Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2014 ~Hope, Dreams, Fears and Predictions of the New Year~

2013 is drawing to an end, and soon we shall all be celebrating the New Year of 2014! Of course for some that has already happened, but for others it is just a few hours of waiting!

Of course, the end of another year can only mean one thing on Okay! Musume Time... IT'S TIME FOR MY NEW YEAR'S PREDICTIONS!!! HELL YEEEEAH!!! The excitement ends here in 2013 with this post, but we begin a New Year with these Hopes, Fears, Dreams, Wishes and Predictions all in one place, either hoping that some come true, and others don't. This is the one post of the year where I bring forth what I truly wish for in the coming year, and like past years before this (er... two past years, actually) we shall be looking at what I would love out of 2014, wheter it is Idol related, or for my own personal life!

But before we get into the Predictions of 2014, I want to say that this year has been fun. I do think that it wasn't as good as last year in writing, but in my own personal life and with Idols, a lot has indeed happened. I started to become more sociable myself, and my Idols have also been a big part of my year too with their amazing comebacks into the Media, especially in the forms of Morning Musume and Houkago Princess.
 In terms of writing however, I do think that I have lacked in many places. I feel like I was weak his year, but in the New Year, I do hope to get a bit stronger. Fingers crossed...

So, it's time to bring on the Predictions, Dreams, Hopes, Wishes, Fear... all of it for the on-coming year of 2014! This will officially be my 5th (actually, 6th in August) year since becoming a Hello! Project and Idol fan! How exciting is that? I am already getting old... -sobs-

Bring on the Year, and bring on the Idols! Are you ready for it?

The Hello! Project x UFP
Hope, Dreams, Fears and Predictions '14

1. Niigaki Risa gets married... or at least a boyfriend

Given that our hopes and dreams of a Gaki-Ai wedding have now been shattered thanks to the realisation that our darling Ai-butt is into men and not our gorgeous Lord Gaki, I have come to realise that it would be nice to see my original Oshi settle down into a relationship, or even married life. Thing is, this is only a Hope, a Dream... in reality, I have a feeling she'll do a Yuko on us and marry someone then have a baby just before she hits 40. Boohoo!

Gaki, makes this Dream Come True!!!

2. Zukkini gets a PUSH!!! (Pushing the Chubby character, but whatevers, it's a PUSH!)

... Didn't I wish for this last year? Yeah, I did, and I am gonna continue to wish for it until it happens... and whilst it may have happened slightly in Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa, it was only briefly, and my terms of push is equal to that of the push Masaki has been given. So, a few more TV or magazine appearances, a little bit more screen time during videos, and possibly one or two solo lines. The push I want to see is clearly a visual one, because whilst I do adore Zukkini's gorgeous voice, it's clear that she won't get to sing when Masakins, Sakuranbo or Dayashi are there. So visually, on TV or in magazines, I want her to have a push. Give it to her. Nao.

I can Dream~

3. Iikubo Haruna gets a Solo PB

Last year it was Eripon who I wanted to have a PB, and whilst I still do, my desire for a PB this coming year goes to Harunan. Seriously, HOW has she not had a PB yet!? Like... DAYUMN! That body, that face, those legs, that stomach... she needs a photobook, and quickly. And if it has to be a dual photobook, then just snap her with Dawa in rather risky, provocative positions. The fans will love it!

4. Morning Musume get to Kouhaku 2014-2015!

This is pretty much Sayashi Riho's dream, and I know that this year, a lot of fans were disappointed when Morning Musume didn't make it on the show, but newer Oricon Idols did; like E-girls, or NMB48. Whilst I was also sad, Kouhaku generally doesn't affect me, but it would have been nice for Morning Musume to go on... so this coming year, I hope they do. It would bring Sayashi's dream to life, and I am sure many fans will revel in it too.

5. C-ute interest me more

I will admit that this year, whilst C-ute held more interest than Berryz in terms of their looks and PV's, they were one of the boring H!P groups this year. Sure, they didn't rile me up like Berryz and their crap group chemistry did this year, but they didn't exactly capture my undivided attention, either. S/mileage had the magic of Yattaruchan, Berryz had an amazing song in the form of Sayonara Usotsuki Watashi ni, and Morning Musume showed off their dancing skills and the fact that their songs were sounding better than ever. C-ute? They played on the safe side a bit, so I kind of hope that they just... dare to be different, rather than continuing down that sexy route.

I love the sexy route though, so if this doesn't happen, it'll be okay!

6. Michishige Sayumi Announces her Graduation (CALLED IT)

This is more a prediction than a Hope, Wish or Fear... I actually think that this year, Sayumi will announce her Graduation. Whether she graduates in the same year or the next will be up to her, but I do think that this year we shall see Sayumi say that she is leaving Morning Musume because she feels that the new members can now carry it alone. 2013 has been a fantastic year for her, and I am sure 2014 will be as well... but it does feel like this year, it is Sayu's time to announce her departure from the group she loves so much.

And if she doesn't announce it... YAY!!!

7. Morning Musume hold 12ki Auditions... AGAIN!!! (KNEW IT)

Given that I feel like Sayu will announce her leave soon, I think it would also be a good time to once again hold auditions for Morning Musume... but this is a Hope more than anything. I doubt they will do it, but it would be nice to see them hold auditions once again.

8. The Kenkyuusei debut more new groups

Everyone was hpyed for Juice=Juice, and when Tsunku had announced that 2013 would see more new groups, we kind of hoped for more permanent new groups... not just one + some SatoUmi units that won't ever do anything again in terms of single release for years to come. So yeah, I would like to see the H!P Trainees bring out a new group, because whilst I like what we have, Berryz are boring in terms of their visual aspect, and C-ute are getting a bit dull for my tastes... please, bring on a new group!

9. Mizukingdom becomes interesting...

Whilst I am sure many love Fukuhime and her two Mizuki empires on her chest, I find her rather dull. Currently, she is the least interesting member of Morning Musume for me, so I hope that in the new year, she becomes a lot more interesting.

... Oh wow, someone beat out Dayashi >o>

10. H!P/UFP gets a Soloist

This is probably one of those Dreams that will never come true, but hey, I can wish right? And I will wish for a new soloist, given that now UFP have halted Asahi's career in soloism to give her a new unit.

Put bluntly, I need a new Mano. STAT!!!

11. S/mileage bring out more fun songs

Do I even need to explain myself? I like their fun songs, and whilst their new direction is proving positive, this auto-tuned S/mileage ain't got nothing on the cute derpiness of Yattaruchan S/mileage!!! Bring on Fun S/mileage '14!!!

12. Either Berryz lose a member/disband, or C-ute disband (HALF HAS COME TRUE!)

In terms of C-ute disbanding, this is a fear, but also a prediction. For Berryz, it's a prediction; I have a feeling that either one of these groups will lose a member, or disband. It kind of scares me that this might happen. I hope it won't, but it might. Berryz songs are still strong, and the image of C-ute is strong too, but I do think that we may see the end of someone, or one of these groups, in 2014...

I kind of pray it doesn't happen though. Fingers crossed for good things, and staying together!

13. Berryz Kobo get better PV's

Don't pull the wool over your eyes; it's undeniable that out of all the groups except maybe S/mileage, Berryz have the worst videos... they also have the worst group chemistry on camera, so if they finally get a decent PV with a good budget, and better group chemistry, I will be happy. At least, for a while.

But in general these guys are a visual mess, so I hold out little Hope for this one to come true!

14. Ai-butt announces her pregnancy

This is more of a jokey prediction, but honestly, wouldn't it be funny if she did announce her pregnancy just after her marriage? Yeah, I'd laugh my butt off! And then I would be deliriously happy that Ai has a little prodigy running around, singing...

Oh wait, that's Oda Sakura I'm talking about. See! She already has a baby!

15. DaaishiPon get a Rap duo

Wouldn't it be just cool to see these two pretty terrible singers get a rap duet together as a coupling song? Yeah, it would be awesome. I kind of want it... a lot I want to hear that awakward, but still better than Miyabi, rapping! I wish for this sooooo much!

.. Wow, that's a short prediction list for H!P 2014!!! OH welp!

The '48 Family
Hope, Dreams, Fears and Predictions '14

... Yup, the '48's now have their own section here! Treasure it, 48 fans!

1. AKB48 get better songs

I hated their selection of terrible songs this year, I won't deny it, so next year I hope that AKB48 will produce better singles, songs with body, character and charm... not generic crap just to cash in on the popular members. Please, Aki-P, deliver some quality sounds! ONEGAI!!!

2. HKT48 appeal to me more

Much like my Hope last year where I wished to find NMB48 more appealing, the same now applies for HKT in the coming New Year. Really, I would like to like them, but despite their cuteness, I found the group too childish and much like a play group for toddlers. I want to find something I like about them... like Tentoumu Chu! I like them, despite their age range, but HKT... I have no clue what to enjoy about them yet.

Here's to hoping this one comes true!!!

3. Yamamoto Sayaka goes solo

Of all the '48 girls, I think that Yamamoto Sayaka is the one I would like to see go solo the most. She is cute, popular, and I am sure she has a really nice voice to boot! So yeah, I want to see her go solo... it would be a nice treat for the fans, and like many other girls in the '48's, she deserves it.

4. Matsui Jurina takes a break

Whether it is a hiatus or just a months break from activities, I don't care, this girl needs a rest! She works herself to the bone and is clearly the one member of the entire 48's who is the most overworked, and it shows a lot. She is a front girl for two groups, and then she has handshake events and more... and a lot of fans are worried about her, me included. I want her to have a damn rest, and I know she would be missed, but girl... you need a break and a hamburger! Go on, eat it and snooze!

5. Kojima Haruna Graduates

Much like I think Sayu will announce her impending graduation this year, I also feel like 2014 will be the year where Kojima Haruna jumps ship and sails away cackling. I know that may be a mean thing to think for some, but I can't help but feel like KojiHaru will leave AKB48 towards the middle of the year.

Yeah. Middle. I am getting damn specific here!

6. Watanabe Mayu wins Senabtsu (FUCKING CALLED IT!)

This is more of a prediction and possibly a fact; she's gonna win it this coming year I believe, especially given Sasshi won it this time around. I don't want her to win it, mostly because I believe she can't hold down the centre of such a large group, but I do think it will happen.

... And then we will just have a Creeper Smile filled video. Good Lord!

And I think that that is it for the '48's! Short, but sweet! ONTO THE OTHERS!!! 

The J-Pop x K-Pop
Hope, Dreams, Fears and Predictions '14

1. Yuuka Ueno continues her beautiful career

Soloists in Japan, especially younger ones who are new and fresh, are kind of dwindling right now, especially since Idols are so big on the market, so I really do hope and wish that Yuuka Ueno is able to stay on the market and make a name for herself and gain a good following. I adore this girl, she has a Heavenly voice and a charming approach, so I want to see her grow more in 2014 and watch her become a young adult. It will be nice to see more singles out of her too! Please!?

2. I get into SHINee more

There are a few groups I want to try and get into more, with SHINee being the one I want to get into most. They are K-pop, a genre I usually don't find myself looking into, but this year it seems that they have taken my interest a little more than usual, and I want to try and see if I like them more.

I also want to learn they names and faces off by heart too, which will be a challenge in itself, but you never know. It could happen!

3. I get into Idoling!!! a bit more

I'm not going to say that this is a big hope or wish, but I would like to get into Idoling!!! a little more, if anything for their music. I don't follow them like I once did, back in my earlier days of enjoying Idols, so it would honestly be nice to try and ease myself back into them and see if I like their music. If not, then I guess I just outgrew them.

But I want to try.

4. I love Dream5 even more!

This year, Dream5 caught my attention more, but in 2014 I want them to reign supreme! I already like them a lot, but I want to go to the next level; Loving them! They deserve it, so hopefully in 2014 my love for them will flourish! Here is to hoping!

5. READY TO KISS release a CD + PV

This one might not happen, given that it seems this group is more performance based than what HouPri are, but I would honestly like to see a solid single and PV release from this group, even if it is low budget and generic. I am pretty sure that many Sakipyon fans want this, too!

6. Houkago Princess introduce new members! (CALLED IT!)

This is actually very likely to happen, given that HouPri have added millions of members each year since their debut, so I would like to see it happen again... even if I do like the current line-up. Still, it's nice to see different, fresh faces once in a while!

Speaking of new members...

7. Michishige Saho becomes a full member

I want to see SahoShige become a full member of HouPri, though this one may just take a while; she's still an Apprentice, which means she needs to become a Cadet before she can graduate to full member status. Still, with HouPri's system it isn't impossible, and so I would like to see her become a fully-fledged Gen 6 member before the end of the year, or the start of 2015... either way, debut the girl fully!

8. HouPri bring out more singles and PV's, and go back TIF '14! (THIS BITCH CALLED IT!)

Another HouPri one!? Yeah, of course! I would honestly love to see Houpri release more in 2014, because this year they were so promising. I don't expect a major debut any time soon, but I would enjoy to see the girls release new stuff, and of course make it to TIF 2014! They went this year, so to see them there in 2014 again... that would be amazing! So bring it on, HouPri!!!

9. I watch LinQ more

Rather than getting into this group more, I actually want to watch them more. LinQ as a whole are interesting, they have a good look to them, and their songs can be really fun! But I just don't watch them enough, and I really don't think I want to get into them until I have seen more of stuff... sadly with LinQ, I go on/off them a lot, but if I try to watch them more, I think that I will pay more attention to them.

10. Fudanjuku bring in a new member

Given that Fudanjuku lost Renji this year, I really do hope that they bring in someone new even more now. I hoped for this last year as well, but instead of gaining a member, we ended up losing one, so this year I do want them to bring in a new face! I think that Fudanjuku are perfect as they are now to be honest, but I like the idea of a refreshing, new face joining this beautiful team. Someone who could be a little brother to Ryouma-kun, perhaps?

11. Ono Erena releases more amazing singles

I loved the releases from Erepyon this year, so of course I want more of it in the New Year... I just hope that she continues bringing out great songs. I don't hold out for a second album, that would be too soon, but another three or four singles would suffice... ;)

12. StylipS release more in 2014

This year, StylipS didn't realease much, and I felt withdrawn from them. So in 2014, I would love to see this glorious group give us more in terms of singles. They are a great group, and I know that YuiKaori's departure greatly hurt them, especially since they were the two most popular members, but I do want 2014 to be a brighter year for them.

Also, I know that Arisa has her solo career, and Maho has her side-band plus singing for games, but I truly would like to see more from StylipS. It's a shame that this year, they really did not shine as much as they did during their debut year.

12. Otome Shinto continue to amaze me and release catchy cute songs

I actually want to fully fall in love with this group in the New Year, but I do want them to also continue releasing cute and catchy songs that amaze me, too. They are very addictive, regardless of how untalented they are, and I really like their look and sound. Their childish ways amuse me in a way that no other kiddy groups do (Hi, HKT!) so I want that to continue into the New Year. Please make me even more addicted, Otome Shinto!

13. I get into more Japanese boy groups

... How long will it take me to actually go through with this one? Either way, I'm going to hope for this until it eventually happens, so there we go! Here's to hoping!!!

14. Nogizaka46 continue their amazing songs and PV streak

Is this asking/wishing for too much? No? GOOD!

Also, add in 'Fall for NG46' in there. Let's see if the year will be kind and shock me into falling for them properly!

15. Naaboudoufu@Nana release a new single

... Yeah, I kind of missed her this year. A lot. And I would love to see her release a new single! I still adore her vocals and her amazing ability to just bend those yummy legs.

Please, give me more Nana songs? Pweeeease? ;w;

My Personal
Hopes, Dreams and Wishes of 2014

1. I write more for other blogs that I am a part of

This year, I really did feel like I neglected the other blogs I am a part of, so one of the things I want to do the most in 2014 is blog more on those sites. Writing with others is a great opportunity, one that I have been slacking on so much this year, so I resolve to write more for these blogs. I really hope that I can do this.

2. I write more in general

Given that my future career plan is to become a writer, whether I am writing in script, Journalism or even stories, I want to write more this year, especially creative writing. I want to create stories again like I used to and basically just try and better myself in my writing. This is one thing that I desire to do the most for the next year, other than to write more on the other blogs I am a part of, that is.

3. I see my friends more + go travelling (HAHAHAHA OH YEAH CALLED IT)

I like seeing my friends, so I want to try and see them more in the New Year before I (hopefully) go to University. I also want to travel this coming year, as one of my friends has invited me to go travel with her to France. It would be nice to go, so that is a dream/wish I really want to come true.

4. Finish my Request Chronicles (before November '14)

This one is kind of self explanatory... xD And yeah, I need to finish them. As I said, this year I slacked, and I want to do better. So what better than to actually finish the requests?

5. I get into University (sexy face, Chii) and keep up with blogging

I have been accepted into my University of choice, but that does not mean I can go; I first need money, so I hope that I can get that together and then go off to University. It will be an amazing, scary opportunity, but I want to do it so that I can gain a bit more experience in the writing field (I will be doing Creative Writing and Film Studies, Joint Honors) and to try and grow a little more as a person. It will also mean that I have to fend for myself, kind of. That will be the scary part. But I want to try it.

I also want to go to University and continue my blogging, though I know I will be busier. It will be tough if it happens, but I want to try it. I really do!

And so, with that said and done, ends Chiima's boring year-end post... YAY!!!

So yeah, another year and another predictions/wishes posts. Hopefully 2014 will be filled with many fun surprises instead of chaotic ones, or ones that make us weep. I also hope that the year of '14 brings us even more Idol happiness than this last year has brought us! Here's to a New Year filled with Idols and love once again. KAMPAI!!!

Do you yourself have any New Year's Predictions, Hopes or Dreams for 2014? If so, let me know if you want! It will be fun to read! If not, then just enjoy what the New Year brings you all!

Here is to all of you and your New Year. I hope that it's a good one for you guys, because you are all amazing! -clinks glass-

Much Love from 2013 to 2014 onwards,

The Liebster Awards of 2013

So I recently read an intriguing post on Konno's Story, and I really wanted to do it because it's interesting, and it includes questions. I like questions. A lot. SO HERE WE GO!?

These are the Liebster Awards, a random system that anyone can take part in in order to share the little blogs around the world wide web and get their names out there! After looking up these awards, I found that how it works can vary depending on who does it, as the original Liebster Awards seemed to just focus on promoting blogs rather than adding questions and such on, so like chain letters, rumours or Chinese whispers, these Liebster Awards adapt and develop for other bloggers, depending on what sort of course you want to take with it.

I will, however, follow the rules provided by Konno loosely. I say loosely, because I may play around and adapt them if I so wish to xD


1. Link back to the Blogger who nominated you for this Spiffing Award. (see top of post for linky~)
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger whom has so kindly nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers for this spiffing award.
5. Pray that they read this post and find out that they have been nominated!
6. Go to the blogs you have nominated and notify them of what you have done (I am too lazy to do this, seriously)
7. Give your nominees 11 wonderful questions. Just don't get personal, kay?
8. You did not realise that I missed out Numero 4 on this list, right?

Clearly, I am taking this very seriously, like I take everything seriously. But yeah, looking at that rule list, I really don't think that I will notify the bloggers because I think that this sort of thing, if you want to do it, please do it, whether or not you are nominated for it. It's a fun thing to do I believe and will also get names out there for bloggers who I personally feel must be given a chance, because goodness gracious me, they are lovely, wonderful people. I swear.

Anyway, that said and done, I was nominated by the charming and lovely Konno Asami, whom you can check out at Konno's Story. Konno is very much into women's and gay rights, as well as into Aime/Manga and the Japanese music industry, with rather different tastes to my own, but mature and fun tastes too, such as Kalafina. The thing that I enjoy about Konno is that he knows what he likes, and does have a strong mind and opinion. I doubt I will ever always agree with him, but I like what he says and I do find his opinion insightful and allows me to learn more about him. Also, I feel that Konno brings a lot of his own views into his posts, whether it is about Idols, music, anime or not. I like that, as well know already.


1. What got you into blogging?

Rage. Pure, unhappy rage at a PV that I really did not like. But that's for this blog. If we go back a few years more, around the time I was 14 or something, I actually had an Anime review blog, and just after that I think a make-up blog. I attempted those sorts of blogs because I always found writing easier than making videos on youtube. (which I started at around 13, believe it or not) Forming words that are written is easier for me, I am a terrible speaker, however I never could stick to it because I couldn't stay focused or interested in something for too long, or I just felt that the videos were more worthwhile because I drag out what I write... which is what I am doing here. But yeah, rage for a Morning Musume PV got me into blogging properly, however my love for writing and the fact that I find it easier was also one of the reasons behind it, too.

2. Has blogging done anything for you? It can be from making you happy to making you angry.

I think that it has allowed me to grow more as a writer in a journalistic sense, as well as the fact that it has really made me happy, too. It's also allowed me to bond with a lot of people who are a part of the J-pop community too, such as readers, fellow writers and bloggers or other fans. It has also given me the amazing opportunity of being able to write with other amazing writers like Greg, Ray and Allyson. I feel so fortune to have become a part of this community when I did, so I feel blogging has done a lot for me.

3. Do you read and/or watch any anime's/manga's? Also, if you happen to know Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi/Junjou Romantica, I automatically love you.

I currently don't watch Anime, and I flip in and out of my Manga phases, mostly because when I read it, I don't stop and I kind of lose sleep! However I have read Hiyokai a lot over the past few months, and attempted Blood Lad. To be honest, I prefer reading manga to watching Anime, but when I was 13 to around the age of 17, I was heavily into Manga and Anime. My favourite Manga's are Fushigi Yugi and The Gentleman's Alliance Cross.

Also, I know about Junjou Romantica! My sister was really into Yaoi (spilling the beans) and even though I didn't really care for Yaoi, I read some of my sisters Yaoi manga, but I only really ever like Junjou Romantica. That was a really good Anime, and I tried reading some of it too because it just had good characters and story lines.

4. Who is your favourite J-pop group (and if you like K-pop/C-pop too, tell me)?

It's rather clear that I adore Morning Musume, but I have a deep love for Houkago Princess, Bump.y and Fudanjuku, too. I think that the group I favour most is probably Morning Musume because I have been into them for so long, but those other groups are the ones I think highly of as well.

In terms of K-pop, I don't really care about it. I've never really seemed to find it appealing, but I do like C-pop. I like Michael Wong as a singer, he is fantastic, as well as Show Luo and Rainie Yang. EXO's Mandopop group are also epic.

5. If there was a battle to the death between Momochi and Sayumi, who'd win the war on cuteness?

Sayumi would, mostly because I would throw bear traps and daggers at Momochi's head to slow her down for the kill. But yeah, we know how I feel about Momochi as a whole, not too keen xD

6. Do you think the 'Dating Rule' is necessary?

I don't think it is, but I also understand why it's there as well. I clearly don't like it, but honestly, we still have this issue when it comes to dating and how the fans feel in America and England; if a popstar guy dates a popstar girl or a regular girl, his fans go over the top crazy and threaten them with death and such. It's the same in Japan, except it's grown men and not teenage girls who dislike the idea of an Idol dating; it's one in the same, except that Japan have it under more control by not allowing the girls to date, limiting their freedom. I hate the rule itself, but given how innocence and purity is such a big thing in Japan, it is there for the sake of sales and selling the product with a clean, untouched image.

Perverted, I know.

7. Are you an Otaku Wota? And if you are, how many CD's would you buy to see AKB48/SKE/HKT/NMB? Or any other group that does handshake events.

I would say I am a wota, or at least a really big fan! But I'm rather frugal when it comes to Idol CD's, so unless it was for a handshake event and mini live that I really want to go to, and it has the girls I want to see, then I will probably buy about four CD's.

As I said, I am stingy with CD's!

8. The best place in the world for you? Doesn't matter if you've visited the place or not.

My bed. I love sleeping, to put it bluntly, but also (cliche time!) I like being with my friends. It's a lot better being surrounded by the people who, despite being different from me, understand me and accept me wholeheartedly for who I am. I also like being around my mum and younger sister, because I feel safe with them and I love them. If I'm with them, I think I could go anywhere and feel happy and at ease.

9. Suddenly you get to be the Supreme Ruler of the World. What changes would you make?

I would probably rule out travel costs, honestly. I am also all for equality and such, but I would want to make things cheaper and easier for poorer people because it is hard for lower class citizens to get by in day to day life. I would also like to make education completely free, as well as allow students to learn what they want to learn. I feel like too many restrictions in education is the reason why so many children hate school so much, because we are forced to learn with limited sources during certain stages, or we are restricted from being free with our creative minds (which is why I now hate Art with a passion).

10. Have you ever listened to a C-pop group/soloist?

Rainie Yang and Show Luo were my first ventures into Chinese music, because I really liked Mandarin/Chinese dramas at one point. Then obviously, I stumbled upon Michael Wong's Fairytale, which is a glorious piece.

11. If you had the chance, would you audition for an Idol group?

I've thought about this a million times and honestly, yes I would. But I would only audition for a group like Houkago Princess or BiS, because I know BiS are obscure and would probably revel in the fact a foreigner auditioned, and HouPri because I love their atmosphere and idea behind their theme (I like dressing up). I don't think that I could ever keep up with Morning Musume or AKB48, because the eien pressure would be too much, and I wouldn't be able to keep up with them.


So, the questions are done and dusted, which only really leaves the 11 12 blogs to promote. All of these blogs I do read and I enjoy them thoroughly... if I didn't, then I would not promote them!

1. Nia's Wonderland - I love Nia, we all know this; she is like my little sister in blogging, but I think so highly of her well. She is a fantastic writer, and her love for Perfume is so strong... that is admirable <3

2. Janakya Mottainai - Aim has always been on of those writers I have simply idolised. She has amazing talent, she has great posts and opinions, and she has a pretty diverse interest in Idols. Also, she just recently started writing again... YES!!! SHE'S BACK ; A; <3

3. Momo Musu - Momo is one of my favourite bloggers, and one of my close friends too. She has such a good way of writing, and I love that she includes the readers through various surveys she conducts and then writes out with the results. She's still building up her blog, but please, check it out!

4. fly in the f*ing wine - Mara doesn't seem to update much nowadays, but that does not mean her blog is any less enjoyable! I like Mara's writing, she has such a fun and carefree style that I like.

5. Sarah's Tiny Sanctuary - This is one of Sarah's newest blogs, and she has already shown that she has a very strong skill in writing, despite the fact that English is not her first language. She is currently taking on topics that can be classed as controversial or a little risky for a new blog, but I like that she is taking this risk; it's great to see that she is diving head-on into writing that she is interested in. It is something that will surely get her noticed!

6. Happy Disco - Serenyty has a really great writing style, one that I admire greatly and wish I could match at some point. She creates good points, she brings in her readers through asking for their opinions, and she does great research on her topics! She is also open to what others have to say, and does not keep her mind closed to other opinions. She is an inspiring and amazing person, if you ask me.

7. COSMIC CHILD - Phob is one of my favourite writers; she has a style that drags you in and locks you down, a way with words that persuades you over to her side and allows you to see why she loves something... and it ultimately makes you love it, too. Sadly, her last post was in May of the Year Going By, but I do hold out hope that Phob will bring her wonderful talent back to her blog. I miss her!

8. Selective Hearing - I know for sure that SH have over 200 readers and followers, but regardless of that they will go in here! This was one of my first blogs that I ever followed consistently, and even now I still adore SH, even since becoming a part of it. It is an amazing blog, where your opinions are your own, and no one panders to ones tastes. It's a place of basically just voicing what you want and not caring what others think... it's a sanctuary.

9. Sakura Mankai - This is a news blog, but a News blog that simply gets to the point ad simply keeps you updated on the latest H!P News. I like this blog a lot, and Mega Mickey has done such a good job... I hope she keeps it up!

10. Itsumo Genki - If you thought that I forgot about my darling Isilie, you ere wrong! WRONG I SAY!!! I will never forget my muse, the inspiration, my light... I love Isilie in general, and Itsumo Genki is a beautiful blog. She may not update a lot, but she updates enough to keep me sane! Well, as sane as I can get... yeah.

11. Konno's Story - Konno did indeed tag me in this, but I read Konno's blog a lot anyway, because I like his opinion and the way he writes. He has a very condensed form of writing, different to my own, but he still manages to put every bit of his opinion, thoughts and feelings in there no matter what, and it is still so interesting and thought-provoking. I don't agree with everything he writes, but that doesn't mean I should dislike he! He's a good writer!

12. Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! - This is a great blog for updates and small reviews on said updates; I really love Chuu! Sugoi! Idol! for that, because if nowhere else has picked up on something or said anything about it, you can be sure that Ran-chan has! I love te dedication Ran-chan has, she truly does inspire me!

Whoops, broke the rules! There are 12 blogs, not 11! Huehuehue...~

And now, for the Random Questions! I don't expect anyone to actually answer these, but if you do, it shall be interesting to see... ;)


1. How did you find Idols, and what got you into them?

2. How long have you been blogging for now?

3. Think of a random Idol song. The first one that pops into your head, what is it, and what do you think of it?

4. Now think of your favourite Idol song! What is it, and why is it your favourite?

5. If you could go to any country right now, which country would it be?

6. What was your favourite childhood cartoon?

7. Did you ever like Anime or Manga before you got into Idols?

8. What was your best subject in school? (this has nothing to do with anything else, I know xD)

9. What is your favourite book? Have you re-read it?

10. If you were in a Zombie Apocolypse, who would you ally with? It can be anyone, from fictional to real, to someone you do or do not know! Choose wisely!

11. Would you ever volunteer for the Hunger Games?

... I think these questions show my curiosity and my personality a bit xD I like them! Though they are a bit weird...

AND SO those are my Liebster Awards of 2013! This was interesting to do, and whilst I have taken a while to actually get this done, I think that this post itself is a nice way to end the year promoting other blogs! I know that it is about talking about your own blog and such, but it also allows us to highlight the blogs we like, which is really nice... it also allows me to push these blog towards you guys more, too ;)

They need love, too! <3

Anyway, with this all done and dusted, I can now relax... and write some more! No rest for the wicked, me dears!

Until next time~


2013: A Year Gone By, A Year to Recap

It's time to stick on some inspiration music, relax and get ready to do this thing, because Gurt Damn, a year is going to be over and done with in less than a day! I know, I can't believe it either! It's as if the year has flashed by, like a Ninja or a ghost, and is now replacing itself with a New Year, a New Start. But before we head into that, isn't it time for my Year End Recap?

Ah, the Recaps... I swear, I am not prepared yet. I'm still happily sitting here, in the last few dregs of 2013, whilst everyone else started their Recaps or Mega-Posts like, what? a Month ago or something? Anyway, I think it is kind of time for me to start this now... so, we'll be taking a look back at 2013 today, A Year that has gone by, a Year to look back on. Are you ready to reminisce and remember?

So another year, another chapter huh? It's been rather quick, and honestly, I wonder how the days passed me by so quickly... really, it's been a bit like a whirlwind for me, it's as if New Year's: 2013 was only yesterday... but let me ask you all this, just as I did last year: Has 2013 been a good year for you? I will let you all think about that as you take your own look back at 2013 and what it had to offer.

Answering my own question, I think that in terms of J-pop, this year has been amazing; it has offered me so much and allowed me to listen to and open up to so many groups and experience different types of music. In terms of personal? It was so-so I guess. But we shall get more into that when I actually start this post properly, I suppose.

... Which kinda actually starts now.

So what were the highlights of the year? The Ups and Down's of 2013? Has my year been a good one, or will it end in tears? Well, let's take a look and see in my Recap, shall we...?

The Personal Perks of 2013

Really now, in terms of my personal life, I don't think that much amazing happened to me... actually, scratch that, I think I grew. A lot. And it's weird to think that in 2013, I actually did more in my life than previous years beforehand.

One of the things that I did this year that I really didn't do beforehand was socialise; I really got out there, and I have basically been going out more and meeting up with friends. One of those socialising highlights was that I got to return to where I used to live and see my friends again for a week and just spend time with them, and enjoy it all. I adore my friends and love them dearly, they are the people who make me feel truly happy (other than my Idols, my baby niece, family and your lovely selves) and it was just great to see them again.

I also got to see an old friend, and we meet up frequently now, as she recently moved down my way for University, and so I have been going out to see her more and have been talking to a lot of new people and basically becoming a bit more of a social butterfly, and less of a hermit.

I have also been meeting two former college friends a lot recently, too. Which reminds me... this year, I finished College! My two year degree in Media ended, and I passed with a Distinction/Merit/Merit! These were the grades I wanted, and I was really happy to receive them. It really made me happy to know that I had passed, especially since the University I applied for had these grades set as the target for acception, so to meet that target grade was amazing.

Also, yes, I got into the University I wanted to go to! Hopefully in September of 2014, I will be going on to study Creative Writing and Journalism... when I saw that I was accepted, I cried my eyes out and was so happy! I still remember the happiness at reading that e-mail, and it still makes me want to cry with sheer joy!

Of course, my niece was also a huge part of my 2013! This year I enjoyed watching her grow more, and honestly, she has turned into a right little spirit! The Little One is growing everyday, and she has a keen interest in plenty of things, from Thomas the Tank Engine (she loves him... a lot!) to cars and Peppa Pig. She is also a little sweetheart, and if something happens, like she trips, she will say sorry to the floor or wall, or whoever she thinks that she has hurt! But, when she wants something, she will demand it... she really is getting spoilt, and I can't say no to her so I really am not helping, but still. She's a beautiful, clever little thing, and she is starting to form sentences more now. When I hear her speak like a little grown up, it makes me cry!

Other than watching my niece grow this year, we also had the news that my older sister is pregnant again. She lost her second son in August of 2011, and then in early 2012, she lost her third son. She is now trying for a third, and final, time, and recently found out the gender of her future child. She will, once again, be having a baby boy! We were obviously hoping for a turtle or a unicorn, but clearly we are not in favour of Lord Gaki, so a boy we shall settle with!
 But seriously, we are all happy. We just have to wait and see if this baby is, to put it delicately, to be.

And if you are wondering what the Wedding picture is for, no, I did not get married! In fact, one of my (many) cousins did! She married her love of a long time (since they were teens, I believe) and it was a beautiful party! I didn't go to the actual ceremony itself which is saddening, but it was great to see my cousin after so many years. We used to spend our childhood together a lot, so to see her grown up and married was rather overwhelming. She was so beautiful and happy though, and it was amazing to see her again!

And of course, how could I forget about this blog? Really, I have loved writing for this blog so much! I am constantly reminded of just how blessed I am to have Okay! Musume Time everyday, and whilst I do feel that this year I have lacked greatly in my writing, I am so happy that I have written and had the supportive and wonderful readers here. This year, I really felt like I was communicating with everyone more and that we bonded. You guys really helped me to keep on my toes, and with each of your comments, I smiled and felt so thankful that you were a part of this with me.
 I was also greatly blessed with the surprise of hitting 150,000, and then 200,000, pageviews! I cried when I saw both of these counts, and I am still overwhelmed that people have sat to read my posts or even looked at my blog! I really am blessed with such beautiful and good readers. You are all wonderful!

This year, I also had another good year with Selective Hearing and Idolminded. I do feel I slacked with those blogs too a bit, and I hated myself for it and want to try and make it up to both blogs with more writings and dedication in the New Year. But also, I did start writing for Pure Idol Heart and NekoPop this year too, meaning that yes, I have more to dedicate myself to, and more to write. And I have found out that it isn't easy... oops.

Of course I want to work hard at it, and I am thankful to Ray, Greg, Gaki and Dave for taking me on. But yes, I need to actually start writing for those blogs, especially Pure Idol Heart, which I have stopped writing for because I just needed to figure stuff out. So... let's hope that the New Year brings more promise in my writing, aye? Or maybe I am getting too ambitious?

Ah... speaking of ambition, I did get too ambitious with my videos, but I recently stopped that. I really did get way too over my head with that, and whilst I honestly want to start again, I can't; my laptop is kind of giving up right now, meaning that if I dare try to save a video, it just turns itself off right away. Overheating is never fun! So for now, my Videos will have to wait. It's sad, but I really can't make videos with a laptop that does not do as I say, can I?

... And yeah, I think that is my personal highlights done so far. I don't think that I really did much this year, especially in writing, but I do feel that as a person, I have grown and become a lot more sociable and confident in myself. Confidence is a great thing, as now I am less paranoid around people. But also, you guys have given me more confidence in my writing, and it has greatly helped me, so thank you. Thank you for once again supporting me through another year, and for reading this blog! I love you all.

But now it's tie for the main part; the part that made 2013 what it was; the Idols, and what they gave us. What has 2013 left behind for us all?

Idols of 2013: Tears, Joy & Cuteness Edition!

The Tears of Graduations and Disbandments

2013 brought heartache. A lot of it, especially in July. This year, we had graduations that we did not expect, and graduations that we would have been glad to wait for... for a few years, that is. Needless to say, I shed many tears this year.

One of biggest shock announcements in terms of Graduations and Disbandments though was Sea*A's; they were the group that I least expected to announce that they would cease all activity together, and so when it happened, I broke down crying and really did not want to believe it. Sadly it happened, and the girls have since parted ways, but to come to the realisation that such an amazing group with the talent they had and the promising future that could have been... it was hard to accept it, and even now I am saddened by the fact that they are no longer a group.
 Maybe this was why they had auditions, to try and salvage the group, but they knew nothing could compare... still, my heart aches for Sea*A, and I miss them terribly.

Another shocking graduation announcement, and one that we all remember with heavy hearts, was the sudden departure of Otsuka Aina from Juice=Juice... and no one saw it coming, much like no one saw the disbandment of Sea*A coming. Really, who would expect this? Juice=Juice seemed perfectly fine; they were loved by the Wota, the foreign fans were over the moon that Aina and Karin were together in a group, and the music was great, so to suddenly hear this... well, it was basically like losing Saki from S/mileage all over again. Except this time, we got the notice that she was going on the day she went.

... Yeah, I am still a bitter mess about it, and by far, this was one of the worst departures for me. It left me in a mess for a long time, and I didn't even like Aina in J=J! But it had a huge impact on me, and I was sad for days. I just... I couldn't accept it, and whilst I love J=J now, I do wish Aina was still there, in all of her squeaky, annoying glory.

Aina, I miss you.

Of course, the biggest shock graduation for me was that of Fudanjuku's Ruhara Renji, otherwise known as Harada Mariru; when reading the blog post about Ruhara's condition, my heart broke, and I think then I knew that he/she would be leaving... but when it was announced, my heart just broke more. I think expecting it didn't help, so when Ruhara did announce it, I just couldn't stop crying at all. My heart broke, but I knew that Ruhara was in no condition to perform any longer, and all I could do was hope for the best and wish her well. It was the most heartbreaking moment of 2013 for me, other than the loss of Sea*A that is, and I really felt like I had lost the Idol I loved then...

Of course, we also had our fair share of graduations from the bigger groups this year; Akimoto Sayaka, Shinoda Mariko and Itano Tomomi all graduated from AKB48 this year pretty close to each other, and for many it was emotional. Whilst I myself have little attachment to the 48's in general, knowing that Mariko had graduated the group was overwhelming for me. She was my first true favourite, and I cherished her as a member. When I watched the live Senbatsu elections, and when I heard her announce her graduation with tears in her eyes, I cried myself. (Good lord, I was a cry baby this year!) It was weird, to not see Mariko and her beautiful face in the PV's after this. What was weirder was not seeing Tomochin, too.

But yeah... the 48's lost many members this year, but these three were the big ones, and it was an emotional roller coaster for us all.

... And then there were these two, the girls who fled H!P for better pastures, or at least, a better acting career, and a smaller group so that Winky could get more lines.

I loved Mano, so when she graduated I was of course sad, but not as sad as I would have been if it was anyone else I liked a lot. I knew that Mano was a grown up and that she needed o fly the nest, so to her flourish and become an actress this year was great for me! She's been getting different acting spots so far, and really, that's all I could ask for. In a way, I am happy she graduated as she can now focus on her acting, but I am still sad, because now there is kind of no soloist in H!P... Oh well~

Then there is Winky... yeah, I wasn't sad. In fact, I am happy she's gone, but I am also glad she has her mind set on her group right now and on trying to just be... er, well, her? Either way, it was nice that she got out of Morning Musume, because finally the group has started to look more promising. It's nice to not see her face there, you know? She had a good run, but... it was her time.

Of course we can not forget the smaller groups; once again, Houkago Princess fell victim to the Graduation bug and lost quite a few members, some to an actual graduation, and some to a scandal of sorts, such as Hitomi's love affair with a fan. Both the graduation of Sakipyon and then the announcement that Hitomi would be dismissed was shocking and rather overwhelming for me, especially since Sakipyon was one of the more prominent members, and Hitomin was my favourite. That said, I was actually not that sad by it... and in the end, it seems to have strengthened HouPri a bit. That, and both members have now moved on to their new group, READY TO KISS.

Aside from HouPri though, we also lost members of BiS, including Yufu who, despite not following the group closely, was one of the few members I liked, especially in the looks department. Luckily she is going to debut as a soloist soon, so that's something to look forward to! With another group, Love La Doll, we lost two members, taking the group down to one; Kana, who is now basically a soloist. Finding that news out was a pretty big blow for me!
 There was also the graduation announcement of YuiKaori from StylipS, which rather un-rattled me! Luckily, YuiKaori are still going strong, but the fact that they left StylipS, whom I adore, was rather unsettling... it was deeply saddening, and a rather sudden announcement. I didn't know what to make of it!

There have of course been more graduations, from big and small groups, including the surprising graduations of Afilia Saga members Aria and Emiu (who I loved, so I had a good weep when I found that out). Honestly, in terms of graduations, this one has been an emotional roller-coaster of a year. I think that this year, my heart has been broken enough...

... And it will keep breaking in 2014. Damnit!

The Rediscoveries

It truly seems like this year, I have rediscovered certain groups, and that has honestly made me so happy! It's nice when you can just go back, and remember why you fell in love with a group.

I do love Sexy Zone as you all know, but this year was the kind of year where I lost interest in them, and then rediscovered it... and so I love them once again!

But honestly, when Marius and Sou started being pushed away and only the Big 3 were promoted, I lost complete interest in the group and seriously thought about boycotting them. It wasn't until I heard By Bye Dubai See You Again~ that I realised just how much of a fool I was! I love this group, they are so catchy, fun and cute, and I doubt I will ever hate them or boycott them... damn their music!!! ;w;

I think that this year, aside from H!P, Houkago Princess has been the most talked about group on this blog, and why not? I have rediscovered them, our love has been ignited once again, and I adore them! I am so happy I looked for them again when I did, or else I may have just given up on them like I wanted to...

Seriously, 2012 was a dark year, and so was 2013 for a bit until I found out that these girls would be releasing again! Those dark moments were then almost immediately wiped away, and I fell in love again. I think that falling for HouPri once more, that was a true highlight of 2013. It really made me happy again, and now I feel like I have found a group that I truly do love.

Sorry, MoMusu. I kinda found someone else... >o>

... And that was a rather short category, but seriously. THEY NEEDED IT! I love my rediscoveries <3

The Rise of New Idols

But with every graduation announcement or disbandment, there is sure to be a new Idol on the block to cheer us up! This year was, of course, no exception as we saw new Idols rise, whether they be a part of existing or new Units. They truly did wipe away my tears, didn't they?

Of course when it comes to debuts, I am going to have to mention my precious Yuuka Ueno, the girl who brought light to my life and made my world go round. Really, how is she so perfect? That voice, that face, that pure talent... upon first listen, I fell in love, and I let you all know about it. Her smile makes me melt, and her songs make me cry... and yes, she is one of the new debuts that truly made my year and allowed me to listen to that exquisite voice of hers and realise what talent truly was.

My heart beats for you... <3

And really, how could we forget the debut of H!P's latest group? Seriously, Juice=Juice is very promising, and they really wiped Berryz to floor with their amazing song. I say Berryz because, as you know, I was highly underwhelmed with them for a good part of this year, but in general J=J are very strong and could beat out all the other groups if it wasn't for the fact that every one of these groups has a history within H!P, MoMusu with their stellar past, Berryz and C-ute as the H!P Kids... but yeah, this group has talent, whether it is in looks (Akari), talent (Tomoko, Karin and Sayuki) or sheer cuteness and determination for the group she loves (Yuka). They are a strong group, and they had a very strong debut this year. Sure, they had a hitch (bye bye, Aina) that upset many of us, but regardless of that they picked themselves up, and they got on with it, and I love them even more now.
 Still, I miss Aina... we all do!

We also had the spectacular, beautiful debut of Tasaki Asahi! I really wish that this year, she had released more than the two singles she did, because towards the end of the year it felt empty without her beautiful voice and talented piano skills to soothe me. But yeah, Asahi was one of my favourite soloists aside from the beautiful Yuuka Ueno and the amazing Ono Erena. She had me hooked, and her talent and breath of fresh air vocals are still leaving me in awe... if only she released me!!!
 Luckily next year, she is starting a new unit, Bitter&Sweet, which should be fun! Here's to hoping they actually release stuff regularly!!! Fingers crossed!

To be brutally honest with you all, I actually forgot that this group had debuted this year until the last minute! Then again, HKT48 as a whole are terribly forgettable unless I remember that Sasshi was deducted and put in there as a member for her scandal last year (I am so cruel~). But yeah... this group really do nothing for me so far, other than just being cute. But I like decent music sometimes, and so far, their music has just not appealed to me. Oops~

So just like last year, we had quite a few debuts, especially when it came to H!P, who brought us new Units in the form of the SatoUmi lot. Of course, that did mean that the Satoyama girls were left unwanted (which is annoying) and had nothing to do, but still, it was fun to see H!P play around with the groups once gain and shuffle around the populars and pretties to see who did well with who.

We also got to see the debut of the cute little fishing group, Tsuribit! The girls came into our lives for the first time this year with a sweet, generic Idol song, and then came out with a few more to keep us gazing at them for 2013! Hopefully they give us more next year, but what they did give us really ached my sweet tooth! It was too cute!

And of course, we also had the debut of new HouPri members! Sakurai Riho, Fukuhara Kyoka and Nagasawa Marina all made up the current 5th Generation Candidates, whilst the surprise edition of Michishige Sayumi's second cousin, Michishige Saho, came along as the new Apprentice member who may become the 6th generation Cadet if she manages to stay in the group! So this year, it's been pretty good for the new debuting groups and members. It's kept the year interesting, at least~

Of Happiness and Disappointments in Idoldom

Of course this year would not be a true one without its Happy times, and of course its disappointments when it comes to our Idols. There have been s many surprising moments, but pleny of eyebrow-raising ones that make me question a group I enjoy, too. I wonder what elated my mood or brought it crashing down this year?

Two of my greatest joys this year actually came from both Houkago Princess and Nogizaka46, with both originally being two of the great disappointments of 2012... yeah, it has changed that much! After a bad year in 2012 of doing nothing within the public eye, HouPri actually came back and turned everything around! They did concerts, they went to Tokyo Idol Festival 2013, they released two singles and they released good songs! Sure, they lost a few members, but they also gained some and have, in my opinion, turned themselves around and started doing better. It was amazing to see that!

With Nogizaka46, it's undeniable that in 2012, I hated them. I thought that they were a horrible group, one that should have never debuted at the time they did, and a group who had no talent or group chemistry whatsoever. This year, they proved me wrong, and they showed me what they were truly made of. Their PV's got better, they have nicer costumes, and they just... they amazed me, and I think I really like them now... oh wow, that's hard to say. But still! hey have caught my attention, and if they keep it up, I will become a fan of them in 2013.

Needless to say, both Morning Musume and S/mileage took an upward spiral this year as well, and proved that they were really amazing; Morning Musume's music and PV production picked up this year, and S/mileage... well, they learnt what the heck group chemistry was, and finally found their sound(s)! It was like inspiration hit Tsunku in the head like a brick, and he figured out what worked for these girls all together, and gave it to them. It's like S/mileage are now a completely different group (Nyon and Dawa finally woke the hell up and accepted 2ki) and Morning Musume have just become... well, they've become a dance machine, and you know they love it!

Thankfully, promotion has also gone up - for H!P in general, not just MoMusu. It's as if UFP cares about them again, and it's great! I am deliriously happy that H!P has improved nicely this year and just started to take notice of what the girls need to sell... so yeah, deliriously happy here!

Actually, in general H!P has just become better! Berryz have a good sound (but a shit look, sorry), MoMusu look the best they have in a long time, S/mileage sound good again, and C-ute are doing all right... and then the promotion. Now that has gotten better! Nothing more promising than TV spots and such, right?

Well of course, there's also the fact that the Kenshuusei are also being promoted and shown off a lot more, too. THAT is damn ace, right!?

So yeah, this year, it has been brilliant for H!P in general, and each new TV slot or appearance has made me a happy, crying bunny. I am delighted!

Sadly, I really can't say the same for AKB48, who once again disappointed me greatly this year... except, last year they had good songs in the form of UZA and Manatsu no Sounds GOOD!, but this year? Well, they sucked. Big time. And yes, I am mostly referring to their A-sides songs, because those are generally the songs that have to sell the single.
 Hell, even the PV's were pretty shitty this year, too!

Whilst I generally enjoy the songs that the groups have, I actually really only cared for Koisuru Fortune Cookie properly. Sayonara Crawl is a guilty pleasure, but KFC is the one song I happily chirp about. The rest? I dislike them. A lot. It really feels like this year was the year that Aki-P said "Fuck it! AKB make money either way, so here, have some shit!" and laughed his way to the bank. It was a money-grabbing year, not a year of great music for this group... what a sad time.

Luckily enough the 48's have a saving grace in the form of NMB48; not only have their PV's been strong this year, but so have their songs, and as an entire group they are amazing and entertaining... and yes, I have finally seen the light! I do like them now, though I don't follow them as closely as I want to. D'oh!

But still, NMB48 was the saving grace of the 48's for me. I seem to have lost absolute interest in SKE48, and AKB48 are so dull and fucking bland now, and HKT... Yeah, they're just a bunch of kids squealing about. It's all about the NMB for me!!!

When it comes to Juliet, I think I truly discovered a group that I wholeheartedly enjoyed; I must have found them in either the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013, but it wasn't until the middle of the year that I truly started to realise I liked them. Seriously, they are amazing, and they have truly grabbed my full attention! I love them, I adore their beautiful voices and amazing songs, and these girls are just so talented! It's amazing! They aren't an Idol group, but I needed to just talk about them, even a little bit... they really just took my attention this year, and made sure that I noticed them! They are wonderful!

Sadly I am going to have to admit that this year, my love and admiration for 9nine has gone down quite a lot. I really have not paid attention to them this year, and that is because I have truly become bored with them. Not to say they aren't talented, because they are, but it's just... well, I got bored. And that is all it is. You can't help that, can you?

Amazingly enough, C-ute were neither here-nor-there for me this year, and ultimately... they became boring because of that. Yup. Okay sure, they had some jazzy sounds and some good PV's, but nothing about them this year stood out to me, except for maybe Crazy Kanzen na Otona, which showed off that sexy side to the group.

In terms of releases though, they had nothing amazing to offer. At least Berryz had some amazing songs!

Oh wait... C-ute got to Budokan! YAY!!! There's a positive!

On a positive note, to hear that Ai-butt was finally getting married after months and months or rumours was absolutely wonderful! Even though her ex has slept around and married many, to know that she has fallen for someone and finally settling down is promising and hopeful for us all! And look, the guys cheerful too! YAY!!!

Of course, no news of happiness could beat the fact that Kaori Iida delivered a healthy baby boy into the world. It was amazing news to hear that Iida and her husband were able to have a child together again, and that she was happy and healthy herself. The news was so hopeful and beautiful for me, and Kaorin is so lucky to have the support and strength of her family and friends around her! Hopefully in 2014, the baby will grow with the warmth, love and kindness of his beautiful and mother. I was so happy for her!!!

Of course, what would this year be without some scandals? Especially controversial ones, at that.

By controversial, I do of course mean Minegishi Minami's shaving-of-the-head scandal. Wow, that got everyone talking, and I mean everyone. Even people who knew nothing of AKB48 were talking about because it was so... well, so cruel! Why management even decided it would be a good idea to put that video up was beyond me, but the video showing Minami's freshly shaved head as she apologises for what is done... it's saddening, and it makes you realise just how deep these girls are in the entertainment world, and what they will do to show you they are sorry. Seeing this video was upsetting for a lot of us, and it shows us just how bad this no boyfriend system, and the act of it being a scandal to be in love and share feelings with someone (yep, it's a crime now) truly is... it's shocking, and I hope that no other Idol, AKB or not, has to go through it!

Moving on... swiftly, at that, there was of course the scandal of Mari Yaguchi, you know, the one where she slept with a model everyone called ugly, and then she went on an indefinite Hiatus because she pretty much had no more work left as everyone shunned her. I mean, I get it; it's her fault, you reap what you sow blah blah blah... but this is Yagu's personal life, and she is a grown woman, for fucks sake. Then again, Japan has a different way with dealing with punishments for those who sleep with others; it is not just your personal life, but your work life too, which seems to suffer. It deeply upset me to see that Yagu was ridiculed this way... and I hope that eventually, she returns to the world of work, whether or not it is in entertainment, and gets back on her feet.

... Good lord, the scandals were rough this year!

Let's get to some positivity, shall we!?

The Shining Stars of 2013

There will always be someone who stands out to me in 2013, someone who has caught my eye and basically made me gush over them... like, Eripon was a star of my 2012, right? Well she still is now, but there are other girls who stood out, people who just captured my attention... well, here they are!

... I think that Harunan just got damn hot this year! Seriously, this girl is smoking! Also, you can see she's been working hard and that she loves MoMusu despite her lack of talent or skill... she's also been doing really well on the talk shows she has appeared on, too, and is just an all around babe I think.

Now, WHERE is my photobook!?

... Yeah, do we even need an explanation to as how much I adore her!?

I didn't think so~

Once again, Dream5 have amazed me this year! Sure, they had that one weak release, but then they picked themselves right back up again, and then they released an album, their first one actually! I was so amazed and in love with Dream5 this year, and honestly, I hope that they continue their amazing streak! They have been such a strong group, one who deserve so much more acknowledgement and love than what they already have, and... yeah, that's about it.


If no one saw this group coming, then you may have not read my blog properly... but yeah, I sear hands down, this is the group of the year here! They are the group that just... I fell in love with them all over again, and I want to continue supporting them whole-heartedly from here on out. Or at least, until something drastic happens to make me dislike them.
 Seriously though... I have updated myself on them religiously this year, and I even made a website! That is love, my dears. LOVE!!!

From my Group of the Year, there comes Saorin, who is like, the light of my life right now. When Hitomin as dismissed, I had no HouPri Love to go to, and then I started to just notice her... sometimes I do that, and because of Hitomin's departure, I really started to find Saorin appealing, and I basically fell for her. I now follow this cutie pie on twitter, and sometimes tweet her! Ahhh, she makes me smile! What a darling! <3

... No, I did not make a mistake. PUT DOWN THAT TASER!!!

Seriously, Riho did capture my attention, and she really pulled me in this year. I think it helps that, this year, she finally learnt how to control that mess of a voice she has, and now has some decent pitch. Sure, she isn't perfect, but she's better, and both her dancing and her ever-changing expressions have caught hold of me and made me stay. She stood out a lot... and yeah, she made me like and appreciate her more.

But her moves still got nuthin' on Ayumi!!!

... I think that's all for my shining lights of the year! Which can only mean we have neared the end of the post! YIPEE!!!

Or is that a naaay I hear? ;w;


... Yeah. That's pretty much the Year of 2013. In terms of Idols, I think that it has been very eventful; H!P got their act together, and I fell in love with a new artist, and rekindled my love for HouPri. Of course we had a few sad parts as well, such as graduations and disbandments, but those things can't be helped, which is the sad thing... however we can live through it and smile, and just hope to find other Idols to ease that pain for us, right?

Regardless of withdrawals, graduations and dismissals, this year has been a positive and good one! The Idols have, once again brought us joy (except you, AKB) and happiness, and I think that certain groups have grown. Next year, I can't wait to see them grow more, and I also hope to embrace many more groups in 2014. Let's hope that it's a good year as well, aye?

And with that, the 2013 Recap is finished, BUT!!! Before I can let you escape, to dance around in the light of day and scream with thanks that this misery is over and done with, I want to go over some of my predictions that came true from last year. Shall we take a looksy?

Don't worry my pet, it's won't take long... you hope~ Mufufufu~

(Original Predictions post is HERE!!!)

Predictions Come True:

  • C-ute sell over 50,000 Singles
  • Hello! Project introduce a new group
  • S/mileage bring out better singles
  • Katsuta Rina gets a PUSH!
  • Morning Musume (and S/mileage) get better, simpler PV's
  • Auditions (which ultimately flopped XD LOL)
  • Miyamato Karin d├ębuts and becomes H!P's new Face
  • Morning Musume's Line Distribution improves
  • Suzuki Airi does not graduate
  • Bump.y release one more single and STAY in the public eye
  • The 48 family have less graduations/misfortune (not so many grads, YAY!)
  • Paruru gets less hate from '48 Nazi's' (kinda came true xD)
  • Nogizaka46 get a decent single + PV + Costumes and sell on the SAME DAY as AKB48 (Meh, most of it came true! XD)
  • Ono Erena releases a good A-side and not a rehashed version of her first 3 singles
  • HouPri start releasing PV's again (HOLY CRAP YES!!!)
  • I get into Dream5 more
  • NMB48 win me over
Holy cow, that list of achievements... it looks pretty nice! I am especially pleased by the NMB and HouPri ones, they make me smile!


... Well, until I (eventually) upload my Hopes, Dreams, Wishes and the Like for 2014... which means I have to think, and thinking hurts... Oh good lord, NEW YEAR IS SOON!!!

Welp, until then! Happy New Year! Don't sleep through it ;)