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The Origin of the Land of the Winking Wota! Watarirouka Hashiritai 7's 'Hetappi Wink' Reviewed! [Rewind Review]

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A new feature/thing/post-related garb has been added to Okay! Musume Time my darling Chimian's... Oh, and a new nickname for the readers, too. Chimian's is catchy, right? It sounds just like a Pokemon... But that has nothing to do with this post, so going away from that little tangent train...

The feature that I am adding is called 'Rewind Reviews', something which has been inspired by Nia's own Time Capsule reviews over on her blog. How long this will go in is beyond me, but for any reviews I take a fancy to writing that are basically old news or from years/a year ago will be reviewed here. Fun, right? No... Oh well I'm gonna do it anyway, regardless!

CHIIMA, do your request week! Stop adding stuff to a growing pile! Shut up, conscience.

If my writing is confusing then it's because I was stupid enough to write this whilst tired. YAY for staying awake too late~

The first Rewind Review I will be doing is Hetappi Wink which was released back in August of 2011 by Watariruka Hashiritai 7. This was one of the first releases I had ever heard from the group and one of the reasons why I slowly began to get into AKB48 despite how much I judged and disliekd them at the time. Unsurprisingly, this song and PV are also the reasons why I came to love Mayuyu like I do as well as why I have such a weird interest in winking now. Interesting, right?

Essentially, you could call this song the Origin of the Land of the Winking Wota quote... that, and JPH!P inspired it as well with their tag-line Land of the Dropping Pants!. I must have used it subconsciously  but hey-ho I like it and it kinda fits my weirdness... as does Walking in a Wota-Wonderland.

I'm going off on a tangent train again, but you get the idea now; winking and my obsession for it was birthed by this video and song, and I guess that's why I'm doing this PV for my first ever Rewind Review, because it has a back story to it and how it shaped me as what I am now... kinda.

I should shut up and start the pic spam now. Onto the Winking Frenzy!!!

Mayu: "Get into the zone, gurlfriend, get. into. the. ZONE!!!"

We start off with Mayu contemplating her surroundings...

Mayu: "This is painful..."

And then some botched up winking ensues! Mayu, girl, what are you doing? You look like you're cracking a nut between your teeth!

Mayu: "Why... Why must I be so cute but also so bad at winking...?"

Poor Mayu, you look so dejected... No worries, though! Your Loli appeal will help you I'm sure!

... Still cracking nuts, I see? Dude this screen cap is a direct duplicate of screen cap 2! DITTO USE DUPLICATE

Don't give up yet, Mayu! You can do it, I promise!!!

Director-san: "What should we do, she's screwing up the entire shoot!"
Serious-face: "Simple... we fire her!"
Beard-Man: "But we can't! She is from AKB48, we fire her, THEY fire us!"
Background Aki-P Man: "Uh-hu-hu-hu... This one is Loli-cute..."

This looks like some serious business, man.

Oh well, let's actually start the damn PV! Cutie Winking Power GO!!!

Mayu, I don't think that winking will work if you close your eyes like that.

Mayu: "Why... Why must I fail so much...?"

Awww, Mayu... I feel so sorry for you... ;___;

Ayaka: "I can wink, see?... Ow, my eyelash just got stuck in my eye..."

That looks painful. Girl, you can't wink cutely at all!

But DAMN that smile!!!

Natsumi: "Personally I don't want to be here but... whatever." -winks-

You don't look too bothered by this, girl!

Natsumi: "Heh, hope you enjoyed the wink."

I like your smugness, girl.

Haruka: "Urgh, I'm so tired today..."

I call this one the Lazy Eye!

But damn my heart strings have been pulled! You are one damn cutie pie!!! Awkward wink or not, you look so cute!

Mika: "Am I cute too!?"

Hello chubby cheeks!!! *^*

Aika: "What... Oh, hi there... What do you want?"

You really don't care, do you? You're cute though!

Aika: "Well, I guess I can give you one if you want..." -winks-

You do this out of obligation more than anything, don't you girl?

Mayu: "Arrrgh there's a damn eyelash in my eye!!!"

Nice face there, Mayu. I'm sure that it'll look cute in the commercial...

Natsumi: "Romeo Romeo Oh where for art thou Romeo..."

You are cute, but your lips are your main attraction for me...


You have to be the most beautiful being in this group, I swear...

Just... Just gorgeous...

Peace, YO!

Mayu: "I may fail at winking, but I can appease you all with my cuteness! Now, kiss my cheek!"

Mayu, you are so damn cute... I don't care if you can't wink to save your life, I still love you!

Wait, there are actually instructions on how to wink? What the... who would use this!?

I actually used this guide

Serious-face: "Yes, yes! That's it! Do it as if only one eye works! PERFECTO!!!"

Mayu, don't look so disappointed in yourself, please.

Mayu: "Uwe... Why can't I wink!? I'm supposed to be the STAR!!! Waaaaah..."

This is when you really start to pity the poor girl.

Director-san: "For fucks sake..."
Serious-Face: "And after all that time and effort I put into teaching her..."
Background Aki-P Man: "Uh-hu-hu-hu... Loli-chan desu..."

Natsumi: "Is this how you do it?"

Nice wink there, Natsu... xD

Haruka: "I'm pretty satisfied with my technique if you ask me."

This girl is the Queen of Cute I swear.

Aika: "I'm comfortable with just sitting here, personally... Man I'm adorable!"

That smile... <3 <3 <3 -dead-

Haruka: "Shokku Sokku!"

Haruka, you're freakin' adorable... can I keep you? Please?

In my bed... now?

Ayaka Wasamin: "Hey, what about me!?"

Girl, you're perfect and all but I have a preference for Haruka... Sorry.

Aika: "Want a kiss instead of a wink?"

My lord they are all so adorable that my diabetes levels are going up!

Have you guys figured out the girl I like yet? I'll give you a clue...

Look up

Mayu: "Why can they do it...? I want to winku too..."

Learn off of Reina, I'm sure that she will teach you the ways of the Wonky Wink Mayu.

Mayu, you can do it! Ganbatte!

... And this is the scene where you finally realise that Mayu has given up. Don't you feel so bad for her? I'm almost heartbroken!

But have no fear, for Mayu's Minions are here! Hoorah for friendship, loyalty and people who have to be around you for the sake of the group! YAY!

Mayu: "I'm still the cutest one here regardless of my lack of winking ability. Chu~"

This is just adorable, hence why it's here.

Mayu: "II sear, this nut is so hard to crack..."

IMayu looks a little like Tekeuchi Akari here doesn't she, or is it just me?

Mayu: "Wait, did I just wink?"

The realisation just hit her and it's so damn CUTE!!!

Girls have some SASS! I also want those shoes and that Haruka... please.

Minions: "You can do it Mayu... You can wink!... UINKU UINKU HETAPPI UINKU!!!... This is your career on the line gurl so you better wink!"

Moral support is always needed when learning to wink!

Mayu: "Bitch, I can do this!"

The confidence is high in this one, I can see it!

How freakin' subtle...

Mayu: "I can do this, I can wink... I am Mayu, the winking Wo... Oh my FUCKING DUCKS NO!!!"

... And after giving up, being disappointed and all that, Mayu gets pissed off with herself. Yowch.

Natsumi: "Oh my fucking god Mayu..."

Aaaaand FACE PALM!

Background Aki-P Man: "Loli desu ne... Loli's are cute, and so is failure! Failure SELLS! Why do you think Idols were created? Their failure, exposure and cuteness is there for fans to enjoy!"
Serious-Face: "Oh YEAH!!!"
Director-san: "I fucking hate these people..."

... But whatever, the producers don't care! Failure is now cute!

Wait, what!? Mayu could wink all along? What the... Marketing! It's all marketing I say!

Well wasn't that a fun amount of Winking wonder, eh? Actually it was really nice to take a look back at the PV and to see just why I had fallen in love with Hetappi Wink in the first place. It's pretty nostalgic in a way despite how young the song is in terms of how long it has been since its release... Regardless of that though the song is pretty important to me in terms of what it meant for me as a blogger and how it shaped my opinion of AKB48 there after.

As I said in the beginning of this post Hetappi Wink is the origin of my Wink obsession in Idols; I love it when the girls wink, from the fails to the cuteness that a wink can bring in a PV. Their winks bring me happiness in a way and whenever I think of a winking Idol I can't help but think of this song and PV no matter what Idol the wink is related to; maybe it's just me or maybe it's everyone else who knows of this song. Who knows?

The thing that I love about Hetappi Wink as a whole though is that it's extremely colourful and catchy. The dance, winks and smiling are all pretty infectious and so is the song to the point where I become absolutely crazy whenever I switch it on. I can't help but love it no matter what the situation and I start to dance like a mad man and wink like I have something wrong with my eyes. It's crazy, I know, but this is the sort of song that makes me want to act stupid and honestly I love it. It's enjoyable and it just makes me incredibly happy. We all have those songs that just make us go wild, right? Well this is my song that makes me go wild and dance around because of how fun and colourful it is.

I don't think that I have to tell you all this, but the song is crazy cute. It's one giant ball of fluff and energy rolled into a smaller ball of crazy. There is an undeniable amount of energy and happiness in the song that really makes you feel like you are on a sugar high in my opinion and I think that the happy tone is one that just makes you want to feel happy and lively all the time. It's a great mood-setter if you think about it and you really can't be sad when you listen to this; if you are, then how? I swear nobody can be depressed when listening to this song or watching the video because it is just so damn happy!

It kinda goes without saying that I love this song and that I really enjoy the concept behind it; winking. Lots of winking and Idols and cuteness. It's a great song and video and it really set the winking love for me after I watched it. This is a song and PV that I will always cherish because of what it has basically done for me. Hetappi Wink was the true start I had in enjoying AKB48's music and the whole reason why I love Mayu and have an obsession with winking now. It's cute, fun, colourful and just extremely appealing to me. I love it and I will have a hard time believing that anyone can loathe this song or stay sad when they listen to it, because it's one amazing giant ball of energy and fluff.

Love is a Uinku!


  1. Aki-P background man is such a derp... sounds like most hardcore fans 'Loli-chan, chou kawaii~'

    I love it.

  2. Thanks for recognizing the impeccable beauty of Wasamin <3

  3. "Have you guys figured out the girl I like yet? I'll give you a clue...

    Look up"

    *Looks up to see herself in the mirror*

    1. HAHAHAHA OMG this made my day XD OMG <3

      Yes, yes it's you <3