck, right?"

... What the hell is Hijon doing?

And watch out, Mia! NueNue is out for more revenge! Arrgh!

Mia: "Arrrgh!"
Mini: "Oh... no... you... DIDN'T!"
Nue: "... Fuck."

Dara: "Oh man oh man oh man..."

Esse: "Dude the fuck, NueNue!? You know the Health Hazards here!"

And this is why you should never run with scissors... I mean push your friends who could be holding lethal weapons of mass destruction inside a small box.

Shit's getting real here, guys. Prepare yourselves...

Also: LEG SHOT!!!

This is just a wonderful shot... mostly because Hijon is so cute hitting her head and face palming... Oh, and the cuteness of NueNue and Yumi clinging to each other for dear life.

Hijon: "Waaaaah save the PLANET!!! ARRRGH!"

... And Hijon totally makes this PV for me. Seriously, this girls facial expressions! She is comic genius in this group!

Hijon: "... Phew! Just in time..."

And so Hijon saved the day, and the Weather Girls went about their normal lives...


... Nope. They didn't. Oh dear.

... Am I still smoking something?

Oh, Mia, why are you so gorgeous? You win hands down for the winning smile, I swear...

And face and body and everything! Girl you are gorgeous!

You know what? After watching this PV multiple times, the creatures look cuter...

D'awww, Esse! Don't cry sweety, it isn't that bad...

I guess.

Hijon's character looks quite crazy and cute... Oh wait, I just defined Hijon perfectly.

The instructions on how to get good legs again... I mean find the Phoenix Down... thing...

And so they journeyed, and we finally realise how the CGI ties in with the beginning of this PV...

Mini: "Oooooh, pretty..."
Mia: "Derp."

Actually, I quite like the CGI... It's cute and quirky.

... Wait, it's empty. And the tree is dead. What was the point in the journey?

... Oh wait, the characters don't realise that, do they? Oops.

Oh no... it's falling! Stop!!!

... And yet Hijon jumps like a little spazz and keeps it interesting and cute, despite what happens next...

... And that's when your heart breaks for them, because seriously... what a sad moment...

Oh my gosh, no... >_< DAMN SUNSET it makes it worse somehow...


... And then your heart breaks twice because of this scene. Seriously, guys... what are you doing to me?

Hijon: "Ooops! We didn't mean to make you feel that way!"

Don't worry Hijon, I forgive you...

Mini: "Oh oh, Miss, miss!!"
Nue: "Hmph..."

What now, Mini?

Mia: "Oh my gosh, Miss, we are soooo CUTE!"

I know Mia... you are all adorable!

And Nue! Stop looking angry! I love ya, girl!

Yumi: "Eeeeh... but what about me?"

Didn't I say that I love you all? Please pay attention in class, girl!

Yumi: "... Did you know that I got to Fourth Base once?"
Esse: "Dafuq girl, you're an Idol!"
Mia: "Oh my GOSH, me too!!!"

Nue: "Well, I once kissed a guy! He said I was the darned cutest thing ever!"
Hijon: "Kyaaa, so cute!"
Dara: "Adorable, Nue!"
Mini: "... What?"

Mini is adorable, I swear... her confused face is cute!

Esse: "Kyaaa... Why am I so cute? Whhhhy?"

Esse is adorable, don't deny it please!

It's time to get crazy with the Weather Girls! Especially the adorable Hijon!

... Awww, I feel sad all over again...

Wait... is that? Is that a Cherry Blossom tree I see? Is that what I think it is...?

... I had to. I just had to!!!

... Gropey hands!


... I mean potion to save the girls from being Creatures and turn them into... Weather Girls!!!

Well... looks like the potion worked! Hello, sexies!

Yumi: "It's the return of the legs, girls... prepare yourselves..."

Prepared and ready to go, captain!

... Mia, are you pouting? XD


Hijon still looking like an absolute derp <3

... And hen it's the return of the LEGS!!! Always my favourite part of the PV, you know?

... I love those dresses. They show off their legs perfectly. All hail the dresses!!!

WAIT they're furries!? Am I still smoking something? Urgh... -throws away pipe-

And we're back where we started! But wait, is this another Creature I see? Who might you be?

Oh! The waitress is giving it a drink! How sweet... Little Creature will turn into a human soon...

Wait, is this foreshadowing a new member? Okay I may be looking into this too deeply and all but you never know...

Oh! It's Esse!!! No wonder she was more prominent in this PV! Hi Esse!!!

... And it has ended! Finally after 87 screen caps this pic spam has ended and we can all sleep in peace! Oh my gosh... whoever survived this, seriously guys, I salute you all and bow down to you. Actually, here... have a million cookies. You all freakin' deserve it after this monstrosity of a pic spam! How you stayed in tune for so long is beyond me, though... but congrats. You made it!!!

So now that the pictures are gone, it's time to tire you out some more with writing. Yes, I know... WORDS! Not the greatest thing to look at after one heck of a journey made up of 87 images, but hey, this is my blog and I seem to enjoy your pain... I mean keeping you reading. Yeah... reading...

But honestly, with the amount of pictures in this review I have a feeling that you can all gather just how much I enjoyed the video and the abundance of creativity it gave, because if you can', then what rock are you living under? It is honestly obvious just how much I adored the video to spend so much time and dedication getting all those screen caps and commenting on each one, whilst also enjoying the sight of the girls in all their glory and generally just enjoying the Music video for how glorious it truly is. But yeah... I made it obvious that I enjoyed the video, and I honestly think that I will have a hard time finding someone who hates this video unless they enjoy stomping on My Little Ponies whilst the owner cries her eyes out.

So yes, I enjoyed the PV, and I will try to keep this brief because you have all suffered enough with my massive picture spam of glorious-ness... if that's even a word.

So, the PV; It's wonderful. I absolutely adore this video and everything about it, though when I first started to watch it I wondered why they had added in CGI; I had expected something similar to their last video actually, but no... instead it was something totally different, in fact, something that was more childish and creative. Whilst Koi no Tenki Yohou was mature and sexy, Koi wa Tokimeki Chuiho is the exact opposite; it's innocent, it's childish and it extremely fun. It has a storyline too which surprised me, and it stays consistent throughout; the girls face a problem, and they overcome it later on by finding the resolution later on when they think they have lost everything. I really liked that about this video.

The story itself was well structured, but it was pretty simple, though given how innocent and child-like the video seems, I am guessing that the video is catered to a younger audience so that kids can follow along easily and not get lost. I liked that about the video; the girls simply changed into creatures thanks to something that happened by accident, and they had to try and find a way to overcome this problem and revert back to the way they were through hard work and perseverance to try and achieve a goal, but the video stayed interesting throughout... this is a generic formula to work with, and yet it was still interesting  to watch because of the creatures and the girls. I also liked the message it gave; people are awarded for their hard work, even if it seems like you are losing out at first or at a loss, such as the empty bottle and the dead tree symbolising that their efforts are for nought, only to be awarded the potion on the fully bloomed tree later on because they tried and worked hard to try and revert themselves back. The reward in the end was simply the girls turning back, but better than ever (such as the dresses and the dramatic entrance, you know?).

So yeah, I enjoyed that aspect of the PV, and the colour. The colour was beautiful. This video had a lot more colour, character and innocence, and I think that it showed the group chemistry a lot better as well. It was a genuinely fun watch, and I actually adore this video now. It's cute and fun, and it was certainly not what I expected from Weather Girls, because I honestly consider them an 'older' group in Idol terms. They just feel and seem older... so the video was a surprise, but it showed off a more playful and cute side to the girls. It was a nice change of pace from their debut.

So overall it's a good video... and the song? Well, I won't talk about that one yet, because I want to save you all from more writing and praising. Let's just say that it is damn gooooooood...

Okay, it's time to spare you all... Have a PV for all your troubles!

Enjoy... LEGS FOR ALL!!!

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