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Okay! Musume Digest #35

Okay! Digest Time. Are you ready to have your weekly fill of Idoru News?

It feels like it has been SO so long since I last blogged here, I don't know why... Maybe it has to do with the gaming binge (Sims 3 and Harvest Moon) that I have had... hm...

Also: Snow. Lots of. Too bad the damn cars had to come around ruin it! Urrrgh!!! The roads look so ugly now!!!

In more personal news and updates, my niece celebrated her first birthday! My mother made a giant (rock hard) cake for her, it was pink with lottsa chocolate and sprinkles and was sooo sickly but oh so good! I miss the cake... It was the size of my head, possibly bigger.

And in Weekly Controversies, Kusumi Koharu spilled the beans on her Idol career and how it was simply a stepping stone for her to becoming a model. Basicaly she slandered her time in Morning Musume or something and some people are going a bit crazy over it. Personally I don't care, I love Koha no matter what, and Idols have always used groups or industries as stepping stones into bigger things; I'm sure half or nearly all of the new AKB girls are there to get themselves known. My only beef with this whole thing is that Koha ignored others and did what she wanted and also questioned Sayu's love for MoMusu. Anyway, bottom line; Koharu said it how it is for most idols in the industry now, and regardless of this, I still think she's awesome.

And now I don't have to write a post on this! YAAAY!

 Video of the Week

I feel like sticking Balalaika or something on here for this week's video, but I won't, because I have a song I've been crazy for this past week...

COME ON! by Dream5!

Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on... How can this not get stuck in your head? Seriously now... I actually didn't like this song much when I first heard it, but then one day this week I just started to remember the sound and realised that damn this tune is GOOD! Also... Kotori is HOT! Regardless of how old she may be, of course... but whatever, everyone is awesome in this... and Mikoto rocks this video and those cat ears! For once I don't want to burn them. And hey, Kotori, is that Haruka's Help me!! hat I see, or was it yours first?

Yours. It was yours.

Urgh, I need to review this PV just to take screen caps of Kotori and Mikoto and all of them!!!

Picture of the Week

Stupidly enough, I forgot which image I had used for last week, and I was ready to use it again... when I remembered I have already used it. See, this is how slow it's been this week; I am forgetting things!!! Arrrgh! I actually had to mentally remind myself that it was Tuesday and check the calender a few times before I was certain.

Well whatever, here have some Kudo love. The Loli Queen is here for you all!

Poll of the Week

Out of random curiosity, I will be asking this question:

Who is you current Morning Musume Oshi?

I honestly had no idea what else to put for this week, but before Reina leaves I do want to ask who you support and love the most out of the current line-up. I may do one of these questions again in the future but with all past and present MoMusu members.

Choose wisely, my pretties...

And with that said and done, let's move on to the final portion of the Digest, shall we?


It has been announced that BiS will be releasing a new single on March 13th 2013. Currently the single is untitled and will be released in three different editions; LIVE edition, MUSIC VIDEO edition and CD edition. The LIVE edition will come with a DVD containing footage from their Mada Major Janai Mon!! which was held in July 2012. The new song is said to be an emotional rock number.

Do you know what that picture of BiS says? It says to buy this mother-f***ing single or they're gonna beat you black and blue.

THAT'S what the image says.


A rumour about AKB48 member Kobayashi Kana has been spreading through twitter that she is in a relationship with a former Johnny's Actor, it has been reported.

The rumour began to spread on January 13th after a convenience store worker tweeted that Kana had come to the store with a man who is supposedly her boyfriend. Kobayashi came to know of the rumour through her fans and denied the rumours.
I was surprised when I woke up and checked Twitter! I don’t even have a Sunkus (convenience store) near my home. Even though it’s false information, thank you for worrying about me.” - Kana (Tokyohive)
(more information via Tokyohive)

Really now, man? It's barely the start of the year and already that damn rumour mill is spinning! Why, convenience store worker, why? I swear... -mumble mumble mumble-

By the way I have no idea who she is~


It has been announced that HKT48's debut single will be released this March on the 20th! The single is currently untitled and there will be three versions to choose from; Type A, B and C. Each version will come with a DVD.

It has also been announced that one of the coupling songs has been chosen as the CM song for Lotte's Ghana Milk Chocolate. The song has been titled Onegai Valentine.

2nd Generation Kenkyuusei member Tashima Meru commented on the single;
I am so excited that our long-cherished CD debut has been set! I want many people to know about HKT, and with our youthfulness and freshness, I hope we can show a different color from other 48 groups.
Ah finally, some confirmation! However, isn't the single releasing a little late for Valentine's day, Aki-P? It's also going to be too late for White Day.

Way to mix up your Hallmark Holidays!


The short PV for SKE48's Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi has been released. The song will be a coupling track for SKE48's next single, Choco no Dorei, and is also the graduation song for the 9 members who recently announced their graduation from the group. The group have been called Tabidachi Sotsugyou-gumi, and the song will be included in the Type A, B and C singles of Choco no Dorei.

The song is very pretty and reminds me of departure, which is essentially what the song is all about here. It's sad that these girls are all graduating, however it's heart warming to know that they will depart with such a beautiful song together. Hopefully everyone can check it out and wish the girls luck on their future endeavours!

Sengoku Minami and Yajima Maimi have both been featured on Adidas' futsal webpage.

I really have no interest in sport (I'm a lazy arse), however it's great to see that Maimi and Minami were able to model for adidas and promote futsal as well!

It has been revealed that Takahashi Ai is starring in the BS-TBS drama Ryusei Vacation!

For all you Takahashi Ai fans out there, definitely check out the drama if you want to see your Idol doing what she loves! This news is great, and I hope that all fans can tune in and watch Ai work her acting magic!

Mano Erina's profile images have been updated~

Mano Erina's final profile images for Hello! Project have been updated, and show her in the outfit from her Best Of album BEST FRIENDS. This is so sad... she is truly leaving us DX

In other news, it looks like she stepped out of the 80's or something. That jacket is so cheesy xD

Tsugunaga Momoko will release an e!-Hello DVD titled Momo Play 3 -Rest Another Day-.

Oh yay, another release from Momoko, whoo... //sarcasm.

Two video's featuring Oda Sakura have been uploaded to Morning Musume's official youtube channel. The first features her promoting her debut single Help me!! whilst the second video contains footage of her audition through to being accepted into Morning Musume and receiving the song for her debut, much like a short documentary.

These two video's are great; they really show off the cute personality that Sakura has (and seriously lacked in the Help me!! PV), and the short documentary is so sweet and really highlights both Sakura's talent and her undeniable sweetness. It's great to see that UFP are intent on promoting her, and both these video's are a great way of showing off he sole 11th gen member and selling the single, too.

Please check out both video's and be sure to subscribe to Morning Musume's official youtube channel as well as buy a copy of the single.

JIJIPRESS have released a video reporting on the recent event where Sharam Q announced their 25th Anniversary tour in August and the re-release of their hit single Single Bed.

Look at Tsunku and all his SWAG. Though their costumes are a bit, erm...

Oh well, whatever. Rock it, Sharam Q! Make those housewives squee in delight or whatever! And really, Tsunku? AKB48?

We love you and all but that's aiming a bit high, y'know?

Fukuda Kanon will hold a handshake event for the release of her solo DVD Dress Up Kanon on January 23rd, 2013. Also it has been announced that Kanon will be holding a birthday fanclub event on March 12th, 2013.

Two events for Fukuda Kanon to get excited for! This will be a great chance for fans of Kanon to go to her release event and see her in person or to experience her birthday with her for a day. Hopefully all fans within the area can go to the release event or her birthday event.

Source | Source

Fujimoto Miki will be holding a 10 year Anniversary celebrating FC event on March 23rd, 2013.

10 years? Why aren't Reinyan, Sayu or Kamei celebrating it, too? They've been around the same amount of time as Idols, and both Reina and Sayu are still in MoMusu!


The Digest to Tsugunaga Momoko's Momo's Play 3 ~Rest Another Day~ has been uploaded to Berryz Kobou's official youtube channel!

Now is it just me or, does the title of this DVD sound like it would work for a porno?

There will be an extra concert of C-ute's Shinsei Naru Pentagram tour on February 2nd, 2013. There will also be a live viewing available across Japan.

Now I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to concerts, but doesn't an extra concert date mean that C-ute have basically out-sold the other dates and generated more interest? If yes, then FUCK YEAH!!!!

The Digest for Tanaka Reina's Birthday FC event has been uploaded to the UFfanclub youtube.

The digest includes footage of backstage antics and rehearsals that all fans will enjoy as well as footage from the event itself. The Digest shows us that Reina had a great birthday experience with all her fans, and because this is her final FC event with her fans as a Morning Musume member, this will be a special event for everyone to enjoy watching for the first time or over again if they attended.

Boy I will miss Reina more than I thought I would o-o

The digest for Mizuki Fukumura, Iikubo Haruna and Kudo Haruka's Birthday FC events have been uploaded to the UFfanclub youtube.

Haruka in Mr. Moonlight = best thing EVER! Also, why the hell was it only Riho we heard singing Happy Birthday. Please, let Masaki and Zukki sing. They're the talent. Also, MR. MOONLIGHT! Haruka and her bitches, clearly. And Honey Pie for my Honeybo!

UFfanclub have uploaded the DVD digest to OG Morning Musume's M-Line Memory Vol. 10.

The video only seems to show Natsumi and Rika, which is sad but oh well... Well, we have the PonPon duo and the MasaHaruKiss duo there too to keep us entertained! Or is it just me who isn't a fan of either Abe or IshiiRika? XD

Okay, I kid, the IshiiRika x PonPon duo/MasaHaruKiss duo was a really fun part to watch.

Morning Musume's 10th generation members will hold a handshake event for their Alo-Hello! Photobook on January 30th, 2013.

They are just beautiful, so of course a handshake event is in order!

For the 90th Anniversary of Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall there will be a Hello! Project Promuim live.

Hearing news like this is absolutely amazing! Of course there will be other groups and singers there to celebrate the anniversary too (I think), but for Hello! Project to experience the anniversary with a long-standing concert hall is an amazing opportunity that I am sure Hello! Project are eager to be a part of. This is wonderful news!

Kusumi Koharu promotes Yamazaki bread and shares a recipe with everyone!

Ahh~ I want bread and a sandwich made by Koharu now~~~

A short documentary about the Hello! Project 15th Anniversary Live BRAVO! has been released through the MoBeKiMaSu channel. Please check it out!

The video is a great way to highlight the best bits of the girls as they work hard to practice for the concert and provide a wonderful performance for their fans. We also get to see performances from some of the groups including Asian Celebration (which I still don't like) and we also get to see the girls come out into the venue itself as their fans sit in the stands.

Also, some Meimi cuteness! I swear that girl is on cola or something o-O


S/mileage will be releasing their next single titled Tabidachi no Haru ga Kita on March 20th, 2013!

Finally!!! I was wondering when these girls would reveal details about their next single.

Hopefully it won't bore me or piss me off. Hopefully it's cute and genki and abslutely nutty but not as stupid as Dot Bikini.


Mitsui Aika will be absent from the January 19th and 20th Hello! Project concerts due to influenza.

They're dropping like FLIIIIES!!!


A live video of Yasuda Kei singing Kimi he no Uta ~Always Love~ at a music Restaurant called La Donna has been uploaded via UpFrontchannl's youtube.

Her voice is so beautiful. You can't get that quality of a singer in the current Morning Musume, can you?

Not to be mean. I'm just blunt and truthful... and realistic.

Morning Musume will appear on Music Japan on January 27th, 2013. Be sure to check it out~

I hope they get on more shows than just Music Japan, for the sake of promotion and all that jazz.

Additional backstage scenes of Oda Sakura have been uploaded to Morning Musume's official youtube channel.

It's nice to see scenes of Sakura working hard as she prepares for her debut, and hearing her sing the song for the first time without the use of un-needed auto-tune and the instrumental is refreshing and just makes you realise how great she is as a singer and how much expression is behind her voice. She has a lot of talent and potential... let's hope she isn't overshadowed by an over-hyped and strained, childish singer.

I'm being realistic again, aren't I? And a bitch. Oh well.


(From Top Left to Bottom Centre: Limited A, B, C and D + Regular Edition)

HQ covers for C-ute's single Kono Machi have been released.

The covers look extremely natural and pretty, very mature as well. Of course the CD that stands out the most is Limited C and is made up of lots of neon colours. They are really nice covers, actually. Sadly the song is so boring!

I swear, C-ute get the best covers in all of Hello! Project.

Fairies' member Kiyomura Kawane has halted her activities with Fairies in order to focus on her studies. An announcement regarding this was made through the official Fairies websites.
After today on the 17th, she will halt her activities as Fairies, and both her blog and Twitter will be put to a halt for now.” 
We are very grateful for all of your tremendous support. Please continue watching over Fairies with your warm heart.
This seems more like a graduation announcement to me, however, I really have no idea who this girl is...

I have no idea who anyone in Fairies is...

Also, from the comments given by fans via Tokyohive, apparently Vision Factory has removed Kawane's profile and all her pictures from the website and apps. There is obviously suspicion that she isn't returning, but that's only speculation for now.

It has been announced that SUPER☆GiRLS member Kano Kaede has withdrawn from the group. Kaede wrote on her blog concerning her decision;
Since the end of last year, I took a break because of my poor health condition. During that time, I was able to think about my 2 and a half years of activities as well as my own future. Becoming 20-years-old, I wanted to change my immaturity and the part of me that was spoiled. As for my future, I wanted to start over again from zero. After talking about those feelings with the staff and my family, I, Kano Kaede, will be withdrawing from SUPER☆GiRLS as of January 16th.
People seem to be pretty okay with her departure from the group, with most accepting it or 'understanding why she left the gruoup. There's even comments about scandals and such, but really, I don't care.


I have no idea who she is. Also, she has a mind of her own. She can do what she wants, really.


(Left to Right: Limited and Regular Edition)

The covers for Perfume's up-coming single Mirai no Museum have been released. There are two editions available to purchase.

Well, let's be honest here; I think the real-life Perfume are so much prettier, and again, me being honest; Doraemon's artwork does not appeal to me at all and actually looks... erm... ugly.


On January 16th Bump.y held an event for the release of their single COSMO no Hitomi at the Yokohama Cosmo World in Naka-ku, Yokohama. The Ferris wheel at the event location had been lit up with images from the song.

How does a Ferris Wheel light up with images from the song? Also, I want to see Morning Musume or another group do a release event at a theme park!

By the way; GO BUMP.Y!!!


A full, good quality radio preview for Michishige Sayumi and Fukumura Mizuki's duet song Aishuu no Romantic, which will be available as a coupling track for Help me!!, has been released for all fans to listen to.

When I first heard this song it was pretty low quality, but now that a full rip has come out in good quality, I would like to say that my opinion on the song has improved a bit! It still isn't my favourite song out of all the tracks, but it's better than I expected. I would love it is Mizuki was heard more, or didn't force her voice as much, but oh well.

It's cooler than I expected, that's for sure.

A short preview for Morning Musume's coupling song Nani wa Tomo Are! has been released! This is a coupling song for the single Help me!! and is sung by Ikuta Erina, Suzuki Kanon, Masaki Sato and Kudo Haruka.

This song is something that you would really expect from S/mileage, however the sound and energy behind the instrumental and vocals really suits the quartet here and really compliments all of their vocals. It has an energetic sound, one which is fun and cute, and reminds me slightly of Tachigaaru during the instrumental break. That said, it's a good song, and will probably become one of my favourites when it is fully released.

Also; Eripon has seriously improved!

A short radio preview for Watashi no Dekkai Hana has been uploaded to youtube. The song features Tanaka Reina, Iikubo Haruna and Ishida Ayumi singing this cool rap number.

OMFG A RAP!!!! YES!!!! And Daishii and Iikubo sound so freakin' perfect in this! Damn this has to be the best song on the Help me!! track list!

Reina gets all the best songs, I swear.


Tokyo Girls' Style have announced that they will be holding free lives to commemorate the release of their new album titled Yakusoku which will be released on January 30th. The shows are scheduled for February 11th at Chisato Selcy in Osaka and on March 2nd at Lazona Kawasaki in Kanagawa. There will also be a handshake event after the live performances.

I'm not an avid follower of TGS, but to see that they have planned a free live event for fans is a great way to promote the girls and garner new interest in their new album. Hopefully fans will take up this opportunity and see the girls live for free! This is an even that is surely not to be missed. I mean... I wouldn't pass up the chance, even if I am a casual listener of their material...


On January 19th during the second part of the live event Dokusen! Momo Kuno 60-pun vol.5 Momoiro Clover Z announced that they would be releasing their 2nd album this April. Currently the album is untitled. Leader Momota Kanako stated;
Actually, we’ve been progressing a lot with the album’s recording. There are many different kinds of songs, such as songs that will make you think ‘what is this?!’ as well as songs that will make you think ‘wow Momoclo!. I think it’s going to turn out to be an album filled with many different genres. We want to make a wonderful album and deliver it to everyone, so please look forward to it.” - Momota Kanako (from Aramatheydidnt)
I'm still a little wary of MomoClo, and I don't follow them actively like others (I know some friends of mine are trying to get me into these guys though!) but it's great to hear that the girls will be releasing their 2nd album soon! 2012 was a great year for the girls (I didn't like all of their songs though...) and hopefully 2013 will be the year of the MomoClo girls!


Avex have uploaded the short PV to E-girls The Never Ending Story music video! Go and check it out!

When I saw the title for the song I wondered 'Is this a cover?' and when I heard it, I was so pleased to hear that familiar sound when the lyrics come into play. It's such a nostalgic and wonderful sound, but I love that Avex have given it a modern twist with the E-girls. It sounds a bit more Christmassy and poppy, and the dance is pretty cool too!

Hopefully everyone can take a look at the short video and anticipate the full cover of the song! It sounds promising, well, it does for me at least~

A short radio preview to AKB48's up-coming Sakura single, So Long! has been released. The song is a simple and sweet tune which will remind the listeners of graduations in the spring.

The song is very sweet, and as I said in the description, quite simple as well. AKB don't really seem to try anything daring with their Sakura singles which is a shame, and this song is very safe and quite vanilla. That said, I find it cute and I do like it. It's just very safe.

Docomo's CM featuring AKB48 and their sakura song So Long! has been released. Please check out AKB48 as they change from cute mushrooms into Idols!

... MUSHROOMS!!! And ParuMayu <3

The digest to Kusumi Koharu's recent fanclub event has been released.

Digest? More like long-winded trailer showing us the boring bits that I don't understand! If I knew what she was saying, it would be less boring...

or is it something to do with 'Morning Musume was my stepping stone to becoming a model... No, I'm serious.'

Mano Erina's February 23rd graduation concert will be streamed live on Nico Nico Douga.

Good thing I have an account + it's a Friday/Saturday, so I'm all good!

... Unless I'm asleep, and then I'll miss it!

The cover to Noto Arisa's solo album Hello, Little Monsters has been revealed.

It's just as tame as I expected it to be, even with a pretty cool title. Why are you TAME? You need to have something COOL!!!

I swear, I will burn all the cat ears in Japan if they keep popping up everywhere...

That said, I do think it's cute. She is one cute bug.

Nakajima Saki will release a new photo book titled Naka-san on Febraury 20th, 2013. She will also release a solo DVD on February 27th. The title for her solo DVD has yet to be announced.

About damn time.

Yajima Maimi will be starring in the stage play Taklimakan which will run from May 31st until June 11th 2013.

We need some Airi, Chissa and Maimai news now... x3

The cover to THE Possible's best of album Aratamemashite, THE Possible Desu! -Nyumon Hen Best- has been revealed!

Okay, that's a really cute cover! I love the lollipops they have, though one of them has a heart which is generic and does not match the silliness of the lips or the moustache...

The cover to Michishige Sayumi's up-coming photo book Mille-feuille has been released, showing off Morning Musume's leader in a bikini (yum).

Well hello there Miss Michishige, looking as delectable as ever I see...

Now seriously, UFP, you are spoiling us with both Nakky and Sayu, the two hottest, most gorgeous girls in all of H!P? Thank you!


Yajima Maimi will be Sato Masaki and Kudo Haruka's next guest for their regular corner for Top Yell magazine.

Wait, they have a regular corner!? When did this HAPPEN!?


Tanaka Reina graces the cover of Baseball Game magazine!

Finally got hold of some balls there have you, Reina?


Morning Musume's 9th, 10th and 11th generations grace the back cover of Anican R Yanyan!! magazine!

Look at all that emotion there... Oh wait, sorry, I didn't see you there Riho with your emotionless smirk.

But in all honesty this is sooo cute, especially Sakura!!! D'aww, Sakuranbo!


And so concludes this weeks batch of Idols and News! Thank you for sticking around and digesting all this information! I will be back next week with more News for everyone! Ja ne~


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