Friday, 14 December 2012

Wishing you a White Christmas with 9nine's 'White Wishes' PV!

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On a random day to Christmas, my Idols gave to me...
9nine's White Wishes PV!

Are you all snuggled up and warm with some hot cocoa? Because it's Christmas time...

I's time for a Christmas countdown, and what better way to do it than with a few Christmas song and PV reviews? Of course, I have no idea if there are enough songs or video's out there that I enjoy, but who cares? We'll figure something out, I'm sure!

So to kick start the Holiday cheer, it's time to bring back 9nine to this blog and introduce you all to their latest single, White Wishes. I haven't really reviewed these girls for a while now, because I just didn't find anything of theirs interesting enough to review (though I was getting ready to review Brave, more-so to praise Hirona and how much she is being pushed right now), or because it is really freakin' hard to find their PV's sometimes because their agency's youtube is restricted to specific countries, and not mine. Damnit!

Honestly, it's really annoying, and it makes me wonder if their agency even want these girls to break into other countries and get new fanbases. Obviously not, though.

Anyway, regardless of the fact that SMJEntertainment are Scrooge's, I want to introduce you all to the song that really put me in Christmas cheer, because I honestly wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit until I was finally able to watch this video and appreciate both the song and the girls so much more. So how about we jump into Santa's sleigh and take a good look at 9nine's Christmas themed PV, White Wishes?

Hey, maybe I wanted yellow wishes. Ever though of that!?

Well hello Santa-san!!! You can climb down my chimney any day!

Innuendo does not work for I am not male... oh well

Oh look, Kanae's bringing me a present! Thanks, girl, I really appreciate it...

Damn Uki is gorgeous...

Hirona, you are such an adorable santa! Please send me a present this year! Your smile, of course, because it's so delightful...

... That is one soul-eating smile, courtesy of Sayaka (no wonder, she's A~chan's sister)

Hirona: "Who's the cutest in 9nine?"

Hirona is!!!

I swear, if these girls in these costumes don't get you into the Christmas spirit, then honestly, what will?

Hirona: "I'll give you a Christmas filled with cuteness if you watch our PV!!!"

That adorable face, please, don't deny her... she's too adorable to deny or ignore, I swear ;w;

And now it's time for the Christmas lights and costumes made of curtains! Hurrah!

Umika... are you wearing a doily on your wrist?

I swear, Uki is never flawed. She is one flawless girl.

Hirona: "What do you want for Christmas? I will ask Santa nicely to give you something cute and fluffy!"

I want you, Hirona... You and Uki in my Christmas stocking, or under the tree... just get me you guys and I'm happy! >o<

I swear those dresses are curtains pired with corsets and lace shirts...

Hirona: "Maybe our costume designer is an old lady?"

I think Santa's wife made them, actually.

Uki: "Regardless of whether or not it's unflattering, I still make it look good!"

Uki is like a beautiful goddess. She's stunning!

I actually wonder who's presents they all are behind there...

Are they for the Wota?

D'awww, this is so damn cute! Puppets!!

I swear Sayaka has the most unflattering outfit there. She looks so frumpy compared to the others...

Does management have it in for both her and her sister, cos they both seem to hit the misfortune when it comes to costumes sometimes...

Umika looks so damn bored here, but I'm screen capping for the background cuteness of Sayaka!

Just perfection... Seriously, 9nine + Christmas = Perfection...

Happy Santa-san's!

Now don't like to me; you want this group to appear under your tree, don't you? Especially Uki.

Umika: "What about me? Don't you want me, the STAR, to appear under your tree?"

I like Umika and all but she doesn't really stand out much in this video.

But these two... stars! STARS, I SAY!

D'awwww, that's just so adorable! >3<

Uki: "I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight..."

Again... FLAWLESS!!! You can not fault this girl!

They look just like dolls, but Sayaka still looks frumpy. Maybe if they didn't have the cardigan?

Burn it!!!

Aw, thank you, Kanae! How sweet of you! I wonder what it is...

Thanks, Uki! I love you too... -blushes-

My lord, Sayaka, close that damn mouth! What you trying to do, suck out my soul!?

Sayaka: "Duh. Why do you think I have the box? Souls don't just go right in my pocket, y'know?"

Ah, th-thank you Hirona... -takes box and blushes then nosebleeds and faints dramatically-

I would actually be really damn happy (as would most fans and Wota) if one of my Idols handed me a Christmas present >3<

Thank you, Umika! I really appreciate this gift >3<

... Whew, all these presents are surely piling up!

And a little dance break for our star, Hirona! Yes!!!

Wow, Kanae looks happy at seeing all that snow...

Oh well, her smile is infectious, so yeah <3

Okay, just as much as my cupcake Hirona is cute, she can also be very lifeless and creepy thanks to lights or circle lens. Either one.

And yet Kanae is still flawless.

My god, it's like one giant layer for Sayaka in that outfit...

Wardrobe department: SHE IS NOT A CAKE! Stop layering her, geez!

... My lord, she just totally turned her creepiness around with an adorable smile! That's the cute Hirona I know, love and adore!

Those puppets are freakin' adorable! So sweet, it makes me think of a cute Christmas romance.

I actually want all those lights in the background, and Kanae's dress, because it's the most flattering...

What? I can want/wish, all right!?

My goodness, I have missed 9nine... not because of a lack of singles, because 2012 has been a great year for this group when it comes to how much they have released (when compared to 2011, in a sense). No, it's because whenever these girls release something, I just wait with anticipation for their next single because these girls are so good at what they do. Ever since 2011, they have really come into their own and broken out as Idols and as a group, and so I anticipate their releases more and more because these girls are fantastic, and they get better with every single in my opinion!

So yeah... I have missed them, and I don't think that it helps that it was so hard to find this song which I have been crazy to see after listening to previews and knowing full well that it was a Christmas song. I love Christmas songs, so this one... I needed it. I really did want to see it, and thank goodness, I did find it! Now it's on a loop, ehehe...

So, in terms of a Christmas single, I won't quickly jump on the 'This is Awesome, best thing ever' barrel, because it isn't. I have heard better Christmas tunes (mostly in English, but those are from my childhood so I am a little biased...) and seen far better video's, but I do like it, and out of the few (very few) Christmas releases this year that feature that recognisable Christmas sound and look, this one is probably the best and most enjoyable, and I don't find it tiring either after listening to it so many times. It's a lovely sound and video, one which many might find enjoyable if they really like Christmas songs and the Christmas feel to a video and song.

In terms of the PV, there really isn't much going on. It's your standard dance shot, group shot and close ups of the girls, something which you see in ever MV, though this time we get some nice little Christmas lights, Santa costumes and presents in the background, as well as a little puppet show going on in the background. If anything, this is a fairly cheap PV, but when you watch it it really does not feel that way. That's down to the group; 9nine really know how to entertain you in this video, and it's their cuteness and personalities, and te fact that this song is lovely and Christmassy, that really gets to you. In all honesty, I didn't take in the factor of cheapness that this PV had until just now, so it kinda says how much I payed attention to the backdrops, because honestly, it's the girls I noticed, not how big and grand their set just so happens to be.

But, despite the fact that their set may not be the most expensive (it's no Shoujo Traveller), there is a lot of relevance in what is used; the presents are not just there to be seen for the Christmas feel, they are also used for the girls when they sit down, something which is so simple, but also quite effective and it allows us to see the presents in use (in a way) rather than just seeing them sitting there, collection dust. The lights in the background, whilst not really used for any other purpose than to light up the room, really allowed me to see what a Christmas night would be with only the lights on. It added to that element of Christmas spirit for me whilst also giving the PV some differentiation. Okay, so I wish that there would have been a little bit more creativity put into the video itself, rather than something so simple, but I the simplicity has really allowed the girls themselves to shine in the video, like Hirona and Uki. The video does not overshadow them, nor does it take away from them. It just adds to that Christmas feeling, and allows us to enjoy and appreciate 9nine in the PV.

I think that the PV is really cute, and I enjoy it so much! The dance is really cute, and I love the girls in this. It's nice to see 9nine taking on a holiday-themed PV, and if I'm not mistaken, this is their first Christmas song and video, and that surprised me, because after being around for 7 years you would think that they would release a themed PV of some sort, but nope... this is the first one, but I find that it works so well for the new 9nine. I actually find that whatever 9nine take on now works, and that;s because they work as a group, and everything they do fits so well with them as individuals and as a group.

Now I want to stop for a moment and talk about my favourite member, Hirona. Hirona has been getting quite the push for a while now, but I actually only really started to notice it in Brave where she got a dance solo in the song. Once again, Hirona has a dance solo, and I just want to say that I am absolutely ecstatic about it. Hirona is the youngest member at 15, and I actually thought for a while (since Natsu Wanna Say Love U) that she wouldn't get a big push, because out of all the members, she and Uki were probably the two girls who weren't shown or heard as much. Sadly, Uki's getting the least amount now in a sense, but Umika's also going that way too I've noticed, because in this PV she didn't get the important solo towards the end that Hirona and Kanae did. But yeah... I am happy that Hirona is getting a push, because she's so cute and from what I can see, a pretty good dancer. I don't know much about her vocal abilities, but even in studio form her voice isn't my favourite, however I am happy. Come on, she's my favourite; it;s like seeing Chisato getting centre all over again!

And now we need to return to the rest of the review, because I need to talk about the song, gush, force you to listen to it... you know the drill, right?

White Wishes isn't one of those energetic Christmas songs that you can get. It's up-beat with gentle vocals which work with the softness of the song. I really enjoy the song, too; it's catchy and it has a great Christmas sound to it, including the sound effect of sleigh bells and ringing church bells which add to that Christmas feel that really helps you to get in the mood for the Holiday season. Honestly, the minute you hear this, you will know that it's a Christmas song and nothing else. It's got that sound, that beat - everyone will know it, and everyone may not like it, but I personally love Christmas songs, so this is quite perfect for me!

Out of the few Christmas songs released this year, I have been listening to two pretty much non-stop, with this being one of them. It's a really nice, reassuring song which actually got me in the mood for Christmas and is helping me to prepare myself for the festivities that are to come. It's a nice song; not the best and not the worst, but it's a great Christmas tune which will get you into the spirit of Christmas, and maybe get you in the mood for wrapping presents or thinking about what you'll eat with the family! I know it's got me feeling like wrapping presents, but it's also gotten me pretty nostalgic about past Christmas', too. Ah, the charm of Christmas songs...

The only real complaint that I have regarding either the song or PV is mostly to do with Umika and Sayaka's frumpy costume. Umika basically looks bored here, and her voice really does nothing for the song or herself when she tries to go for a higher pitch. Listening to her actually made me wince a little on some of her notes, and I know that she's the face of the group and all, being the most recognisable as an actress, but really, she should not sing so high. Maybe I'm just being picky, but I was not impressed at all. Other than that, I found both the video and song charming. I like the video's Christmas cuteness, as well as the puppet love story that was added for additional scenes, and the song is lovely to listen to.

Hopefully I won't get sick of it before Christmas actually comes... because it's happened, though MomoClo and 9nine are two totally different groups and from two totally different tree's of sanity...  

Merry Christmas~


  1. Another great review. Your reviews always make me wanna try different groups/artist out.

    On a side not, Shekimeki PV is finally up and you might want to edit your review on it when you see the ending. It's really REALLY good.

    1. Thanks Kira, that is so sweet! ;^; <3 I love 9nine, so I really hope that other people will take notice of them and like them like I do xD

      I SAW IT 8D, though the end confused me ;A; WHY A NEW SONG? SHEKIMEKI WAS AWESOME AS IS XD //did not like that ending

    2. that was a preview of their new song

    3. I thought so... Oh my ^o^