Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ulala, What a Beautiful Bag! Ulala Session's 'Beautiful Night' PV Review!

All thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own and no one else's. Hence why I have this blog where I can freely post them! NYAHAHAHAHA!!!

Before I hit up on this post, I want to apologise for the lateness - yeah, a day, I know, but I've just been catching up on sleep and working out a sleeping pattern again. Also, been stressing over college and trying to get work done. You know how it is~

Also, no more requests, please! ;______; I have plenty enough I think, a lot actually, which will keep me going throughout December. I definitely will not get all of these done in a week, hence why it's The Request Chronicles now! But yes, no more please, because whilst PV's aren't being released like hot cakes, there are still video's that I wanna see and review when they come out (though I manage to do it beside one of these reviews quite well, it seems!)

Anyway, let's get into the review for Mamba's final request...

Actually, Mamba requested five songs, but I asked her to choose the three she would prefer that I reviewed. She asked me to review Lucifer and Lucky Cha Cha Cha, but said I could choose the other one. Well... she actually told me to review something by HUMPTY, but then said either Ring Ding Dong by SHINee or Beautiful Night by Ulala Session... Well, considering I have already reviewed a SHINee song (with more to come, thanks guys) I thought that it would be better to review Ulala Session.

Besides, the title sounds really nice, as if the song is sweet and gentle and pure, something which makes me think "Wow, what a lovely song... such a soothing ballad."

Yeah well, this title really doesn't speak for the song It's a lie!, I'm just saying, because if anything, it is sweet, gentle or pure... Oh my, it is quite different to everything that I ever expected this song to be, which was really surprising, but also very fun and impressive to watch and listen to. No wonder Mamba suggested it to me!

Now I am going to allow you guys to all experience this Beautiful Night with me as we sit down, relax and look at the pic spam... -sips wine-

Nice hair

Aww damn, we're at a wedding! Nice! Hope you're wearing your best clothes, guys, because we're going to a WEDDING!!!

Hey there, boi, I see you checking her out. Don't blame ya, bro!

Wow I want her wedding dress!

Guy: "Mhm, feelin' ma bodeh, so SEXAAAAYE!"

Dude, that dude's touching himself... it's a wedding, man, stop it!

Boi: "GURL you seein' what he doin' thar? Wai you so intrigued, aye?"

What snazzy hair!

Guy: "Oh my Sexy Mama!"

Looks like he's seen something that he likes...

D'aww, look! She likes him!!!

Guy: "I wanna make LURVE to you all. Night. Looooooooong..."

Now I know the meaning of Beautiful Night... trolol.

"Oh yeah, squeeze dem boobies!"

Okay, the one on the right looks so damn pervy...

Shimmy shimmy, shake dem goods, man! Oh yeah, baby!

Guy: "They are BEAUTIFUL BABY!"

I think that he's seen the goods...


TROLLED! He actually wanted the clutch bag all along! Muahahahaha!!!

Girl: "I... I want it back..."

Dude, give the girl back her purse. You know what we women are like with our possessions...

Guy: "Nah, bitch, it's mine. Shiny shiny, gold and sparkly!"

He's having too much fun to care, clearly.

Fail wink... but nice try! xD

Hip thrusts! Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!!

Boi: "Hey there, gurl, want yo purse back?"
Girl: "My baby!!!"


Damn, look at them faces! xD

The golden clutch makes them all dance! It all makes sense now!!!

Girl: "Gimme back my mother fucking purse, you dick heads!"

Now now, yelling won't get you anywhere...

Dude, she parted them like the red sea, what is she, Moses?

Boi: "Nice ass~"

Oh, I forgot... she has an ass, hence they part to look at it. Even the groom...

Oh wow, this is bright o-o


... Oh crud, the clutch is back...

Male: "Quick, run for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!"

Beautiful picture, truly amazing.

... I think that she's pissed off, guys.

Man: "No, wait, that's ma PUUUUURSE!!!"

Dude, how can the waiter not hear the ruckus going on behind him!?

You got some slick dance moves there, bro!


Girl: "Oh my gosh..."

Wow... she found the purse! I am genuinely surprised that the waiter didn't steal it all for himself, because Gold and Red totally work!

Girl: "Fuck yeah, finally got you back, baby!"

Someone looks please, though honestly girl, it's just a clutch bag.

Girl: "Ah shit..."

Learn to hide your possessions before everyone else see's that you have it back!

Ulala Session: "We be sexah."

Oh well, let's just dance to appeal to the Gold Clutch! Hoo boy!

Gorgeous. Simply stunning, dahling!


I actually wonder what the hell they took to come up with that dance...

Wait a minute... After all the effort you put into getting it back, you're just going to throw it away like a bouqet?


OH MY GOD IT'S A BOMB! OMFG that's why they all wanted it, because she was going to blow the place up!!! (Stolen from Mamba, she called it a bomb xD)

This is not what I expected from Ulala Session, mostly because the title is quite misleading in how pretty and soothing it sounds. Okay, granted, the beginning is very much in line with what I was expecting, but when the song gets into what it's really about... well, you're hit so hard by the surprise that you just go with it, and you enjoy the ride because it's interesting and unexpected, and I like that about this song.

I guess I was somewhat prepared for the quirkiness that would soon ensue though, because from the get-go you see some funny looks from a guy with bright orange hair, and some funky hair styles which make you think 'wow, weird...', and because of these quirky little things present in the very beginning, even when the intro of the song was so calm and pretty, I thought that something weird would happen. The change is quite sudden though, but it isn't freaky or off-putting. I found it to be entertaining and a great way to really get us into the song, despite how different the intro is versus the rest of the song.

The song is really fun and upbeat, it has a certain element to it which reminds me of oldschool musicals like Grease, as if the song itself came out from the 80's (maybe it's the trumpets I can hear, you never had 80's musicals without those) and is making itself present here in 2012. In fct, the video reminds me of an 80's musical as well with the characteristics that we see, the jumping, the cheesy dancing, the fun feel and the pops of colour. All of it is very nostalgic of my childhood when I loved things like Hairspray and Grease, so seeing this video is actually a very nice throwback to those days when I was heavily into the cheesy romance movies which included singing, dancing and high school elements. Of course, Ulala Session are not situated in a high school, but at a wedding party, and they certainly aren't singing and dancing about romance, unless everyone is enamoured with the main girl's clutch bag.

Which I wouldn't be surprised by, because this video is quite random in how it's executed. I really did not expect the clutch bag to be the main point of interest in this video, but that's down to the beginning of the video misleading the viewer and making us believe that there would be a romance between the girl and one of Ulala's members. However, the bag being the key item was a very entertaining and different aspect of the video that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I loved how the attention for the girl could quickly change to the bag, because that was what everyone wanted.

It must be one damn sexy bag. That, or it's actually made of gold, hence why everyone is trying to pick pocket it. But I still go back to the theory that everyone is enamoured with the bag, hence why they all dance around; it's their attempt to seduce and potentially mate with this gorgeous, sparkling inanimate object (sounds like Edward Cullen, barr the inanimate object part).

The video is great. There isn't much to it when it comes to the story, but I like that there is a large focus on the dance and the quirkiness of the group itself, as well as that weird but wonderful interest in the bag for this video, giving us something to follow that will entertain us, and leave us questioning just why the bag was of such importance to everyone. I found the concept to be quite random, but it was so good that I found myself really getting into the video without realising it. I think it also helps that the video itself is rather silly. There is so much face pulling and weird dance moves that are great to watch, and it made me really like the guys performing, even though I necessarily wouldn't peg them as the sort of guys I would usually watch. They aren't afraid to be weird and wonderful, and that's what's so great about the video; the focus on how weird and whacky these guys are is very apparent, but it also allows us to see everyone else's weird sides in the video as well. Everyone has dared to be different, and it really works for the video and the fun song.

I really can't say any more other than the fact that this is a fun song and video, and that you guys should watch it. The concept is a bit different, but it works and it makes for a quirky, entertaining video. The expressions are priceless here, and the dance is absolutely hilarious, to the point where my nephew has banned me from ever copying it and pulling out the moves in front of him or in public. Really, he has no faith in me...

He should know better that I will now learn some of these priceless moves just to spite him! Muahahahaha!!!

He dug his own grave, there xD

Watch it... and if you need to be more convinced, then at the end, the bag explodes. SPOILER!


  1. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I had never bothered to watch it but I'm glad I did. I find it hilarious. :D

    1. We both found and learned something new today! o-o This Request Week is GOOD!!!!

  2. Learn the dance with me~ Follow Keiron around dancing to it.