Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Do you want to Brainstorm with me?

All thoughts and opinions are my oooow~n

If I had done a reaction video I would have posted it, sadly when I watched this it only managed to cross my mind halfway through... urgh! ;A;

So something was uploaded today, and it is something good, though what I view as good generally means it isn't because I'm the sort of person who likes what everyone else hates, or vice versa, though I think that this time I'm on the same platform as everyone else. Yay for being on the Happy Train!

So the new video that has been uploaded is the dance version to Morning Musume's 53rd single, titled Brainstorm. A lot of fans are speculating (and dearly hoping) that this is the B-side to what could be a double A-side. Well, guess what? CDJapan (and Neowing will say it too) has listed it as simply Buresuto and nothing else, meaning that the song will just be... well, just Brainstorm. Or at least the A-side will be Brainstorm, and honestly I am cool with that. Other people may not be, but that's because they feel like Reina should have more lines in her last single.

Oh yes, because she has blatantly had nothing since she debuted. Damn you, Zukki, for stealing all of Reina's spotlight since you joined! Curses!

Anyway, thinking about it, Reina doesn't really have that many lines in this song, or at least in terms of solo's. Surprisingly enough, neither does the little Shrieking Spoon. In fact I will even go as far as to say that the song is nicely divided and does a nice job of providing us with the hierarchy once Reina has jumped ship and paddled around to her new band. Okay, not everyone gets a prominent solo in the song, but there were a few surprises...

Holy shit Iikubo got a pretty damn prominent solo line! At first I was wondering if it was her, because her voice is pretty distinguishable, and then I found out that it was and I was pretty damn happy; other than Haruna getting a nice line, Masaki does as well (predictable) and also Ayumi, which surprised me. I generally don't hear that girl sing and even when she does, her voice is pretty forgettable. Luckily enough she sounds great here, and I loved her voice!

Another surprise thrown into the video was actually the very noticeable Masaki x Reina centre present in the video; there's quite a few times where Masaki takes the centre position, sometimes alone and other times beside Reina, and that really surprised me, though in a good way. I think that Masaki is going to be a true little Ace the older she gets. Riho better watch out, because she's becoming more and more prominent now that Reina is leaving, and I can see her taking on a stronger lead in up-coming singles. You go girl!

So other than Harunan, Masakissu and Baby Predator, Riho excelled dance wise; I think because she isn't really as much as normal, her presence as a dancer is more noticeable and you can really see the fierceness she has. It was nice, actually, to see her more than I heard her, though weirdly enough she sounds pretty decent here to the point where I can mistake her for a good singer.

Again, weird.

Anyway, I think that the line distribution in this single is pretty solid; the girls get at least two lines each and the surprise addition of an Iikubo third solo was wonderful. The song itself is pretty damn catchy, though very reminiscent of Wakuteke Take a Chance and Help Me!!. It seems to borrow from Wakuteke in both sound and dance actually, as I found quite a few moves that were really recognisable. Hello, there are even some Help Me!! moves thrown in there! Then again, it seems that Tsunku likes this formula right now and he's sticking to it, not that I'm complaining, because it works.

Some people are actually complaining about this though, but I guess those guys weren't around for Emo era... not that I was either, but I know that the songs back then had similar sounds and feel to them. Currently it's working for Morning Musume, so Tsunku is obviously sticking to it and seeing how long it lasts, and with the way the songs currently work Morning Musume are free to dance quite a bit, and as we are in a dance era, it helps to have an upbeat song; imagine an intense dance to a song like Shouganai Yume Oibito. It won't work.

In fact, I swear this is the Dancing era of MM. Forget colour, forget rebirth; we're in the dance era.

Speaking of which, when I watched the dance shot I couldn't help but notice how well formed and fluid it felt; the girls all look amazing, especially Riho and Ayumi (and that flawless little dance battle, MY GOD YES!!!) but you can really see that everyone has improved, especially Haruna. My goodness she is doing so well, a lot better than I had ever expected, and she really fits in with everyone else now. It's great to see that she is able to keep up with the intense movements now and has really sharpened her movements. It's just... it's amazing. She's worked hard and you can see that her hard work is really paying off.

However I do have my own little problems with the dance; there are times where it looks like the girls just can't be asked, that and the fact that the dance itself looks half-assed in terms of the movements used. I mean, really, you had to steal from Wakuteke? Not that I mind (much) because it does work with the dance, but sometimes I feel like this dance was just half-assed royally. Maybe it's just me though. Nah, it's a rip off of Wakuteke

Also, I noticed Masaki and Eripon looking overly bored and out of it a few times. Oh well...

And as an ending note; THOSE COSTUMES!!!! It's like Seishun Bus Guide and Miniskirt Post Woman mated and had beautiful police-esque babies! I am really reminded of police outfits, and seriously, they look good. They're also reminiscent of Naichau Kamo in a way, but not totally. It's cool, a step up from tacky garbage bags and leopard prints with poofy pink skirts.

Also; Zukki looks hawt! DAMN, gurl! She really just stood out to me as the hottest one there!

Anyways... what do you think? Yay or Neeeigh (said the British burgers)


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  1. Buresto is breast in English, Chiima!
    And I'm not sure how you managed to figure out that Masakiss and Eripon are bored considering the pixels in that vid...

    1. I figured haha, oh well~ I guess we translate to Brainstorm cos we don't want to be perverts ;D
      They just did haha, maybe the pixels do it?

  2. I didn't like this song when I first listened to it but it grew on me. :) I think this song actually shows some promise for the future MoMusu. I was concerned about what MoMusu would be like when Reina and Sayu graduates but this song made me not concerned. And I remember during the emo era that people were complaining how they wanted more cheerful songs rather than mature songs and now, it's pretty much vice versa lol.

    1. I somehow immediately fell in love with it, haha! Then again it has a nice similarity to Wakuteke which I adore anyway.

      I think that the new generation has ust spruced everything up; there's something fresh about MM now in both style and music, the new girls have really proven to be just what MM needs for the future :D And haha, yeah, I know that platinum era was the era where people wanted less emo songs XD

  3. For the few faults that this PV version has, I don't think the spectacular choreography can be overlooked. There are so many sections where the movements are timed to the millisecond.

    I am also a fan of the way the camera moves in this PV. I'm glad that they decided to use a crane shot, finally.

    1. Maybe UFP finally listens to the wota xD
      love the song and dance too!!

    2. I agree with you that the dancing is so well timed, it was one of the very first things that I noticed when I watched it; it's synchronised perfectly, too. Their formation is incredible as ewell!

      CAMERA. SHOTS <3

  4. I told you Riho wound sound better just as soon as Tsunku realized he didn't have to write songs that existed solely at the top of Reina's register. ^_^ No, but, seriously I'm kinda proud for how much better she sounds when she's singing normal. I still don't really like her but it's rough when you're good at something and people continually give you a weird handicap.

    1. I know! Thank goodness for Tsunku going to a lower key, no wonder she sounded lovely here! Reina also sounds amazing, so yay!

  5. The instrumental at the start sounds very familar...a bit of Samui Ne perhaps mixed with something else? It’s good and very catchy but to be honest, Help Me! was so much more interesting for me! The bloody autotune is back! Why?? Pretty much redoing the Wakuteka Take a Chance line distribution as well…

    The clothes are nice though, I want those blue/violet ones! I'm a sucker for those kind of boots that Sayumi and Mizuki are wearing, I want a pair! Sakura's lines were interesting but it seems like they've made her put on a lower voice range to match all the autotune. After a while though, it shocks you and interests you at the same time! I wish she could have just sung in her range like in Help Me! I like the dance though, might learn it but I won't rush like other YouTubers. I liked the way they formed the M. Loved Mizuki, Haruna and Ayumi's lines. Pleased.

    1. A lot of people seem to think that this song has that Samui ne... feel to it too. I think that Help Me!! was good, but I have yet to igure out which one I prefer. And urgh, auto tune, but sadly Tsunky likes it... his new autotuney toy xD

      I LOVE THE COSTUMES! They remind me of a police woman, or a mix between Seishun Bus Guide and Miniskirt Postwoman. And yeah, youtubers HAVE rushed with this one, weirdly enough... then again MM's choreography is a lot more interesting and intense.

  6. Sakura's part just blew me away!!!
    I like how Tsunku is making sure she stand out on her own as the only 11th gen.
    Good song for Reina's graduation!!
    Keep it up Morning Musume hope this single sells more than 100k first week =)

    1. Sakura is a little diva in the making, she sounds awesome ;)And yes, Tsunku's really bringing her forward in a positive way. I am happy with this of course!
      I hope so too omg!

  7. I laughed so hard at that little jab at Winky...exACTly! She'll get more than enough solo lines in concert. And Shrieking Spoon also made me laugh. Loving the song too. And the dance. So happy you're happy!!! XD Join the happy train!! Love ya Chiima!!

    1. My jabs are, generally, inspired by you when it comes to the Winkster ;) But it does irk me that people think she is losing out on, my lord, her Graduation single. Yes, because SHABONDAMA clearly shunned the poor dear on her own debut. Poor ickle girl... urgh, shut up people, she gets a lot of lines, A-sides/B-sides/album's/concerts... It's like Winky feat. Day Time Nursery in MM sometimes~

      HAPPY TRAIN! CHOO CHOOO! I love you too Isilie ;3; <3