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Trust You, Touch You... Wait, What? - Matsushita Yuya's 'Trust Me' PV Request Review!

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Oh lordy I have been neglecting a duty I should not neglect... and yet I do, because I have no sense of time or any capable organisation skills. Seriously, I need to sort myself out.

Anyway, going back to the duty I should not neglect, I have returned to the dusty realm of the PV Request Chronicles that I am constantly forgetting to do because other things just so happen to pop up. This time it's other PV's or groups that I am fangirling over, that and college, so yeah... Still, no excuse.

At least I didn't forget it? Sadly I am delaying it... aye aye aye!

So coming back to the request chronicles, today I will be taking a look at NyNy's final request of the three I am reviewing, and this one just so happens to be Trust Me by Matsushita Yuya. Now I don't know about you, but I have no idea who this guy is. Not that I'm interested, mind you, because he is delicious to look at and I would not mind eyeing up him in another PV of his. Irregardless of his looks, I chose his song because it appealed to me the most out of the final three that NyNy had requested. The other two requests were Utada Hikaru's Nagashi or Elva Hsiao's Wow, and whilst Wow had Show Luo in it (DROOL he is everywhere!) the song itself (and the video) bored the crap out of me. The same with Utada's song... and I don't want to have to write a review that feels like I am just staring at paint as it dries. I avoid those songs and video's for a reason.

Luckily this one appealed to me a lot more and I had a better reaction to it, too. Luckily, even after so much time away from it since I actually capped the picture portion to this post, I still enjoy the song and Yuya's voice. Oh my, that voice...

Seriously, this guy is delicious. I wish I could find him in Japan and jump him in an alley way. Creepy, yes, but he is yummy!

Sadly my shitty screen caps do not do him justice, but behold the beauty of Matsushita Yuya in his PV Trust Me.

Yuya: "No, they can't see me... I'm too beautiful..."

Yuya, don't hide your face! Show the world your BEAUTY!!!

Yuya: "I am just too damn beautiful..."

Well aren't YOU vain... Eh, whaetever, you're hot so it can't be helped...


Can someone get some damn lights on in here? I can't see a thing!

... Those propellers in the background make me think of Renai Rider.

Yuya: "Hey, you... yeah, you. Call me beautiful one more time..."

BEAUTIFUL! -gets punched-

Invisible boobs! Oh Yuya, you perv!

Yuya: "A derp"

Haha how fail, look at Yuya trying to be sexy but looking so cute and derpy! Haha!

Oh my gosh THANK YOU! I can see now, Hallelujah praise the Gaki!

Yuya, why so serious? Well, whatever, you're still gorgeous...

... Is that your orgasm face I see there? And DUCK LIPS!!!

Yuya, stop dressing up like you're a part of Organisation XIII, though that would be kinda damn cool...

Yuya: "These are my pimp slappin', red room of love gloves, yo."

Aaaaand the leather gloves are out!

Yuya: "I freakin' LOVE LIFE!!!"

Damn someone's happy! Yuya, share those happy pills with me please! Not that I need them, I just want what you're on!

Yuya: "Look to the left!"

And see what? A naked Show Luo? -looks-

Yuya: "It's a WALL!"

... I have to say that is one of the funniest dance moves in this entire video. My goodness it brought me great amusement xD

Yuya: "Where are my boobs? I WANT BOOBS!"

Yuya, please stop grabbing your chesticles. Show some modesty, man!

... HAPPINESS!!!! Again Yuya, please share those pills.

Oh. YES!!!. Hip. THRUSTS!!!! -starts to pelvic thrust madly-

Wait, WHAT!? This scene came out of nowehere, what the hell? Colour? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

What is... is this Yu-Dawg meets the Rag-Tag team?

Yuya: "Yo, dawg, what's hip man? Wanna hit the crib homey, get down with the babe-o's and jam to some RAD tunes yo?"

You look like Vanilla Ice meets Eminem... that's a bad thing, Yuya.

Yu-Dawg: "HEYLL NAH that is NOT me. Girl, you gotta believe me... I have more SWAG."

Good to know that you don't like the style either, Yuya. Thumbs down indeed!

Yu-Dawg: "Aye there babe-o, what's up? This ook is hippin' and hoppin', you knw what I'm saying dawg? Homey's hooked me UP good, y'know? I t's gnarly, man... PLAYA!!$$$"


Yuya: "... Missed me?"

... Oh my GOD YES!!!! YES, THIS!!! My mind has been CLEANSED of the... the...

Yu-Dawg... -shudders-

Buuuuurn IT!!!

Oh yes, you use that cane... That's right, baby, you use that cane...

Oh my god I don't think that you can get any sexier in this video, you are just so damn hawt in a trilby and a cane.



Okay, you're sexy no matter what... until you become Yu-Dawg, that is.

Yuya: "Girl, I won't become Yu-Dawg again... For now..."

Hello delicious human being... <3

Yuya: "Give me... Your boobs..."

Yuya behave! Just because I have some does not mean you can have them!!!

Yuya: "But I want the BOOOOOOBS!!!"
-Yuya's henchmen catch him before he can-

I actually loved this part of the PV. So good!

Yuya: "NO!!! I shall prevail!"

Ah shit he broke free!

Yuya: "Now check out THESE guns!"

Can we change this song title from Trust me to F**k M---------------------------------------

"We are having some technical difficulties right now. Your programme will return shortly."

Yuya: "My GOD I am so damn sexy it hurts..."

Yes. Yes you are. Now... take off the shirt. -gets rope-

Yuya: "I must hide how truly delicious I am from this world... TO THE ORGANISATION XIII!"

Noooo, Yuya, don't hide your face!!!

Yuya: "Ooooh GOT YA!"

Even when derping you are GORGEOUS!

Yuya: "All of these men want me, too..."

Oi, you men! Get away from Yuya... HE'S MINE!!!

Yuya: "Heh... until next time. Until then..."

Yuya? Yuya, no! Wait!!! COME BACK, YUYA!!!! -cries for Yuya-

Oh man that was... hectic. I started off the pic spam with a bit of randomness and little to no sense, and then kinda found a theme... before losing it again. Well, whatever... I never make sense in these screen caps. Well now that it's all over and done with, shall we get to the review portion? Yes? YES!!!

So other than the absolute eye candy in this video, I genuinely enjoyed the performance given by Matsushita Yuya. This is the first song that I haver ever heard from him, and honestly I think that this was a good song and video to introduce me to the singer. It's well paced, you get into the song really quickly and there are plenty of different scenes to look at. Regardless of the amount of locations there are actually plenty of things going on from the amount of costume changes Yuya undertakes to the epic dance sequences we get. It's a pretty good, well-put together PV in my opinion.

When I first watched this video I did not expect it to be as dance heavy as it was, but honestly I am glad it is a dance heavy video and song. There are a lot of interesting and eye-catching moves in the video that really peaked my interest, and because of the song and how it changes in the tone and sound of the instrumental, I thought that the different types of dance used were really fun and just great to watch. There are probably about three types of dance in this; the dance we see throughout which is pretty tame, a dance during the rap portion of the song and another dance section during a pretty damn epic instrumental break. These three dances made the video so much more interesting in my opinion and just worked. I also love that the dance scenes each have an individual look as well for their respective choreographies to space them apart and show their distinct differences such as colourful and, let's be honest here, terrible pieces for the rap portion and classier (sexier) attire for the cane-dance portion. It's a pretty nice touch if you ask me.

I have said that the video has plenty of different scenes to look at, and that's more to do with the costumes rather than the locations. In fact we're pretty sparse location-wise here, with only two locations present in the entire video, not that I mind really. The amount of costume changes and the rapid edits help to keep this video really interesting. I love the change in shots fro close-up to mid-shot in a new location. I like that he is either walking or dancing down the tunnel or dancing in front of the giant-ass propellers. It looks really good, and again, the costume changes add to the video and help it to look and seem more diverse than it really is. I think that the change in dance styles and the change in music also helps quite a bit to add to that element of there being more than there really is, because when you watch this you hardly know that he is in the same place because you think 'Oooooh, TRILBY HAT!!!". Pretty cool trick they have there.

So yeah, a good video. Diverse in a subtle way, and really effective. Also he's hot. I won't deny that (never will).

The song itself is also something. I immediately got into it upon first listening to the song because when it opens up it's quite fast-paced and just brings you into the song before you can really grasp what the heck is going on. It's like the chorus begins the song and let's you enjoy it before it mellows out into what should have been the beginning. I think it works personally, and I like that I was able to immediately enjoy it like I did. In fact I find this song pretty likeable. Its catchy and has  nice tone and pace. I did not expect that really, but hey it's a nice surprise when you listen to a song for the first time and immediately find yourself thinking 'wow, I like this, gonna give him a chance'.

The song also has a few changes in the instrumental which I quite liked. The first noticeable change is the rap in the middle of the song and the apparent bongo-drums I swear that I can hear in the background. I was highly surprised by the rap, but I was also really pleased by it. I like rap (depending) and this one was a fun element to the song that I never expected to happen. I thought it was really cool and was so happy that it was there. Again I did not expect it but the surprise was nice.

We also get a pretty nice instrumental break which is really fun to listen to as well. This ties in with a very cool dance break that uses canes. Yes, canes. My lord I never thought that I would find canes sexy, but... Wow. Yuya, wow. You, trilbies, ties and canes... Yes. Yes yes yes 1000x YES!

Whoo... Is it gettin' hot in here or what?

Okay, so bottom line yes, I like Trust Me as a song and a video and I think that Matsushita Yuya is a giant piece of eye-candy delicious manliness. I swear he is just... Well, he is yummy. So yummy that I am pretty tempted to sing this song with the lines Touch Me replacing Trust Me just for my own personal, weirdo enjoyment...

Mhm... Yummy...

Don't judge me, he's delicious. Seriously... he is. Believe me. Watch it and see... Now...

Touch... I mean Trust me!


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