Tuesday, 4 December 2012

SHINee's Back! So let's solve a Mystery with 'Sherlock'!

I keep forgetting that I have a disclaimer thing that I do... about opinions... meh xD

I've been procrastinating, but for good reasons...

Sims 3. That's a good reason... right?

Also, my room's been too cold so my fingers hurt a lot more when I type. I hate it, but that's just my room. I may have to actually venture downstairs to type, just for warmth's sake xD Also, Christmas present wrapping... need to do that one, too!!!

That said and done, guess what it's time for? Ohoho, yes, PV Request time! And guess who's back...

SHINee's Back! But I have clue where they've been. Maybe Sherlock can help me find out?

Okay, so I've gone over-due on the reviews again, and I apologise for that, but I am here and ready to get your requests watched and reviewed for you all! Of course, we're returning to Sarah's request, and we're going back to SHINee once again for this review! I told you we would return to this group at a later date, didn't I? Plenty of you seem to enjoy their sound and video's, and Sarah is one of them.

You guys would't honestly believe the amount of pictures she keeps sending me to do with these guys, trying to tempt me into becoming a SHINee follower and succumbing to their powers. Well... we'll see, I guess. I need more time (and a few more songs to listen to) before I fully dedicate myself to this group. I mean, it took a long time with AKB48, and I'm still not a full fan of JE as of yet (Sexy Zone, though, yes) so SHINee need to wait in line.

But I think I might become a fan, because if their other songs are as good as Lucifer (I don't care if it's one of the songs which isn't their best, I like it, Damnit!) and Sherlock, then I'm all game, guys. You know? We just might be getting closer to me enjoying Kpop and SHINee...

So, are you prepared for some more SHINee? Because right now, we have a case to solve; will Chiima become a fan, or not? Will she even remember their names? That is the mystery...

"Watson, we have problem..."

Nice to see that SHINee are paying homage to a fictional British Detective. I feel closer to them, now xD

How dreary... then again, Sherlock never was one for happy, cheesy, girly stories made of light and prettiness.

Oooh, this looks very nice! Classy location...

Wait... can it be..? Is this decent hair for Onew?

My lord!

My God Minho is sexy...

Wow, Key... what, er... sexy style you have... -snorts-

Classy clothes for a classy establishment is not in the SHINee rule book, clearly.


Damn mother fucking advertisements

Guys, what's the case? Where are going today, huh?

... Er, guys? Hello? Hi, yeah, er, I want to solve this damn mystery too, you know... Hello???

Aaaaand DOUCHE HAIR is back! (The true meaning of SHINee's back in the song)

I swear, Onew, you are the Aika of SHINee with the amount of terror you bring forth thanks to your hair.

What a nice set, but I can totally tell it's a set... it looks nothing like a small town.

Key: "BANG!!!... me?"

FACT: I had a hard time remembering faces, but Key's hair makes it easier to remember him~

Jon: "Aye, girl, wanna play Detective? I'll be Sherlock and check your Holme for goods..."

My God,  Jonghyun is freakin' delicious to look at...

Fuck the police, I'm crossing this line! I'm with these guys!

I swear, this dance is funnier to watch than Lucifer's...

Dafuq, who are you!? Get out of my case, girl, I'm here with SHINee, not you!!! -shoves SNSD girl out of the picture-

I recognised Minho by solely his eyebrows. DAMN they be some sexy looking Eyebrows!

Sexy eyebrows for a sexy man, mhm hm!!!

Oh my, a clue! Guys, I found something!!!

Key: "Nice one, girl! Now gimme, I need some credit for this case, too!"

Key is really standing out in this video...

Jon: "Shut up! I don't want to hear about who the Hell you like!!!"

But Jon, I still like you more! Believe me!!!

So, er, guys... what's happened? Murder, theft, break in...? Seriously, guys, I need to know because you still haven't told me anything...

Nothing? You just gonna ignore me because some SNSD girl is standing there, disappearing like crazy? Yeah, thanks bro's. Thanks for having my damn back and telling me everything. Thanks.

TAEMIN!!! You hair ;A; It looks so... beautiful... Cheap, yes, but still so beautiful... ; A;

Bring back your long hair, Taemin ;^; -makes sign and pitches camp outside his house to protest-

Girl, get outta here! I work with SHINee, not you!

No... Minho, no! Not you, too!!!

Minho, look away... she's just another SNSD girl... no...

Taemin: "Don't worry, baby... It's alright. We love all our girls..."

ALL!? Taemin, are you cheating on me? ; A;

... Oh, how can I stay mad at that face? And Taemin in a top hat is so cute... > u<

Minho: "I was disillusioned by her... I am sorry..."

Who can deny the beauty of Minho? So gorgeous, so... so delicious... like chocolate *^*

And so this is where the clues have lead me, guys. So... can I stay on the team, please? I swear, there is a secret passage behind here! Promise!!!



I swear, these guys need some wardrobe direction...

Especially Key...

Give it up for SHINee, they're in da HOUSE!!!

Get outta my spotlight, girl! You're just a ghost, we don't need you! Dx

Oh yeah, PEACE! Wait... guys? Why am I taking the picture...? I helped you with this mystery too, I swear I did! Please, guys...!!!

Guys...? Urgh, you're hopeless... Fine! I QUIT!!!!

You have a ghost's photograph, but not one of me!? URGH!!!

WAIT... WHY DO YOU HAVE A LAPTOP? This is like 1900's, guys!

I still quit! At least show that you care!!! Argh!!!

Okay, so to begin with, I need to admit that one of my friends had to help me with names. I remember their names, it's just putting names to faces that I can't really do sometimes, especially if the group members change their damn hair as much as SHINee does. Thankfully, she made me a little collage of all their outfits (there are a few in this, it seems) which greatly helped, though by the time she had actually given it to me, I had figured out who they all were. Key I knew straight away because of his fabulous hair which doesn't change much, and I already gathered that Onew once again had Douche bag hair (the misfortune that Aika also experienced in MoMusu) and Taemin... well, his crap extensions helped me to source him out in the dance shot, and I recognised Minho and his eyebrows. However, I did have a hard time with Minho, Taemin, Jonghyun and Onew when it came to their Sherlock outfits. Dance version is so much easier, in my opinion.

Needless to say, I will begin to revise their eyebrows, because that's probably the only way I am ever going to remember these guys off by heart; eyebrow memorisation, all the way!

Eyebrows aside, we need to talk about this video and song. But where to begin with this one, because let's be honest, the song is so much more appealing to me than this video is... Which I actually find quite weird to admit, but it's absolutely true. The song, by far, beats out this video for me. And it's mostly down to Key that I like this song. Surprised? Well, I am too, but this song is fabulous regardless of whether or not Key stood out to me, but he did, and for that, he wins cookies and extreme appreciation from someone who doesn't watch SHINee. Yay, cookies!!!

Key: "Oh my GOD it's beautiful..."
Key really stood out in this video for me, and not because of his hair or weird clothes in the dance version, but because he just stood out. I really felt his presence in this video, as if he really was making it his own and knew that he would make his audience feel the effect that he was giving throughout the video. Most of the time, my eyes were on him (and Taemin, but really, Taemin's just too awesome to ignore). Whilst I focused mostly on Jon in Lucifer, I was drawn towards Key in Sherlock and really could not look away.  He as just amazing in my mind, in both voice and presence. He really stood out and made Sherlock his own.

He's just that bad ass, guys.

... Ah shit, guys... I've just started to sing along to it... greeeeeat... (Random delay)

Okay, back to the review!

So other than some Key awesomeness, everyone in SHINee are enjoyable to watch and listen to in this video. I actually really enjoyed seeing these guys in some toned down, very British-esque classy looking clothes. It's different to what I saw SHINee in when they sang Lucifer, and these clothes are certainly a lot more different than the clothes they wear in the dance version for Sherlock, so to see a more toned-down, more gentleman like look is very refreshing, and it suits the name of the song perfectly. I really got that feeling of an old-fashioned, period-like quality to the story line, and it made me think of Sherlock Holmes and some of the old shows that I watched during English class back in school. I'm actually really thankful that it reminded me of the great detective, because if it didn't, then the song title would have had no point to it, and it would have totally failed as a song and video for me in a way.

I found the video, minus the dance and close-up portions, to be a fairly relaxed video, one which really reflected that similar sort of calmness that Sherlock had about him when he was finding clues (or from what I remember way back when), but there really isn't much other than clue finding going on in this video, however I do like the story, because it was interesting to see SHINee take such a relaxed approach and take on the detective story line where they had to find things out and eventually come together to get to the jewels. However, I was a little bit miffed that we ended with a cliff hanger, because I want to know more! But hey, if they can keep me wanting more, then I guess that's a good thing on SHINee's part, right?

But, for such a layed-back sort of the video, the song is actually really energetic and up-beat. It's a rather strange pairing, because the song has so much intensity in it, and yet the video is very calm in a way, with how everything is played out and the gloomy, old-fashioned tone it has to it. To be quite honest, I originally thought that Sherlock would be a rather layed back song, maybe something which focused more on a gloomy melody, but it's totally what I did not expect. Instead, I came to find myself to listening to something epic. It's intense, powerful, full of personality and attitude (especially when Key sings). It's a great song, and I really love listening to it, more so than I did Lucifer, and I really loved Lucifer as a sound, but Sherlock is just so much more wonderful. I love the amount of power put behind the video and the great attitude that the guys have as they sing. It really brings out the greatness in this song, and it just makes it so much more enjoyable to listen to. You can really hear and feel the passion in this song, and it is damn awesome!

I don't really need to conclude this post in any other way, because it's pretty clear that SHINee have brought forth another win with their video and song, which I think will make those who love SHINee happy, right? Guys, you're getting closer to converting me, so stop it... please... okay?

Actually, don't, because it's worth it to love groups. Music makes me happy, so if I get into SHINee after the Request Chronicles, I totally blame (and thank) all of you, because I know that quite a few of you have requested this group in the hopes for me to look at them, review them and ultimately, maybe even like them.

Cookies for you all? I think so, however Key stole my last one, so instead here's some SHINee!!!

Key's awesome... don't deny it ;D


  1. WTF Cookie photoshop?

    I hated this song ;_; but Taemin had glorious hair and Minho is sexy, so the single can be salvaged at least.

    I also forgot their faces in this xD
    Jong is unforgettable though =P

    1. It had to be done, Mamba... it had to be done...

      And GLORIOUS HAIR!!! Wins over everything. Minho wins everything, he salvages life.


  2. You're really becoming a big fan of them, aren't you? :)

    1. I don't think that two songs counts as a big fan yet XD

  3. Did you know that Sherlock is actually a mash-up of two songs? Kinda like Chou HAPPY Song, only this happened firt and the separate songs sound far better on their own.



      Er don't, it gets bothersome... I am happy that you don't spam me with pics, makes me happinku... xD


      I was kidding, I wouldn't do that. I hate doing that kind of thing xD If you don't want to look at the ridiculously beautiful and his less beautiful groupmates, then I won't force you UwU /for the record, I love all the members loads/

    3. HAHAHAHAHAHA XD You crazy

      Ah thank you for not forcing me ; 3; If I begin to enjoy them more then I shall, but until then... I need to grow to like them on my own.