Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fukumoto Aina to graduate from NMB48

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It has been announced that NMB48 member Fukumoto Aina will be graduating from the group in order to pursue a career in variety. The idol made this announcement during the groups Dareka no Tame ni revival stage which was held at the NMB48 theatre in Namba, Osaka.
I started having a strong feeling that I want to challenge as a talent, and improve my variety skills, so I have decided to change my path to become a variety talent, and to stand on the starting line once again.” 
I didn’t come up with the answer without much thought, and I do not regret my decision to graduate. I feel like I was able to take one step toward my dream. I know it won’t be an easy path, but I am ready to overcome it. That’s why I will study a lot more than now, and will make my dream come true for sure.” 
I will work hard so that I can show myself shining to you fans who have supported me until now, staff members, my family and friends, and also the members who I’ve spent every day and walked up to here together. I will be happy if you can watch over me warmly. I love NMB48. Please continue to support me.” - Fukumoto Aina (blog translation)
This is indeed sad news for fans of Aina, as well as fans of NMB48. 2012 was a terrible year for graduations, and whilst I am not an avid follower of the group, I hope that these graduations cease to continue... well, not as much as last years at least. And whilst I may not know who you are, I am sad that you are leaving Aina, however I do wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavours.

And so to end this brief post, I want to dedicate a song to Aina and NMB48 as a whole before she departs. This was the first song that I thought of when I saw the news today.

My god I am a bitch, but whatever xD

time to look for her face in Kitagawa Kenji, though I don't recognise her at all



  1. Woww ouchhh lol.
    Ainyan is actually my 2nd favourite in NMB btw :P
    But nah, I don't blame you for not knowing her if you don't avidly follow NMB.

    But I guess it might be important for you to know she was one of the core members of NMB alongside the likes of Sayanee, Milky, Nana and Maachun. Seeing that you don't seem to follow varieties, that's perhaps why you missed out on Aina.

    She was one of the members who excelled the most in variety due to her having a very very strong Kansai-ben and being good in sports and such.

    But I guess people get into things for various different reasons. For me, it's a combination of enjoying the music but also having an interest in the girls' personalities as well. I started to pay more attention to Japanese comedy/owarai thanks to NMB and their shows, and also learn how to appreciate this aspect about NMB they have to offer that's different from the other 48s.

    But yeah it's just my opinion anyway. Just thought I'll drop by and say hi haha since I stumbled upon this :P

    1. Aww, I am sorry ;A; And yeah, I have only just started to look at NMB... it is sad that she is/has graduated, though.

      Kansai-ben seems really popular, doesn't it? If I actually followed variety, I would have probably liked her a lot; and I did not know that she was a core member! Wow!!!

      I personally get into things through music and PV's I guess... ad news articles, strangely enough! If a news article strikes me, I can start to enjoy the group, but it is mostly the music and videos. And aaah, so NMB are the comedy group of the 48's? This is why they are getting their own comedy movie then, I assume?

      And hello, thank you for dropping by :D