Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fill up that Energy Bar, it's a matter of Life and Love here! CHI CHI's 'Love is Energy' PV Request!

You know the drill! My opinion is my own, completely, and I am a biased person. Ignore me if you want, you don't have to like what I say! YEAH!!!

If PV's were gold, then I would technically be sitting on a Gold mine right now with the amount of PV's I need to review... most of those PV's are for the Request Chronicles. Oh deary me... Well, I'm slowly getting through them! Sadly it is a case of me not procrastinating, and also: TIME!!!

Well, guess what? I have some time, so here's the next Request! Prepare yourselves, I am once again reviewing... K-POP!!! Dun dun duuuuun!!!

The next request on my list from Darling Shayna is a video from the all girl group CHI CHI. Formed back in 2011 by the company Trophy Entertainment, the girls started out as a seven member unit until the release of their second digital single when three of the original members left, and so they became a five member unit. In 2012, another member left. The group is now at four members.

So, brief history on the group down, I have never heard of CHI CHI before now, though this is the case with most Korean groups when it comes to me, but I'm still learning so y'know. That said, Shayna seems to be doing a pretty good job with introducing me to songs that I enjoy right now; first there was GET OUT, and now she has introduced me to CHI CHI's Love is Energy, and let's be honest; I like the song. I listened to it once last week to check it out and, sub-consciously, I remembered it but didn't know what song I was thinking of... looking back at the song and not the PV, I realised that the song got stuck in my head pretty quickly. That's a good thing for CHI CHI I guess.

I re-visited the PV today, because I need to move on with the Request Chronicles for you guys and review all you have given me, and it was actually the first time I watched it and I was actually surprised by the video. Typically I think that most K-pop PV's are overly sexual in one way or another (that's just me, I swear) or overly girly, but this one was pleasantly surprising. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I liked the direction it went in in creative terms... It's cool, actually. Not so much creative but very cool, mature but also addicting.

... Let me show you before I tell you. It's easier that way, you know? So, get your Love ready and fill that Energy bar!

... Wait? Have I suddenly died and gone to Heaven? What? NO!!! I HAVE A BLOG TO FILL!!!

Flaw-Free: "Tch... Idiot."

Oh well hello pretty lady! Heaven doesn't seem too bad after all...

Yankee-gal: "Y'all lookin' at ME?"

And another pretty lady! My my, I am being spoiled today!

And so the wind blew through her hair, leaving the room filled with quiet nothingness at her blinding beauty...

I'm a frikkin' writer, YUR!!! xD

... And then there comes the red headed beauty!!! Le GASP!!!!

-falls to knee's-

Okay, now this is one gorgeous back drop! It's so simple but so damn beautiful! I want that for my wall... Yes, my WALL!!! I love the tree, damnit!

Oh god... a wink...

-falls down again onto knee's- I'm a gonner with this one, guys... Remember me well, okay?

Bombshell: "No one can resist THIS bod-aye..."

And then... THE BOMBSHELL!!!

This girl has some sass. DAYUMN!!!

Sass-Aye: "Why didn't they put a ring on it!?"

Every time a move like this comes up I can't help but dance to If you liked it then you Shulda put a ring on it in my head. Oye oye...

Sass-Aye: "I want my ring..."

Can I hug her? Pleeeeeeeease...?

DAMN Look at them LEGS!!! Oh my Lord...

This group gets more ad more interesting, I swear... -nose bleeds EVURY WUR-

Angel: "My gosh I am just so FABULOUS!"

This is such a Diva pose, I swear. But damn I want those wings...

Yankee-Gal: "YOU!!!! Listen to more K-pop!"

Damn image, why are you so blurry...?

Yankee-Gal: "My lady lumps..."

You're really pretty, too bad you graduated... urgh...

Oh sheet another wink... and a 'shhh' pose, too!? Whadaya trying to do, KILL me...?

... Ah crap, legs! I'm gonna die, I swear...

I have no idea which one you are...


Oh how charming... @.@


... That was my serious first reaction. I have no idea why I was so excited by the silhouettes. I just... was...

"You're excited cos we is so SEXC!"

That is true girl, that is daaaamn true!

My gosh their legs...

Wait, Chii... stop being a perv and focus on the PV for crying out loud!


"Focus on our boobs now, kay?"

Stop touching yourselves! I get it, you're sexy!



... And we're back to the boob touching and basically feeling oneself up! YAAAY!

Oh my... the legs... THE LEGS!!!!

-destruction by leggyness-

Wait, who are you? WHY CAN I NOT TELL YOU APART?

Yankee-Gal: "Bitch Ima get ma claws out if y'all DARE mistake me fr one of them..."

Thank goodness your hair is recognisable!!!

... And we're bringin' sexy back!!!! Oh yeah, look at that HAIR!!!

Bow-chika-wow-WOW!! You rock it, gurl, move that body uuumph!!!

And it's time for the catwalk and a beautiful abundance of LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGS!!!!


Wait, what? Is this the butt grope move and thrust all in one? Wait what?


Awww, I <3 you too!

Now wink!

Damn you're adorable o-o Which one are you again?

Ah who cares who is who? SEXY TIME!!!

My gosh those legs, that back drop, those... well, let's just say that this is one enjoyable video right here...

Hm... yummy legs...

What? You ended? Has Heaven ended? Nooooo!!!!! I wanted the legs! It was a damn beautiful Heaven, I'm telling ya! BEAUTIFUL!!!

And so ended the Heaven of Chiima... Alas, she could never go back... Until she replayed the video again and again and again!

So it's over... well at least the picture portion is, and we have successfully watched CHI CHI's Love is Energy. Now all that is left is my opinion and my review. So, what is the verdict my dears?

Okay so I honestly went into this video thinking that I would find nothing better than GET OUT by AOA, and honestly... yeah, I still feel that way; AOA's pv was amazing, I loved all the film references it had and the great editing as well as the pacing of it, but I do think that CHI CHI are a good group. The video was interesting, visually appealing and the girls themselves were great to watch, so I can not really complain. I thought that it was a really well edited video and a good watch, and yes... I enjoyed it.

As I said in the beginning of the review I thought that the PV was pretty cool and I liked the direction it went in; the directors did not keep to one distinct style of video and played it up nicely with different backgrounds and dress styles such as a cool disco look for the third scene change where the girls were in a room with a mirrored floor, or a more Angelic and innocent approach in the first scene where the girls were in a black room with a tree on the wall. I thought each room had a distinct style that made the video look quite creative and gave us something new to look at whilst allowing us to know what was going on without trying to play catchup; I also enjoyed the pacing of this video, it worked well with the beat of the music and just fit perfectly with the tone of the entire video.

To me the entire video looked really stylistic, but this is something I have come to expect from Korean music videos'; there is so much more thought, time and effort put into Korean video's from what I have seen and that's something that I really like about K-pop video's; it's actually very rare that a K-pop video bores me (no idea why I don't like K-pop though) and CHI CHI is no exception here. The video is well made, it looks great and I find it extremely entertaining even without a story line. It has great close up shots and dance sequences which keep it interesting alongside the amazing backdrops that will be sure to keep you interested, and let's not forget the legs...

The pure driving force of this video is the Legs... well, at least for me that is!

Again, this is a good video; the sort of video that entertains me and makes me question just why I don't get into K-pop at all... because seriously, K-pop video's are generally amazing and actually look like effort was put into them. That, and the girls are generally a lot sexier and leggier than my Japanese Idols are. Unless they are Chinami, that is.

But yeah, it's a good video and I found it to be quite stylish and well presented. I enjoy it, but honestly, I do prefer the song a little more...

Love is Energy is a pretty damn addictive song in my opinion; it has a good beat and pace, and it has a really nice sound to it as well. There are elements of rap in it as well which keeps it interesting for me, but the chorus has to be my favourite part; it's damn catchy and easy to remember so I find it easy to sing along to when I feel like belting out a tune or two. It's a fun song, actually. Mature but fun I will say, and I like listening to it! It also makes me feel pretty energised too, so I feel like the title is really fitting because it just makes me want to sing and dance and act like a total prat... but yeah, it's good, and the song has been on a loop. I think it's an understatement when I say I like the song more than the video, but I seriously do. In a way, both are equally addicting, but the song... it just stands out, and I will even go as far to say that I prefer this song to GET OUT. It just has a nicer beat and a catchier tune.

All in all, I like it. It's pretty darned good and I highly recommend that everyone check it out, especially the song. The song is good.

Now, I must return to questioning why I don't like K-pop... Curses, Shayna! Whaddaya doing to me!?


  1. I'm actually surprised you reviewed this one! CHI CHI is definitely not a popular group at all, but they're one of my favorites, and I love this song. It's easy to sing along to since a lot of it is in English.

    Requesting this song was mostly just my way of promoting an underrated group, haha.

    1. I'm reviewing the first 3 you listed (though the Two After school ones, either one could be reviewed...) but I did enjoy CHI CHI, they have quite a bit of attitude and character that I enjoyed.