Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Video's to look Forward to

So a few short music video's have been released for a few groups, some I follow, others I don't, but I didn't want these amazing previews to be swamped by other pieces of news in my Digest, so I am dedicating a post to these MV's and a few of my thoughts on them. Hopefully at least one of these songs will interest you all, because each one of these video's or songs has peaked my interest quite a bit, and honestly, I can not wait for the full versions to be released.

So, first up is Miss You by AAA

I'm still familiarising myself with AAA, but what they have brought out recently is extremely enjoyable, and let's just say, Miss You is the best I have heard from these guys out of their newer material so far. Miss You is such a beautiful song, there is so much passion and emotion behind the vocals. The video expresses those feelings so well, showing pain and conflict from the members. The way they express themselves is amazing here, not just in sound but also in how they look. Even the dance expresses their emotions and how they feel in the MV.

Whilst simple, the music video is already very effective. I honestly can't wait for the full version to come out, because this song sounds so gorgeous, and the setting of the video is just so beautiful. The location is perfect. It reminds me of a lonely Christmas, and it fits the tone of the video so well.

Again, I am really looking forward to this video and the rest of the song. From this preview we get a pretty good look at what to expect. I'm excited, and very impatient, to hear the rest of the song and see the rest of the video!

Next up is COSMO no Hitomi by Bump.y

I don't know what it is, but whenever Bump.y disappear after releasing a new single, they always come back better than they were before. Their vocals and performance seems to rise with each new single, and I'm never left unimpressed with how much improvement these girls have gone through. The biggest surprise, though, was how much notice I took of Mio in this video. She;s stunning, and her voice has really come into its own as of late. If there has been improvement in anyone, it's Mio - she shines in this video with both her voice and her personality. I can't take my eyes off of her here.

Matsuri has also vastly improved - her voice has never been better! Okay, she still sounds like a kid, something I don't really enjoy (I don't like Kid singers in general, I never follow them because they all sound terrible), but Matsuri is really maturing. Hopefully her voice will 'break' at some point and get better than it is right now, but right now this is the best she has been, and the song reflects the strength she has in her voice and how good of a singer she is for a child her age.

I absolutely love the sound of this song, and honestly I am looking forward to the song more than I am the actual video, but I will be honest; the PV is great in my eyes, and whilst the song can carry itself pretty well on its own, the PV is really pretty and shows the great group chemistry and energy that Bump.y has. As Neaux Click it said in their post, this video screams 80's, and it totally does; The video has a totally retro look, from the clothing style, use of silver and stars and the colours. It's a retro video, but by George it's beautiful! I actually can't wait to see the rest of it, because it fits perfectly with the video.

Bump.y are back, and I am so happy.

Next up, JUST IN LOVE by E-girls

I don't follow E-girls at all really, but I saw that much like AAA and Bump.y, the girls had released a short music video, so my interest was peaked, and holy heck am I glad! This is such a cute and fun video, so different to AAA and Bump.y's short music video's and quite a bit more creative, and definitely a lot ore cheerful and energetic.

There's a lot of effects used in this video, like the room constantly changing and cute little  CGI colours, cubes and triangles moving around as the room changes or things disappear. It's a very fun video, and I really can not explain how good it looks. It's bright, vibrant, cheerful and extremely energetic in personality, look, dance and sound, and the happiness in this video is extremely unrivalled  These girls are having a blast, and you can see it! It's infectious, it makes me want to laugh and smile at the girls and how much fun they're having.

Again, I don't follow E-girls, but if I ever find the full music video, I will definitely be checking it out! I've definitely found a liking for this video. The songs okay, but nothing that stands out. Again, the video!

So that's all the short MV's, and whilst there aren't many, I really wanted to share with everyone these songs and video's to let you all appreciate them like I am right now. Each video is great, and all the songs are a good listen, nothing overly cute or generic in my opinion. All in all, these three video's are a pretty good batch that have recently been released, and I look forward to seeing the full versions, especially AAA's!


  1. If you liked Just In Love I highly recommend checking out their previous PV, Follow Me, which IMHO has the better song as the autotune is not so awkwardly used. It even uses the same concept at Just In Love for the PV, but with brighter colors.

    1. Really? *^* I love colour and funky editing styles, it's just so fun and interesting to watch! And yay for less-than-awkward auto-tune XD