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Okay! Musume Digest #36

Lalala no Digesto Taim... IT'S DIGEST TIME!!!

Welcome back to this weeks Digest! In news this week we have plenty of Idols and Idoling about! Idol Museum's! 9nine! Photo book releases! A photo book release being cancelled! New singles from a Gaijin Idoru and her Gaijin Group! AND MORE!!!

This week is pretty eventful in terms of Idol news from different Idols, in my opinion. There has been a lot going on in the Idol world with plenty of different groups! Of course we have a lot in terms of Hello! Pro and AKB news but I do think that this week it's been amazing with plenty of other groups as well! Yaaaay!!!

In personal news... Nothing! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Video of the Week

This week's video will probably please a lot of you because, y'know, this girl is just absolutely adorable...

Lalala no Pipipi by Michishige Sayumi

Last week two video's leaked onto the internet and they are two video's that I did not expect... especially coming from UFP! The outdoors, the natural lighting, Sayu's cuteness... YES! UFP finally took the chance to go outside and record Sayumi in all her beautiful glory for a music video of Lalala no Pipipi. Dude, finally, and also: AMAZING! Sayu is beautiful and even though the video is basically just her aruiteru-ing awayand standing there the expressions and happiness she brings is pretty infectious and fun to watch. So much better than what Reina gave. Seriously.

Lalala no Love Love LOVE!!!! So enjoy!

Poll Results

And now it is time for the Poll results from this week's Question! This time I asked you all this question:

Who is your current Morning Musume Oshi? Well the answers are in and the poll has been closed! A massive 87 of you guys voted on this poll, and you have chosen your Oshi! Drum roll please...

SAYASHI RI----Ooooooh... it's you? KIDDING! ITS SAYSHI RIHO!

With 31% of the votes Sayashi Riho took away the crown for this week's poll and stole all of your hearts and souls (and possibly broke your eardrums, too!) and became your Oshi! Congrats, Riho!

And here's the rest of the results for good measure!

Michishige Sayumi 24%
Tanaka Reina 18%
Kudo Haruka 17%
Ishida Ayumi 16%
Oda Sakura 16%
Fukumura Mizuki 14%
Sato Masaki 14%
Suzuki Kanon 13%
Ikuta Erina 12%
Iikubo Haruna 190%

Awww, Harubo! My little starlet, you mad, skinny thing... I am sad, but I can't dictate who you all like... But I am so pleased to see tat Sayu is so high in the ranks! Anyway congrats to Riho.

... I bet all you guys are rejoicing because I have to dmit she won this poll. Well, whatever! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Okay... I need to shut up, lock away the crazy and head over to the important part! YES!!! IT'S TIME!


Tanaka Reina will graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project on May 21st 2013 at Nippon Budokan.

The date has been set! Book your tickets, plan the parties and pop out the confetti because Home-gurl is leaving us soon!

But no seriously this is pretty saddening...

S/mileage, C-ute and Berryz Kobou will perform at Takasaki Labi Gate on February 9th, 10th and 23rd 2013.

This is amazing news for Hello! Project fans, especially those who enjoy music by any of these three groups. I'm happy that BeKiSu are able to perform together again. Hopefully they will sing Makeruna Wasshoi, eh?


A special issue of Top Yell magazine takes a look back at Hello! Project in 2012. The magazine was released on January 25th 2013.

When I saw this piece of news I was so happy because 2012 was essentially the rebirth of Hello! Project as a whole. H!P saw a lot of things happen including Morning Musume hitting their 50th single as well as H!P celebrating its 15th anniversary, so for fans who love H!P this will be a great issue to get.

I hope scans appear somewhere.


Zomvideo will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 10th 2013.

Wait this still hasn't been released?

Source | Source

MAiDiGi TV have uploaded footage of Morning Musume's recent event for their 52nd single Help Me!! at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Please check out the video.

The footage contains a short clip of Morning Musume performing their new single A-side as well as answering various questions and also Tanaka Reina's graduation date announcement. Please watch it everyone and enjoy~

A video has been uploaded to Morning Musume's official youtube channel where 11th generation member Oda Sakura comments on the release event for Help Me!! as well as Morning Musume's daily Number 1 for first day sales.

It's great to see that UFP are continuing to promote Sakura well and also to let her speak about the number 1 spot the group received for first day sales. Hopefully UFP will keep this up.

Flawless Idol Naaboudoufu@Nana will be releasing her very first photobook titled NaabouDOLL@Nana on February 27th 2013.

I like this news. A lot. Because she's perfect. I also love the play on words used in the title, because in Japanese it will be pronounced NaabouDoru@Nana which sounds similar to the 'doufu' in her name.

I am happy.


Okai Chisato paid a visit to C-ute's exhibit in the Media x Idol museum in Saitama.


JIJI PRESS have released footage from Morning Musume's Help Me!! release event at Ikebukuro Sunshine city. Please watch the footage and see the girls perform and answer questions.

Someone pass me the ear plugs, Riho's attempting to sing that painful line again.

Previews to Michishige Sayumi's up-coming photobook Mille-Feuille have been released. Please check out all previews through the source.

Hot. DAMN... I think I just had a nosebleed...

This is all too sexy for Okay! Musume Time

The cover to Nakajima Saki's up-coming photo book Naka-san has been revealed.

Innocent yet inviting... nice.

Girl, take that damn blanket off. We wanna see what's underneath!

Kodansha has announced through their website for Young Magazine that Kasai Tomomi's photo book has been cancelled. There is a possibility that another photo book will be released instead.

No freakin' duh...

In all seriousness though, who green-lighted the damn picture?

The PV Preview for Kashiwagi Yuki's up-coming debut single Shortcake has been released. The song is a ballad that shows off Yuki's voice well. Please take a look at the preview.

This does not remind me of shortcake, damnit!

Whatever, it's pretty. I like the mirrors/windows - very effective!

It has been announced that Duo TegoMassu will be releasing their 6th single on March 6th 2013. It will be titled Sayonara ni Sayonara.

Tell me again why I am not a fan of these guys and why I neglect to follow them? They are soooo adorable!!!!

A preview for AKB48's up-coming PV So Long! has been uploaded. There will also be a 64 minute version of the music video available on the single for fans.

Oh my lord the preview gives me some hope! But sadly there is still a damn filter on it that annoys the hell out of me... Whatever though, it looks better!!!

Also, 64 minutes? Are you freakin' KIDDING ME?

Beckii Cruel has announced that she will be releasing a new Japanese single. No title or track list has been announced as of yet.

The Queen of Jpop is returning to the scene with a new single!!!... Oh wait it's only Beckii Cruel, my bad.

Other than the fact that she talks through her lines and has to use auto-tune... you go girl. Just don't expect me to enjoy it unless it's as catchy as You Can't Kiss Me in all of its original glory.

Also are you gonna have a song composed by the same person composing Oishii! Pro's stuff? Please no.

Speaking of auto-tune and Oishii! Pro composers... they have a new CM out. The song has been titled Ainano and it will be released on Valentino's Day!!!

It actually sounds like a rehash of a good Perfume song, however it is not terrible either (then again it's a rehash of Perfume... talented Japanese Idols/performers/singers). Sadly that stupid filter is back. Eurgh.

Here is footage from Morning Musume's performance on the show Music Japan. Please watch as the girls promote their 52nd single as well as perform their new song live.

Wow, Riho actually doesn't sound like a dieing cat in this one... weird, huh? Sadly Sakura was not allowed to sing live (possibly not to outshine the vocally inept) for this performance even though we know that she can. Oh well, whatever. It's a pretty good performance regardless. And that one Eripon close-up? Yeah, I had a major fall in love moment there. Yikes, she's gorgeous and really eye-fucked that camera! So little screen time yet such a big impact!


The jacket cover for Momoiro Clover Z's limited edition box of their live DVD/Blu-Ray MomoClo Aki no 2-dai Matsuri 'Otoko Matsuri 2012 -Dynamism-' 'Onna Matsuri 2012 -Girl's Imagination-has been revealed. The DVD/Blu-ray is set to release on February 27th, 2013.

The surface of the box was illustrated by manga artist Hara Tetsuo whilst the back of the box was designed by art flower artist to4∞★Toshiko who has designed some of the groups costumes beforehand.

Okay, so WOW that front cover... it looks amazing and so beautiful, I love it! The back of the box, however... it looks tacky. Really tacky. I don't like it...

Then again I should not give my opinion, considering I very rarely follow MomoClo! Still, gotta appreciate the manga!


It has been announced that super group AKB48 and its sister groups will hold a 4-day live concert at Nippon Budokan this April. The concert will be called AKB48 Fair. This will be the first time that SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 will hold lives at the venue.

I'm surprised by the news and also a little disappointed, because I actually thought that the AKB48 Fair would be done in a similar way that the H!P concerts are done, meaning that the groups mingled together and became one for a day's performance. Either way it's great news, and hopefully all fans in Japan can take a chance to see the girls perform!


On January 26th Idol group SanMyu~ appeared at a sales event for the release of their debut single Kuchibiru Network at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Plaza in Tokyo. The group performed five songs as well as talked about their goals.
[I want to be like] Becky.  I like the way she keeps taking on challenges with positivity." - Nakayama Sae (14) 
"I want us to reach Oricon’s top 10…no, I want us to reach number 1!,"
I want us to perform at the Kohaku Uta Gassen at the end of this year and to receive the best new artist award at the Japan Record Awards.” - Nishizono Misuzu (17, Leader)
I don't pay much attention to SanMyu (most likely to do with their age..) but the group looks very cute and refreshing. It's great that the girls were able to perform to appeal to their audience as well as to promote their single. I also love their goals, very ambitious but not unbelievable, either.

... Well, Kohaku is.


On the final day of AKB48's AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013 graduated group SDN48 appeared on stage ad made a comeback for the day by performing their song Kodoku na Runner which had ranked 18th place on the request hour.

This is a great surprise for fans of SDN48, because whilst they may not have been as popular as their other sister groups, SDN was pretty much loved and welcomed by the fans. I'm glad to hear that they were able to make a comeback, even if I never followed them. Hopefully all fans who were watching the request hour were happy with their performance and enjoyed seeing them on stage again.


It has been announced that AKB48 will be holding an open-air live concert at Nissan Stadium in June. The live will be called AKB48 Super Festival and will become the biggest scale festival for the group yet as 70,000 audience members will be attending. As well as that, AKB48 will also be the first female Idol artist to hold a solo live concert at the venue.
“I think it will lead us to open up a new state. This year, the 48 groups will run at full speed!” - Takahashi Minami
 Hearing this news makes me really happy (you would have never seen me write that a year ago) and I am so ecstatic for AKB48! It's amazing that the girls are able to perform at such a big venue that will be seen by so many people who are fans or just the general public. It's amazing, it really is.

Hopefully anyone who can attend will to support AKB48!


Hello! Project trainee's Ichioka Reina and Nomura Minami have both been casted in C-ute's up-coming Spring stage play.

It isn't surprising to hear news that H!P trainee's have been casted in stage plays that other H!P members participate in, but for me this is the first time that I have seen these two casted in a play, especially Reina who has stated that she is not confident in her acting abilities. Hopefully this play will give the girls a lot more exposure and get them known to the audience who will watch the play as well as let the C-ute fans know more about them.


Morning Musume have been interviewed by JIJIPRESS! Please check out the video~

You know what? I wish that these companies would sub the video's... I do want to know what they're saying badly...

Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome will perform their new single Yoropiku Pikuyoro! on MelodiX! on January 28th, 2013.

The performance has passed since the news was released, however it's great to hear that the group was able to perform their latest release on a show! Hopefully those who could watch it enjoyed the performance given by the girls.

Hagiwara Mai, Shimizu Saki and Sudo Maasa promote their respective releases for Macpeople Magazine.

Maasa is beautiful...


There will be a 'Sokkou' USB-version of C-ute's Shinsei Naru Pentagram tour available for fans.

I am surprised but happy to see that C-ute will be selling a USB version of their concert to the fans. This will be a great way for fans to relive the moment as well as an easier way for fans outside of Japan or those who have not been to the concert to see it. Hopefully we will get to see it soon!

On January 27th the popular character Monchhichi celebrated its 39th birthday with Idol group 9nine and the event was held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City. Monchhichi were featured in 9nine's Christmas single White Wishes that was released in 2012. At the event the girls presented the characters with a sweet cake and performed three songs including White Wishes. Monchhichi are a popular children's character created on January 26th, 1974 by the doll company Sekiguchi. More than 70,000,000 Moncchichi's have been sold worldwide.

The girls commented on Monchhichi and other items that they treasure.
We (9nine members) all have the same Monchhichi season ticket holder. They are loved by all ages, because they are just too adorable! Please continue to stay by our side!” 
During my first year in junior high, I appeared in a drama together with Matsu Takako and she gave me a purple muffler. I was too happy and didn’t want to use it at first, but now I have been carefully using it for seven years already.” - Kawashima Umika 
I want us to become a group that will forever be loved just like the Monchhichis.” - Nishiwaka Sayaka
It's great to see that 9nine are able to get so much exposure right now, and after featuring such popular and cute characters, I really hope that they gain new fans young or old who will enjoy their music and the girls' look. This event is a great way to expose both the girls and the characters.

Hopefully all fans of both the girls and Monchhichi's went to the event and enjoyed the live performance.

Idol group Party Rockets have revealed the short PV to their up-coming single MIRAIE.

They look like a mix of Tokyo Girls' Style and MomoClo, but the opening of the song reminds me of something I would probably hear from Baby Metal... Weird. Anyway, cool video. I recognise that tunnel. AKB48 PV? Who knows...

On January 28th Oscar Promotion held a press conference to reveal their new girls' unit X21. Actresses Takei Emi and Katsuna Shiori both attended the event to support and celebrate the debut of the new unit. The new group is made up of 21 girls consisting of primary to high school individuals with an average age of 14. The ‘X’ in the group’s name is there to symbolize the unknown and unpredictable potential of the unit.
I want 2013 to become our year. We are a group of many great individuals and posses a great energy. We will do our best to spread this energy throughout Japan and eventually throughout the world.” She was also asked to comment on the sensitive issue of having boyfriends and replied, “I guess it’s not allowed? Anyway, we are having so much fun as a group that we can live without it.” - Yoshimoto Miyu (Leader)
This is pretty interesting in my opinion, because whilst they are a 'girls unit', I have to wonder what they will do. Oscar Promotion are an agency who recruit actors and actresses, so is X21 a group of girls who are training to become actresses, or Idols? Considering the 'no dating' rule question came up, I can only guess that they are talents in training right now or even an Idol group.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing more from this group. They look interesting...

Kashiwagi Yuki will be the cover model for the upcoming issue of anan magazine. She will wear lingerie with the concept of 'graduating from cute and shifting to sexy'. The issue will feature a story on 'high quality sexiness' from various aspects and will also include a 7-page long gravia which will feature Yuki's glossy skin and sexy expressions.
In order for me to be a woman who is admired by other women, I’ll learn by reading ‘an an’.” - Kashiwagi Yuki
The issue will be released on January 30th, 2013.

HOLY HELLO! You might just be less Vanilla than I thought you were...

I need to keep an eye on you and like you more.

Popular model and Idol Shiina Hikari (Pikarin) has opened up an SNS site that will enable fans to follow her easily. The site can be read in foreign language with the use of an automatic translation that the SNS provides. The SNS is called Shiritsu Mayumi Gakuen that Pikarin 'attends' in the human world.

Also; Pictures. Cosplay. Lots of.


Also, yes, I signed up. Duh.

The CM for C-ute's DVD Magazine Volume 29 has been uploaded to UFACTORY's youtube channel. Please check out the video~

Hopefully all fans of C-ute can check out the video and see the cute antics of this awesome group. The video digest features the girls on the beach as well as performances and just some general, adorable fun from the girls. Please watch it!

Up Up Girls promote their first album on Kawaii Girl Japan. Please check out the video with English subtitles!

For foreign fans who can read English this video is a great way to see how the girls promote their latest an album and to see their comments on it. Hopefully all fans will take a chance to watch the video and feel the cute excitement of Up Up Girls!

The DVD and Blu-Ray covers to S/mileage's ~Chou Kawa Banchou~ tour have been revealed.

There really is no real difference between the covers, other than the Blu-Ray disc being a bit bigger in width. The covers are very cute, pink and remind me of Valentine's day. Adorable!

The digest for Girls News featuring Hello! Project has been released allowing us to see what we can expect from the next episode!

These episodes are great for fans who want to keep up-to-date with anything like music video making of's or concerts/events that the girls have done. Hopefully you will be able to find the episode and take a look to see everything in full!

Houkago Princess have selected 4 new Cadet members to their group! This brings the groups total up to 15!

They are:


Kiduki Saori

Matsumoto Nashiai

Hayamizu Rin (pictured Right)

I haven't been following HouPri a whole lot for a while now, mostly because they never upload anything and one of my primary interests in Idols is their PV's and performances. However I am surprised that they have gathered new girls. They recently lost a cadet member as far as I know and one graduated into the main group and became a front member, but I was not aware that they were continuing auditions.

It seems that the newest member is Rin, as she has yet to find something to be a chairman of and also she hasn't posted on the HouPri cadet blog.

Hopefully those who follow the girls will support the new cadets!

The new apprentices for Station♪'s 2nd generation have been decided! But who are they?

Because my translation is icky (I can not translate for the life of me, though I wish I could) it seems that there are five new girls in the picture, but the icky Google translate says something about seven... SEVEN? Wow.

Anyway right now the girls have not been announced fully, so for now, let's make do with the silhouette's!


And that is all we have time for in this weeks news! Hopefully next week will be just as eventful, ne? Please stay tuned for the next Digest, the place where Idol news is condensed for your own personal ease! Thanks for reading and until next time... JA NE DESU NE~


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