Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thank you for the 100,000 Page views! Now let me run away and cry...

Today I received an incredible early Christmas gift that really just made me sit there and scream quietly as I stared at my computer scream. Well, judging from the title, you know what I mean...

I hit 100,000 page views! Holy heck, and before Christmas, too!

I need a moment to calm myself down... Huu...

I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this amazing number of pageviews. I honestly would not have managed to get this amount without everyone who has read this blog, either by accident or because they follow it, so thank you so much.

I received 50,000 page views in July this year as well, an accomplishment that truly amazed me because I never thought that I would accomplish something like that. I actually didn't anticipate this amount of page views until next year actually, and one of my hopes for December was to get 100,000 page views a day before New Year's, because I thought that surely I would not be able to gain so many views in just one month alone. However, I have come to achieve this, and I am so happy and thankful that everyone has come over to this blog and read what I have written. It means so much to me to know that people visit, and it means even more to know that there are readers who actively follow me.

I feel really happy; I feel like I have achieved something amazing in my life right now thanks to creating this blog and finding a love for Idols, and you guys have all helped in creating this happiness. Thank you everyone for sticking through it all, from the endless babbles that make no sense and the dislike I bring for some songs. Thank you all for reading and finding this blog.

Because of this wonderful achievement, I will be holding a contest in January, most likely towards the end of the month, to celebrate and thank the readers who visit the blog and read what I write. Until then, I will be trying to earn enough money for the prize and thinking up the task I will set you all (I have an idea already), but for now, we must wait.

If you wish to give me an idea of what prizes I can give (I am thinking the Help me!! regular edition by Morning Musume, or one of the CD only versions) then please comment. As long as I can afford it (not too expensive, please, I earn very little) I will try to get it.

And so before we depart, I want to share with you a song (or at least the title and some of the lyrics) that basically sums up how I feel towards the 100,000 views I now have thanks to you all. This is Kasai Tomomi's Masaka

Once again, thank you~

No Way Masaka...



  1. Congratulations~ (now I have Happy Summer Wedding in my head)

    I am so proud, I have said this numerous times, but you are amazing, this is such an achievement. If I wasn't so poor I would buy you something to celebrate xD

    And for the comp... Help Meeeeeeeeeeeeee~

    1. DAM YOOOU it's in my head now XD

      I know you're proud you always are xD MY LORD BUY ME A CD \*O*/

      XD HELP ME

  2. Congrats, really congrats! >w< I'm so happy for you, you totally deserve it (^o^)/♪
    And, of course, I'll be avoiding the contest cause there'd be no point in entering it anyway xD

    1. Yes avoooid XD okay in all seriousness, thank you so much ^o^ <3

  3. OMG congratulations Chii! I'm am so proud and happy that your blog is getting so many hits. You really deserve it! ;A; I remember how happy I was when my blog reached that many views. So you really must be flipping out right now. Lol.

    Also, I haven't really been keeping up with your blog (or any idol blog for that matter) lately but are you still taking PV requests? I wanna request PVs for you to review too! Lol.

    1. Aim ;_____; I love yoooooou <3 It really does make you happy, because you realise that so many people have read something you have written. I seriously was flipping out xD

      I'm not but I'll let you give me requests, I LOVE YOU <3 so send away XD

    2. Chiii! *O* Exactly. It's like you can't even imagine so many people care about your opinion. It's only up from here! Can't wait to read your millionth view post! :D

      Oh yay! I love you too!<333 I was seriously sad that I missed out. Especially since I picked the absolute best PVs for you to review. :P

      The PV list:

      My Dragon - Nijigen Complex
      Sendai Kamotsu - Gei School Otokogumi
      Kanjani8 - Monjai Beat
      kanjani8 - T.W.L

      4 may be too many, but trust me they're worth it. Lol.

    3. I will only be reviewing three at a time~ But I may go back to some other requests after that~

  4. Chiima you just amazing! Your weekly musume digest is perfectly written and interesting!! I will come and read your blog every week without fail! Congratz on the 100000Hope you stay healthy and happy always xD

    1. Thank you so much! I didn't think my weekly digest was so loved until people commented that they enjoyed it, so it makes me happy - thank you for reading and for the congratulations ;~; Thank you so much sweety! <3