Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Seeing The Cosmos through your Eyes with Bump.y's 'COSMO no Hitomi' PV

You don't have to like my opinion, you simply have to tolerate it, much like I have to tolerate the opinions of others! Whee~

Do you know how long it has been since Bump.y last released a single? Since June!!! That's just a little under a year ago, and then they pretty much went into obscurity after that (though they did go to Tokyo Idol Fes 2012 and release two extra volumes of their DVD Bump.y JUMP!!!). It was sad that I heard so little from them, because I love Bump.y and really hoped that they would release more... of course it didn't happen much, and I was left wondering if the group had just disappeared off the face of the Earth...

Fast forward to the end of 2012, and we finally hear that the girls are actually releasing their 6th single in 2013 titled COSMO ni Hitomi. Fast forward to now and said song has a full PV release. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm super happy because I finally have my Bump.y back in my world. Yearning for their return these past few months, Bump.y have finally returned to the Idol world (or general news) and graced us all with their fabulous presence and are here to show us all that despite the amount of time they took off they are still just as amazing as when we last saw them.

Well to save you all from my twittering about as I praise the ground that these girls walk on, let's head into the pic spam and see just what we have missed and what Bump.y is bringing into 2013!

Matsuri: "Oh look, a penny..."

It's the return of Matsuri! My gosh she is so adorable, I've really missed her.. and having her open the song is wonderful, she doesn't sound like a child okay she does a little now!

Really now, who could deny such a sweet, innocent face? She looks just like a little brother!

And here's our resident boyfriend of the group! Hey, Sara! -waves madly-

Nanami's looking as hot as ever, YOWCH!

I swear, Mio, you just became a lot hotter...

And you're 16! I feel like less of a pedo bear, now!

... Erm, Mary, dear? What did you do to your eyebrows?


And who, pray tell, are you? Bump.y are MINE, bitch! -hiss, hiss-

Is this what Bump.y mean by COSMO no Hitomi? You see someone else's eyes through a telescope/through the cosmos?

Sorry to sayt his good sir, but I feel that she is a little too young for you...

Well now you're just a paedophile! Shame on you! D8<

Oh wow this is bright -squints-

Nanami why are you so gorgeous? Your smile is just so beautiful, and your eyes... Ah, those eyes...

But Mio takes the crown of Favouritism here. She is so damn beautiful, and she has really matured since GOTTA GETCHA. Just look at her!

Mio: "Gilette..."

For all those armpit fetishists out there!

... Wait did I just put that on my blog!?

Dude, she's not yours! Keep away! Hiss! HISS!!!

Mary: "Phew, all this dancing has worn me out..."

Wipe away the sweat then get down and do some dancin', dancin', gotta do some dancin'... -sings to self randomly-

Cute little foot pop kick thing!

Oh hello there, Sara! I really have not taken enough time to appreciate your boyish beauty, have I?

Mio centre! Just look at how beautiful she is; she's so gorgeous, the others have to turn away in jealous or in fear of being blinded by how dazzling she truly is!

By the way, I do love their costumes. Very retro!

Mary is drifting off into space...

D'awww, Matsuri! >_< Why are you so cute!? You're absolutely adorable!!!

I really don't take enough time to sit back and really appreciate the beauty of this girl, do I?

She is so damn beautiful!

Wait, why are you wearing more make-up than all of the girls put together and a fluffy sweater?

My lord, why are you so flawless? >o<

Ah, Nanami... your eyes... <3

Oh yeah, Mio, you wurk it gurl! Wave dem arms and party like its the end of the world!

I saw that cheeky little wink you threw in there Sara!

I think that this video is hinting that the cosmos is basically Bump.y

And the centre of Bump.y (in this pic) is Matsuri, hypothetically meaning that Matsuri is also the centre of the Universe!

Aren't you looking rather stiff right now, Sara. You look like you could be a statue or a part of the Royal Forces!

DAT. SMILE. <333 -dies of cuteness overload-

Mio: "Why, me? I never expected to be seen as the most beautiful, most talented, most wonderful idol in all of Bump.y..."
Mary: "F***ing egotistical priss."

And now it looks like we're playing baseball! HOME RUN!

I'm still psyching over the fact that Mio is in the front! Squee!!

Guess the Eyes! Who is who?

I've been waiting for this. Oh boy have I been waiting for this. When the preview came out I was pretty much ecstatic which only served to excite me more for the full video and song release of COSMO no Hitomi, because I have seriously missed Bump.y and their voices. Their older releases can only serve me so much vocal love and pleasure from time to time to be honest.

But has it lived up to my expectations now that I've finally seen it and heard the full song? Well I would like to think so, because as a song and a video I do think that COSMO no Hitomi is absolutely fantastic and a breath of fresh air in terms of sound. Then again Bump.y seem to be great at dabbling in different types of sound and creating promising results, hence their pretty diverse (though rather limited) discography when it comes to sound.

And COSMO no Hitomi is another track which I love from this group. It's quite up-beat in tune, but there's an undeniable sense of slowness throughout the song that makes me think that this would work well as a ballad, too. That said, the up-beat sound mixed with the slowness creates a very nice song, one which sounds extremely nostalgic and cosmic in a way, instantly reminding the listener of 80's music. It sounds very whimsical, actually, but that is what is so charming about COSMO no Hitomi in my opinion. It has a sound to it which is so nostalgic, so simple and pretty, but also a sound which only Bump.y can currently pull off I find.

As I have said, it's a very pretty song with nostalgic elements in it which make it so beautiful and fresh for this era of Idol music, and honestly this is what I expect from Bump.y right now. With sounds like Kiss!, New Day and GOTTA GETCHA the group has take on an undeniable retro look and sound which totally works for them and makes them stand out against the very modern groups like Morning Musume and AKB48, who have taken to very technical and fun ways of creating a video and music. Here, it's all very simple and keeps that sense of a nostalgic and cheerful atmosphere.

Once you watch the video you will instantly see what I mean; from the costumes to the set you can instantly see that the director has aimed for something which brings back a sense of pure nostalgia. Everything is done so simply, with lights or balloons emphasising that simplicity and the effect of a 'Cosmic' world whilst the clothes reflect the 80's era of Idols with the silver, blue and white patterns on their clothes as well as the clothes that they wear during the additional scenes reflecting the 'regular' everyday girl look with the red, white and blue and the use of stars and patterns on the shirts. As I said, the nostalgic atmosphere is easy to see once you watch the video just from how everything has been designed to how the girls themselves look.

Even the camera work is very similar to what I would expect from an 80's idol PV; the use of soft focus is clear in this video, and whilst I am not a fan of it, it does add to the charm of the PV and gives the viewer a more of a focus on the members rather than the backdrops. There isn't anything too flashy when it comes to the effects used in this video to be honest, but what we do get works effectively with rest of the video and the nostalgic feeling that is embodied here. Even the dance and the structure of the group works effectively with the nostalgic feeling, showing the viewers just how well-formed Bump.y are as a group and how wonderfully they work together on a piece which not only requires flow and elegance but also a sense of nostalgia through the members themselves. Throughout this video I felt that Bump.y really showed off that side to them, and they really made me think that this song was truly an 80's Idol group, which is why I think that Bump.y are perfect for this kind of song; they can bring us that sense of nostalgia alongside the video instead of relying on the set and the sound to win us over.

For a modern song to come out with such a retro and simple take in both the video and the sound, I can't help but think that COSMO no Hitomi is a song which shows Bump.y in their purest forms. It's new and refreshing and a sound which no other Idols have really taken on lately, but Bump.y express it will and really take you in with how pure and simple the video and song are and how great their chemistry is as a group. I can't help but think that this is how Bump.y work the best together, because really, they do work well like this; they've taken on a retro look since they released Kiss! and have continued it with both GOTTA GETCHA and now COSMO no Hitomi, and honestly I don't want them to stop here; they work well with the retro look and sound, and if they continue to dabble in different types of retro sounds and looks, then I think that Bump.y will become a great representation of an Idol group who embodies not just the sound and look of a group who take on retro styles, but a group who also embodies the ability to give off a feeling of an era that they are representing.

It's not just the sound of the song and the PV that makes me think that COSMO no Hitomi is retro and pure, it's Bump.y too. If they can convince me enough to think and feel that they look like an 80's group, then I think that they are a pretty strong group because, let's be honest, not many Idols can pull this sort of thing off. Just imagine the current Morning Musume attempting it; it wouldn't work so well, would it?

But that's just me. What about you?

Going Retro, because it's awesome... for me.


  1. this is awesome!i love bump.y

    1. Bump.y are so wonderful, they really must release more x3!!!